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Chapter 104 – Cat G.o.d’s Cla.s.sroom (2)

Li Cangyu used the cla.s.s time to give a detailed explanation of the 20 types of builds to new players. The youngsters all listened carefully. As Cat G.o.d said, they were familiar with the cla.s.s they played but they had little knowledge of other professions. This was such a systematic and comprehensive lecture that they had a deeper understanding of all professions.

Next, Li Cangyu took everyone to the Canglan team’s training room.

The training room had dozens of computers side by side, more than enough for eight people. The computer configurations were also at the highest level and the keyboard and mouse were of excellent quality.

Li Cangyu asked everyone to find a place to sit down and turn on the computer. There were some small training software programs on the desktop. Li Cangyu introduced the functions of these softwares and then arranged training tasks.

“Xiao Gu, you have been in the training camp for half a year. Your foundation is very solid so your training time has been reduced. Every morning and afternoon, take half an hour to stabilize the hand speed. The rest of the time, follow Uncle Zhang to understand the operations of all the cla.s.ses.”

“I understand!” Gu Siming nodded seriously.

Li Cangyu went on to say, “Xiao Han, Xiao Li and Xiao Zhuo, all three of you haven’t received systematic training. Starting today, you must begin from the most basic training. Practice one hour of random walking in the morning, an hour of steady hand speed training and spend one hour familiarizing yourself with the maps. In the afternoon, go to the cross-server arena to find someone to practice with and then practice with your teacher to strengthen your cla.s.s.”

“Xiao Li’s teacher is Vice-Captain Bai, Xiao Zhuo’s teacher is A’Shu and Xiao Han will be taught by me. If there are any problems, don’t hide it. Boldly ask your teacher.”

“You are new people. It isn’t shameful to ask questions. If you don’t understand and don’t ask then you will harm not only yourselves but others as well, do you understand?”

The three teenagers immediately nodded. “I understand!”

“There is still a problem that needs to be emphasized.” Li Cangyu continued saying, “The four of you are almost the same age and you are equally good in my heart. I hope the four of you can form a virtuous compet.i.tive atmosphere. Let’s make progress together. Don’t compare each other or secretly compete in the dark. Do what you should do.”

“During matches, I will send different people to play according to different tactics. In the future, you will form a cooperation with each other. Remember, you are teammates, not enemies.”

Li Cangyu’s words were very serious. The thing he cared about the most was the unity of the team.

No matter how strong the team, if there was a crack then the team wouldn’t be far from death, just like the roots of a tree rotting.

The four teenagers were very simple but they would be in the compet.i.tion in the future. It was difficult to ensure that they don’t compete with each other over strength or popularity. Li Cangyu didn’t want these four children to have hostility. He hoped they would grow up together, overcoming problems and supporting the Canglan team to the end.

The young teenagers nodded slightly, causing Li Cangyu to smile and raise his right hand. “Okay, start the training!”

This action was decisive and handsome. The several young teenagers immediately made looks of worship and started to concentrate on the training, afraid that they would be slower than others.

Bai Xuan laughed. Four little milk cats being obediently trained by the cat G.o.d. At the very least, there was no need to worry about them fighting each other in the future.


In the afternoon, Li Cangyu let the four teenagers go to the arena by themselves. There was too much knowledge input so he had to leave them time to digest and ponder on it.

The arena practice had just been arranged when Wu Zewen knocked on the door and handed a USB to Li Cangyu. “This is the data on the teams in the second division as well as a modeling of the Miracle maps that Liu Chuan had me organize for you.”

Li Cangyu happily accept it. “Thank you so much!”

The school tyrant’s organizational ability was first-cla.s.s, which really helped the busy Li Cangyu!

Wu Zewen adjusted his gla.s.ses and said, “You’re welcome. I’m glad to help.”

Li Cangyu said, “I also hope you achieve good results in the playoffs.”

Wu Zewen nodded earnestly. “I will.”

He left and Li Cangyu immediately accessed the USB flash drive to check.

