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Chapter 77: Shoot to Fame

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Li Qing was trembling. The entire Heavenly Water Village knew where Han Fei got the Spirit Concentration Art, which Fang Ze gave to him after the Fishing Trial. But how long had it been since the end of the Fishing Trial? Had he acquired this Art so soon?

Now Li Qing just wanted to slap those who said that Han Fei was a waste. If a person like Han Fei was a waste, then who could be called a genius? Now he was very glad that he had betrayed the Tigers. Otherwise, he would have ended up in the stomachs of those leeches.

Han Fei was not in a hurry. He looked at Li Hu with a smile. “The Fishing Trial means to show us the cruelty of the ocean, doesn’t it?”


Li Qing didn’t know what Han Fei meant by that, but he vaguely felt a trace of terror.

At this time, the fishing boats were already close to the central fishery. Some fishing boats appeared in the distance, and occasionally one or two fishing boats flew in the sky.

Han Fei smiled. “Haha! They may have a chance to survive if they fly to the sky, but they chose to lead me to the central fishery. What can they do here?”

In the near distance.

On the two fishing boats, the others had almost exhausted their spiritual energy, whereas Li Hu still had enough. He probably had taken multiple Spirit Refilling Pills.

“Li Qing, hit Li Hu’s boat.”


“After all, killing is not something pleasing to watch. Just hit it.”

Li Hu said nothing more and began to slam into Li Hu’s fishing boat at full speed.

Just then, Li Hu suddenly shouted, “Abandon the boat”.

Han Fei played with his Purple Bamboo Rod and sneered, “What an idiot. If it’s useful to abandon the boat, why did I bother to wait for so long?”

Li Hu abandoned his fishing boat and all the seven people gathered on the other boat. Some of them were still waving their rods and hitting the air. They had discovered that there must be something invisible biting them. At the moment, except for Li Hu, the other six were all drenched with blood.

Li Hu sullenly said, “Get ready to fight.”

At the moment the two fishing boats collided, Han Fei roared and rushed forward. With a flash of the Purple Bamboo Rod, he was ready to launch another spiritual energy explosion attack.

Three people were standing in front of Li Hu to protect him, and another three clenched their rods in their hands, trying to ignore the thing biting them. However, only one of the three made a spiritual energy explosion attack, because the other two had exhausted their spiritual energy.

Han Fei squatted down, holding the railing with one hand and dodging the attack with a strange posture. Then he turned around and kicked, and with a boom, one of the people was kicked into the sea.

Then as ordered by Han Fei, Little Black jumped into the sea. Since you’ve fallen into the sea, then stay there forever.

“Explode, again!”

Han Fei jumped and hit one of them with his rod, breaking the Iron Rod in this man’s hand and denting his head. As blood oozed from this man’s eyes, nose and mouth, he fell stiffly backwards.

Li Hu yelled, “Brothers! Together up!”

But he was already horrified. He didn’t know how Han Fei had become so strong. Although Han Fei was strong during the Fishing Trial, he was not as strong as now. At that time, he even blocked the three attacks of Han Fei. But now, he killed three people with two blows, which was horrifying!

At this moment, Li Hu had no doubt that Li Lang was killed by Han Fei. This guy was a mystery. He must have some big secrets…

Han Fei was about to behead the next one, but behind him, Li Qing suddenly swung his rod at that guy, shouting, “Young Master, I will solve this person.”

Li Qing felt he had to show his allegiance to Han Fei now. He could feel the murderous intentions in Han Fei. He was only a 12-year-old boy now. Why was he so scary? He doubted that if he didn’t take action right away, he would be killed too.

Li Hu was furious. “Li Qing, you traitor.”

“Humph, the Tigers committed countless crimes. I have long wanted to quit.”

The three people in front of Li Hu gritted their teeth, but Han Fei launched attacks one after another. They couldn’t resist them at all. After three blows from Han Fei, one of them was killed; one jumped into the sea, trying to go to the nearest fishing boat for help, but after swimming for less than thirty metres, he was dragged into the water by something unknown; the hands of the last one had been broken and he dropped feebly while blood dripped from his mouth.

“I don’t want to die!”

“F*ck off, you piece of junk…”

Li Hu pushed the person into the sea, shouting, “Tiger-Head, fuse with me.”

Han Fei sneered, “Whew! Does your ugly fish come back to life?”

