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Chapter 0037 Dispatching opponents again!

During the noon break, all the candidates went to the cafeteria for a meal.

Interestingly, when pa.s.sing by the fountain, Su Hao once again saw the gray haired juvenile and his prideful look. His fine, beautiful clothes that covered his body, really did match his hair. Those who didn’t know might have thought that he was cosplaying as some anime character.

Su Hao helplessly smiled. When the juvenile noticed Su Hao’s gaze, Su Hao recovered. He nodded in goodwill, but that smile in his eye was too obvious to hide.

As Su Hao walked past, Zhou w.a.n.g’s eyebrows wrinkled. Looking down at his clothes, there was nothing strange or weird. He remembered that before he left home, his maidservants even praised his out-of-world handsomeness with starry eyes. Where exactly was the problem then?

Unable to figure out anything, Zhou w.a.n.g could only click his tongue in disdain. He considered that Su Hao’s gaze was that of some ignorant commoner who was just curious about him.

After their meals, everyone rested for a moment.

Soon, the afternoon session of the exam had arrived.

In front of the teaching building, the open s.p.a.ce had already been fully occupied by students. This was because everyone knew that the physical fitness exam only lasted 10 minutes at most. The audience’s intensity during the exam was hard to imagine.

The name list in front of them, within those 10 intense minutes, was comparable to a blockbuster movie. [ED: No, not the one that went bankrupt]

To be frank, they were just enjoying the crowd atmosphere.

Su Ling, along with her two friends, rushed to the s.p.a.ce after finis.h.i.+ng their meals. Yue Qing had clearly been standing there waiting for a while. When Su Ling was near her, with an expressionless face, Yue Qing took out one hundred thousand star dollars and gave it to Su Ling.

“When your brother comes out, I’ll apologise to him.”

“No need.” Su Ling shook her head. After taking the money from her, Su Ling softly said, “My brother wouldn’t even bother himself to meet you. Just do your own stuff and stop pointing at someone’s family member.”

“Hmmpphh!” Yue Qing sneered, “Once someone wins, she will act like this. I know, stop pretending to be generous. It was only two exams. Will he be able to retain his ranking in the physical fitness exam?”

Su Ling’s eyelids palpitated. Raising her head while staring, “You still dare to bet then?”

Yue Qing was caught off guard. Looking at Su Hao’s advantage of 114 points higher than his nearest compet.i.tor, she just tsked and left the scene.

Everyone knew that Su Hao’s model a.n.a.lysis was just a grade E origin ability.

However, no one dared to randomly comment about Su Hao.

Su Ling then turned her body. Facing her two best friends, she put out a victory sign. Those three girls were excited as their faces brimmed in red. Watching the huge screen in front of the teaching building, they were ready to look at the result of the third exam.

Although n.o.body said anything, everyone knew that Su Hao’s glory would slowly fade away.

Because in regards to physical fitness, in general some candidates would have a strengthening ability that would enhance their body’s growth. Although their origin ability talent might be worse compared to others, that didn’t prevent them from being superior to others in physical fitness.

And above all of those, there were still those geniuses pampered with countless resources at home.

This was, after all, the era of origin abilities!

The era where drugs were becoming more dominant. With the aid of science and origin abilities, drugs were becoming one of the most important aspects of life. What was more terrifying was the body strengthening drug.

Each one of them was so expensive you would have to sell your kidney.

The lowest grade and cheapest ones still needed one million star dollar, which meant that an ordinary family could only work extremely hard to land one bottle in their hands. As for those in the upper cla.s.s, one million star dollars? Beginner body strengthening drug? It was just an ordinary commodity!

Beginner body strengthening drug, everyone needed to have it!

Thus, for them, the perfect gathering of various materials and preparation for all the conditions to be met, would then produce a drug that would be able to bring the best benefit. That was be the best scenario that they wished for.

Ordinary physical fitness would usually stagnate at around 100 points.

For them, 100 points with a bottle of beginner body strengthening drug, at the very least would allow them to obtain at least 150 points. If they spent a longer time to bring out the full potential of the drug, 200 points wouldn’t be a problem.

Although the material were extremely hard to obtain, as long as there was money, nothing was impossible to collect.

On top of that, there was the intermediate body strengthening drug, which cost as much as eight million star dollars. From 200 to 250 points, for high school students, they would have to struggle hard to bring out the full potential of that higher grade drug.

Finally, there was the advanced body strengthening drug which cost more than 30 million star dollar!

One would never be able to guess how wealthy those guys were! One was not able to understand their mindset, where those rich kids, now in their third year, would naturally have consumed beginner body strengthening drugs.

Not only that, being in upper cla.s.s, they had obviously brought out the full potential of the drug.

Thus, this time, it was very likely that there would be some terrifying candidates with as much as 200 points!

As for Su Hao’s score, it would be gradually flattened. After the final result of the physical fitness and ability index exams, he would be completely kicked off from the screen.

