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A thundering howl disrupted the air.

In the model world, Su Hao’s well-built house actually collapsed! This towering tree, which is like a giant monster, wandered around Su Hao’s s.p.a.ce and destroyed everything in sight. Unfortunately, there is no life here. No matter how much it rampaged, n.o.body would bother with it.



It collapsed another model.


Pointing at the sky with a finger, Su Hao summoned numerous tall buildings.


The tree angrily screamed. With its branches, it turned all the tall buildings into ruins. Within a hundred meter radius, the scene was total chaos.


Su Hao coldly snorted, “Just a mere seal, forget about invading that little brat’s sea of consciousness; you actually plan to resist in my world? Go die for me!”


Energy condensed silently.

The energy within Su Hao’s body skyrocketed and began to reach an alarming level. He is still not used to battling within the model world. Even if he fights here, it would be a waste too.

But that didn’t prevent him from knowing how to kill in the model world.

For example…

Origin Light!

Even if he is to use every bit of energy within his body, Su Hao is determined to kill this d.a.m.n towering tree. Otherwise, some accident might arise in the future if he lets this monster continue existing in his body. Within the model world, limitless energy condensed, revealing the prelude to Su Hao’s powerful killing move.


After he finished charging the energy, Su Hao was ready to make his move.

Raising one of his hands, Su Hao stood in the air and pointed at the towering tree. The was now panicking, it was stranded here alone in an unknown world and tried destroying anything in sight. Apparently, it felt confused due to the feeling that an extremely powerful force had trapped it. In the end, it could only resort to such an action.

“Hold on…” A voice suddenly rang, catching Su Hao by surprise.

In the model world, excluding him…

s.h.i.+ Mingxuan?

Su Hao turned his head and saw that s.h.i.+ Mingxuan ran all the way here.

“What?” Su Hao was puzzled.


s.h.i.+ Mingxuan coughed for a second, “Well, Su Hao, think of it this way. This monster came from the sea of consciousness, and its strength isn’t bad. If not for its origin, you might not be able to find the way out; not to mention its incredible growth. To kill such an existence, won’t it be a waste?”

“Oh?” Su Hao’s eyes lit up, “Do you have a good suggestion?”

“Why not let me handle it?” s.h.i.+ Mingxuan smirked, “I am still a domain esper no matter what. Yes… after all, it’s pretty meaningless in this empty model world. Having one more living being here is good. If it is tamed, then it can be regarded as part of your super fighting force.”


Su Hao’s eyes lit up.

He hadn’t considered this option. Tame this monster? To be frank, s.h.i.+ Mingxuan had suggested a great idea. Now, since this model world could pull living beings’ consciousness into here, if he is able to trap them and not allowed them to leave…

Won’t they turn into life in the model world?



Su Hao felt an epiphany in his heart.

Vaguely, he felt that he is about to touch something unbelievable. However, he still couldn’t comprehend it completely. If he manages to achieve such a feat one day, then it would be a giant leap forward. Moreover, if he is able to trap a few world espers here, then won’t he be invincible if he brings other people in next time?

“Alright, I will leave this to you.” Su Hao responded.

“Hahaha, I am coming!” s.h.i.+ Mingxuan was very excited. After receiving the okay from Su Hao, he directly rushed to the model world and began to duel with the tree.

One person, one tree, they actually fought so hard that it became hard to separate them!

“Interesting.” Su Hao’s eyes turned brighter and brighter.

Both are in a spiritual state. They couldn’t exert their true potential without their physical bodies, but they actually approached their peak power in this model world.

s.h.i.+ Mingxuan was like that, so was the giant tree.


s.h.i.+ Mingxuan called upon his own domain and fiercely confronted the tree. The whole model world felt like on the verge of collapsing.

Su Hao’s face changed slightly.

Too strong!

This is a confrontation between domain espers!

Even though both aren’t in their best state, the force generated from their confrontation wasn’t something that Su Hao could bear.


Another crack was formed.

Su Hao’s look finally turned dignified.

It’s easy to come up with ideas, but reality is always cruel. Just the confrontation between them already made Su Hao’s model world shake from instability. What if it is a world esper? It seems that Su Hao’s plan to capture some world espers to make himself invincible might be a far away dream.


The model world began to collapse. s.h.i.+ Mingxuan tried to tame this giant tree, but their confrontation had caused greater problems.

“Sure enough.” Su Hao pondered.

After all, this model world is just a temporary world. Everything here is constructed from Su Hao’s energy, and they can be destroyed or reconstructed anytime. The current stability is too low to be mentioned.