He was very confident about winning the second division but the situation on the field was always changing. There was always a danger of losing, making it good to know more about the opponent. The data compiled by Wu Zewen listed the ace players and basic tactical styles of each team, which was quite practical.

In addition, there was a modeling of the map library which made Li Cangyu stunned.

It wasn’t a secret since the Miracle League had published this information in the league’s maps and had a special map package software. As long as this map was installed on the computer, all game maps could be seen.

However, Wu Zewen used his powerful spatial a.n.a.lysis ability to mark many blind spots on the map with coordinates.

This was invaluable information that was exclusive to the Dragon Warriors.

Li Cangyu studied the map carefully. The more he looked, the more he liked it. According to the characteristics of the maps, he could arrange a variety of tactics for different teams in the future.

He was busy studying when Liu Chuan knocked on the door. He was very pleased when he saw everyone training and said, “Don’t you look serious? Am I interrupting?”

Li Cangyu raised his head and said, “It doesn’t matter. Does Boss want anything from me?”

Liu Chuan stated, “I got the new compet.i.tion rules from the Miracle League. Do you want to see it?”

Everyone heard about the new compet.i.tion rules and looked up curiously.

Li Cangyu smiled. “I’ve seen it so show it to everyone else.”

Liu Chuan sent a copy of the file to everyone. The group of people looked at it and became excited. Xiao Gu almost jumped up as he exclaimed, “Wow, it is a big change. It is completely different from the old arena rules!”

Xiao Han also said, “The new compet.i.tion has changed from moving the crystal to destroying the crystal?”

Zhuo Hang seemed to know the compet.i.tive game very well. He spoke the key points in a brief summary. “It is the tower defense mode. The economic difference will determine the outcome. This makes the tactics more changeable and the game more interesting.”

Li Cangyu glanced at him with appreciation and asked, “Xiao Zhou, don’t you know a lot about this?”

Zhuo Hang laughed. “Someone in my family has played this type of compet.i.tive game before. I have been watching it since I was a child.”

It was no wonder that he could capture the key points of the contract. There were insiders inside his family.

Li Cangyu put away his curiosity and said, “The changes for the new compet.i.tion are really big. Previously, we would get a point if we captured the crystal and moved the crystal back to our base. The new system requires us to destroy the crystal to get points.”

“The front and rear of the crystal respectively have the ice phoenix and fire phoenix as guards. The attack power is extremely strong and they will appear after a certain period of time. There are four defense towers in the east, west, south and north. Outside the defense towers is a foggy area and there are some mobs that will give a status bonus after killing them.”

Li Cangyu paused and said, “The key to the new system is to kill all types of mobs in the wild area to make money and acc.u.mulate an economy advantage. Once you have money, you can buy equipment in the battlefield store. The new rules means that in the middle of the game, we can choose equipment that is beneficial to us or can target the enemies.”

Zhang Jueming exclaimed, “The way of playing has really changed! The crystal is equivalent to the ultimate boss. The ice phoenix and fire phoenix are two small bosses while the defense towers are the surrounding elite monsters. If we want to break the crystal in the middle, we must first take care of the surrounding four defense towers and the ice and fire phoenix. Is that right?”

Li Cangyu nodded. “This is what it means. I just saw the map data compiled by Captain Wu. Most of the crystals will refresh in the middle of the map. There are four roads leading to the crystal location and many mobs on the road that can be killed for experience. The fields between the roads are suitable for ambush tactics. This system is much more tactically interesting than the previous crystal mode.”

Liu Chuan heard this and couldn’t help smiling. “The big change in the compet.i.tion is actually good for our new team. Other teams have to face new rules and will certainly train again from the beginning. It is equivalent to standing at the same starting point as us.”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu looked back. “It is currently December. There are only two months left until the second division that starts in February. There is also the Spring Festival holiday, making our timing quite tight. The next training tasks will be very heavy and the newcomers might be under great pressure. I hope that everyone can grit their teeth to survive this difficult stage. Will you show me?”

