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Chapter 780: Don’t You Say Another Word

Translator: Zen.o.bys, CatatoPatch

The light figure’s gaze suddenly s.h.i.+fted to Bu Fang.

Yan Yu was still roaring crazily on the ground. His eyes were filled with insanity, and his expression was a mixture of malevolence and hatred.

He hated Bu Fang so much. It was Bu Fang’s fault that the situation had escalated this much. If he had won the Chef’s Challenge, he would have been able to leave this place safely. Everything is this guy’s fault!

His hatred for Bu Fang was so much that he could not help gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth. More importantly, Bu Fang had wrested his Shadow Chopping Knife away from him.

The Shadow Chopping Knife was a famous knife that he had worked painstakingly to acquire, and it was what he had relied on to stay in first place on the Tablet of Gluttony for so long.

But, today, Bu Fang had actually dared to take away his treasured knife!

That was why he was unable to control his rage. Now that the light figure was going to save him, he might as well take back the Shadow Chopping Knife. Moreover, he could kill that little chef while he was at it!

He knew who the light figure was. It was the Holy Saint of the Ancient Jade Holy Land—an existence second only to the Saint Sovereign.

The Holy Saint’s cultivation level was definitely beyond everyone’s imagination.

Yan Yu believed that no one would dare to disobey the Holy Saint’s words. As an elder of the Valley of Gluttony, Chu Changsheng clearly knew just who the Holy Saint was. If he were to defy him, he would be defying the Ancient Jade Holy Land’s Saint Sovereign as well.

The Holy Saint was an existence that serves the Saint Sovereign. Whenever the Saint Sovereign was in closed cultivation, all huge matters were handled by the former.

He was just like Amethyst Elder of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land. Although his cultivation was strong, he was not the Holy Saint. Hence, one could only imagine how mightier and n.o.bler the Holy Saint was.

And at that moment, the light figure of the supreme Holy Saint was hovering in the Valley of Gluttony.

That light figure’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to Bu Fang.

Chu Changsheng breathing almost come to a stop as he was very uncomfortable at that moment.

Although the being before him was just a light figure, the energy it contained already surpa.s.sed his.

“What Yan Yu said… Is it true? If it is, then hand over the famous knife, or else… die!” the light figure said with a voice that resounded throughout the s.p.a.ce.

Yan Yu kept roaring crazily with an expression of hate on his face.

When Chu Changsheng heard that, he froze—shocked and horrified beyond compare.

Bu Fang remained calm, however. With the Shadow Chopping Knife that used to belong to Yan Yu in his hands, he tilted his head and glanced at the light figure.


The Shadow Chopping Knife was placed into the crystal knife cabinet.

Suddenly, the magic array glowed radiantly, and the crystal cabinet slowly sunk back down into the magic array.

“Return the Shadow Chopping Knife? Sure. Let him challenge me once more with his culinary skills. However, if you intend to s.n.a.t.c.h it, then returning it will be impossible,” replied Bu Fang with an expressionless face.

When Chu Changsheng heard that, his expression changed. He never thought that Bu Fang would utter those words.

Was he not scared of death?!

After all, he was speaking to the Holy Saint of the Ancient Jade Holy Land. If the Holy Saint wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as killing a fly!

“What a wild youngster. It has been years since anyone spoke to this supreme one in that manner,” the light figure replied, its gaze still fixed on Bu Fang. It then added, “However, Yan Yu is still someone from my Ancient Jade Holy Land. Moreover, the Shadow Chopping Knife belongs to my Ancient Jade Holy Land, so if this supreme one takes it back forcibly, how will you retaliate?”

In the next instant, the light figure was directly in front of Bu Fang. It was as though it had teleported.

A horrifying pressure surged forth, causing the Noodle King Restaurant to tremble.

The people around were shocked and horrified. None of them ever thought that something like this would happen—Chu Changsheng being intent on killing Yan Yu, and the latter having such a powerful backer.

Although the light figure was incomparably arrogant, the Great Elder did not dare to move a muscle in front of it.

This figure, who made the mighty Great Elder Senior Chu dare not move… What exactly was it?!

Nethery lips parted slightly. They were red and puffy because she had eaten too much Abyssal Chili Sauce.

Xiao Ya and Flowery, who both had an alert expression, sucked in breaths of cold air while looking at the light figure.

Nether King Er Ha was covering half of his face, which had a sad expression. However, he calmly looked at that light figure, gently heaving a sigh.

Whitey’s gray eyes began to swirl around, and with a loud clank, the War G.o.d Stick turned red. As the stick flew outwards, malevolent-looking horns grew out on its forehead.

A black grain was spiraling within its gray eyes. Suddenly, the metal wings on its back spread wide open.

That light figure was exerting a terrifying amount of pressure on Bu Fang, which caused the Noodle King Restaurant to creak loudly, as though it would be succ.u.mbing to the pressure soon.

The pressure was so terrible that many people retreated quickly. Some even had the urge to fall to their knees.

However, Bu Fang remained expressionless. Because of the system, his resistance to pressures like this was very high.

This caused admiration to appear in the eyes of the spectators. This defiant but non-overbearing att.i.tude indeed belonged to Bu Fang.

A moment later, a red stick made a horizontal sweeping motion, heading towards the light figure.

