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Chapter 489: Nangong Bing Yun

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

A burly-looking man was wielding his gun as he shouted out: “Ruan Wen Tong!! Your entire family have been taken care of by Boss! You actually betrayed him, now you won’t even let his only daughter off! Are you still human?!”

Ruan Wen Tong laughed insidiously: “Heh heh!” “Every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost!”*1

That chick is too much of a threat alive, I’ll definitely not allow her to live. Bai Yan, if you’re smart, you’ll hand her over to me. After I’m done with her, I’ll let you have a taste!”

Bai Yan rejected furiously: “Impossible! I, Bai Yan, will never do such an ungrateful thing!”

Ruan Wen Tong chuckled coldly: “Too bad then. If you were willing to join me, I’d have been willing to share my women. Since you’ve no sense, let me send you on your way as well.”

Both sides continued to shout at each other while engaging in an intense gunfight.

Bai Yan’s marksmans.h.i.+p was incredible, with his gun, he could easily take down a militant with 2 bullets. Under his shooting, many of the militants would fall to the ground.

The rest became cautious, not daring to charge, only shooting Bai Yan from afar.

Ruan Wen Tong gnashed out furiously: “f.u.c.k!! Charge! Those who manage to kill Bai Yan, I’ll reward with 2 beautiful women, 30 jin of rice, 10 jin of flour. Those who dare to cower, watch me execute you on the spot!”

Under Ruan Wen Tong’s threat, the morale of the militants soared, as they charged out from behind their covers and made to surround Bai Yan and the rest.

In this apocalyptic world, there were no shortages of ruffians who did not fear death, with enough rewards, they would become crazy.

No matter how good Bai Yan’s marksmans.h.i.+p was, he could not take down an entire squad of militants, his subordinates beside him were also shot down one by one.

Yue Zhong had brought Xin Jia Rou as they appeared from one side and he coldly barked: “Stop!”

When the militants caught sight of Yue Zhong and the ravis.h.i.+ng beauty Xin Jia Rou beside him, their eyes lit up. Her demeanor looked gentle and frail, and her looks absolutely stunning. She wore the green military uniform which gave her a valiant aura, it was truly breathtaking. The militants had seen a number of beauties before, but compared to Xin Jia Rou, whose looks were truly out of the world, they were considered to be truly ignorant.

When Ruan Wen Tong saw them, his eyes flashed with a perverse light, as he exclaimed excitedly in Vietnamese: “Grab them!! That woman must be captured alive!! The men can be killed!”

In this world, beautiful women were also a sort of resource. They could be used to carry out all sorts of desires, or to treat as gifts to subordinates. They could even be traded for other daily necessities.

4 men stepped out from the militants and made their way towards Yue Zhong and his party.

From the other side, Bai Yan’s brows furrowed as he warned loudly in Chinese: “Brother, be careful, they’re not decent men. They want to capture you!! Quick, escape!!”

One of the militants pointed at Yue Zhong with his gun and barked out in Vietnamese: “Chinese dog, raise your hands!! Otherwise, your father, I will gun you down!”

Another militant stared at Xin Jia Rou ravenously, as he said: “Zhao Ji! That Chinese chick is sure beautiful! Once we capture her, will we be able to have a good time as well?”

Yet another piped in, chuckling: “Such top-quality goods, how will Boss let us have a part?”

The 3 of them continued to leer, while their remaining comrade had already been overcome by his l.u.s.t and reached out for Xin Jia Rou’s chest area.

After the apocalypse, plenty of such matters like killing openly, committing arson, robbing and raping, were all widespread. Hoping to take some small advantage was a common mentality of these militants.

Yue Zhong eyed the militants and his brows furrowed slightly, before ordering coldly: “No need for words. Too much trouble. Jia Rou, leave 5 alive, the rest – kill!”

“Yes, Master!”

Xin Jia Rou who had been standing quietly by Yue Zhong’s side immediately flashed forwards, lunging at the 4 militants like a leopard.

With the flash of a blade, the 4 militants were instantly sliced up in many parts, fresh blood and innards all splattering to the ground.

After casually making short work of those 4, Xin Jia Rou turned her attention to the rest of the militants and charged.

Seeing how fast Xin Jia Rou had killed their comrades, the rest were stunned for a moment, before quickly adjusting their aim to fire madly at her.

Xin Jia Rou’s current speed before activating any skill had already reached 16 times that of a normal person. Most ordinary people would not even be able to catch up with her movements. Each time she shot past a militant, the militant’s head would be lopped off. One by one, they were decapitated as blood sprayed every which direction, while their bodies slumped to the ground.