Xiao Gu answered in a positive manner. “Captain, I have no problem staying up late to train. I like training!”

Zhuo Hang also said, “I have no problems. Cat G.o.d can arrange it however you like.”

Xiao Han’s eyes were firm. “Master, rest a.s.sured that I can hold on.”

Li Xiaojiang looked up at Li Cangyu and said seriously. “I, I also have no, no, no problems.”

Li Cangyu smiled and thought, ‘Since you made your guarantees in person, don’t blame me for trying to trample on you.’

Bai Xuan thought sympathetically, ‘Small milk cats, be ready to be abused by the big cat!’

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Chapter 105 – Abused Teenagers

Everyone came to the training room the next morning and found Li Cangyu already waiting there with a stack of printed forms in his hand. He distributed it to the four teenagers and said, “For the next week, you will train according to my arrangements. After each training section, I will look at the results. If you don’t pa.s.s, there will be overtime.”

This was the same as not doing homework for school and then being forced to stay behind after cla.s.s by the teacher.

The teenagers took the forms that detailed the training items and times for each person.

The Dragon Warriors Club had many training software for e-sports players. For example, there was the software for practicing speed. After it was started, English letters would randomly appear on the screen. The speed at which the letters appeared could be adjusted.The fingers had to quickly press the right letter after seeing it to eliminate the letter, otherwise it would be game over.

The walking software had a variety of random labyrinth maps. Some had cliffs which would cause the players to fall to their deaths if they were even slightly careless, which tested the player’s psychological quality and movement operations. There was also a software to practice skills. The player could freely choose a race and cla.s.s in the initial interface then enter a single player instance to challenge a boss. This allowed them to become familiar with the gameplay of different cla.s.ses.

Gu Siming was very familiar with these training softwares and Zhuo Hang showed no curiosity at all.  Xiao Han and Li Xiaojiang looked excited because this was their first contact with the software.

In the morning, everyone trained according to the captain’s arrangements and no tiredness could be seen on their faces.

This lasted until the afternoon when Li Cangyu looked over the training videos and frowned. “Xiao Han, your hand speed training is not qualified. Change it to 400 keystrokes per minute and then re-train for one hour.”

Xiao Han lowered his head and replied, “Oh…”

“Xiao Li, it took you too long to play the boss. Practice again for two hours.”

Li Xiaojiang made a mistake and hung his head. “I, I know.”

“Xiao Zhuo, there were five mistakes that occurred 10 times during your movement training. The error rate is too high. Do it again!”

Zhuo Hang also lowered his head. “Okay.”

The only one not trained was Gu Siming. He had trained in the Dragon Warriors camp for half a year and his foundation was relatively solid. He was happily thinking he was pa.s.sed over when Li Cangyu came to him. “Xiao Gu, did you master the white magician’s skills?”

Gu Siming was embarra.s.sed. “Er…I’m not very familiar with them.”

Li Cangyu ordered, “Open an account in the arena. Once your winning rate is more than 95%, come and report to me.”

Gu Siming also hung his head. “Yes, I know…”

Bai Xuan looked at the four youths who had lowered heads and couldn’t help smiling. He went up to Li Cangyu and whispered, “Aren’t you afraid your requests are too strict?”

Li Cangyu helplessly shrugged. “There is no other way. The time is tight and I must increase their training intensity.”


Xiao Han sat in front of the computer and adjusted the hand speed to 400 according to Master’s instructions. It was very difficult.

His usual steady hand speed was 350/min. It was slightly higher when unleashing an outbreak of attacks. Now he adjusted the hand speed to 400/min, which was equivalent to pressing six to seven keys in one second. It could be imagined how fast the fingers needed to be.

He had been pressing the keys for less than half an hour when he felt his fingers becoming very tired.

He saw the words ‘game over’ appear on the screen and wanted to take a short break. However, he turned back and saw Master looking sharply at him. Xiao Han immediately shrank back, straightened his back and continued with the training software.


