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Chapter 948: Boss Han (1)

In the mist of Nine Sounds, Cao Jiaren was walking forward step by step, her face expressionless.

For the children of the big clans, they somewhat knew the secrets of the Sea Quelling Painting. After all, their countless ancestors had fought for this painting.

They didn’t know much about the five legends because this was a test that everyone took for granted. If you couldn’t even pa.s.s this test, why did you bother to try to pa.s.s the Nine Sounds mist?

Cao Jiaren, who had just been to the five places, had already come into the mist of the Nine Sounds.

The sound of seven emotions, for her, was actually not a big problem.

Cao Jiaren had had a cold personality since she was a child. Similar to Luo Xiaobai, she was a kind of absolutely rational person.

She was different from Cao Tian.

Cao Tian was strong in heart, but very affectionate towards Cao Qiu, while Cao Jiaren was not afraid of the sound of seven emotions at all. If she came across the eighth sound, she was very likely to accept the Dao of Ultimate Affectionless.

However, just as she easily pa.s.sed through the sound of seven emotions, she found that her position suddenly changed and she came to the depths of a certain empty valley in the Sea Quelling Painting.

In front of her was her enemy who was vying for the painting.

Cao Jiaren looked at Han Fei indifferently. “Is it an illusion?”

Han Fei was a little stunned too. He just felt that the scattered and shaking stars didn’t seem to match the Eight Diagram, so he chose to try to scoop them up.

However, the next second, he appeared in this empty valley.

Opposite him was the woman he didn’t like—Cao Jiaren.

Han Fei murmured, “So that’s it. The shifting Eight Diagram star positions are for me to s.n.a.t.c.h luck. It seems that if I want to take charge of this world, I’ll have to s.n.a.t.c.h other people’s luck.”

Hearing Cao Jiaren’s question, Han Fei smiled. “No, come, if you win, you can walk through the mist of the Nine Sounds.”

Cao Jiaren frowned slightly. “It’s not an illusion?”

After confirming this fact, Cao Jiaren summoned her flute.


An eerie melody resounded in this empty valley, like weeping, complaining, screaming, and howling, like sounds from the depths of h.e.l.l.

The picture in front of Han Fei changed, and the entire empty valley seemed to be distorted. One after another, something weird like undead creatures appeared and pounced on him from the air.


The Phantom Gla.s.s Wings had already been unfolded.

Han Fei moved slightly and sneered. “Even the Nine Sounds can’t hurt me. The illusion you created is nothing to me.”


Han Fei seemed to be bathed in golden light. A pair of big spiritual-energy hands patted down from the air, and the demons and ghosts immediately disappeared in front of the bright golden light.

This eerie illusion was torn to pieces by the giant hands.

The next minute, Han Fei saw Cao Jiaren’s mouth bleeding, but her expression remained unchanged.

Cao Jiaren stared at Han Fei indifferently. “Do you walk the road of invincibility?”

Han Fei smiled. “You know? However, since you’ve launched an attack, it’s my turn.”


The moment Han Fei flashed out, what was in his mind was that this woman was not simple, so he’d better kill her. Otherwise, she might bring him trouble in the future.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

However, what surprised Han Fei was that Cao Jiaren, who had always looked delicate, actually punched out. The terrifying power was even comparable to Cao Tian’s attack.

But he certainly wasn’t afraid of this.

Han Fei was just a little surprised. Cao Jiaren turned out to be a hidden soul warrior!

He also punched out.

In an instant, hundreds of fist marks clashed in the air, shattering rocks and making deafening sounds.

Although Cao Jiaren’s punches were strong, they were still weaker than Han Fei’s. This was not determined by the level of the combat technique, but by the different paths they took.

After ten seconds…

Two figures were moving fast and seemed to be flashing, fighting all the way from the bottom of the valley to the top of the mountain.


Taking the upper hand, Han Fei was about to kill Cao Jiaren when he suddenly saw a seal appear in Cao Jiaren’s hand.

Han Fei had seen this seal, which was a Divine weapon of very high quality.

At this moment, the seal turned into a huge fist mark.

In Han Fei’s eyes, the phantom of the 100-meter-large fist mark seemed to be about to explode the entire valley.

“Is this your final play?”


Snowmourne appeared in Han Fei’s hands.

In the face of this high-quality or ultra-quality Divine weapon, although Han Fei was very confident, he would still use a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure for security.

So, he had to use Snowmourne!

Han Fei couldn’t help exclaiming in his heart. Sure enough, none of the people who could get to this point were weak!



Between the sky and the earth, a dazzling light seemed to flash by.

In an instant, the spiritual energy in Han Fei’s body was instantly consumed, causing him to stagger slightly.

