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Chapter 1088 Game Capsules


Yue Wuwei stroked his beard and said, “This method is really direct and effective. We people, including Dahei, Little Hei, and Tiny Tot, are not the kind that would fuss about social protocols, while the Elf Clan attaches great importance to those rules. Thus, he knew from the very beginning that when we sat at the table, the Elf Clan would take issues with our behavior. In this case, it was better to have a falling-out with them right away. When they learned that we could be unscrupulous here, they gradually became less confident in dealing with us. In the end, Han made them apologize to Nina, which helped the two sides patch things up. After all, whoever created the problem should be the one to resolve it. This is the best way to cheer Nina up.”

Then Yue Wuwei shook his head repeatedly and added, “This guy already set a trap at the beginning. He did this only because Nina’s mood would affect Mengmeng’s. Haha, I’ve never seen a person like Zhang Hanyang before.”

Deep down, he also somewhat admired Zhang Han for his meticulously care for Mengmeng.

He was single-minded in order in helping his child live a happy, carefree life. In this respect, Yue Wuwei felt that no one in the world could excel Zhang Hanyang, not even himself.

“Master, you’re amazing.” Mu Xue’s eyes lit up. “I also want to be looked after like this.”

“You’re all grown-up, aren’t you?” Sect Leader Mu snapped. “It’s too late for you. Besides, you were very naughty when you were a child. I spoiled you a lot back then. Don’t you forget that?!”

“Oh, yeah, you’re right, father.” Mu Xue playfully stuck out her tongue.

One after another, the people around flickered their eyes at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han merely smiled without saying a word.

“Daddy, you are super nice to me. I wanna give you many kisses.”

Mengmeng was in a superb mood. She directly stood up and kissed Zhang Han on the cheek several times.

“All right, all right. My face is wet now.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “Hurry up and eat. There are so many dishes that you will be full after taking one bite of each dish. Just try some that you haven’t eaten before. You can have more if you like them.”


Mengmeng bobbed her head gleefully.

“Oow, oow, oow, oow!”

On the side, Dahei also puckered up its lips at Zhang Han as if indicating, “Master, I wanna kiss you too.”

However, Zhang Han didn’t even spare it a glance.


Two streams of white steam shot out of Dahei’s nostrils.

“Humph, I’m upset!”

The atmosphere in the hall quickly livened up. The evening became very peaceful and harmonious.

Everyone also lifted their chopsticks and enjoyed the sumptuous dinner.

Outside the imperial palace.

While Zhang Han and the others were having a great time, the King of Elves headed out of the palace, stood not far away from the main entrance, and let out a heavy sigh. He felt helpless, ashamed, and bitter.

When the First Queen and the others came out, they began to discuss why Zhang Hanyang was so overbearing.

They quietly expressed how they hated him.

But when Mo Wen and Nina came out, they stopped talking about this immediately.

“Nina, sorry I’ve made you suffer.”

The King of Elves stood there in silence for two seconds before saying, “But if this had happened to anyone else, I would do the same thing. I hope you wouldn’t blame me.”

“Well, let’s not talk about this anymore. Nina is a good girl. She’ll understand…” said the Third Queen.

The atmosphere was not bad. As for the other Elemental Elves, they also comforted Nina.

Of course, the King of Elves also mentioned that they needed to establish good relations with Zhang Han’s group.

Although those people had humiliated him, the King of Elves still chose to befriend them for the big picture. That was the way with him. Even though he was stubborn, he still cared deeply about his entire clan.

After talking for half an hour, the King of Elves and his people went away, and Mo Wen and Nina returned to the hall.

The people inside were chatting and laughing. Now, this was finally a real dinner party.

“Nina, why did you come back so late?”

Mengmeng pouted and said, “We’re almost done eating.”

“I’m not hungry. Let’s hang out here for a while longer. Then we’ll go back to my palace, and I’ll refine rooms for you,” Nina said, smiling.