Li Xiaojiang was even more miserable. He originally had a slow nature and his hand speed was naturally the slowest in the whole team. If he faced a boss alone, he was often chased by the boss and couldn’t cast his skills. He could only rely on using the terrain, making it difficult for him to end the battle in 10 minutes like the captain said.

It took him more than 15 minutes to kill the boss. Li Xiaojiang was discouraged and gritted his teeth while staring at the computer. He obviously didn’t know what to do. Bai Xuan smiled and rea.s.sured him. “Don’t worry, concentrate slowly.”

Li Xiaojiang took a deep breath, focused on the computer screen and placed his fingers on the keyboard again.


The big-headed Zhuo Hang was also suffering.

Cat G.o.d found a particularly complicated map for him. There were many cliffs and the road was as narrow as steel wire. If his fingers shook even a little bit then he would fall into. He only moved 20 metres when he fell down.

Zhuo Hang really wanted to remove the key caps on the keyboard one by one.

Xie Shurong saw his depressed expression and couldn’t help laughing. “Fierce hunter, quickly get up and continue.”

Zhuo Hang endured the impulse to hit the wall and spoke into Xie Shurong’s ears. “Brother Tree, do you have a special method?”

Xie Shurong stated, “Practice makes perfect.”

“…” You should’ve just not said anything!

Zhuo Hang nodded in a depressed manner. “I’ll try again…”


Gu Siming opened a white magician account to PK with people in the arena. Cat G.o.d gave him the task of achieving a 95% winning rate i.e. he had to win at least 95 games out of 100.

The result was that he met several masters just after he started and lost three games in a row, making Gu Siming depressed.

He didn’t know that Uncle Zhang, sitting opposite him, was stealing his wins. Yes, the three games that Gu Siming lost were all Zhang Jueming’s accounts playing with him. He was the owner of a leveling studio and had a basket of accounts in his hand.

Zhang Jueming’s state wasn’t as good as the past but he had a large amount of experience. His understanding of Miracle was more thorough than Xiao Gu. In addition, Xiao Gu wasn’t familiar with a white magician while Zhang Jueming was a white magician. It was natural that Gu Siming couldn’t fight back in these three matches.

He lost three rounds so reaching a 95% winning rate was even more difficult. Gu Siming suddenly felt pressure that was as heavy as a mountain.


The afternoon training was particularly difficult. The excitement of the four teenagers had already disappeared.

At 5 o’clock when the training ended, Li Cangyu received the videos of the four people and they naturally all failed.

Li Cangyu had a solemn expression as he stated, “You all failed. Stay and train for another hour.”

The four people hung their heads. “Yes…”

Their faces were pathetic.

Bai Xuan had a soft heart but he knew that Li Cangyu was acting like a captain towards the young children. He found it hard to meddle and said, “Then shall we go to dinner first?”

Li Cangyu said, “Then let’s go.”

Bai Xuan, A’Shu and Old Zhang went to dinner first while Li Cangyu stayed to supervise the training.

One hour felt longer than a century, especially when everyone was hungry. Zhuo Hang particularly wanted to protest. ‘Cat G.o.d, it is illegal for you to abuse minors like this! I want to eat, I’m so hungry!’ He was so tired and dizzy that he couldn’t see what was on the computer and… fell to his death.

Xiao Han was also angry but he had a stubborn personality. He was angry but insisted on continuing to tap on the keyboard.

Li Xiaojiang’s eyes were wet and he was almost crying. Obviously, one afternoon of practice had made him very depressed. His lips were bitten until they cracked and he looked very pitiful as his stomach growled.

Xiao Gu’s state was relatively good. After all, he was a little madman who wasn’t afraid of staying up all night. He was just depressed from losing in the arena during the afternoon and it was like dark clouds were floating above his head.

Li Cangyu supervised them for another hour before mercifully letting them go. “Okay, go eat dinner.”

The four youths immediately jumped up and rushed to the canteen.

They spent all afternoon training and were dizzy from hunger. The four people rushed to get a plate full of food and stuffed things into their mouths. They didn’t care about anything else.

