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Chapter 31: Divine Forging Tribe

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After the matter of the Heavenly Snake tribe, from time to time, greedy beast tribes would appear near the Blacksmith Shop, wanting to charge in and take Ye Feng away.

Even though the Auction House killed batches and batches of enemies, Ye Feng’s reputation as a Master Blacksmith was well known to everyone, too many people were after him!

Regarding all these, Ye Feng was not too concerned, he continued forging weapons, standing before the forging furnace and thinking of how he could make these weapons even stronger.

All these people that were after Ye Feng and wanted to kidnap him would never, in their wildest imagination, think that he was actually a Bronze Knight and also a Four Star Magician.

All these Advanced Knights that wanted to kidnap Ye Feng who possessed such strength were simply sending themselves to him and trying to court death!

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a peak stage three Fire Knight Sword, you have obtained 300 fire elemental points…”

The system notification rang.

Ye Feng slowly drew out the sword that was surrounded in magic flames from the fire magic and placed it at the side.

Peak stage three magic weapon could only give him 300 fire elemental points now.

This made Ye Feng sigh deeply.

But the good thing was, Ye Feng’s Knight and Magician cultivation realms had both reached mid-tier stage after forging a large number of stage three weapons!

After reaching mid-tier stage, he could not progress anymore. Looking at the elements he got from making stage three weapons now, even if he made one thousand of them, Ye Feng could not reach upper-tier in either his Magician or Knight cultivation realms.

“It seems that I need to make stage four weapons! However, I don’t have much confidence in making them now. If I cannot succeed, it will be blasphemy for my forging, I will also be wasting materials…”

At this time, the door of the Blacksmith Shop was rudely opened by someone.

Ye Feng frowned.

He wondered internally, did some fool come here to try and kidnap him away after knocking him out?

But soon, Ye Feng saw the figure of a dwarf.

“h.e.l.lo, my name is Clayton, I come from the Divine Forging tribe, I am considered a genius disciple even in the dwarf race.”

“I heard that you have been extremely famous in the City of Chaos recently, they call you an elite Master Blacksmith and you even signed a specialized contract with the Auction House!”


“I want to see how good your forging skills truly are!”

This dwarf was wearing leather armor and carrying a large iron hammer, his height was roughly near the knee of Ye Feng, but he had an arrogant expression and his head was raised high, as if he was looking down at Ye Feng from above.

These days, with the surge in Ye Feng’s reputation, and because of the stage three weapons he forged, the weapon industry of the City of Chaos as well as the entire blacksmithing industry were greatly affected.

The Divine Forging tribe resided in the Land of Chaos.

They had businesses in the City of Chaos, but because of Ye Feng’s actions, n.o.body wanted to buy the weapons of these esteemed Dwarven Blacksmiths!

In the eyes of these businesses, Ye Feng’s weapons were far better than the ones made by the dwarves.

Clayton was also quite a popular person, when he brought out his forged weapons but n.o.body wanted to buy them, he became exceptionally furious.

He purposely bought Ye Feng’s weapon and wanted to compare it with his, but it was obviously that Ye Feng’s craftsmanship surpa.s.sed him by a mile!



“You are actually here, to think that the dog-like trash that our Divine Forging tribe exiled has really become a dog that is guarding this shop now.”

Clayton saw Claude who was at the corner, he immediately mocked him with a look of pride and superiority.

As members of the Divine Forging tribe, he was a genius while this Claude was a useless person, it was obvious that he knew about Claude!

After all, it was extremely rare for the dwarves to have a useless person with no talent in blacksmithing at all!

“I am my teacher’s follower, I a.s.sist him with blacksmithing! I am not a dog guarding the shop like you claim.”

Claude’s face turned red as he stared at the other party in anger.

If Ye Feng was not present now, Claude who had just been insulted might charge forward and fight with Clayton.


“Compete with a n.o.ble and talented Dwarven Blacksmith like myself in forging abilities! This is beneficial to the both of us…”

“Of course, we need to make this more exciting, whoever loses will need to impart all of their forging techniques to the winner!”

Clayton said with a flickering gaze, he finally said his objective for coming here with a greedy tone.

He came here to compete with Ye Feng.

The reason was because he wanted Ye Feng’s unique forging technique! He wanted to learn it but he needed a proper excuse, that was why he suggested having this compet.i.tion.

“Compete and bet?”


“The winner can get the loser’s forging techniques? You are too laughable, what use do I have for your forging techniques?”

Ye Feng was wondering what conditions this Dwarven Blacksmith that came so imposingly would state, but it was nothing impressive after all.

Why would he want Clayton’s forging techniques? Does he want to increase his failure rate when forging weapons?


Ye Feng lost all his interest at this moment.

If he had the time, he might as well forge several peak stage three weapons instead, he could use them to exchange for some stage four forging materials!

“Claude, send off our guest!”

Ye Feng said slowly.

Next, he ignored the arrogant Dwarven Blacksmith and went back to his forging furnace, thinking of what weapon he should forge next.

“Please leave.”

“Genius of the dwarf race.”

Claude snorted and said.

So what if he was a genius of the Divine Forging tribe of the dwarf race! Compared to his teacher Ye Feng, he paled in comparison.

Even if he came here with the intention of competing using forging skills, it would depend on whether his teacher Ye Feng had the time for it!

“Claude, get away from me you trash.”

“Don’t let your trashy forging talent infect my n.o.ble self! Otherwise, you will not be able to repay me even in ten lifetimes.”

Clayton saw that Claude was walking over and trying to pull him away from the Blacksmith Shop, he quickly jumped and scolded, pointing at Claude’s face while humiliating him.

At this moment, Claude could not hold back anymore, he started to fight against Clayton.

However, they were just mere Elementary Knights, and they were lower-tier too! Their fight was simply amateurish and funny to watch.

Dwarves had incredible talent in forging from birth, but in terms of talent as a Magician or Knight, they were simply one of the worst.

They called themselves the favored race of the Great Deity of Forging, but other than forging, they had simply no value. The entire dwarf race was not strong either, they got famous using their forging techniques, using this, they gained the favor and protection of many large forces!


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