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Chapter 1006: Visit

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Outside the maze, Han Fei led the five of the youngsters and teleported out.

Night had already fallen, but there was still a sea of people outside the maze. When they saw Han Fei and the others appear, they looked at the five youths beside them almost at the same time.

Su Sanqian and Su Daiji were members of the Su Family.

Among the crowd, some members of the Su Family smiled. They had truly been recognized by the Thug Academy. Furthermore, the birth of a new generation of disciples of the Thug Academy was a joyous occasion. After they figured out the origins of the other three, they had to go back and report it.


Suddenly, someone in the crowd shouted and rushed in front. It was a middle-aged man with a rather elegant face. Perhaps because he saw his child enter the Thug Academy, he was overjoyed, his face was ruddy, and he couldn’t stop smiling.

Xing Yue cried back, “Dad!”

The middle-aged man immediately thanked Han Fei. “Thank you, President Han. Hahaha, thank you.”

As he spoke, the middle-aged man placed his hand on Xing Yue’s head. “I knew it. I knew my child would definitely be fine. In the future, you have to study hard in school. Don’t be lazy…”

The middle-aged man went on and on, while Han Fei looked at everyone with a smile. “Everyone, as you can see, the three spots are full. The Thug Academy’s admissions this time is over. In addition, since the Thug Academy has returned, they won’t be unreasonable. From today onwards, the maze will be restricted to outsiders. At most, a thousand people can enter at the same time. Although the Thug Academy’s admissions are full, the maze will also improve other children greatly. However, the last checkpoint will be sealed. I hope everyone is mentally prepared.”


“What a pity.”

“It’s full just like that!?”

Someone said enviously, “I know this child, Xing Yue. Indeed outstanding. However, his spiritual heritage doesn’t seem to be very high!”

Someone was puzzled. “Whose family are the other two youths from?”

Han Fei said, “I think I need to remind everyone. Spiritual heritage is indeed very important, but it’s not everything. You can’t rely on spiritual heritage for everything… Everyone has their own luck and talent. I hope you won’t be limited by the rules of spiritual heritage.”

Luo Xiaobai yelled out, “Everyone, let’s disperse!”

With that, Han Fei turned back.

In the spiritual plant maze, a voice slowly sounded, “All candidates, take note. The recruitment for the Thug Academy has been completed. Those still in the trial can no longer enter the Thug Academy. From today onwards, the maze will be open to the public. Everyone can return now.”

The moment this voice sounded, the maze exploded.

“What? All three are picked?”

“d.a.m.n it. How was it so quick?”

Someone was already covered in injuries at the final hundred-kilometer checkpoint. When he heard the voice, he was stunned.

Some of the children were fine and didn’t have much of a reaction. In any case, they really didn’t seem to be able to pa.s.s. However, this test made them realize their abilities.

Someone frowned and teleported out of the maze.

Someone sighed. It seemed like they were disappointed because of their lack of talent.

There were also people who suspected this was a trick of the Thug Academy… Was it a trick to make them give up and realize they needed to work harder?

However, Han Fei and the others didn’t care about that.

At this moment, at the back of the mountain…

Han Fei pointed out, “Everyone, build your own houses, treehouses. Our Thug Academy doesn’t have any dorms, so we have to rely on ourselves.”

Le Renkuang added, “After building the treehouse, we’ll eat. If there’s anything to discuss, we’ll talk about it tomorrow morning.”

Now, Jiuyin Ling had completely turned from a little fairy into an ordinary girl. She was also building a treehouse, but it was built next to Han Fei’s.

Although she had obtained the Heavenly Music Book and logically speaking, she needed to walk, see, and experience the mortal world, since the danger of the Comfort and Nature Technique had been resolved, she wanted to stay in the Thug Academy for a while longer and spend more time with Han Fei.

Gu Qi had already completed her breakthrough.

At this moment, she was an intermediate fishing master. After stabilizing herself, she ran to Han Fei. “Senior Brother, I have something to do.”

Han Fei asked, “What is it?”

Gu Qi lowered her head and said, “Senior Brother, I… I secretly ran out without telling my family. They don’t know yet, I…”

Han Fei said indifferently, “Tomorrow, I’ll go to the Southern Five Cliffs with you.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother.”

Gu Qi happily ran off to build a house.

With Han Fei’s words, she was relieved. Otherwise, who knew what would happen if her family found out? After all, she had no status at home.

Furthermore, she had escaped an arranged marriage.

The next morning…

Han Fei flew straight to the Southern Five Cliffs with Gu Qi.

It was called the Southern Five Cliffs because there were five towering cliffs on this floating island.

However, the Gu Family wasn’t the only family on the floating island in the Southern Five Cliffs. There were as many as six families. The Gu Family was only one of the big families.