Li Cangyu watched the young teenagers sitting together while eating and couldn’t help smiling.

‘Do you see what I am capable of? Don’t worry, this is just the beginning.’


In the next training session, Li Cangyu made them work overtime again. They gradually became used to eating dinner at 6 o’clock.

It was only one extra hour a day but once this acc.u.mulated, Li Cangyu believed that it would certainly be effective.

One week of training pa.s.sed and it was finally the weekend. Li Cangyu mercifully gave everyone a day off.

That night, Li Cangyu called everyone together to open a ‘symposium.’

Several people sat in the living room and Li Cangyu asked softly, “How do you feel about this week’s training?”

All four lowered their heads and didn’t speak.

Li Yunyu said, “Didn’t you say you could hold on? How is it? Do you feel very tired?”

The four men’s heads hung lower and they wanted to bury their heads in their chests.

“The daily training of other teams is the same as what I arranged for you. I repeated the same operations every day, tapping on the keyboard from morning until night. The life of a professional player is actually very boring.” Li Cangyu paused and his tone became serious. “It is practicing basic operations like this that you won’t make mistakes on the field. One minute on the stage, 10 years under the stage, do you understand this principle?”

“Yes.” The four young men nodded.

Li Cangyu smiled. “Come and talk to me about your feelings. Xiao Gu first.”

Xiao Gu replied positively. “My white magician’s winning rate has reached 90%. I will be able to complete the task next week. Then I will change to a black magician to play the arena.”

Xiao Han went on to say, “I feel there is some improvement in my hand speed. It used to be around 350 and now I estimate it to be around 380. The goal of 400 hand speed will be completed soon.”

Zhuo Hang said, “Cough, I walked 50 metres in the maze. I am 50 metres from the finish line so I will continue to work hard, Cat G.o.d!”

Li Xiaojiang’s face was red and he spoke in a very embarra.s.sed manner. “I, I, I am still very slow playing the boss. I will speed up.”

Li Cangyu’s eyes swept over the four teenagers and found that they were staring at him with shining eyes. He couldn’t help laughing. “Don’t be discouraged. The high-intensity training tasks I have arranged are tailor-made for you. Once this stage’s training is over, you will look back and find that your level has improved.”

The four immediately replied in unison. “Yes!”

Bai Xuan also came to Li Cangyu’s dormitory to join in on the fun. He found the four teenagers sitting side by side on the sofa while listening to Cat G.o.d. Their tired and annoyed expressions were gone, replaced by confidence…

He knew that Li Cangyu’s way of dealing with the players was to abuse them before holding them up to raise their confidence. Under Li Cangyu’s training, their psychological state would be very strong.

However, they were young and this week’s training put them under too much pressure. Some people had dark circles under their eyes, which was distressing for Bai Xuan to see.

Bai Xuan headed to the refrigerator to take out some fruit and cut it, saying, “We should relax this weekend. Eat some fruit.”

The four teenagers looked at Li Cangyu, who waved his hand. “Eat.”

It was as if they heard an imperial decree. Everyone immediately grabbed the fruit to eat. Li Xiaojiang had the slowest movements and half the plate was empty before he could grab anything. Li Xiaojiang stared with a dazed expression and Bai Xuan handed an apple to him.

Bai Xuan sat on the sofa and looked at Li Cangyu. “I saw a message on the internet today. The large-scale update for the Miracle national server will start on Monday. In addition to the skills adjustment of some cla.s.ses, the biggest update will be to the arena. The points in the arena will be reset to 0 and the rules will change to those of the new compet.i.tion rules.”

Li Cangyu speculated, “It seems that the officials plan to release the new system in advance, allowing players and netizens to familiarize themselves with it.”

“Yes.” Bai Xuan asked, “What are you going to do? Should we team up to play the arena?”

Li Cangyu looked at the young children eavesdropping while eating fruit and grinned. “Of course we will go. The arena update means many teams will be using side accounts to test the waters. How can our Canglan team be lacking?”

