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Chapter 611 – Grand Illusion

“Su Hao!”

“It’s time to die!”

A few violent roars could be heard. With a flash, those figures traveled from a distance and then surrounded Su Hao, trapping him in the center.

In the illusion department.

Within the square.

When the teachers saw this scene, they were all stunned.

It turned out to be these students!

In the beginner cla.s.s, there are a total of 18 names nominated to enroll in the intermediate cla.s.s. Out of those 18, only 12 remained. the burly man killed 4, while Su Hao managed to beat the other 2. The ones remaining were existences which Su Hao didn’t have the confidence to defeat.

The number wasn’t high.

But for Su Hao, it is more dangerous than ever.

These teachers could not understand how these students gathered together.

“It’s a communication talent.”

Teacher Mo looked at one of the students. “That student has a powerful talent in illusion, auditory illusions which could easily allow communication with the rest. By doing so, they can be organized together. If I didn’t guess incorrectly, it should be Su Minghui who went to find him.”

“So it turned out to be this…”

The teachers were amazed.

Besides that zero talent of Su Hao being prohibited from using his origin ability, others’ talent could more or less play some role here which is also the reason why they’re strong.

No matter how strong he is in reality…

In this illusion domain, they are stronger than Su Hao!

“Su Hao is in danger.” A teacher voiced out.

“Humph, he should be dead long ago.”

One much older teacher opened his mouth, “Most of the students were killed by Su Hao. This illusion showdown has been completely ruined by him single-handedly. We can’t let him continue rampaging like this.”

“Indeed, he should tap out now.”

Other teachers sighed.

Su Hao’s actions completely wrecked this showdown and turned it chaotic. The entire a.s.sessment no longer had any significance, causing quite a loss to the school. If he is allowed to rampage again, something else might happen instead. Now, Su Minghui and the others appeared at the right timing.

Yes, reality illusions are indeed powerful.

But can you turn things around? Especially, if Su Hao’s opponents aren’t ordinary students, but true geniuses!

These 12 students are nominated for the intermediate cla.s.s!

How strong are they?

Just from Su Minghui and the burly man, one could clearly see their capability.

“This time, you won’t have the chance to escape.”

The burly man’s gaze was deep. As he stared at Su Hao, his eyes were full of endless murderous intent. Previously, he got his energy exhausted which allowed Su Hao to escape. This time, no matter what Su Hao says, there won’t be any chances.

“For the Su family, you’re going to die!” Su Minghui said righteously.

But everyone knew that his purpose is actually Su Hao’s essence of illusion. The so-called righteous act is just an excuse.

“This time, we must ensure his death before deciding how to distribute his essence of illusion!”

Another powerful student stood up.

This time, no one disputed.

Obviously, after Su Hao’s killing spree, they already knew the truth behind his actions. They would never be toyed around by him easily. This time, they’re determined to win!

“So you’re the one leading this?” Su Hao looked at Su Minghui.

No wonder after getting away from Su Minghui, he had not seen Su Minghui since then. It turned out that he was busy with this. When Su Hao tried to emulate the same action for the fourth time, he literally dug himself into a huge pit.

“What about it?”

Su Minghui looked at him confidently, “This time, we will kill you before considering who gets your essence. Your so-called reality illusion will not have any effect. Death is the only thing awaiting you!”

“Really?” Su Hao’s mouth revealed a smirk.

It seems that this is an unavoidable battle!

Su Hao looked around. Everyone was staring at him. Literally, almost all of their cla.s.smates or friends had been killed by Su Hao. Right now, Su Hao’s presence really made them resentful.

If it was before this, forget about 12 of them, even if it is just Su Minghui alone, Su Hao would definitely flee with his tail between his legs without hesitation.

But this time…

After absorbing hundreds of essences, what kind of power did those bring to him?

Su Hao was also looking forward to it himself.

“Stop talking nonsense to him.”

The burly man locked his eyebrows. After battling with Su Hao once, he was well aware of Su Hao’s terrifying trick. Before finis.h.i.+ng this battle, Su Hao must never be given any time to think of a scheme.


“Alright!” Everyone answered.


Aura shook in this battlefield.

Twelve powerful students took the first step. The almighty aura from them instantly suppressed Su Hao crazily.

Such an imposing scene!

In mid-air, a tiger-shaped illusion appeared, its roar could shake the entire forest.

A giant elephant descent down from the sky. Each step it took shook the ground. Occasionally, one could hear screams from an eagle. Twelve animal illusions which are lively and vivid released their aura from all directions. Leaving no s.p.a.ce for Su Hao, this is simply eliminating any route Su Hao could use to escape!

This is the determined effort to put Su Hao to rest!

“Illusion array?!” Teacher Mo and others were shocked.