Because everyone generally recalled that Su Hao’s origin ability was only about 6.8!

With theoretical foundations and fighting techniques acc.u.mulating 500 points, that also meant a 5.0 for origin ability. Su Hao’s, remaining two exams, would only add up to 180 points?

Does this meant that Su Hao’s physical fitness and ability index was in total 180 points?

Even if it was true, n.o.body would be surprised by that. This was because normally, ordinary student would only have 100 points in physical fitness. Meanwhile in ability index, not to mention 80 points, there are even students with a grade F origin abilities with 20 points.

Examination hall.

Su Hao followed countless other candidates entering their respective cla.s.srooms. What greeted them were not seats, but rows of white suspended chairs, suspended one meter from the floor.

All students burst out in amazement. Each one of them sat on their respective chairs.


A virtual screen appeared with Su Hao’s information being displayed.

“Please confirm your ident.i.ty.”

Su Hao then chose the confirm b.u.t.ton.


“Warning – warning – Candidate replacement detected.”

A bright red alarm sounded in the cla.s.sroom. Feeling surprised, Su Hao raised his head. Then he found out that, not too far away from his seat, a juvenile was panicking and tried to escape, only to be pinned down by a teacher who rushed over.

When the alarm was stopped, only then did the exam return back to normal.

Su Hao clicked his tongue. How many years had this happened? In this world of origin abilities, not examining your DNA before exam was already something you should appreciate and yet you dared to pretend to be the candidate. What IQ was this?

That sad warning, every year there would be one or two students trying their luck to get past this.

Helplessly shaking his head, Su Hao made himself comfortable and closed his eyes.


A soft belt appeared from within the suspension chair. Su Hao’s limbs and waist were fixed on the chair. Then, the chair slowly rose up into the air perpendicularly to the ceiling and floor. A machine with a cold surface appeared and Su Hao was placed inside the machine.


Countless rays of light were moving up and down his body.

Within the cla.s.sroom, there were a total of nearly one hundred suspended chairs. One hundred dazzling light beams were detecting the data of the candidates’ bodies. The whole room was bursting with the illuminating light.

In front of the teacher’s building.

An insightful student was busy a.n.a.lysing: “Su Hao has obtained first place two times consecutively, but his glory will fade, everyone knows that. However, with his terrifying theoretical foundation and fighting technique scores, he should be able to maintain his overall first place rank. Without a doubt, that guy is definitely lucky!”

“Whether having the physical fitness or ability index first, Su Hao will not know his ranking but… Why was theoretical foundation and fighting techniques being tested first, letting Su Hao become famous now? As such, he is lucky! Sometimes, luck gets to decide everything.” When the student expressed his opinion, the surrounding students nodded in agreement.

However, at that moment, someone interrupted, “Since this senior thought it was luck, then during second year exam, have you ever gotten first place before? Do you really think getting first place two times consecutively is due to luck?”

The student was instantly embarra.s.sed of himself.

He, who was trying to avoid this topic, and yet was still being asked. Coughing helplessly, “Su Hao’s individual performance is definitely formidable. But you still can’t deny that the first two exams are coincidentally Su Hao’s best. If he was to take the physical fitness exam first, would he still be in first place then?”


Ten minutes were up!

At that time, there were changes on the name list. Within all exam, this was the shortest amount of time for the result to be out.

Everyone raised their head and looked at the screen. Once again, an uproar occured within the crowd.

Su Hao was still in first place, that was still within everyone’s expectation. Having the early advantage of 114 points, it wasn’t a gap other candidate could cover at once. However, this time, Su Hao not only maintained his first place rank, he also emerged in first place on the exam itself!

Su Hao, physical fitness: 300 points!

First on the exam!

Total score of 800 points, ranked first!

Zhou w.a.n.g and Bai Lingfeng were not bad either. 200 points was usually more than enough for the crowd to admire and look highly upon. But this time, n.o.body was concerned about them.

Because everyone’s eyes were concentrating on Su Hao alone.

Another first place again!

A terrifying result of 300 points, a well-deserved first rank!

“300 points? That’s too scary. How the h.e.l.l did Su Hao take the exam?”

“An abnormal freak. I thought that Zhou w.a.n.g’s 200 points were already enough to amaze me.”

“This is the tempo of someone fighting for first place.”

Many students had noticed that Su Hao’s first three exams had a total of 800 points. It was just that everyone was saying that his origin ability was only 6.8?

Although exams and origin ability scores had some difference to real life, generally, they wouldn’t differ by much. No matter how terrible Su Hao’s origin ability was, with only 100 points more, that should be more than enough for Su Hao to enter into the natural selection cla.s.s!

After everyone finished their a.n.a.lysis, a burst of shock appeared inside their brains.

Su Hao, a student with origin ability talent of grade E, surprisingly overcame all hards.h.i.+ps in order to enrol into the natural selection cla.s.s. That wasn’t something many people had thought of.

It could be said that he was one of the strongest dark horses in the history of the mock exam!


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