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Chapter 106 – Arena Encounters

On Monday, the Miracle official website released an announcement that all world servers would be shut down for a full update. The key to this update was the change in arena rules and the expansion of the equipment library.

Old players selected their equipment before entering the map and couldn’t change it. The new system allowed players to buy equipment in the battlefield store in the middle of the match, increasing the number of variables and allowing more flexible tactical designs.

Li Cangyu carefully studied the information published on the official website. This professional equipment expansion was the largest in the seven years since Miracle opened and the data was dazzling.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the Miracle server in China opened.

In less than five minutes, all regional servers were full. This showed that the update attracted countless new and old players. The official emergency team added 10 server lines, doubling the number of players in the cross-server arena.

Li Cangyu asked Uncle Zhang to prepare a batch of side accounts to play the arena qualifiers.

The new update cleared all arena points, meaning those who previously hit the diamond or king rank had to regain the points from scratch. In addition to the previous 6v6 team mode, the arena added a new 2v2 arena mode, both of which could be used to acc.u.mulate points.

The team battle was more complex and winning gave 10 points. The partner arena mode was simpler and only gave 2 points for winning. Their scores might acc.u.mulate slower but this mode was very beneficial for Li Cangyu to train his team members. There happened to be four old and four new players in the Canglan team. Li Cangyu arranged the youngsters with their respective masters and everyone entered the partner mode in the arena qualifiers.

The bronze qualifying section were for those with less than 1,000 points. Apart from masters who were starting from scratch, most of them were novices and rookies. Li Cangyu played the 2v2 mode with Xiao Han and Xiao Han alone could kill two people easily. Most people were handled in one minute battles and they won more 50 games in an hour.

Li Cangyu was very confident in Xiao Han. Therefore, he acted as a soy sauce and let Xiao Han play alone.

To his surprise, once the pair won their 60th match, XIao Han was actually killed by the opposing archer.

What was this situation?

Li Cangyu saw the prompt that Xiao Han had been killed appear on the screen and immediately moved behind a stone pillar in the ring. His mouse clocked on the upper right corner to view the battle record. It turned out that Xiao Han had been controlled by the opposite side’s white magician, who used G.o.d’s Seal. Then the archer followed up with a set of critical damage, killing Xiao Han.

The matching rule for the arena was generally ‘matching similar levels together.’ He and Xiao Han won 60 games in a row and the system matched them with opponents who also won more than 60 matches.

Were they Cheng Wei and Tan s.h.i.tian?

Li Cangyu couldn’t help smiling and he typed in the public channel: [Cheng Wei?]

Cheng Wei was startled and typed: [Hey? You know me? An elf summoner, are you Cat G.o.d?!]

Li Cangyu: [Yes.]

Cheng Wei excitedly slipped into the central fountain.

Tan s.h.i.tian, “…”

Li Cangyu wondered: [Did you also come to play the qualifiers?]

Cheng Wei quickly typed: [Yes! Haven’t the rules changed? The single player mode is cancelled and it has become combination VS combination. Captain Tan and I came to practice our combination in the online game!]

This was equivalent to exposing the combination tactics of the Time team in advance but… he didn’t reveal anything. Everyone knew that the Time team’s Cheng Wei and Tan s.h.i.tian would definitely come as a duo.

Tan s.h.i.tian asked politely: [Cat G.o.d, are you with a teammate?]

Li Cangyu replied: [Yes, I’m taking my apprentice.]

Cheng Wei remembered the mixed-race child he met in New York and couldn’t help typing jealousy: [Xiao Han, you are just lying there. You’re dragging Cat G.o.d down!]

Xiao Han didn’t understand why Cheng Wei was so hostile to him and spoke in a somewhat puzzled manner: [I couldn’t react in time.]

Li Cangyu smiled and said: [I will let you have this game.]

In fact, he couldn’t help it since Xiao Han died. Li Cangyu might have confidence but even he would find 1v2 hard against the ace combination of Tan s.h.i.tian and Cheng Wei.