Knowing that there was no way back, Li Hu rushed towards Han Fei with a roar. “Han Fei, one of us must die here today.”

Han Fei took two steps forward, hitting him hard with his rod, and with a loud bang, Li Hu was sent flying and spiritual energy began to leak from his body.

Han Fei casually shook his head and chuckled. “You’re right. One of us must die here today. Guess it’s you or me? Gee… I thought you would be stronger after your breakthrough. It turns out that you are even weaker than those you brought with your. They are already at the peak of level nine anyway. But what about you? A weakling who has just entered level nine and can’t reach the peak of level nine even after fusing with your spiritual beast? What makes you believe you can kill me?”

Li Hu had no sooner stood up when Han Fei hit him with his rod again, smashing the deck.

“I heard that the Tigers have been running amuck?”


“I heard that the Tigers kill people like flies?”


“I heard that you had my fishing boat destroyed at the port and made me float for five days and five nights at sea?”


“I heard that you want to kill me?”


At this time, Li Qing had just killed a seriously injured former colleague. After seeing this scene, every time Han Fei hit Li Hu, his eyelids twitched and his heart pounded.

Han Fei didn’t use a spiritual energy explosion.

After Han Fei hit Li Hu seven or eight times, a big fish rushed out of Li Hu’s body and bit at Han Fei. This seemed to be Li Hu’s last card.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Tiger-Head Fish was hurled to the deck like a dying serpent.

Han Fei cursed, “How dare you bite me, you stupid, stinky fish! s.h.i.t!”

Li Hu’s mouth was full of blood. He still tried to struggle, but he couldn’t even sit up.

“Han Fei, stop it.”

In the distance, three hundred metres away, a fishing boat was quickly approaching. Han Fei recognized at a glance that it was his teacher, w.a.n.g Jie, an inspector of ordinary fisheries.

Han Fei waved at w.a.n.g Jie with a smile. Then without bowing his head, he said softly to Li Hu, “Be a fish in your next life. You don’t deserve to live as a human being again!”

With that, the tail of his rod flashed and he thrusted the rod into Li Hu’s chest with a jerk and pierced his body. Watching this scene, Li Qing was drenched with sweat and turned ghastly pale.

The next moment, w.a.n.g Jie arrived. He glanced at the blood-stained fishing boat, then at Li Hu whose eyes were still wide open, and took a deep breath.

w.a.n.g Jie was shocked. In the morning, his men reported to him that dozens of fishing boats of the Tigers headed for the ordinary fisheries. w.a.n.g Jie knew that something bad would happen, so he immediately went to ask Li Gang who said that Han Fei went to He Xiaoyu’s house, but when he hurried to He Xiaoyu’s house, her mother said that Han Fei went to sea.

w.a.n.g Jie immediately had an awful premonition. But at this moment, seeing this scene, he didn’t know what to say. Someone reported that there was a fierce fight here. And when he arrived, he saw the b.l.o.o.d.y scene for himself.


Han Fei just smiled. “Mr. w.a.n.g, this is what happens at sea, isn’t it? Fighting with the sea, fighting with the fish, and fighting with people. Fortunately, I won.”

Theoretically, killing was not allowed in ordinary fisheries, but the Tigers tried to hunt Han Fei first, so although Han Fei killed these people, n.o.body would say anything about it. Besides, Han Fei was his student, so w.a.n.g Jie didn’t say anything and took Han Fei back to the floating island.

w.a.n.g Jie said upon leaving, “You’re not allowed into the sea for three months.”

On this day, the Heavenly Water Village was in an uproar.

It was said that Han Fei, the first place winner of the last Fishing Trial, killed the son of Li Jue in an ordinary fishery by piercing his chest with his rod.

It was rumored that the Tigers lost most of their members in that fight.

It was said that the leader of the Tigers, Li Jue, vomited blood in public and his eyes were bleeding.

It was said that when Han Fei returned, he declared war against Li Jue.

When the old enemy of the Tigers, the w.a.n.g Family, heard this news, Grandfather w.a.n.g laughed happily and exclaimed that Han Fei was really a worthy winner of the Fishing Trial.

As the most outstanding one of the third generation of the w.a.n.g Family, w.a.n.g Baiyu gave a wry smile when hearing the news. He thought to himself, Did Han Fei really get where he is today because of Tange Ge?

The entire Heavenly Water Village was talking about Han Fei, but he didn’t care at all because He Xiaoyu was leaving.


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