She went up to Zhang Han and bowed, saying, “Thank you, Uncle Zhang.”

“You’re welcome.” Zhang Han glanced at her.

Nina was very quiet earlier, just like the peace before a storm. But now, her mood had changed completely. Her world became sunny and warm again.

Zhang Han could more or less feel the change in Nina’s emotions.

In fact, as others said, Zhang Han liked to let Mengmeng be surrounded by upbeat people.

Being upbeat was one of the keys to staying happy. If one was with gravely gloomy people all day long, one would also be put out.

In the evening, Nina refined houses for everyone in her palace. When Chen Chuan saw Mengmeng’s delicate house, his eyes gleamed. “Sister Mengmeng, wow, your room is so beautiful. I want to stay here with…”

But before he could finish speaking, there was a wham. He got kicked by Chen Changqing.

“How many times have I told you? Boys are different from girls! You gotta keep your distance from girls.”

All the while, he was muttering in his head, “Son, if I didn’t spank you, when your Uncle Zhang does this to you later, your b.u.t.t will really hurt. I’m doing this for your own good.”

“Hmm, I see.”

Chen Chuan rubbed his b.u.t.t, feeling very aggrieved.

In fact, it didn’t hurt at all.

“Nina, could you get me a hammock?” Mengmeng looked around and drew Nina into her room to decorate it.

No one else enjoyed such a privilege.

Even Zhang Han and Zi Yan had to decorate their own room by themselves.

These guest houses looked somewhat like a row of bungalows.

Nina and Mengmeng decided to rest in the same room at night. In past, Nina was not used to this. But after sharing a room with Mengmeng last time, she found the experience quite interesting. More importantly, Mengmeng had many interesting things to talk about with her.


Yue Xiaonao stayed in Mengmeng’s room for a few minutes, then she ran out and told Yue Wuwei, “I won’t go to our place to sleep tonight.”

After that, she sprinted back to Mengmeng’s room.

“Are the three girls planning to stay up and have a long talk?”

Everyone then went to rest.

After chatting for a while, Mengmeng asked, “Nina, where is the Game Capsule you mentioned last time?”

“I’ll go get it. Or shall we go play with it in the palace?”

“Good idea. I only got to see the hall during the day,” Yue Xiaonao said, “now you can show us around. I’d like to see if your palace is as splendid as Mengmeng’s castle.”

“Mengmeng’s castle?” Nina smiled. “It must be very magnificent.”

“Yes, it’s very beautiful. There are all kinds of rooms in the castle,” Yue Xiaonao said casually. “It’s better than my palace. Alas, Mengmeng’s dad is very good at interior design. But my dad is not good at this, either. In the past, he often tried to fool me with his lame designs…”

While chatting jubilantly, the three girls left the row of houses on the right side of Nina’s palace and went into the palace to play high-tech games.

After entering the Game Capsule, they felt like they had come into another world. The games in it provided very real experiences.

After playing for a while, Mengmeng felt that the games were quite unique and definitely fun to play with. However, she also thought there was something missing.

“The games are fun, but I feel something is just not right.” Yue Xiaonao said the same thing after playing for a short while.

Mengmeng said all of a sudden, “Ah, I see. There is only one Game Capsule. We can only play in it by ourselves. But we’re used to playing online games with other players.”

“Yeah. If there are no other players, what’s the point of playing games?” Yue Xiaonao came to a sudden realization. Then, she said hesitantly, “But there is only one Game Capsule here. We can’t play games with others.”

“Well, how about we just make do today? I’ll ask my dad to buy more Game Capsule tomorrow,” Mengmeng muttered.

In truth, she still wanted to play for a while longer.

Although Mengmeng was a straight-A student, she was also sort of an Internet addict.

After thinking for a while, Nina said, “How about I borrow some Game Capsules from my sisters?”

“It may not be appropriate,” Mengmeng said with hesitation.

