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Chapter 903: Mountain of Corpses and Sea of Blood!

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There was no break after the countless Pig-Warriors were killed. Under the effects of the war drums, a new army of Lamb-Warriors came rus.h.i.+ng out with bloodshot eyes.

Zheng Yan He stood on the city wall and looked down at the horde of incoming Lamb-Warriors, speaking softly, “Change to the automatic defenses.

With his order, the soldiers that had been fighting with all their might stopped and began to rest. Having fought nonstop, their Stamina and Spirit were depleted. If they continued like this, they would collapse.

The countless beams from the electromagnetic and laser weapons fired out. With the adjustments from the central computer, the intense firepower formed a net that slaughtered the incoming Lamb-Warriors.

Under the a.s.sault of beams, many of the warriors were turned to sieves, crumpling to the ground with their bodies full of holes.

With the advanced weaponry, the advantages of the humans were displayed to the fullest. In a field battle, human troops would have to consider logistics and support, allowing for enemies to launch a.s.sa.s.sinations or sneak attacks. However, in a fort defense situation, with their superior technology, the other races would have to sacrifice many of their lives to even get close.

Amidst the Lamb Warriors, many of them were grabbing huge boulders of many tonnes. These warriors had Type 3 Divine Warrior strength, and as they came to about 300m from the city wall, they flung it at the fort.

Under the control of the central computer, the electromagnetic beams from the automated defenses fired at the incoming projectiles, shattering them. However, many others managed to slam into the wall, causing some of the defense weapons to be damaged or destroyed.

If the 1st Fort were to activate the energy s.h.i.+eld, they would be able to deflect these projectiles. However, the energy consumption of that was too huge. If they maintained it for long, the nuclei reserves of the 1st Fort would deplete fast.

The Lamb-Warriors did not care about their own lives as they continued to charge forth and throw boulders while being gunned down.

In the skies, a large number of Mutant Blood-Sucking Bees appeared and they flew over towards the Xue Luo Forts.

Facing the swarm of Mutant Blood-Sucking Bees, the soldiers of the Fort did not panic. Instead, they entered the various defensive bunkers quietly and orderly.

Suddenly, multiple flame weapons were engaged from the Fort, gunning towards the Blood-Sucking Bees in the skies.

Enveloped by the huge flames, the Blood-Sucking Bees began to crackle as though they were cooked, before dropping to the ground.

After the flames managed to incinerate more than half of the swarm, the Bees finally turned out. They rose higher in the skies and flew over the 1st Fort, making their way behind.

Zheng Yan He saw this and frowned slightly, but did not pa.s.s any order.

The threat level of these Mutant Blood-sucking Bees was not significant enough. Even if all the Forts were to activate their trump cards, it would at most be enough to eradicate most, but not all, of them. Furthermore, the cost to do so would be too hefty.

As the bee swarm flew over the 1st Fort, 2,000 winged soldiers suddenly flew over from the distance.

Some of these warriors flew to about 300m away from the 1st Fort, firing their arrows at the soldiers on it.

The arrows rained down on the 1st Fort, leaving multiple scratches, at the same time, destroying some of the automated weapons.

In order to take down this 1st Fort, they had to take things step by step. The first was to destroy the terrifying automated defenses.

Otherwise, no matter how many warriors of the other races charge up, they will just be killed.

In the 1st Fort, a number of flaps opened up, as some strange crystal weapons appeared. These crystal-like weapons were known as the Laser Prism Cannons, a trump card of the 1st Fort.

The moment these weapons fully appeared after 10 seconds, numerous laser beams fired into the skies at the next instant, aimed at the 2,000 Winged warriors.

The laser beams fired out, coloring the bleak skies, while the 2,000 Winged warriors suffered multiple wounds, plummeting towards the ground.

In a single move, the Laser Prism Cannons had taken out 2,000 of the Winged warriors in the skies. That showed how terrifying it was.

Inside the Storm Battles.h.i.+p, many people were viewing the battle on the various displays.

“Strong! That was too fearsome. Cloud Region truly possesses some strength to be called the final stand of humanity.”

When the Winged elite forces that were Yue Zhong’s allies saw how the Laser Prism Cannons turned the enemy Winged race into ashes in a mere second, many of them turned pale. They would not be able to handle such a devastating attack.

If it were a frontal a.s.sault, even if all the experts on the Storm Battles.h.i.+p were to charge, they would not be able to handle the magnitude of attacks.

After the 2,000 Winged warriors had been killed, another 500 of them flew over from the distance, attacking the automated defenses with a frenzy.

The Laser Prism Cannons appeared once more, firing multiple beams into the skies. Faced with the blanket of firepower, the 500 Winged warriors were shot full of holes and plummeted once more.

Right at this moment, a number of Type 3 Mutant Diplodocuses appeared about 3 km away. Each of them was over 10m tall, and they had powerful tails, equipped with large containers that had many boulders of varying weight.

The Dino-warriors beside barked out loud and the Type 3 Mutant Diplodocuses swung their tails, causing the boulders to shoot for the city wall like catapults.

The Mutant Diplodocuses were strength-based gigantic Mutant Beasts. Even a Type 2 Mutant Diplodocus could lift stones and boulders that were tonnes with ease. A Type 3 Diplodocus could fling such rocks easily over a 3km distance.

