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Chapter 649: The Sealed Child

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

Valley of Gluttony, among the structures along Sunset Lake, the aroma of incense hung in the air. It rose up before slowly dispersing, suffusing the entire room.

The lyrical melody of the zither and harp floated up delicately, emitting a sound like that of pearls of different sizes landing on a jade plate.

An elder wearing a voluminous robe, with sleeves like enormous fans, sat cross-legged on the floor. The incense was burning slowly in front of him. Beside the incense was a purple clay kettle whistling, indicating that its contents were boiling.

The hot steam drifted out of the spout of the kettle. With a churning noise, the lid of the purple clay kettle vibrated slightly.

Holding his sleeves in one hand, the elder used a spatula to scoop up some crushed tea leaves, and although they were crushed, they still shone brilliantly. Judging from the intricate markings on the leaves and the spirit energy emitted by them, one could tell that this was something of exceptional quality.

The elder emptied the tea leaves into a purple clay teapot and lifted the boiling purple clay kettle.

A steaming-hot stream of water poured out from the spout of the kettle and into the teapot, causing the jade green leaves to swirl around in them. A faint aroma of tea spread out into the entire room rapidly.

When the tea in the teapot turned a faint green, the elder poured it away, leaving only the leaves. He replenished the teapot with boiling water, and the tea leaves swirled around in the teapot yet again.

Covering the teapot with a lid, the elder held his hands together and waited patiently.

The music of the zither and harp flowed smoothly and slowly around the room; the entire atmosphere felt relaxing and comfortable.

After a while, the elder uncovered the lid of the teapot and lifted it in front of his face. He inhaled deeply, and the faint aroma of the tea floated gently into his nostrils.

The elder’s white beard and eyebrows moved slightly, and his wrinkled face revealed an expression of extreme satisfaction.

He poured the clear green tea into a cup and stretched his hands out to raise it up, intending to give it a light sip.

However, just as the tea was right in front of him, ripples of light shone in through the windows. There seemed to be some changes occurring on Sunset Lake.

Enormous waves rolled around on the lake’s surface and countless gigantic dark shadows floated into existence. A horrifying aura filled the air as if some terrible beast was about to awake from its slumber.

A surge of black energy shot out toward the heavens, causing the elder’s slightly squinted eyes to open wide in shock.

A flicker of light shone in the elder’s eyes, accompanied by a tinge of fear.


The teacup in the elder’s hands cracked and the aromatic green tea spilled out through the fissures to splash onto the ground. The cup was shattered, and the pieces littered the floor. The elder seemed oblivious as he turned his head to stare outside the window.

“This energy… Is it that sealed child?”



Bu Fang looked at the terrified expression on the peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert and could not help but furrow his brows. He could make out clearly the mumblings of the expert. Gluttony? That girl was Gluttony?

How could this be?

He looked at the hair raising and the scarlet-red eye that turned around to look in his direction. The intense killing intent from the cruel gaze caused gooseb.u.mps to break out all over him.

A black palm, a black arm, and a rising aura of darkness….

At this moment, the girl seemed to have truly transformed into a beast who reveled only in slaughter.

Fei Jin was dead. He was killed with a single swipe by this monster. His brains exploded, and he was as dead as one could be. Perhaps even at the instant of his death, he would still be unable to comprehend the reason behind his death.

He could never have imagined that a stupid little girl whom he was dominating utterly could transform into such a terrifying and savage monster.

The surrounding onlookers had expressions of dread plastered on their faces as they looked toward this creature wreathed in a dark energy.

The peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert gasped as he seemed to recall some horrible experiences after looking at the demonized girl.

He clamped his mouth shut tightly and after giving one last glance at the monster, he turned his head and resolved to flee as fast as possible.

The girl tilted her head, but her expression was indiscernible within the black mist. Her jet black skin and ferocious beast-like eyes sent anyone who saw them capitulating in fear.


With an explosive sound, the air seemed to be ripped apart instantly as the monster shot out with a burst of speed.

Bang bang bang!

Figures exploded one after another as their heads were crushed by that pitch-black palm. The speed was unimaginable and left n.o.body with any time to react.

Those Divine Physique Echelon Realm experts were completely unaware of how they died!

The peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert who was on the verge of successfully escaping turned back and caught sight of the milieu of exploded corpses. He instantly broke out in cold sweat.

“It’s really that monster!” The peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert trembled and hesitated no further as he let out another burst of true energy and flew across the sky.

However, his figure came to an abrupt stop quickly.

There was a black palm piercing out through his chest; his heart was squeezed by that creature until it exploded.


It was as if there was a sound of something ripping apart.

The eyes of the peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm constricted into the size of a sesame seed, and fissures appeared slowly in the five gently swaying chains above his head. Gradually, the chains gave way and crumbled completely,

The peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert fell to the ground limply, while his aura of life extinguished as he died.

After ma.s.sacring the bunch of experts, the girl hidden in the dark mist slowly twisted her head to cast her ruthless gaze onto Bu Fang.