It was better to die quickly and move to the next game. After all, it was just a promotion match and there was no need to waste time.

Cheng Wei was thrilled. [Thank you Cat G.o.d! Tan s.h.i.tian, you stay still. I want to kill Cat G.o.d!]

Tan s.h.i.tian: […Okay.]

Li Cangyu stood still and let Cheng Wei kill him. Cheng Wei was very happy about personally killing Cat G.o.d and sent a row of hugging emojis.

The score for this match was quickly calculated on the screen. Tan and Cheng won 61 rounds in a row and got a lot of bonus points. Li Cangyu and Xiao Han lost and had two points deducted by the system.

After exiting the room, Tan s.h.i.tian took the initiative to add Li Cangyu’s side account as a friend and asked: [Cat G.o.d, have you a.s.sembled your team?]

[Yes, I’ve just a.s.sembled it.]

[Then refuel with your apprentice.] Tan s.h.i.tian smiled and said: [I will take Xiao Wei to continue to upgrade.]

[Go ahead!]

Li Cangyu bid farewell to Tan and Cheng before turning back to Xiao Han. “We have a 60 winning streak and are likely to meet more masters. Cheer up and play well.

Xiao Han, “…”

‘I’ve been playing well the whole time. You are the one idling, Master!’

Xiao Han saw Li Cangyu’s serious expression and didn’t dare say it. He just nodded in agreement.


The new rules had been updated today. Many guild management and pa.s.sersby filled the arena. There were many combinations with a 60 winning streak, making it not that easy to encounter Tan s.h.i.tian and Cheng Wei.

Only, Li Cangyu couldn’t help laughing at the names of their accounts—Only Soy Milk and Progress Day by Day, what were these messy names? They weren’t as creative as his own ‘Fish Farming Professional’!

In the next few rounds, Li Cangyu didn’t meet any professional players. Most of the online masters were jointly handled by him and Xiao Han. An afternoon of playing the arena pa.s.sed. The mentor and apprentice scored too quickly and quickly advanced to the silver group.

At dinner time, everyone gathered in the dining hall to eat. The faces of the teenagers were bright. They joined with a great G.o.d and the speed of their upgrade was very fast!

Gu Suming excitedly cried out, “Go back and play at night. I want to rise to the diamond group in one breath today!”

Zhang Jueming patted him on the head and said, “Don’t dream about it. We need 5,000 points to rise from silver to gold and then 15,000 points to rise to diamond. At our current speed, it will take at least one week.”

Gu Siming calmed down and scratched his head. “I was just thinking about it.”

Zhuo Hang wondered, “Isn’t getting to diamond in one week fast enough? It took me one month to rise to diamond.”

Xiao Han echoed him, “I also spent one month.”

Li Xiaojiang stammered, “Me, me too.”

Li Cangyu said with a smile, “Since you are so interested in raising your rating, return to your dorm and continue to play the arena. However, you must go to bed before midnight.”

The group cheered. Apparently, they were very fond of the pairs arena mode of the new system.


Li Cangyu returned to his dormitory and took a shower. Then he logged into the game and opened his Q account.

There were thousands of unread messages in the Miracle Gossip Group. He opened it and saw that all the professional players of the major teams were discussing the new system. Cheng Wei was saying: [@Grey Wolf, why don’t you go to the group battle? All of you are running to play the pairs mode!]

Su Guangmo said: [The pairs mode can acc.u.mulate scores quickly. A group battle will take more than 20 minutes. It isn’t too late to wait until the diamond section and then do the team battles.]

Cheng Wei sent a row of vomiting blood emojis.

Su Guangmo smiled: [If you lose to us, you will vomit blood. There are still many bosses in the future.]

Cheng Wei was surprised. [Who else?]

Su Guangmo replied: [Wind Colour’s Yan Guo combination and the Red Fox’s two sisters, I have met these two groups.]