“It’ll be fine. I’ll ask them first.”

Nina thought for seconds, then turned on her communication device and contacted her two sisters.

Unexpectedly, her sisters not only agreed but also delivered the Game Capsules to her in person. They seemed very cordial in helping her.

Presumably, after the King of Elves and his people went back, they held a small meeting and decided to treat Nina nicely.

With their wish fulfilled, the three girls entered the Game Capsules to play in the Great Demon world provided by a game.

In the Novice Village, they gathered together and looked one another up and down.

“Mengmeng, it seems that we can’t change our appearances.” Yue Xiaonao looked at herself and then the surroundings. She didn’t know the rules of the game yet.

“Changing one’s appearance requires crystal stones,” Nina said with a smile. “You can only put more crystal stones in your account in designated locations. The nearest spot is on the Champion Star. It takes two hours to fly there.”

“So you can also charge money to play this game?” Mengmeng was stunned. She looked a little disappointed.

“Oh, it’s easy if we can throw in some money. My dad is very zealous to pay for games.” Mengmeng mumbled. “Every time he tops up the money in the game account, the account instantly ranks number one on all servers.”

“On all servers…” Nina was speechless.

She couldn’t find any word to describe her astonishment.

“To rank number one in this game on all servers would probably cost 10 million crystal stones, wouldn’t it?”

“Well, being number one on all servers won’t bring in real benefits. Besides, this game is kind of outdated. A few years ago, the Deere Clan released a new type of Game Capsule. It has a game called Bone Demon World inside, which has become quite popular. When we go out for shopping later, we can buy several of that,” said Nina.

“Sure. Now, let’s go kill enemies.” Mengmeng’s eyes drifted in another direction.

“Kill, kill people?” Nina staggered.

“Yes, what else would you kill in games?” Mengmeng said, bemused.

“We can kill spirit beasts and do treasure hunts.” Nina touched her forehead to ease her awkwardness and said, “The fun part of this game is that the designs of the spirit beasts in the game are all based on the real ones. Maybe we can come across some powerful beasts here. If we see them, we will learn more about them. Then, if we run into them in real life, we won’t be too panicky. But the spirit beasts here have been modified to some extent. Thus, we shall only regard them as references.”

“Gee, don’t worry so much when playing games.” Yue Xiaonao looked at the armor on her arm and said, “Mengmeng, try hacking me.”


“Don’t!” Seeing Mengmeng drawing her sword, Nina hurriedly said, “Mengmeng, your account is at a higher level, while Xiaonao’s is at a lower level. If you hacked her, she would lose a lot of blood. Her recovery would be very slow. Plus, her character already died twice today. If she got killed again, it would take her another three hours to be resurrected.”

“Then don’t hack me,” Yue Xiaonao said, startled. “Hey, why did they give me an account at a lower level?”

“Didn’t you pick this Game Capsule yourself?” Mengmeng muttered. “Well, Xiaonao, just follow me and Nina. I’ll take you to hack people.”

As soon as she entered the game world, Mengmeng mistakenly felt she was playing with her own account at home. Soon, she was confused by the new game.

“Well, I don’t think I can lead you to do that. I don’t know how to play. Nina, you take the lead.”


Nina smiled and led the two of them out of the Novice Village. From their cautious movements, one could tell how real the game was.

When the three of them were playing in the palace—

“Swoosh, swoos.h.!.+”

Two figures quickly rose into the air and zoomed into the distance.

Moments later—

“Swoosh, swoos.h.!.+”

Another two figures flew off in a different direction.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”

People kept flying out.

Li Mu, who was sitting in the courtyard, looked up at the sky and sighed deeply.

“Alas, they are all going out for a romantic night in pairs. I, however, can only stay here and watch them have fun. If I had known earlier, I would have brought a female companion with me. Never thought that one day, I, the handsome and popular Young Master Li, would also be envious of other couples.”


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