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Chapter 200 – The New Staff In The Outlet (2)

Zhao Youlin had purposely avoided the peak hour so that her arrival would not affect the business operation and came at this time where there were not many customers in the outlet.

Joy rarely had contact with many strangers when he was in the Zhao family. When a group of strangers surrounded him, he could not help but grow nervous and buried himself into Zhao Youlin’s arms.

Zhao Youlin smiled faintly and patted Joy’s small b.u.t.t. She said, “He’s my son, Joy.”

“Boss, he’s your son?!” The girls locked gazes with each other. A glimpse of surprise was caught in their eyes.

Most of the girls were college students. Even though An Qi and An Yue had never attended any college, they were already in their early twenties. Comparatively, Zhao Youlin might even be a few years younger than them. However, their lady boss who looked younger than them actually said that this four-year-old child was actually her kid! How could they not be caught by surprise?

“Why? You guys can’t believe that I have a son?” Seeing her staff so dumbstruck, she could not help but tease them.

It was only then did the girls snap out of their daze. They said embarra.s.sedly, “We’re a little shocked to see that you already have a son as old as him when you actually look so young.”

Zhao Youlin smiled and did not take their words to heart. After all, it was a fact that the original owner already had a child at a very young age. Therefore, there was nothing to hide from them.

“Joy, they are my staff in the pastry shop. The two over here are Sister An Qi and Sister An Yue. All your favorite pastries are baked by them. Over there are Sister Shuangshuang, Sister Wenli and Sister Xinyi. They are the ones who prepared delicious fruit juice which I’ve brought back for you last time.”

Initially, Joy was a little nervous. However, when Zhao Youlin mentioned that these people were the ones who had prepared the delicious food and drink he had eagerly waited for each time, he overcame his shyness and jerked down from Zhao Youlin’s shoulder. He looked at them with his clear, bright eyes and greeted them obediently, “Sister An Qi, Sister An Yue, Sister Shuangshuang, Sister Wenli and Sister Xinyi.”

Their motherly affection sprouted from their hearts as soon as the girls were greeted by the child’s soft and cute voice. If not for Zhao Youlin standing next to him, they would have grabbed the child and planted big, fat kisses on him.

After Joy greeted them, he turned around and clung to Zhao Youlin pitifully. He said in a crisp voice, “Mommy, I’m hungry.”

As soon as the girls heard his words, they immediately became attentive and all started to ask at once, “Joy, are you hungry? I’ve just finished baking the cupcakes. They are still very fresh. Do you want to eat?”

Joy’s eyes sparkled, and he hurriedly nodded, “Mhm, mhm…”

“Joy, I’ve also just finished baking strawberry and mango-flavored cookies. They smell very good. Do you want to eat?”

Joy’s eyes crinkled into a crescent shape and continued nodding, “Mhm, mhm…”

“Cakes alone are too dry. Joy, I will prepare a gla.s.s of fruit juice for you. What flavor do you want?”

Joy clenched his fist and held his small chin. He pondered for a moment before he struggled to say the words, “I want that one I have last time… that one I have last time…”

Seeing that Joy failing to blurt out the right words even after some time while looking so anxious that his face puffed up, Zhao Youlin was amused and answered on his behalf, “The snow pear juice that we had last time, but less sugar.”

“Alright. Will be here right away. Joy, please wait a while.”

After seeing the group of ladies rus.h.i.+ng to the kitchen behind to prepare food just to curry favor with her son, Zhao Youlin shook her head helplessly. She reached out and pinched her precious son, who was so happy that his eyes had crinkled into crescent shapes. She sighed, “You!”

‘I wonder if I should say you’re smart, or should I say, like father, like son?! How could you take advantage of your position to gain convenience for yourself? I’m really…’

Even though Zhao Youlin heaved a sigh, she felt gleeful over the fact that she had such a clever son!

The girls were very efficient with their work. Soon, a variety of the outlet’s signature desserts were placed before Joy.

Joy stared wide-eyed at the various desserts. Then, he turned his head and shouted at Zhao Youlin, “Mommy…”

Joy’s tone carried a hint of endearment. She reached out, caressed his head and said, “They have prepared the food and drinks for you. So, what should you say?”

Upon hearing this, Joy’s clear, bright eyes sparkled. He looked up and said to the girls politely, “Thank you to all of you.”

The girls were instantly enchanted by him. The only thing they had in their minds was, ‘How nice if I were to have a child as cute as him in the future!”

While seeing her son curry favor with the girls, Zhao Youlin sipped a cup of hot coffee that had just been served together with the food. After they had had enough of bantering, only then did she state her purpose for coming.

“Joy is starting his kindergarten soon. The kindergarten is located two streets in front of this outlet. It’s a bit far away from my working place. In the future, should Joy encounter any problems, please help me look after him.”

Right after Zhao Youlin spoke, the girls immediately gave their words and expressed their willingness that he could look for them for anything. They would not find him a ha.s.sle at all.

Looking cute was also a kind of blessing. At least, people would adore you.

While Zhao Youlin was chatting with the girls about the recent condition in the outlet, she abruptly caught sight and fixed her gaze on a man at the side, “Who is he…?”

“Ah! I almost forgot.” An Qi looked in the direction where Zhao Youlin was looking. After seeing clearly the person whom Zhao Youlin was referring to, An Qi could not help but exclaim, “Big Sister Zhao, he’s an attendant who just joined us not long ago. We couldn’t find you over the past few days. So, we allowed him to stay in the outlet first and wait for your final decision if you want him to stay.”

Suddenly, An Qi leaned closer to Zhao Youlin’s ears and whispered awkwardly, “Big Sister Zhao, to be frank, An Yue picked this man up from outside a few days ago. We pitied him. Since Xiao Wei has to sit for his final exam, and we’re short of male staff… So, we thought of… Big Sister Zhao, if you don’t want him to stay, we will find ways to get rid of him.”

“Picked him up from outside?” Zhao Youlin froze. She could not help but turn back and cast a glance at the stranger.

He was a very tall man. With a cursory glance, the man’s height was over 180cm. Even though he was tall, he did not look particularly strong. In fact, he was tall and slender.

The man wore a cap exclusively for the outlet’s staff. As such, it had covered most of his face and she could not see his looks clearly.

He seemed to be aware that Zhao Youlin was seizing him up. While he was originally lowering his head and sweeping the floor in the male washroom, he abruptly looked up. His sharp and deep eyes accidentally met with Zhao Youlin’s.

Zhao Youlin’s heart clenched, ‘I’m afraid this man… doesn’t look as simple as he appears to be!’


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