Even so, the Gu Family couldn’t be underestimated. After all, any family that could settle down on the 36 main islands had a certain level of strength. At the very least, their family had to have an Explorer. This was a basic requirement.

If a so-called big clan didn’t even have an Explorer, it would be the end of their family.

This was also the reason why the Su Family had to cozy up to the Thug Academy. Although the Su Family still had two Explorers, once they perished, Su Yang definitely couldn’t protect his family’s foundation alone.

Han Fei asked, “Gu Qi, how’s your relationship with your family?”

Gu Qi said, “Very bad. Big clans don’t have any feelings. They only know how to exploit others. They wanted to marry me to form a marriage alliance, so I had to run! I snuck away to the Pure Sun Island. It just so happened that your school was recruiting, so I came.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but click his tongue. Ever since he heard of the big clans, there had never been any good comments. It seemed that they were all unreasonable!

On a floating island, there was a division of towns. The Gu Family relied on Qingshan Town, and Qingshan Town was basically the Gu Family’s business.

According to Gu Qi, the Gu Family had a high-ranking Explorer who wasn’t even a thousand years old, and a peak-level Law Enforcer who was about to break through to the Explorer realm. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that the Gu Family had this business.

Gu Qi said, “Senior Brother, it’s here.”

Han Fei saw a large house built like a small village against a river and a mountain. The residents here were scattered, but they were all arranged in one area.

Han Fei said in surprise, “Did the main and side branches separate?”

Gu Qi nodded. “Yes, but we still live together.”

Han Fei landed at the Gu Family’s archway. It didn’t seem appropriate to fly directly to their main residence. After all, the Thug Academy had just returned, so it wasn’t good to be too high-profile.

In front of the archway, when a Gu Family guard saw Gu Qi, his expression immediately turned ugly. “Good, Gu Qi. You ran away a few days ago to make us suffer a punishment for nothing. Come, follow me to the main branch to receive your punishment.”

Gu Qi hid behind Han Fei. Only then did the guards notice Han Fei.

However, Han Fei looked back because he found someone was spying on him, who had run away for some reason.

The leader of the guards in front of him was a junior Hidden Fisher. He looked at Han Fei with an ugly expression. “Sir, what’s the meaning of this?”

Han Fei smiled faintly and said, “Gu Qi, she’s a student of the Thug Academy now. I’m her Senior Brother. I’m here today to tell this news to her family, and I’ll take her away with me.”

“Thug Academy?”

In the dust of history, the name of the Thug Academy hadn’t appeared for 38 years. Many people had forgotten it.

The guard sneered. “I thought it was one of the seven major sects! If it’s not one of the seven major sects, do you think you can take anyone away from our Gu Family? Men, surround them. If you know what’s good for you, hand her over obediently.”


Han Fei snapped his fingers. Instantly, seven or eight guards within a hundred meters staggered and fell to one knee.

Han Fei said indifferently, “I don’t want to make things difficult for you. Since I’m here, I’m here to talk. Please inform the main branch that the acting president of the Thug Academy, Han Fei, is here to visit.”

As Han Fei retracted the gravity, the guard’s expressions changed drastically. How powerful. Did I see it wrong? Is he a Law Enforcer?

The guard immediately got up and snorted. He took out his fishing boat and hurriedly flew towards the main residence.

And the scene just now gave Gu Qi great confidence. At the same time, she was also amazed at how powerful her Senior Brother was. He didn’t even move, but these guards who seemed extremely powerful all fell to the ground.

People pa.s.sed by the archway one after another. There was no lack of people who recognized Gu Qi.

Those who hadn’t seen the scene just now had a drastic change in expression when they saw Gu Qi. “Qi Qi! You’ve caused a huge disaster this time. I heard that you ran away as soon as the Zhou Family’s betrothal gifts were delivered. The Zhou Family is furious and wants to settle scores with us.”

Gu Qi frowned. “I’m not marrying! I don’t even have a share in the betrothal gifts. They don’t give me money or resources, and I have to become that man’s concubine. I’m not marrying that guy.”

Someone advised, “Qi Qi! That’s already not bad. Have you forgotten what happened two years ago? That poor girl Gu Xiaoba who married into the Qian Family?”

Someone was about to step forward, but Han Fei slightly released his aura, which made many people shiver. They wondered where this girl found such a person to back her up so quickly… Or did she find a man herself?

A moment later…

Han Fei frowned and looked at a guard. “Is the main residence very far away? Why haven’t they arrived yet?”

That person said embarra.s.sedly, “The main branch people are busy!”

Han Fei sneered. Busy my a*s! Busy making babies? It’s such a short distance!

Han Fei thought to himself, I’ll wait a little longer. If they still don’t come, I’ll just take Gu Qi away. If they have the ability, they’ll come to the Thug Academy to find me.

Suddenly, Han Fei looked back and saw dozens of fishing boats flying over aggressively.


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