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Chapter 26 – Rendition of Heaven and Earth

After consecutively killing three people, Xia Ping felt as if his blood was boiling.

He didn’t feel the least bit of pity for those three as he watched them die. After all, it was a situation of life or death. If they didn’t die, then he would die, therefore he didn’t show any mercy at all.

“That’s… a laser gun?”

After searching through the three corpses, Xia Ping found a silver fifteen-centimetre-long laser gun and two incredibly sharp alloyed knives.

Thank the G.o.ds he managed to kill those three in time. Otherwise, if they managed to pull that laser gun out, he was absolutely dead. He didn’t doubt for a moment the brutality of these underworld figures.

“Still, they actually commanded everybody in the Black Bear Corporation to look for me with a ‘kill on the spot’ order and even sealed off the surrounding vicinity. Just what the h.e.l.l did that guy do to infuriate the Black Bear Corporation so much?”

The situation was much more serious than Xia Ping expected. Since that was the case… Bang. He immediately opened the package.

Inside sat bottle after bottle of a golden-coloured liquid, all of them shining brilliantly with an eye-piercing light. On the side, there was a secret manual t.i.tled [Rendition of Heaven and Earth].

“Seriously? The Golden Medication? There’s a total of twenty of them!” Seeing the drug that he had been seeking all along, Xia Ping didn’t feel the least bit of happiness. Instead, his cheek started to twitch. After all, he could just imagine just how serious the problem was.

All together, the amount of Golden Medications here was worth at least ten million credits! That meant it was pretty likely that the mysterious middle-aged man stole all of them from the Black Bear Corporation.

But still, if it was only that, then the Black Bear Corporation wouldn’t freak out like this and order all of their members into action. After all, although ten million credits was a big loss, it still wasn’t enough to severely impact them.

“Then it’s likely because of this secret manual.”

He stared at the secret manual for a second before flipping it open. Inside, it described how to use a special breathing method to achieve a state of meditation. From there, one would go on to shatter their GV20[1]acupoint, beginning the production of mental energy.

And once this mental energy was released, then one would be able to easily detect everything within their surrounding vicinity. Even an ant crawling on the ground could be clearly observed.

“How is this possible?! This secret art can actually shatter the GV20 acupoint ahead of time to produce that mysterious mental energy?!” Xia Ping’s body trembled as his breath quickened. He immediately knew just how important this secret manual was.

One had to know that amongst the nine layers of Martial Disciple, each layer was stronger than the previous one, yet none of them could produce any mental energy at all. It was only when one broke through the ninth layer of Martial Disciple and reached the rank of Martial Warrior that one could produce this type of mysterious energy.

However, this secret art could allow one to do that at the Martial Disciple rank! From that, one could tell just how precious this secret art was! This was probably also the most important reason why the Black Bear Corporation was in such a frenzy.

“No wonder they all went crazy and sealed off this place. Just this secret manual alone is worth more than a hundred million credits and it’s the type that you can’t buy even if you had the money. This is a true secret of the trade.”

Xia Ping’s eyes flashed. He was feeling really excited at the moment.

Still, this secret art also wasn’t something that just anybody could practice. Below, there was a note stating that only those who had far greater mental energy than normal people would have the qualifications to cultivate using it. Otherwise, even if a normal person cultivated this art, it wouldn’t have any effect at all.

“Strong mental energy? My mental is most likely stronger than normal people, so I should be able to practice it.” Xia Ping thought back to his soul merger and its effects. From that alone, his mental energy was absolutely superior compared to most other people.

Suddenly, a a flurry of hurried footsteps could be heard in the distance, almost as if somebody was coming.

“d.a.m.n, I almost forgot. This area is the Black Bear Corporation’s domain. With their size, they must have eyes everywhere. I have to quickly find a safe place. If I can’t, then I’ll just kill my way out!”

Killing intent flashed through Xia Ping’s eyes as he quickly left the abandoned building.


On a one-hundred-storey skysc.r.a.per, a black-clothed middle-aged man stood at the very top. His clothes blew wildly in the frenzied winds, but he remained unmoving, almost as if he was a rock and nothing could affect him.

His name was Zheng Cheng, a director of the Black Bear Corporation. This time, they had originally obtained a secret art, the [Rendition of Heaven and Earth], through a secret channel. For that, they spent more than a hundred million credits and lost many of their men to secure it from the ruins in which it was held.

However, he hadn’t thought that at the critical moment a traitor would appear. The betrayal of that eighth layer expert was too abrupt, not only did he manage to steal twenty bottles of the Golden Medication, he even managed to steal that secret art before trying to leave.

Unfortunately, he was caught by Zheng Cheng. With the help of the countless experts inside the company, they surrounded and attacked the traitor. No matter how strong he was, Zheng Cheng was even stronger, having reached the ninth layer of Martial Disciple. Not only that, he also had a lot of underlings providing a.s.sistance.

In the end, after losing several of their people, they finally managed to seriously injure that traitor and send him flying down the building.

Although they paid a heavy price, Zheng Cheng believed all of it was worth it. After all, that [Rendition of Heaven and Earth] really was just too valuable. Its price far exceeded that of a hundred million credits.

Being able to produce mental energy at the Martial Disciple rank! What did that mean? It meant that one could break through the bottleneck of the Martial Disciple rank and use a Martial Warrior’s abilities ahead of time! This was a huge advantage!

Once one managed to successfully cultivate the [Rendition of Heaven and Earth], it meant that they no longer anything stopping them from advancing to the Martial Warrior rank. All they needed to do was reach the ninth layer of Martial Disciple and they would advance just as easily as that.

One could just think, if their Black Bear Corporation got their hands on that secret art, then they would be able to continuously produce powerful Martial Warriors. In the future, dominating the entirety of Blackmoon City would no longer be a dream.

And it was also entirely possible that he, Zheng Cheng, could use this secret art to break through that bottleneck that had been stopping him for years and advance to the Martial Warrior tank. At that point, he would become a true expert.

“The Martial Warrior rank!”

Zheng Cheng’s eyes burned with a glimmer of desire. To those actual experts of the martial path, people at the Martial Disciple rank was just like a young child that hadn’t come of age. Only those at the Martial Warrior rank could truly be considered strong.

And once one reached the Martial Warrior rank, they would be able to extend their True Qi from their body. Killing somebody from a distance, a fist being to cover more than a hundred metres. Just the vibration of True Qi alone was enough to shatter stone.

It was only when you became a Martial Warrior that you would have the qualifications to leave the city and hunt monstrous beasts outside. To be able to fight against the strong.

You remained only a mere ant if you couldn’t reach the Martial Warrior rank.

Zheng Cheng’s eyes flashed with a ferocious glint as he clenched his fists. For the opportunity to advance, he absolutely had to get his hands on that secret art. Whoever dared to get it his way would die!

“Director Zheng.”

Abruptly, a young man at the fifth layer of Martial Disciple rapidly approached. He was one of Zheng Cheng’s elite subordinates, Song Hui.

Very quickly, he arrived beside Zheng Cheng.


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