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Chapter 339 – That Will Get You Killed One Day!

“So you’ve been here all along?”

Monk looked back and saw Ripley and others except for Viper exiting through the rooftop door and making their way towards him.

“How’d you guys managed to find me?” said Monk with a raised eyebrow.

“We tracked you of course, and is there something that interests you here?” Genesis said as he came over beside him, and looked down below the building trying to see what Monk was looking at from up here.

“What? You guys placed…a tracker on me?” Monk looked at all of them as he couldn’t believe what he’s hearing right now.

“No, it’s all thanks to this app that I downloaded that gives the location of the other phone that’s paired with it, and one of those is your phone” Ripley said while shaking the phone in her hand at Monk.

“And you downloaded it on my phone?” Monk said as he wasn’t aware of it.

“Everyone has it,” Ripley said smiling, and the others couldn’t help but nod in approval.

“Ohh, you were watching these kids?”

Old Robin and Genesis said at the same time when they saw what was happening down below on the dark street devoid of people.

“Yeah, I accidentally stumbled upon one of those rats from Blood Lion” Monk then turned his attention back to the fight that’s happening below them as all of them leaned on the guard rail.

“Heh, it’s been a while since I’ve seen one of them,” Chakram said with a bored look on his face.

“Enough about them, we’re already retired from that world. It’s best that we don’t mingle with them too much, especially that Zero had just come over recently, and one Michael is already enough. I don’t want the government bothering us if they learn who we are” said Miya, who had been silent until now.

“She’s right, come on. Let’s go, I want to have some Joseon BBQ tonight” Robin said as he started walking back towards where the stairs are.

The others looked at each other, then they just shrugged it and followed after him.

Monk looked at them, then he took one last look at the kid who had just gotten his as* kicked when his opponents ganged up upon him.

Monk just smiled like he had remembered some distant memory from a long time ago.

“Hooo…I’m truly getting old huh”

Then he took out something from his inner pocket from his coat and threw it down before turned around and followed after the rest.

All of them were just coming back from seeing off Michael and Amanda from the airport, and they wouldn’t have bothered actually seeing him off if it wasn’t for their plan to have a night out tonight to have fun and try a lot of different food and go to famous places in the city at night.

But it just so happened that they noticed a weird group of people lurking around every corner of the busy food street in the heart of the city where they were at earlier.

And Monk who had gotten curious and bored at that time, followed a couple of them before he stumbled upon Cooper who was injured.


“You should’ve handed him obediently kid”

“You’re one of us, so we won’t kill you, but follow us and we’ll kill both of you and your brother”

The people who Gunner was fighting before walked away from the scene after they have taken custody of Cooper was beaten black and blue.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.ds…come back”

Gunner weakly looked towards their direction with his outstretched hand as he laid there on the ground with cuts and bruises.


From his line of sight, he suddenly saw something that flew down and struck the ground just an arm away from him.

It was a small item in the shape of a rectangle, and when Gunner’s eyes got a clear look of what it is, his eyes shook.

The item is similar to that of a playing card, but different because Gunner can clearly see the hazy outline of a stick on it with two letters written over it that read, MK.

His trembling hand slowly stretched over it and grabbed it before pulling his hand back and placed his hand that’s holding the card under him as his consciousness slowly darkened along with the footsteps of someone hurrying over towards him.



“I saw what you did there”

Genesis was standing beside the door with a smile on his face as he waited for Monk to walk over.

“What?” said Monk as he walked past him.

“You know that even if you gave him that, it would be useless, right? He’s already part of the group and it certainly wouldn’t help him in getting his rank up” said Genesis as he walked down the stairs just behind Monk with the others slightly ahead of them.

Monk snorted at him and said, “Of course I know that, but that brat would certainly be curious of whose initials are those, and those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds would certainly treat him a little bit better if they learn about whose card were those”


Genesis let out a mocking laugh, and said, “Don’t tell me you’ve started to fancy that young man that you’ve willingly use one of the three cards you have that you could have given to your family?”

Monk suddenly stopped and turned around as he glared at Genesis, “Don’t you ever mention my family in this”

Genesis also glared back at him, “Why not? That woman and your son was the very reason why you turned your back to your temple and was branded as a traitor, and you just willingly gave one of those cards that can be considered as favors to the organization, which any one of those cards can be considered as lifesavers and you just gave it to some stranger that doesn’t have any relation to you!”

“They’re mine and I can do whatever I want with it because it doesn’t concern you” Monk stood up at the same steps as Genesis and stood face to face with him.

“Tsk! You still haven’t changed, you f*cking old senile!”

Genesis clicked his tongue in anger and continued walking down, and the others who have heard Genesis yelling earlier and watched what was happening above them, and continued moving down soon after.

“You and that Michael are cut from the same cloth! You nosy b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, that personality of yours would get you killed one day!”

Hearing that, Monk was angered to the point that he wanted to pounce on Genesis and fight him, but he just stood there and watched him walked away because he can also understand what Genesis is coming from.

Because Genesis was once someone who was quite nosy like him when he was young, where he would stick his nose into matters that’s considered injustice in his eyes, but that nosiness of his got his parents killed instead.

And ever since then, he stopped caring about people with no relations to him whatsoever.

“F*cking as*hole, do you need to be such a jerk if you were concerned about me?”


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