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Chapter 144: At The End, The Final Test!

Lin Xiu absorbed all the energy within the 100 odd crystals in a night. All of them had turned to transparent stones.

His body felt extremely invigorated as though his cells were about to undergo a qualitative change!

He opened up his stats board to take a look and realized that the night cultivation was extremely effective. His stats had improved, and his experience points had increased greatly!

Host: Lin Xiu

Level: Level 19

Experience Points: 15742572/ 1 Billion

Strength: 380

Physique: 130

Speed: 91

Skills: a.n.a.lytic Eye, Fury, Disguise

Rage build-up: 0/100

Potential Points:

t.i.tle: Rank 2 Warrior (Not active t.i.tles: Rank 1 Warrior, Rank 3 Warrior)

Overall Combat Strength: 3450

He already had more than 15 million experience points, the 1 billion mark no longer seemed that far away.

And due to the effects of his cultivation technique, his combat strength was improving quickly.

People continued to stroll inside the forest.

As time went by, more and more people gathered in their own groups.

Many who walked past would gauge Lin Xiu’s group up.

Aside from Luo Yue that gave an extremely oppressive feeling, Lin Xiu and the others did not pose a threat to them at all.

“We are reaching.” Luo Yue said indifferently.

They looked ahead to see a large yawn that did not have any trees. At this time, there were many people standing at the center.

It was extremely crowded!

They looked ahead and saw that it was a precipice without anywhere else to walk.

This is the end of the Path of Death?

“Are they… all new students?” Zhang Yin and the others were shocked, there were too many people here.

By the looks of it, it was around a thousand people!!!

And all of them were strong, every single person seemed to be rank 3 or above!

Lin Xiu swept his gaze across the people and activated a.n.a.lytic Eye.

He quickly discovered that everyone were Rank 3 warriors, some at the peak of Rank 3 and about to break through to rank 4!

And many of them were around 18 years of age.

Lin Xiu was stunned when he saw that. Any single individual here would be ranked 1st in his own academy!

Is Sacred Region Academy full of all these monsters?

“Quieten down!”

Right then, someone suddenly appeared in the center.

He looked to be about 30 years of age and was dressed in white battle robes and did not carry any weapons

On his clothes bore an imprint of Sacred Region Academy’s school insignia.

When he spoke up, all the thousand pairs of eyes turned and looked at him.

“How did he come here?” Lei Lei covered her own mouth and asked in surprise.

“Teleportation circle.” Lin Xiu replied indifferently.

They had seen a similar thing in the ruins. So long as they locked the coordinates, they could use the device to teleport.

Seems like Sacred Region Academy uses it as well.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Sacred Region’s first year teacher, Sima Cheng.” The man smiled and said. He squinted his eyes and looked extremely bright and kind.

“Where are the gates of Sacred Region Academy?” A few boys shouted at Sima Cheng.

“That’s right, we are at the end of Path of Death, it should be around here, right?” Someone else shouted.

They were obviously p.i.s.sed since the Path of Death was long.

“Everyone, quieten down first.” Sima Cheng smiled and advised.

“Sacred Region Academy has a limited number of enrollments a year, all of you have yet to be truly enrolled.”

“What is he saying?” Lin Xiu was startled.

Not truly enrolled?

“Sacred Region Academy is not at the end of Path of Death. The reason we got you here is because it is a test.” Sima Cheng smiled and continued to explain.

“Are you playing with me?!” A more violent boy became p.i.s.sed when he heard Sima Cheng.

He charged right at him!

The reason for doing so was that he thought that the teacher was average since he was still just a teacher that taught theories and knowledge.

He raised his weapon with the intent of killing Sima Cheng!


When he was close to Sima Cheng, he got punched.

The man’s body immediately exploded.

Blood sprayed across the ground.

The blood stench and terrifying scene stunned everyone.

“This will be the outcome for people who do not follow the rules.” Sima Cheng remained his cheerful smile and said.

His one hand had stunned everyone and no one dared to try anything.

Rupturing Fist, I’m sure of it. That guy uses the same Rupturing Fist as me!

How did he train it to such a degree?

The man who was. .h.i.t and killed was peak rank 3 warrior and had protective clothes. Even so, he exploded into pieces.

“I am very happy that everyone arrived here. Next, can I request for everyone to take out your admission letter?” Sima Cheng continued to speak.

No one dared to refute him and obediently took out their notices.

Although Lin Xiu did not understand Sima Cheng’s intent, he took it out.

Sima Cheng swept across the crowd and seeing that everyone took their notice out, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Please tear the thin membrane at the back of your admission notice and paste it on your body.”

Unsure of what he was trying to do, all the warriors continued to obey.

“Ok, this will be the final test. People who get through can stand by my side and return to Sacred Region Academy with me.”

Sima Cheng walked over to the side of the precipice and shouted.

Everyone held their breaths and watched Sima Cheng and waited for him to tell them about the final test.

“The final test is….”

Lin Xiu tensed his body up, when he saw everyone take out their admission notices, he had an inkling of what was going to happen.

“People who have three admission notices can come here!”

Once he announced that, Lin Xiu’s pupils constricted.

I’m right!

At this time, Rollie who was on his shoulder had helped to tear his admission on Lin Xiu’s chest and put it into his bag.

With the press of the b.u.t.ton, the black spear shot out!

The people around started to react and grabbed onto other admission notices!

“Give it here!!!” Some guys that had eyed Luo Yue charged towards her!

Luo Yue remained unfazed and took out her paper-thin sword and started to fight back!


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