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Chapter 72 – Two Preparations

Let’s go! I’ll utilize my current stats to the fullest, and put a stop to that man in black once and for all.

A lot of omega slimes got on my path along the way. But my sight was only fixed to that man in black alone.

I had to defeat that man in order to stop the multiplication of the omega slimes anyways.

Simply cutting down the omega slimes that got in my way, I proceeded forward. Even though there was no change to my stats, the inorganic voice continued to resound every time I killed something.

Even though I slowly approached him, he doesn’t seem to have any intention of attacking me…… Then, what if I did this?

I swung down the black sword with the full momentum my body could provide.

The surrounding air vibrated immensely.

The man in black took my attack without even flinching. No damage whatsoever.

The man let out a short laugh from under his mask.

[Can’t you understand it yet? The difference in our power….? Your efforts are useless.]

[It’s not a complete waste. I got to make you talk.]

What I just said seemed to annoy him, as he clicked his tongue and shoved the black sword away.

It was a force beyond my expectation.

100 metres, no….I was pushed backward for about 200 metres.

I had even stabbed Greed into the ground to slow myself down. Still, the momentum didn’t diminish….. That’s how powerful the push was.

Looking at me with hatred, the man in black aimed his black bayonet towards me.

Chi. As soon as I changed the black sword to shield form, a sound of shooting echoed.

The recoil was very strong despite being blocked. And it reverberated through my arm over and over again.

After one, two, three more shots, I couldn’t hold it anymore….. I was pushed backward even further. To the point that I was planted deep inside the rocks that previously stood behind me.

The rock partially crumbled around me once I stopped moving.

Gravity caught me and my body fell off to the ground, I spat out the blood that rose up from within my stomach.

It didn’t seem that the opponent would let me wipe out the blood. He’s already right there in front of me. What a speed.

Everything about him, is on a different realm….. The differences were too much.

At the very least, it’s still worth to try. Even if I have to put more curses onto myself――even if I have to pay an even more expensive price…..

I’ll put in everything I got. Just so that I can cross that 10 years gap right now.

The man in black raised his bayonet as he looked down on me. A very strong energy seeming poured in to his arm.

Then, that extremely dangerous power was swung towards my head.

High pitched sound of metal clashing echoed. On the aftermath, the huge rocks behind me cracked even more, and inevitably shattered completely

The debris fell over me like rain, but right now…….I could be careless about that.

Because, I also……..

The man in black quickly noticed that something strange had happened. He moved his sight to find that his bayonet had simply connected with the black sword.

[Those eyes….. Could it be….. To this stage.]

[I’ve completely released the full power of my Mortal Sin skill. Just like you.]

The power I’ve never felt before gradually coursed throughout my body. It’s to the point that I could pushed the bayonet back slowly but surely.

This is…..Area E. The world looks different now. Even the scent of air, the feeling on my body, and the speed of information going through my head felt different. Super sense…..this is most definitely it.

The voice of the main in black sounded different in my ear after this transformation.

[You shouldn’t have reached this stage yet….]

[Well, if it won’t come on its own, then I just need to make it come to me.]

In any case, the Gluttony skill won’t listen to me even at partially released state. So now that it’s fully released, I’ve prepared myself for it.

Prepared to kill my enemy. And, prepared to die myself. With those two preparations set firmly in my mind, I sought to completely control the Gluttony skill temporarily just this once.

[I should be thanking you. If you weren’t here, I’ll never resolve myself to do this.]


By reaching area E, the stats that has previously reached the cap tremendously soar. In this case, it’s my strength.

[Let’s go! The preparations are set!]

Taking a step forward, the ground caved in under my feet.

To the best of my ability, I pushed the man in black’s bayonet back.

He unexpectedly jumped backward, and the omega slimes quickly filled the gap he made. He’s making them his shield.

But to the current me, it’s useless attempt.

[Don’t get in the way!]

Just by staring at the omega slimes, they stopped their movements immediately and stood there unmoving. This is the power of the Gluttony skill that will allow me to eat any weaker opponents easily.

I ran through the small path provided by the still unmoving omega slimes. The man in black aimed his weapon at me for a long range attack at the end of the path.

The released projectile, I could see it now.

I slashed it with my black sword, cutting the projectile apart, then prepared for more.

The man in black also held his bayonet back in response. Waiting for the right timing to act while I continued to approach.

The black sword and the black bayonet clashed once more…..the resulting clash of power left a wide round crater on the ground.

There was no need to do it over and over again. The dust rose up around the man in black, taking away his sight.

I will crack that skull mask. He’s a very formidable enemy. Attacking his head would be my best option.

I turned the tip of my black sword, and made a sudden thrust. Stabbing at the man’s face through the rising dust.

However, the black bayonet intercepted in time and slightly diverted my sword’s path.

I managed to pierce the left part and his mask and wound his cheek. Using that momentum, I rushed forward, creating a distance between us.

When he looked back to me, his mask gave in, crumbling as its durability had gone down to zero. Without the recognition inhibition provided by mask, I could finally see the familiar face behind it.

In fact, I just met this man earlier today.

I simply couldn’t forget. That smooth blond hair, and his deceitful smile.

[So it’s you…… Norden Alistair.]

It’s not really surprising. I always had a bad impression about this particular guy. And it’s also strange that he seemed to be familiar with Greed. He was lying when he told me that he read about Greed once on old doc.u.ment.

Norden put down his hood, and laughed nicely.

[You are both correct, and incorrect.]

[Then will you tell me the truth?]

[I can only tell you this, I’m not as sweet as Eris, so I can do something like this.]

He aimed his bayonet at me again, whilst taking out a whistle from under his shirt. After laughing once more, he opened his mouth and blew the whistle.

The sound wasn’t so loud, but high pitched.

[What on earth did you just do?]

[You’ll understand in a few. It’ll be flying in the sky. Any time now.]

Flying? In the sky? ……..no way.

From the southern horizon, a white object came flying. I can already tell what it was just from the way the gluttony skill is reacting to it.


[That’s right, the living disaster. Depending on the person, they even call it a angel or a G.o.d.]

Norden aimed his bayonet to the sky.

[So, let’s get started. Me and Tenryu will attempt to kill that girl. Show me how you’ll stop us.]


Dammit, I didn’t even have the chance to talk back to Norden. Tenryu’s target was not me, and even now it’s flying toward the army led by Roxy.


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