Bu Fang rose his eyebrows, and his heart tightened involuntarily.

Gluttony…. That girl was actually the incarnation of Gluttony?


In Sunset Lake, the surface of the lake rippled and churned violently as if an enormous beast was emerging from its depths. A colossal shadow capable of blotting out the sky appeared, shocking everybody. The beast hiding in the lake gradually revealed half a head above the lake’s surface. Its giant eyes locked onto the girl wreathed in dark mist as it opened its mouth wide to emit an earth-shaking roar.


The surface of the lake exploded.

When the numerous experts in the Valley of Gluttony saw this giant beast, their eyes widened, and they gasped… What exactly happened that could have drawn even this enormous beast out?

Around this beast, fishes could be seen leaping outward from within the foam created by the lake’s churning of the beast’s emergence. The bodies of the fish seemed to be imprinted with iridescent spots, which caused them to scintillate brightly in the sun.

“Hmm? Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish?” Bu Fang was filled with surprise as he saw the leaping fishes.

This was precisely his goal for coming to the Valley of Gluttony this time, it was all for the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fis.h.!.+

The terrifying beast opened its mouth which seemed capable of swallowing heaven and earth and let out an explosive roar. The lake surface exploded, and water flew toward the sky. When the water fell again, it seemed as though rain was falling heavily.

That mouth was immense and rows upon rows of sharp teeth could be observed lining its insides.

The girl wreathed in darkness s.h.i.+fted her scarlet gaze away from Bu Fang and towards the giant beast. Her two black limbs clapped furiously onto the ground, causing the ground to tremble. Then, she faced the beast and opened her mouth to emit a sharp hiss in response.

Her hiss was as sharp as a knife. Bu Fang’s eyebrows furrowed slightly as he felt a small stab in his eardrums.

Following the girl’s hiss, the beast’s roar gradually weakened. Finally, it closed its enormous mouth and dived back into the bottom of the lake. As for the girl, after emitting the hiss, the black energy surrounding her gradually dispersed, and her pitch-black arms also returned back to their original color.

After a moment, the black energy around her seemed to have completely vanished, and the girl Xiao Ya also reverted back into her original form.

During the girl’s sharp hiss, Bu Fang felt a wave of suppression on him. Now that the girl had returned to her senses, the feelings of suppression fully disappeared. He gave a sigh of relief.

After walking toward the little girl who had crumpled to the ground, he gently picked her up. Opening her eyes due to the disturbance, she looked around in bewilderment.

Her eyes were full of confusion, and it was obvious that she was completely oblivious to her actions moments before.


High up in the sky, many loud noises sounded out. There was the neighing of a spirit beast horse. There was the sound of wheels rumbling. There was the sound of splas.h.i.+ng and the whispers of silk rustling. All those sounds were the indication of a large number of experts rus.h.i.+ng over.

However, at this point, everything had regained its calmness. Only small ripples were left on the previously turbulent and churning Sunset Lake, and the gigantic shadow of the beast had also settled into the depths of the lake.

What exactly happened just now? Everyone’s expression was suspicious as they contemplated within their hearts.

Their gazes swept across the area, but nothing suspicious was discovered—only the sprawled corpses of the experts were left on the ground. Could that enormous beast have emerged just to slay these insects? That was the thought which arose in the minds of more than a few experts.

Only Bu Fang and Xiao Ya, who had just woken up looking utterly confused, managed to survive that calamity.

Many experts glanced at Bu Fang, noting his low level of cultivation, they then shot off into the distance with looks of disdain and smiles of contempt.

Some of them instead looked deeply toward Bu Fang and the little girl lying in his arms before flying off.

This sudden event had finally come to an end.

All those experts from the different influential factions and the holy grounds turned and left. A measly insect who had only broken through one shackle was simply not worthy of their attention. Having not found anything, the crowd quickly dispersed.

However, right after the experts from different factions and the holy ground left, an ancient and crooked figure appeared. This elder had a hunched back and deep creases could be seen crisscrossing across his entire visage. He wore a voluminous robe, and his entire body seemed light. He floated on the edge of the sky and looked out with a gaze as deep as the oceans.

He too saw Bu Fang and Xiao Ya, however, he was different from the others. The elder’s gaze did not waiver or sweep around capriciously, instead, it focused intently on Bu Fang and Xiao Ya.

“The child who was sealed…. No one would’ve thought that the missing spirit of Gluttony had resided within this child all along….”


The long robe undulated lightly. The elder’s long drooping beard and white eyebrows floated gently as he landed in front of Bu Fang. He appeared ordinary, with no terrifying aura.

The girl revealed an expression of confusion.

Bu Fang looked at the elder and furrowed his brows. After that, he quickly pushed the girl behind him and looked straight on at the elder.

The elder clasped his hands behind his back and withdrew his gaze on the girl to look at Bu Fang instead. While looking at the latter, the deep wrinkles in his face trembled and he gave off a gasp of surprise.

“Eh? This energy… Are you the outsider chef who defeated Wen Renchou in a Chef’s Challenge?”


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