The sword light cut the fist mark, shattering the rocks and cutting the fist mark in half.

In the distance, a few glances were cast on this side.

On the Jade Pen Peak, in a hut, someone noticed the sword light and murmured, “Although it is a sword light, it is full of knife intent. This kid is not bad.”

Above the West Sea, a big bird came out of the water, staring into the void. When the sword light slashed across the sky, its cold eyes gradually turned warm. “Humph, not bad. No wonder you dare to break into the mist of Nine Sounds and don’t come to me.”

In the eastern fire forest, the flames boiled, and there was low laughter.

Liu Shan, who was staying here, couldn’t help being shocked. What happened? Why is that powerful Fire Seed laughing?



The fist mark exploded, and the huge seal in the air tried to attack Han Fei only to be knocked flying.

The chill sword intent swept across the big seal and shot towards Cao Jiaren.

The seal was a good seal, and the sword was a good sword. But these two people hadn’t yet been able to make full use of these two weapons. Therefore, the Snowmourne couldn’t break this big seal.

But the moment that sword light hit Cao Jiaren, the moment Cao Jiaren felt death was coming, and when Han Fei was about to snag Cao Jiaren with the Void Lines… Cao Jiaren suddenly disappeared!

Han Fei frowned. Where is she?

In the mist of Nine Sounds.

Cao Jiaren fell to the ground, her white clothes were soaked with blood, and a large mouthful of blood spurted out of her mouth.

In Cao Jiaren’s memory, that sword glow was horrifyingly powerful. In the end, the mist of Nine Sounds saved her life.

Cao Jiaren couldn’t help but tremble. Her seal… Was an ultra-quality Divine weapon but was broken by a single slash of that sword!

Cao Jiaren was stunned. “A Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure!?”


Han Fei’s figure disappeared at the same time.

When Han Fei appeared again, he looked around and found that he had appeared on the Eight Diagram star map and returned to the lake in the village.

As soon as Han Fei appeared, Jiang Chao immediately said excitedly, “Han Fei, how is it going?”

Yang Xie also smiled with joy. “Little Junior Brother, have you found the chance?”

Han Fei shook his head slightly, took out an energy fruit, and stuffed it into his mouth. Then he glanced at Ren Tianfei and slowly said, “I’m not qualified yet to take the chance. I was trying to get more luck.”


Han Fei grinned. “Junior Uncle, Senior Brother, dawn is coming in less than an hour. Let’s talk about it later.”

Then he put another energy fruit in his mouth, and after sitting cross-legged for more than 50 seconds, he stood up again.

His body moved slightly, and he stepped onto the Eight Diagram star chart again, picked a star at random, and grabbed at it.

“Heck! The mist of Nine Sounds is too hard to pa.s.s! But fortunately, I survived.”

Qing Chen got up from the ground with difficulty.

Among the Nine Sounds, there were only two that were most difficult for him. One was the sound of Ultimate Affectionless, and the other was the sound of mourning.

The people at the Empyrean Waterfall only knew that Qing Chen was shameless, but had never heard of his past life because he was not called Qing Chen before.

The name Qing Chen came from the names of his two companions, Jiang Qingyi and Xiang Chen.

The three of them went all the way from the village, to the town, and then to the Unknown Place, going through countless hardships, but only he survived in an exploration of a ruin.

When they were dying, the two said to Qing Chen, “Although we were born humble, our will is high. Please help us continue to explore this road.”

That day, Qing Chen got their Sea Tokens.

On that day, he named himself Qing Chen.

On that day, Qing Chen began to cultivate frantically. In the entire Empyrean Waterfall, no one cultivated harder than him.

At this moment.

Qing Chen grinned and said, “It’s impossible for me to reach the Ultimate Affectionless state, but difficulties are the least of my fears. Even the wave at the top of the Empyrean Waterfall can’t make me take a step back!”


Suddenly, the scene changed, and the waves were raging above the west sea.

Qing Chen suddenly appeared here.

When he looked up, he found that Han Fei was standing there.

Han Fei glanced at Qing Chen, then looked far away, and found that Shui Ze was standing on the sea, looking at this side quietly.

Qing Chen sat down on the sea. “This is not an illusion, is it? Son of a b*tch, why is it you?”

Han Fei scratched his head and said frankly, “I came to s.n.a.t.c.h luck to find my chance. Unfortunately, I met you. However, you don’t seem to be in a good shape.”

Qing Chen chuckled. “When have you seen me in good shape?”

His words were right. Every time Han Fei saw Qing Chen, he looked sloppy and didn’t seem to be in good shape.

Han Fei was silent for a while and said, “Although we’re on good terms, I’ll still have to take your luck from you.”


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