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Many professional espers suffered mental damage.

Killing intent!

What dense killing intent!

Could it be…

Before they managed to respond, Su Hao already stood up, scaring them into taking a step back. Su Hao just casually swept a glance at them coldly.

As he was recovering his energy, Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly created an illusion for him in order to prevent any external disturbance. She never thought that they would interrupt him. Fortunately, when these people came, he had already succeeded in suppressing the opportunity to breakthrough. Thus he wasn’t affected, otherwise…


Su Hao’s cold exhale made them turn pale.

“Senior.” Su Hao walked towards Wan Cheng and smiled, “A part of the mission has been accomplished.”

“Oh?” Wan Cheng’s eyes revealed a smile, “You are the one who killed these people? Three domain espers and dozens of peak professional espers, it seems your strength has improved yet again.”

“I dare not.” Su Hao said modestly.

Right now, those around him were all stunned.

Only now did they have a closer look at the dead bodies. At first, they were afraid, so they did not dare look at the bodies. Now, they were able to identify dozens of strong espers within these over a thousand bodies. They were those domain espers and peak professional espers Wan Cheng mentioned earlier!

Su Hao killed all these people?

Everyone was terrified at this thought!

Those present here, even if they were a level two domain espers, they do not have the guts to say that they possess such strength! Moreover, they are living things and not cabbages. One thousand lives, forget about killing until your hands turn weak, even if you have the strength, how many actually could do so without any hesitation?

“Su Hao, you madman…”

“You actually!”

“What a butcher!”

The crowd pointed at Su Hao in fear until Wan Cheng glanced at them for a second, instantly shutting them up. Since the memory of Wan Cheng instant-killing Xue Sheng was still fresh in their minds, they did not dare speak anymore.

Wan Cheng diverted his gaze back to Su Hao, “What happened here?”

Su Hao pondered for a moment before explaining what happened here in general.

Of course, with his version, everyone was already dead. An enemy just happened to be close to breaking through. Too bad, Su Hao interrupted and killed him! As for the scenes he saw from Backtrack, they naturally became his speculation. He was just lucky to guess everything correctly.

After Su Hao finished his words, the crowd went silent.

Everyone looked at the dead beasts within the human bodies. These people… are no different from beasts. Not to forget those s.e.x drugs, looking at them, the crowd knew that Su Hao didn’t lie! In an instant, killing intent was released from their body.

“These people deserved death!”

“They’re no better than beasts!”

“A great kill!”

“I can’t believe there was actually such a thing!”

“Wait a moment… There was a genius from our family who went missing. I thought he failed his mission. I never expected…”

“My family too!”

“Could it be…”

Quite a number of people had their aura destabilized for a bit. This is Gaoyuan City! Among those who got caught, there were some from their families. Several domain espers seemed to have thought of something and crazily looked for the missing members within the bodies. As expected, they managed to find a few.




These were the current feelings in their hearts. No wonder Su Hao was furious. Even if it were them, when they saw this scene, they probably wouldn’t be able to maintain their calm either.

“Well done.” Wan Cheng patted Su Hao’s shoulder, “Your contribution to this mission will be noted.”


There is nothing to refute.

Su Hao literally completed this mission individually. n.o.body retorted. Forget about discovering this base, even if they manage to do so, did they have the capability to destroy it?

It was just that…

No one expected this event to end like this!

“I heard from a man in black mentioning Ping Yang.” Su Hao pretended to ponder for a second before continuing, “Based on their words, Ping Yang was previously taken here for their immoral experiment but managed to escape. I suspect that Ping Yang returned possibly for revenge!”


“En.” Su Hao nodded, “Ping Yang’s girlfriend died here. His life literally got ruined! As for the ones in charge during his time here, not all of them died. Some got captured, but after being released from imprisonment by the Federation, they’re probably now married and having children.”

“You mean…” Wan Cheng went straight to the main point, “Ping Yang is seeking revenge?”

“En, everyone who was involved in this incident, even those who were here to deliver meals, I’m afraid Ping Yang won’t let them go. These people, they have long been a.s.similated in Gaoyuan City, becoming ordinary citizens. n.o.body is able to guess his thoughts. Perhaps this is the reason why he wishes to destroy Gaoyuan City. Being immersed in hatred, he has lost himself.” Su Hao slowly expressed his opinion.

This was his guess. However, from the scattered words coming from the men in black, he could still make a general deduction.

Six years of acc.u.mulated hatred!

Coming from the bottom, Ping Yang managed to become a grade S domain powerhouse esper! As for what he experienced during the past six years, n.o.body knows! The reason which supports him to keep living is probably none other than his desire for revenge!

To become an ordinary person?

What a joke!

Since he couldn’t track most of them, then…

He just has to destroy everything.