Tan s.h.i.tian came forward to say: [It is estimated that the major teams will have people playing the pairs mode. After all, upgrading in the pairs mode is fast and the rules of the group battle haven’t been studied clearly. The group battle can be tried out after reaching diamond rank.]

Su Guangmo agreed. [This is the truth.]

The just mentioned Yan Ruiwen also spoke up: [There are three groups from Wind Colour in the pairs arena. Captain Ling is also there.]

Li Cangyu temporarily shut down the Q group and headed to the cross-server arena. Then he sent a private chat to Xiao Han: [Continue doing the arena.]

Xiao Han immediately replied: [Okay Master.]

The mentor and apprentice joined the cross-server arena’s qualifying list. The new rules had just been updated and everyone’s points had been cleared. It was obvious that no rookies would’ve rushed to the silver rank in one afternoon. The probability of encountering masters would naturally be greater than before.

Li Cangyu thought about which professional players he would encounter next. As soon as the map was loaded, he saw the combination of a demon summoner and a blood kin summoner.

The ID of the demon summoner was Wooden Wind.

Li Cangyu was startled and sent a message in the public channel: [Ling Xuefeng?]

Wooden Wind: […] (TL: Wooden Wind= Mu Feng)

This guy’s ID was even less creative and he used the ‘feng’ part of his name. It was simply too obvious.  As for the blood kin summoner called ‘Side Account Name is Difficult to Decide’, they were either Xu Feifan or Qin Mo.

[Is the other person Qin Mo or Xiao Xu?]

Side Account Name is Difficult to Decide immediately typed: [Cat G.o.d is well. I am Qin Mo.]

Li Cangyu couldn’t help laughing. [Xuefeng, are you also taking your apprentice along?]

Ling Xuefeng: [Yes, I wanted to try out the pairs arena.]

Li Cangyu asked: [Let me win this game?]

Ling Xuefeng: [Why should I let you win?]

Li Cangyu: [The 10 steamed ba.s.s you owe me will be decreased by one.]

Ling Xuefeng: […When did I owe you 10?]

Li Cangyu: [Your Steamed Ba.s.s account was an undercover in my guild for so long. 10 is cheap!]

Ling Xuefeng helplessly smiled and typed: [Fine.]

Qin Mo, “…”

Master, wasn’t this the arena?

Shouldn’t there be an earth-shattering confrontation between G.o.ds instead of discussing fish like this?

Moreover, Master agreed with whatever Cat G.o.d said. Every time Master met Cat G.o.d, he will throw all principles away.

He was scolding in his heart when a friends application popped up. It was sent by Li Cangyu. Qin Mo accepted and the other person immediately sent him a private message: [Xiao Qin, how is the task I a.s.signed to you?]

Qin Mo immediately replied: [I checked. Master shouldn’t have a girlfriend. When the Wind Colour team was on holiday, he went to Beijing for a meeting. After the meeting, he returned to Shanghai and according to the Wind Colour Guild’s president, he stayed in the team for half a month and never went out on a date.]

Li Cangyu nodded with satisfaction. [Very good.]

Qin Mo was puzzled: [Cat G.o.d, why are you asking this? Do you want to introduce a girlfriend to Master?]

Li Cangyu said: [The secret can’t be revealed!]

Meanwhile, he was thinking in his heart, ‘You are too naive. I don’t want to introduce a girlfriend to your master. I am trying to gain your master as my wife.’

The author has something to say:

[April Fool’s Day small theater]

On April 1st, Li Cangyu took the initiative to tell Ling Xuefeng, “Xuefeng, I really like you. Become my wife.”

Ling Xuefeng nodded calmly. “Okay.”

That night, Li Cangyu happily threw Ling Xuefeng down. He wanted to do that to Captain Ling when there was suddenly a reversal. He was stripped, eaten dry and then cleaned…

The next morning, Li Cangyu rubbed his sore waist and cried out angrily, “Didn’t you agree to be my wife?”

Ling Xuefeng smiled and kissed him gently. “You shouldn’t believe anything you hear on April Fool’s Day.”

Li Cangyu, “…”

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