After killing 12 militants in a row, the remaining 23 militants felt that things had gone to h.e.l.l, and they began to escape in all directions. After all, this bunch was just a motley crew of people, after more than 30% of their troop has died, it was enough to send them retreating in fear.

Ruan Wen Tong saw how easily his men had fallen at Xin Jia Rou’s hands and his own heartbeat raced with fear, as he tried to escape as well. “High-level Enhancer!!! Why would there be one here?!”

Ruan Wen Tong knew how terrifying these experts were, and the fact was that his men were just slaughtered in front of him. He dared not to be arrogant and could only run.

At this moment, the remaining 10 experts had reached, and without having to unleash any abilities, they easily chased the remaining militants down. They slaughtered them, leaving only 5 alive.

Ruan Wen Tong immediately raised his hands, shouting in Chinese: “I surrender! Don’t kill me! I surrender!”

Bai Xiao Sheng brought the 5 remaining militants in front of Yue Zhong and drawled: “Just these trash, there’s no fun in killing them.”

Bai Yan and his group had also been escorted towards Yue Zhong.

By now, his group was down to 2 men and 1 woman.

Yue Zhong looked towards Bai Yan’s group and discovered that other than Bai Yan, there was a 25 or 26 year old young man of medium overall build, but his muscles were all incredibly defined, like a bodybuilder.

Both Bai Yan and this thick eyebrowed young man were guarding this 21 or 22 year old young beauty. She had a thick head of black hair, goose egg-shaped face, thick lips and rosy cheeks. Her figure was explosively stunning, her skin fair, and her eyes had a resolute strength to them.

Bai Yan came up to Yue Zhong with a face of grat.i.tude and spoke: “I am Bai Yan! This is w.a.n.g Tong and this here is my family miss, Nangong Bing Yun. Sir, thank you very much for lending us a hand.”

Yue Zhong glanced at their party before turning around to look at Ruan Wen Tong. He then pulled out a Desert Eagle, aiming it at one of the militants, saying: “What are your backgrounds! Tell me, if you tell me the truth, I can leave you with your life. Otherwise… Well, this will be your example!”

Following the gunshot, the militant’s head was instantly blasted apart, as blood and brain matter splattered to the ground.

Seeing how ruthless and merciless Yue Zhong was, Bai Yan and w.a.n.g Tong flinched, and had an uneasy feeling in their hearts. This man in front of them obviously had no regard for other lives, and now that they themselves were in his hands, if they weren’t careful, they might easily face the same fate.

Ruan Wen Tong had gone weak in the knees and he hurriedly blabbered: “I’ll speak!! I’ll speak!”*2

Right at this moment, Nangong Bing Yun came up beside Yue Zhong, with a slight fragrance wafting from her, she looked at him with her huge round eyes: “There’s no need to trouble him! I’ll tell you! May I ask, how should I address you, sir?”

Yue Zhong looked at Nangong Bing Yun and replied coolly: “I am Yue Zhong.”

“Yue Zhong!! This guy’s Yue Zhong!!”

Hearing him report his name, everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air, their gazes towards him filled with additional fear.

‘Tyrant Yue Zhong’. That name had spread like wildfire following the fall of Wuyan Hong. Be it at Hanoi, Cao Bằng, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen or even Hải Phòng, almost all factions knew of his name. This was the person that had ordered the slaughter of 100,000 Vietnamese in his anger.

Seeing how merciless he had been when executing the militant, coupled with the many guards, they were even more convinced of his ident.i.ty.

Nangong Bing Yun scrutinized the man in front of her and burst out laughing: “So you’re that Yue Zhong that defeated Butcher Wuyan Hong, and exterminated 100,000 Vietnamese? Seems different from what the rumors say.”

“I did not kill 100,000 Vietnamese for the sake of it. At most, it had been a few thousand beasts who deserved it.” He chuckled indifferently and continued: “How do they describe me in the rumors?”

Nangong Bingyun laughed lightly: “They say you’re 8 ft tall, 8 ft wide, you have long green fangs, your looks are akin to a hideous demon. Everyday you will bed 3,000 women, and no women is not to your liking. From the ages of 9 all the way to 60, you never let any off. Also, you like to drink and bathe in human blood.”

She continued smiling as she looked at the 2 lolis beside Yue Zhong, and gazed back at him with a teasing look: “It seems that most of it is false, although some parts may be true?” *3


TN: *1 An idiom, literal chinese translation would be: If one does not take care of himself, heavens will smite him.

*2 [Dedition]: Sometimes just die with honour and loyalty (Insert crying face here)

*3[Ulamog] Daaaaaayyyummm!


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