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Chapter 144 War Between Gangs 2

“Leader, vice-leader Mauricio was killed by Marana!” A subordinate rushed to the Blood Night Gang’s base and reported to a burly man.

The burly man nodded calmly. “I see. How is the situation in the frontlines?”

“We are losing. The Red Skull Gang is stronger than expected. We lost a fifth of our men during the first clas.h.!.+”

“I understand, return to your position.”

“Yes, Leader!”

When the messenger was gone, the burly man tapped a table softly and sighed.

“What do you think?”

A man standing behind him answered.

“It’s as we thought. The Red Skull Gang experienced something recently that boosted its strength greatly.”

Apart from the man that spoke, another four people were standing nearby. Together, they were the remaining five vice leaders of the Blood Night Gang.

The Blood Night Gang had seven vice-leaders and one leader. Of them, one had been killed by Claus one week ago, and another was killed by Marana just now.

The burly leader fell deep into thoughts. His hands played with a pen while he planned his next step.

“Mauricio was the third strongest of you.” He said. “If even he was killed, it means that Marana probably reached the ninth-layer. I fear I’m the only one able to stop her now.”

The vice-leaders fell silent.

“However, even like that, we have the advantage in numbers. Our gang still has six high-level combatants. But they only have the three siblings besides Marana herself. In a frontal confrontation, we have a greater probability of winning.”

“Then, are we going to fight them?” A woman, another of the vice-leaders, asked.

The burly leader shook his head. “Not yet, wait for a while more. We will fight them when they arrive here.”

“But, our men…”

“They are contributing to our cause. Their lives will tire out the Red Skull Gang and give us information about their strength. Once the enemy is tired, we will use our elites to ambush them and give them a lethal blow.”

The vice-leaders looked at each other and closed their mouths. Obviously, they were already used to their leader’s ruthless ways.

At that moment, one of the vice-leaders raised his hand hesitantly.

“… Leader, what about the reinforcements you asked for? Will they come?”

“… I don’t know.” Answered the leader after falling silent for a moment. “But the young miss agreed to send help. I just hope she keeps her promise.”

“… The Ferret family has always been trustworthy. I’m sure they will come.” One of the vice-leaders said.

The leader looked up at the ceiling and remembered the words that Ralph said one week ago. For some reason, his heart felt strangely unsettled.

Taking a deep breath, I replied to his subordinate.

“I hope so.”

The battle had turned even more chaotic. After half an hour of battle, hundreds of corpses laid out on the ground.

Blood and severed limbs were everywhere in the streets. The battle had been incredibly fierce, with corpses being created each second. Both of the gangs were fighting in a frenzy, as though they could not live in the same world as the enemy.

But unexpectedly, the Red Skull Gang has a clear advantage.

With the gang members trained by Claus, the Red Skull Gang’s men were overwhelmingly stronger than the Blood Night Gang. Even though the Blood Night Gang had a numeric advantage, they were losing three men for each Red Skull’s men killed.

It took the Red Skull Gang less than one hour to kill the enemies in the first battlefield. From there, they advanced into the Blood Night Gang’s territory and continued killing any enemy they found.

Marana was the first one to understand the enemy’s strategy.

“Blasted Blood Night Gang!” Marana was furious.

“Sister?” Akilah was startled.

“I can’t believe they are sending their men to die like this!”

Akilah put on a stunned face. But she quickly understood her sister’s meaning.

“… Could it be…”

“They are planning to use their weakest members as cannon fodder to tire us out!”

Akilah paled. Currently, the Blood Night Gang had lost around five hundred men. She could not believe that those men had been sacrificed so ruthlessly by their leader.

“… What are we going to do then, sister?”

“Obviously, we continued! That plan would have worked one week ago, but he has underestimated the current Red Skull! With Raven’s strength and my strength combined, Blood Night’s leader will die the moment he appears!”

“I understand!” Akilah nodded.

Marana put on a serious expression. “Tell the men to advance faster! We need to destroy the Blood Night Gang tonight! More variables will appear if we take too long destroying them.”

Akilah nodded. She then departed towards her unit and led them to pierce through the Blood Night Gang’s line of defense.

Once their line of defense was broken, the Blood Night Gang’s men were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. They were unable to put an effective resistance against the stronger and more organized Red Skull Gang.

After all, the Red Skull Gang’s core members had experienced many nights of constant battle. Not only it had increased their strength drastically, but their teamwork was incomparable to any other gang in the capital.

In fact, the Red Skull Gang’s core members could be considered as one of the strongest elite team in the capital.

In less than two hours, they reached the Blood Night Gang’s base of operations.

At that moment, Marana stepped forward and bellowed.

“Christian! Are you going to hide inside your sh.e.l.l forever!? Come out and fight like a man!”

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