This was what Ping Yang is thinking. He didn’t wish to die in hatred but to descend into madness. For him to experience such horrible things when he was just fifteen years old, how could there be no psychological shadows in his heart?

The duller he is on the surface, the more twisted Ping Yang’s thoughts would be!

It turned out to be like this…

Their faces were complex, and some could only sigh.

This was the truth!

This was the result of cruelty in this era of origin ability!

Incidents like Ping Yang are everywhere, but most would resort to death. However, Ping Yang insisted on staying alive and making a comeback for revenge.

“Great, then the following matters will be clear.” Wan Cheng continued in a flat tone, “Find Ping Yang and kill him. Then, this mission will officially end. Tian Long Court’s disciples can then return.”


Several students couldn’t understand.

“Ping Yang’s original nature isn’t bad. After all, this incident is special. Perhaps we can…” One student couldn’t help but voice out.

“Special?” Wan Cheng just faintly replied, “There is nothing special to mention. In your future missions, you will notice that in every mission, every man will have their own difficulties. This kind of thing is common. When you meet this for the first time, you will probably be shocked, but after experiencing this a couple more times, perhaps you will be numb to it.”


Those students couldn’t bear it.

Su Hao shook his head helplessly. These people had too little experience in their life.

When he encountered such situations, he would be mad, but he understood that when it comes to Ping Yang, n.o.body is right or wrong. It was just that they’re now in different positions. Now, he’s standing on the Federation’s side. Thus, Ping Yang must die!

Otherwise, the one million or so people residing in Gaoyuan City would be annihilated!

Try to change Ping Yang’s mind?

It’s impossible.

This matter, from the start, there is no room for negotiation. This isn’t a trial mission from a family, but a true life or death mission!

Wan Cheng looked at Su Hao with appreciation.

He could see that Su Hao is one who will kill when he is supposed to. This is the mentality of a strong esper. After all, what could one achieve from being indecisive?

“But, senior. Perhaps… perhaps we could still persuade Ping Yang…”

Just as predicted, there was one student who couldn’t help but speak out.

However, before he managed to finish his sentence, the ground suddenly trembled violently. In the distance from Gaoyuan City, many horrifying auras appeared out of nowhere, stunning everyone.

Emperor level beast!

A full ten of them!

At the same time, nearly a hundred king-level beasts revealed themselves. Without Su Hao needing his 2D map, everyone could clearly see that for such a large scale attack, without anyone having to voice out, they knew that the one who was responsible for this is none other than Ping Yang!

Besides him, no one else would do so!

This is a full out attack!

The final horn blew!

The student who was trying to reason with Wan Cheng was suddenly dumbfounded, “How… how could it turn out like this?”

Su Hao patted his shoulder, “The Ping Yang six years ago might be a child. But what about the current him who had been tortured with hatred for a whole six years? People will change. From the moment Ping Yang attacked Gaoyuan City, there is already no room for negotiation.”

“Get ready to fight.”

“This battle…”

“We can’t lose!”

Su Hao’s calm words shocked everyone, awakening them from their daze. Thinking of the consequences resulting from failure, no one could bear it!


They couldn’t lose; winning is their only choice!

If they lose, over a million people in Gaoyuan City will die under the army of beasts!

“Let’s start.” Wan Cheng muttered to himself.


Wan Cheng’s aura erupted, covering the sky! This was the very first time Wan Cheng used his whole strength since stepping into Gaoyuan City. One man dealing with hundreds of beasts, yet he didn’t fall behind! This is Wan Cheng’s true strength!

A lot of those present were confused.

Even the domain espers couldn’t help having fear lingering in their heart. If a professional esper already possesses such strength, then what would happen when he steps into the domain realm? Who could actually compete with him?!

“Sure enough, I didn’t guess incorrectly.” Su Hao was extremely excited.

His decision to not breakthrough was correct. If he was to just step into the domain realm like that, how could he keep improving himself? His endless potential would be wasted!

Only by following Senior Wan Cheng’s path could he be a real powerhouse!

“Get ready to engage!”

“All disciples of Tian Long Court, follow me!”

Wan Cheng gave the order in a cold voice as he looked at the domain espers, “As for you all… no matter which family you are from, you are to partic.i.p.ate. If anyone escapes before the battle, I will treat this as a crime against humanity.”

“Against humanity…”

Many of them trembled for a bit. That is a crime which results in the extermination of the whole family!

“Now… it’s time for us to make a move.” Wan Cheng’s eyes lit up, “Go!”


Everyone was dispatched!

This battle, which has been lurking behind the scenes for a long time, finally erupted. At this moment, in Gaoyuan City, many ordinary citizens trembled in fear. With strong auras intertwining in the air and covering the whole city, this is a battle of peak professional espers and domain espers.

This time, before the men arrived, the battle had already erupted.


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