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Chapter 533: Level 32!

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“More dark spirit fruits would ripen tomorrow, we’ll have them then.” Jiang Tao watched Lin Xiu and Luo Yue come out of their cultivation, then walked over and smiled at Lin Xiu and Luo Yue.

“That’s true.” Lin Xiu nodded. There were still a few of these dark spirit fruits that were about to ripen. It was really not worthwhile to eat them now.

“We’ll make a move first.” Lin Xiu looked at the sky and said to him.

“En, goodbye. Jiang Tao nodded. He knew that Lin Xiu’s purpose was to find the s.p.a.ce cracks.

As soon as he finished speaking, he seemed to have thought of something and continued to say to Lin Xiu, “If you guys continue ahead, lightning is more frequent and its power is much stronger, so be careful.”

“It’s okay, I like thunder and lightning.” Lin Xiu said with a smile.

Hearing Lin Xiu’s words, Jiang Tao was taken aback for a moment, thinking that Lin Xiu didn’t know the horror of the thunder and lightning and thought he was joking.

“Brother Lin, this is not a joke, I have seen rank 7 warriors killed by those terrifying lightning!” Jiang Tao said aloud, as if he had thought of something and his eyes showed a look of horror.

“En, got it.” Lin Xiu nodded, but he was looking forward to this thunderbolt even more.

Because he only needed about 100 million experience to level up!

Now that leveling up was getting more and more difficult, Lin Xiu was looking forward to it.

“See you.” Lin Xiu said to Jiang Tao.

“Okay, goodbye Brother Lin and sister!” Jiang Tao waved his hand at this time, then said with a wide smile.

Hearing Jiang Tao say ‘brother and sister’, Lin Xiu staggered and looked at Luo Yue beside him, but Luo Yue was very calm.

Now that the sun was setting in the west, he looked to the far side and suddenly saw that there were terrifying lightning bolts falling down in the sky over there.

Looking carefully at their current position, there were a lot of pits caused by lightning.

Boom boom boom —

At this time in the sky, a large amount of lightning has already fallen.

Lin Xiu looked at these lightning bolts but did not dodge at all.

For Lin Xiu now, this level of lightning couldn’t do much damage to him.

“Let’s rest here tonight.” When they walked to the front, there were many huge boulders and the thunder and lightning in the sky didn’t seem to come to this area.

Luo Yue nodded and sat in front of a huge rock with Lin Xiu, leaning on the rock.

When the two of them arrived, they had already drunk the nourishment liquid and they would not feel hungry for at least two days.

The effect of the Dark Spirit Fruit was still ongoing and Luo Yue was now cultivating.

Lin Xiu looked at Luo Yue who was cultivating and looked at the area not far from him, where a large amount of lightning fell from the sky.

Lin Xiu took a deep breath, then walked over to the front.

Boom boom boom–

The lightning kept falling from the sky and directly hit Lin Xiu’s body.

“‘Engulf’ skill is being activated…”

As the lightning struck his body, the system skill ‘Engulf’ was also continuously absorbing the energy of the lightning.

In addition to the previous ‘Bodybuilding Technique’, Lin Xiu’s muscles kept being strengthened.

This kind of lightning was obviously more terrifying than the lightning from before. Lin Xiu was struck by the lightning and felt a tingling sensation all over his body.

But thinking that he was about to level up, Lin Xiu gritted his teeth.

Luo Yue, who was cultivating with her eyes closed originally, slowly opened her eyes at this time and looked at Lin Xiu who was using lightning to forge his body.

In the second half of the night in the Thunder Valley, the lightning that occurred was even more terrifying.

The energy contained in those bolts of lightning was extremely powerful. Even Lin Xiu, who had been forging his body with lightning for so long, could feel that his body cannot withstand this terrifying electric current.

Finally, under the impact of terrifying thunder and lightning, Lin Xiu fainted.

After some time, when Lin Xiu woke up again, he heard a crisp sound.

“Ding! Congratulations Master for successfully leveling up! Your current level is 32!”

Lin Xiu quickly entered the system interface in his mind:

Level: Level 32

EXP: 0/20 billion

Strength: 688

Physique: 320

Speed: 209

Skills: a.n.a.lytic Eye, Fury, Disguise, Engulf, Mirror Image, Heavenly Array

Rage build-up: 0/100

Potential Points: 32

t.i.tle: Rank 6 Warrior (Not active t.i.tles: Rank 1 Warrior, Rank 2 Warrior, Rank 3 Warrior, Rank 4 Warrior, Rank 5 Warrior)

Overall Combat Strength: 6885

He finally reached another level – this was not easy at all.

Moreover, Lin Xiu could see that the experience column was like a progress bar, slowly starting to increase.

Although it was slow, Lin Xiu was still pleasantly surprised.

Could this be because of the effect of the Dark Spirit Fruit? Lin Xiu knew that the Dark Spirit Fruit had brought him a considerable amount of experience.

“Awake?” At this moment, a cold voice came from beside him.

And it had a faint fragrance.

Lin Xiu turned around and saw that Luo Yue was standing beside him.

And she held a tree branch in her hand with a grilled fish on it.


“It’s ready.” Luo Yue said lightly.

Lin Xiu was stunned for a moment, then looked at the grilled fish that Luo Yue handed over and said, “You won’t eat it?”

“I have eaten.” Luo Yue said.

Lin Xiu nodded and was not pretentious as he came over and started to eat.

Although he drank the nourishment liquid, his body had consumed too much energy and he still felt hungry at this time.

“By the way, where did you catch the fish?” Lin Xiu asked curiously while eating.

Luo Yue pointed to the back.

Following Luo Yue’s finger, Lin Xiu was surprised to find that there was a river in the back.

“There’s a river here…”

“Up ahead is the center of Thunder Valley.” Luo Yue said aloud at this time.

Lin Xiu nodded and after eating the grilled fish to fill his stomach, he lifted the Dark Edge spear and looked ahead.

In the sky at the center of the Thunder Valley, there were many bolts of lightning brewing.

Although it was daytime, the thunder and lightning looked so terrifying.

“Do you think that there would be a s.p.a.ce crack there?” Lin Xiu said to Luo Yue.

“It’s possible.” Luo Yue thought for a while, then nodded.

Boom boom boom —

At this moment, the whole ground suddenly shook.

Under the feet of where Lin Xiu stood, he could clearly see that there was a deep crack!


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