However, another place might not be the case…

“s.h.i.+ Mingxuan, stall for a minute!” Su Hao opened his mouth.

“No problem!” s.h.i.+ Mingxuan said without hesitation.

Su Hao took a deep breath. Several pieces of information popped out within his mind as numerous scenes flashed. As his mind now had a plan, his right hand was raised. This action induced a sudden surge of energy.


The world shook!

In the deepest part of the model world, within the permanent world, besides that small little world reserved for s.h.i.+ Mingxuan, a giant room suddenly appeared. Surrounded by stone walls, all the routes had been sealed. It actually turned out to be a prison!

“I have already said, in this world of mine, you can’t do a single thing!” Su Hao’s eyes turned cold.

He didn’t have any good impression of this seal which almost killed Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly, “Fall!”


The model world collapsed.

The giant tree, which was busy engaging in a fight with s.h.i.+ Mingxuan, suddenly felt emptiness under its feet. Unable to maintain its footing, it fell rapidly. Pa.s.sing through a few layers, it crashed onto the permanent world.

And that position…

It happened to be the prison!


Su Hao brought both of his palms together, and the prison was sealed.


After the big tree landed, it suddenly raged with a roar! After all, it was now trapped in a hopeless situation!

When s.h.i.+ Mingxuan came over, he was also stunned by what he saw.

He couldn’t help but sigh. In the past, he had always thought he had suffered here, but now it seemed that the treatment he received here is actually the best! If Su Hao actually treated him like this, he would have long gone crazy!



The towering tree was furious.

Unwilling to stay in prison, the extremely strong stone walls began to shake under its constant impacts.


s.h.i.+ Mingxuan was speechless, “What kind of strength does it possess?”

The giant tree didn’t master any origin techniques, but its might and thick armor are annoying enough to give someone a headache.

“This doesn’t look good. Although there is no immediate danger now, if it is allowed to continue rampaging like this, this prison would be destroyed sooner or later.” s.h.i.+ Mingxuan expressed some concerns.

After all, this is his territory. This giant tree’s strength is slightly beyond his expectation. If he knew this earlier, he would not have chosen to confront it. If this giant tree destroys his vacation spot, it would be an unlucky day.

“No worries.” Su Hao waved his hand, and his eyes flickered.

Just when s.h.i.+ Mingxuan was about to say something, he was dumbstruck when he looked at Su Hao. Right now, Su Hao, who was facing the prison, had his pupils flash all sorts of strange patterns like a waterfall of data.



Su Hao pointed at the prison.


A dazzling light flashed in all directions, and a circle of magical lines appeared that sealed all the walls. However, those walls seem to be more fragile instead.



The giant tree hit the prison twice.

The shaking of the prison was getting stronger each second as if it might collapse at any moment. s.h.i.+ Mingxuan’s heart was in greatly alarmed, but looking at Su Hao who was beside him, he still remained calm.

Su Hao just quietly watched the scene in front of him.

As expected…

After two times, the giant tree actually stopped resisting!

“What happened?” s.h.i.+ Mingxuan was amazed. When he saw the prison was about to break, this tree actually stopped.


The big tree screamed at Su Hao. Su Hao just sneered and looked at s.h.i.+ Mingxuan before explaining his action, “Look at the patterns around it.”


s.h.i.+ Mingxuan raised his head. His first felt something was strange; he then tought that it was familiar. After a closer look, he revealed a shocked expression while observing the strange and stubborn tree.

“Could this be…”

“Yes.” Su Hao laughed, “Reverse seal! No matter how strong this giant tree is, it is just a strong seal. After many years, it managed to manifest in such a form. However, no matter how it changes, the fact that it’s a seal remains unchanged!”

“In the sea of consciousness, I remembered those six seals. Adding this giant tree, it would then form the complete seal. Then after some reverse engineering, I managed to create this unknown type seal. Its only role is to restrain the strength of this giant tree.”

s.h.i.+ Mingxuan was stunned.


Reverse engineering…

Even though he is already pretty familiar with Su Hao, he still couldn’t help being shocked. To be able to complete so many operations at once, Su Hao’s strength is limitless!

“If it remains obedient, that would be fine. Otherwise… when this prison is destroyed, that would be the time it loses all of its strength!”

s.h.i.+ Mingxuan went silent.

“Keep an eye on it. If you’re itchy enough, you can enter to play with it for a bit.” After Su Hao gave his instructions, he returned to reality. Since Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly’s matter had been resolved, it is time to have a conclusion on Zhang Shanfeng’s matter. He was really eager to know what kind of relations.h.i.+p Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly and this d.a.m.n Fatty have!


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