The huge boulders hurtled across the skies, slamming into the fort wall. Many of them shattered, while some others which were not destroyed by the automated defense, managed to strike the weapons and crush them, leaving behind sc.r.a.p metal on the walls.

After 2 volleys of the stone-hurling were done by the numerous Type 3 Diplodocuses, behind the 1st Fort, the ground opened up to reveal missiles. They fired off into the sky.

Under the guidance of the central computer, the missiles managed to land directly in the midst of the Type 3 Diplodocuses, exploding and consuming the Type 3 Mutant Beasts.

Within seconds, the location where the Type 3 Diplodocuses were found had been bombed till the ground was uneven, while the dismembered parts of the Diplodocuses could be seen everywhere.

Over a hundred Pig-Warriors rushed out to the battlefield, transporting the corpses of the Type 3 Diplodocuses away. They could be treated as additional food rations.

This time, the various races were attacking the Xue Luo Forts, and their logistics and rear support were feeling tense as well.

Soon after, another herd of Type 3 Diplodocuses was brought to another area, where they began to launch another volley of catapulting at the Fort walls.

The intense battle continued all the way till evening, with over tens of thousands of soldiers falling in front of the 1st Fort. Over ten thousand Winged elites had also been killed. Whereas on the humans’ side, 8 unfortunate soldiers had been struck dead due to the catapulting boulders.

Zheng Yan He looked at the death toll of the enemy, but could not find it in himself to be happy.

Although they had suffered little to no casualty, over 10% of the automated defenses had been destroyed under the relentless a.s.sault of the other races.

If they continued on like this, in another 10 days, all of the automated defenses would be destroyed. At that time, the battle would become even more cruel and intense. Furthermore, the battle today had already consumed a large number of resources.

Just those guided Energy Missiles had used up 10% of what they had. If they continued on like this, they would soon become a tiger with no claws, vulnerable to the enemy.

As night fell, the Lamb-Warriors finally stopped attacking. All of a sudden, from the enemy’s barracks, many short and dark figures of about 1.2 or 1.3m dashed out towards the Fort.

The Fort began to s.h.i.+ne lines downwards, illuminating the entire area of about 400m from the Fort.

Zheng Yan He opened his eyes wide to observe, only to discover that those figures were small but strong Mice-people, with humanoid bodies.

The numbers of these Mice-people could reach a staggering total. Although they were small, their numbers could make the skin of a person crawl.

As they charged over, many of them grabbed the bodies of the Pig-Warriors and Lamb-Warriors, before running back. Some of them directly pounced and started consuming the corpses. The rest continued to surge forth like a wave towards the Fort.


Seeing the flood-like numbers of Mice-people, Zheng Yan He’s face changed drastically, as he hollered loudly.

Within the Fort, a number of energy cannons pointed out. There were multiple flashes as they fired out ammunition, bombarding the area where the Mice-People were. The shockwave spread out upon impact, directly obliterating many Mice-warriors each time.

At the same time, a number of soldiers got to their stations within the fort, raising their weapons and attacking the Mice-People.

Faced with the bombardment, many Mice-warriors were killed.

However, even with the illumination of the lights from the Fort, due to the current conditions at night, the accuracy of the human soldiers fell sharply.

Under the influence of the war drums, the Mice-Warriors continued to charge forth with bloodl.u.s.t, climbing up the Fort with their agility and strength.

At this time, countless automated weapons swiveled out from the Fort, and fired beams at the Mice-Warriors, blowing them to pieces.

Many more Bear-Warriors and Diplodocus-Warriors raised boulders and began to fling them towards the lights and weapons.

As the boulders and rocks smashed into the Fort wall, many automated weapons were destroyed, at the same time, the Mice-Warriors were caught as well and smashed into b.l.o.o.d.y pulps.

The Dino-People did not care about the life-and-death of their va.s.sal forces. If the Xue Luo 20 Forts could be brought down to ruins at the expense of all the lives of their va.s.sal forces, they would not hesitate to do so. To them, these Mice-Warriors were just cannon fodder.

At this time, the Laser Prism Cannons rose up again, firing a rain of beams into the dark, turning many of the strong warriors into sieves, their bodies crumpling to the ground.

However, the efficiency and accuracy were definitely lower than when it was in the daytime. At the same time, the energy consumption for each enemy’s death was much more than during the day.

The moment those Laser Prism Cannons appeared, the Diplodocus-Warriors leaped out and flung the huge boulders up above the Fort walls.

As the rain of boulders fell upon the area where the Laser Prism Cannons were, some managed to shatter the cannons. However, the cost was that many of these strong Diplodocus-Warriors were also sacrificed.

One the Laser Prism Cannons were dealt with, the seemingly unending number of Mice-Warriors continued to scale up the Fort walls like ants.

Suddenly, flamethrowers extended out from other parts of the Fort, billowing blazing flames out on the bodies of these Mice-Warriors, turning them into fireb.a.l.l.s as they screamed and fell to the ground.

It was just that the number of Mice-Warriors was too many. Some of them managed to reach the flamethrowers and tore them apart, destroying them one by one.


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