If it was just some scattered attacks, then there was nothing worth mentioning. However, the 12 animal illusion arrays are actually comparable to students in the intermediate cla.s.s. If their strength is too weak to support it, those animals would automatically merge together, forming an array.

“It’s not illusion array, but it does have the basic shape of an illusion array.” A teacher said excitedly.

“This isn’t something one person can achieve but the joint effort of 12 people. The talents of these people are so strong that it is terrifying. Plus, their level of cooperation is high too. Under such an imposing attack, Su Hao is about to be defeated.”

Another teacher was certain of his judgment.

As for the rest, they didn’t refute because it was indeed extremely strong!

The joint attack of twelve powerful students and the basic shape of an illusion array, their strength had long already qualified for the intermediate cla.s.s.

“Teacher Mo, what do you think about this?” Someone asked.

Teacher Mo stared at the virtual screen and suddenly opened his mouth, “It’s not that easy.”

“Haha, how is this possible. With such momentum, what does Su Hao possess to resist? Look at him now, standing there like a r.e.t.a.r.d. He’s probably too shocked by this strong attack. In my opinion, I think he…”

Before managing to finish his words, the scene displayed on the screen changed suddenly.

All he saw was the overwhelming aura heading towards Su Hao. Su Hao still stood motionless at the center as if he had been stupefied. Only at the final moment when the illusion arrived did Su Hao react. With light flas.h.i.+ng within his eyes, he actually jumped.


A loud shout.

With one jump, Su Hao actually took the initiative to enter the incoming attack.

Everyone was shocked.

“What does he want to do? He’s simply sending himself to death!”

“He is looking for death!”

Su Hao didn’t say a single word. With the Xinghe Sword appearing in his hand, he directly charged at the center of the twelve illusions.


Before the attack came close, it already detonated.

The domineering aura then spread to the surrounding. Just now, those twelve students gathered their auras into an oversized balloon, concentrating all the pressure on to Su Hao while maintaining a certain balance. However, when Su Hao took the initiative to disrupt the balance with his sword…

The attack was detonated in advance!

The terrifying aura swept across the area!

Literally everyone got caught in this wave, and this force completely shredded those twelve animal illusions.


Everyone took a step back to reduce the impact from this force. When they raised their heads, their faces changed. Su Hao who was at the center of this mess was safe and sound!

“How can this be?”

Everyone turned pale.

The twelve of them suffered from this attack and were nearly blasted away. As one who was at the center of the storm, how could Su Hao be fine after bearing all the momentum?

“What happened?!”

In front of the virtual screen, the teachers were also quite shocked.

Su Hao actually forcefully destroyed this attack. How strong is this man? Could it be that they had made the wrong judgment? Is Su Hao’s talent actually the strongest?

“It’s not a forceful resist.”

Teacher Mo’s eyes lit up, “This Su Hao is such a cunning boy!”

“No matter how powerful this attack is, it’s just a form of aura. When these twelve students joined forces, the attack came from all directions, echoing back and forth, forming the basic frame of an illusion array so that Su Hao couldn’t hide.”

“But under the situation, Su Hao actually managed to find the balance point within this illusion. By taking the initiative, he was able to position himself at a safe spot before detonating the attack!”

“Thus he barely suffered any damage!”


Everyone was dumbfounded.

They could still barely accept it if he resisted it using brute force. However, finding the balance point in this 12 animal illusions and using it to escape unscathed, how is it possible?

This indicated that Su Hao should be well aware of these twelve illusions in order to find the flaws within them in the shortest amount of time…


He is a human, not a computer!

How is this possible?

Everyone was stunned after understanding what he just did.

“So, it’s just so-so.” Su Hao smirked and secretly sneered in his heart

An aggressive attack?

This thing might be unmatched in reality, but in this illusion domain, they are just illusions after all.

So what?

The foundation he obtained from the hundreds of essence had strengthened his basic understanding of illusions. Coupled with his 100% degree of realism, the so-called imposing illusions were just a joke in front of him.

With just a glance, he literally saw through them. Then, with a little guidance…

And one jumping sword slash.

The attack was easily destroyed!

However, Su Hao did not take it lightly because right now, the real battle had just begun.

“Indeed worthy of being one of the top ten most violent men.”

Su Minghui’s expression looked grave, “It seems that the guys who gave you this t.i.tle weren’t unreasonable. To be able to break this attack, I might not be able to match you. If I’m alone, I might give up right now! Sadly, your enemy is not only me.”


As light shone, all sort of illusions clashed!

Su Minghui waved his hand, and the scene around him changed suddenly. There were countless swords in the air, and they went straight to Su Hao. The surrounding area was illuminated thanks to everyone around him simultaneously making their move.

Su Hao was greatly alarmed.

Raising his head, these illusions which seemed illusory and yet full of murderous layers couldn’t be deciphered. Su Hao knew that this time, it wasn’t an imposing aura attack but a real illusion!


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