Upon impact, the light figure’s head was smashed apart, but the terrifying pressure did not dissipate. The headless torso of the light figure turned blurry, and suddenly, it reappeared in the sky. It radiated an intense amount of light, and all who looked at it could see that it was without a scratch.

“It looks like you do not intend to hand over my Ancient Jade Holy Land’s Shadow Chopping Knife. Since this is the case, then you should just die,” the light figure impatiently said in an ice-cold voice.

Whitey’s gray eyes flashed, and the War G.o.d staff was instantly hurled at the light figure in the sky.

As the stick soared towards its target, it grew bigger. It seemed capable of piercing a hole through the light figure.

However, when the stick reached its target, the light figure casually raised a finger and tapped it. That tap stopped it from moving another inch.

This caused many to suck in breaths of cold air.

As expected… It was only natural that such a being, who was able to exert such a terrifying pressure and render Senior Chu too scared to move, was able to stop Whitey’s weapon. That move was capable of killing mighty beings with a finger.

Whitey’s eyes flashed as the patterns appeared on its body. It was as though it was trying to increase its power to make the stick overcome that finger.

“It’s useless. Here in the Valley of Gluttony, things like you are ants in front of this supreme one. Just obediently—”


The light figure did not finish its sentence. It stopped midway because there was an arm sticking out of its chest. The palm was holding on to a mysterious glowing talisman.

“This is really… too much nonsense. Just listening to it makes this king irritated.”

Nether King Er Ha’s hair fluttered wildly, and there was an enchanting smile on his chiseled face.

“Although I do not mind your rants, this king has already made Bu Fang promise me three Spicy Strips. If I let you say another word, a Spicy Strip will be deducted,” Nether King Er Ha said.

The light figure turned its head stiffly, unveiling a face filled with confusion.

How was this guy able to find the energy talisman hidden within its light body? Even though he had used nine streams of small arrays to conceal its existence, he still saw it!

“You…” The light figure slowly said, after much struggle.

Hearing this, Nether King Er Ha frowned before flying into a rage. “Shut up! Don’t you say another word!”

With eyes filled with urgency, he turned to look in Bu Fang’s direction. One of the three fingers raised slowly dropped, leaving only two raised fingers.


Nether King Er Ha’s already sullen face fell even more. His heart was in so much pain that he found breathing difficult.

One Spicy Strip was gone!

Too d.a.m.n noisy!

The Nether King was so angry that his kidney hurt. His palm exerted a violent amount of force, shattering the glowing talisman in an instant.

That light figure froze.

Yan Yu, who had been laughing crazily on the ground, also froze.

Nether King Er Ha, who now had tears dripping down his face, grabbed the light figure with both hands and ripped it apart harshly.

With loud a rip, the light figure was torn apart. The halves began to disintegrate into motes of light.

The light figure’s face was filled with disbelief and confusion. What had just happened? In what part of the summoning ritual had he made a mistake?

Where was the promised unparalleled might? The promise where everyone else seemed like ants?

The light figure struggled to open his mouth, as though he intended to voice the unwillingness in his heart.

When Nether King Er Ha’s saw this, his eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. With a kick, he shattered the light figure’s head.


Yan Yu’s mind was shaken. The instant the light figure was shattered, something in his body felt broken.

An intense amount of pain flooded his head, making him feel like it was being ripped apart.

A miserable howl soon escaped Yan Yu’s mouth.

Chu Changsheng was taken aback as he sucked in a breath of cold air. A supreme being like the Holy Saint was shattered just like that.

That meant that the guy who had ripped the Holy Saint apart was someone who was very strong.

However, now was not the time to think about such things.

Chu Changsheng’s gaze suddenly turned sharp and chilly before landing on Yan Yu, who was now howling miserably while still pinned to the ground by a long spear.

With a single step, he appeared beside Yan Yu. He raised a hand, and true energy encased it.

In the next instant…


A loud sound, which caused everyone present to jump, rang out.

They quickly turned their gazes to Yan Yu, but all they saw was a huge palm dent in the ground. Yan Yu, who had been there only moments ago, was now a puddle of blood at the center of that dent.

He was dead.

In the end, Yan Yu still died. The number one special grade chef on the Tablet of Gluttony had been killed at the hands of the Valley of Gluttony’s Great Elder.

The spectators felt their hearts turning cold. They could not help but suck in deep breaths of air.

Chu Changsheng pulled the long spear out, and it turned into energy and dissipated.

Now that the light figure was shattered and Yan Yu was dead, Whitey placed the War G.o.d Stick on its shoulders, and the metal wings behind it were furled inward.

No one knew when Nether King Er Ha returned to Bu Fang’s side, but when everyone saw him again, he was talking to Bu Fang and laughing.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, remained expressionless. Sometimes, he shook his head from side to side, and other times, he nodded.

The Nether King’s expression kept changing, but in the end, it was sullen.

“I miscalculated… I never thought that that plaything would actually open its mouth to say something! Now, one Spicy Strip is gone just like that! How hateful!”

The Nether King was so angry that his face almost contorted.

Chu Changsheng did not say anything, though. His clothes fluttered in the wind.

Bu Fang lifted the Black Turtle Constellation Wok before turning to look at Mu Cheng and the rest, who were standing far from him.

His gaze landed on Mu Cheng as he said, “The next opponent of the Chef’s Challenge will be you.”


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