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The Daughter of the Celestial Emperor?

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The wind carried with it the fragrance of green gra.s.s along with the shouts of the female guards who were training.

In the peaceful land within the stone chamber, Ning Fan laid 1400 formation eyes filling each and every one with one thousand immortal jade. The entire formation cost him 1.4 million of his total wealth.

He spread his spirit sense, connecting it to heaven and earth. The next moment, the primordial power of heaven and earth turned into a fluorescent sphere that surrounded the area… It was a Low Grade Spirit Severing Realm Formation called ‘Primordial Light Devil Suppressing Formation’!

After establis.h.i.+ng the protective formation, Ning Fan’s expression turned serious. He shook his cauldron ring and summoned a green coffin…

Sounds of fingers scratching against the coffin lid could be heard from within. However, the fear that Ning Fan had towards the corpse devil within the coffin was not as strong as before.

The female corpse had become a corpse devil. That is to say that she successfully completed the second phase of the Corpse Devil Record. Now, she could be considered much stronger than any common Spirit Severing Realm expert.

As for Ning Fan, his body refining realm was closely approaching the Jade Life Realm. He was not any weaker than the female corpse. Furthermore, after upgrading the Stone Warrior Devil Marks to the Profound Earth Devil Marks, his physical defense became many times stronger than before, making it possible for him to be comparable to a cultivator with Jade Life Body Refining Realm.

With the techniques that he possessed and the restraint of the Primordial Light Devil Suppressing Formation on corpses and ghosts, it would be unnecessary to be afraid of the female corpse which just had a low spiritual intelligence…

There’s something that I must find out.

He placed his hands on the lid of the coffin and pushed it aside.

Just as the coffin opened, Ning Fan narrowed his eyes and immediately teleported away in retreat!

A pair of ghostly pale hands with two inches long nails stretched out from within!

A powerful corpse qi swept across the surroundings! The aura she emanated nearly at the Mid Spirit Severing Realm! Fortunately, the formation prevented the leak of her forceful aura. If not, her aura would surely shake the entire Peng Lai Immortal Island and shock all members of the External Endless Sea!

Ning Fan was inwardly surprised by the drastic growth of the corpse devil’s power.

The first time he opened it was when the female corpse fell from the sky, Ning Fan accidentally activated the coffin, accidentally making her begin the corpse transform.

In the Demon Sinister Forest, Ning Fan opened the coffin for the second time to show Mu Weiliang and Ning Honghong. That time, the female corpse had completed the first phase of corpse transformation, advancing into the second phase!

During the third time he opened the coffin at the Seven Apricot Voyage s.h.i.+p, the female corpse had become a corpse devil, attaining the power comparable to an Early Nascent Soul Realm expert. With just a claw strike, she destroyed Black Armor!

After ten years, her power almost broke through to the Mid Spirit Severing Realm!

Her speed of cultivation was unprecedented in history…

Faced with such an intense corpse qi, Ning Fan could only stabilize himself after retreating for three steps.

In front of him was a female corpse with dreadfully pale lips like that of a ghost and was covered in pink thin clothes! Although she looked fragile, her body was slender and alluring, just like Mu Weiliang’s! Her emerald green eyes adorned by long eyelashes that curled outwards beautifully were irresistible.

Her joints were stiff, making it difficult for her to walk. Despite the fragrance emitting from her body, a whiff of nauseous odor permeated the air…

Her pale white skin had started to slowly decay!

“Corpse Decay!”

Ning Fan frowned in contemplation. He finally found out the reason why this female corpse could progress so quickly in her cultivation. She was actually sacrificing her body to create more corpse qi in order to improve her power!

Nervousness filled his heart when he saw the decayed parts of the female corpse…

If this corpse really is the body of Mu Weiliang, I must protect it. I have to stop it from deteriorating any further.

Furthermore, even if this corpse isn’t Mu Weiliang, it’s inappropriate to see her continue rotting as she once saved me in the past… Corpse Decay is a technique that allows the corpse devil to accelerate the cultivation progress but once it’s corpse is completely decayed, it will no longer have a body, causing it to return to dust…

He was concerned about the female corpse. However, it was obvious that the female corpse would not be able to understand his feelings.

She had been dead for a long time already and turned into a corpse devil. Although she lost most of her memories and intelligence, she could vaguely remember that she kept herself as pure as jade just for a man. She once had a n.o.ble status. She once controlled the Key to the Main Gate of the Ancient Heavenly Court…

However, before she could wait for the appearance of the man, a calamity befell the Heavenly Court, destroying the entire Immortal World… Someone had intruded the Heavenly Court through the Main Gate… Whenever she thought about the tragedy, she felt like crying. She felt that she was as blind as a bat because she chose the wrong person in her life…

No matter how hard she tried to recall, she could not remember what actually happened. But there was a person’s silhouette that had been deeply etched into her mind.

The shameless young man who had toyed and molested her corpse body, tarnis.h.i.+ng her purity!

Her Shougongsha[1]faded because of him…

She forgot everything in her previous life. But the only thing that she knew was that she wanted to kill this young man, tear him apart and devour him…


The female corpse’s voice was pleasant to hear. However, when she spoke halfway, her voice became hoa.r.s.e. Seemingly, the decaying process had spread to her throat…

Her brows knitted in an angry manner. In a flash of black light, she darted towards Ning Fan and opened her mouth, revealing her white, razor-sharp fangs. She wanted to tear Ning Fan apart!

He quickly retreated. Meanwhile, the female corpse raised her hand which emanated greenish cold light and slashed at his direction!

A strong corpse intent formed a vortex behind him. It carried a power that could easily rip a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator’s body apart.

Just as his back could feel the chill from the vortex, he managed to dodge to the left. However, before he could flee, a great force sucked his body towards the vortex!

When the female corpse was closing on him, her eyes flashed in ferocity and she raised her claw-like fingers, preparing to directly slash at Ning Fan’s neck. If this claw manages to land on an expert with Jade Life Body Refining Realm, even his laryngeal bone would probably be shred apart!

“Is that how much you hate me…”

Ning Fan’s eyes flickered with cold light. He knew that he must not reserve his power in the face of the female corpse’s attack. Otherwise, he would likely die under her hands.

After he attained the Peak Silver Bone Body Refining Realm, his bone literally turned silver in color. When he used his body refining technique, his body was bathed in silver light, emanating an aura that was nearing the Jade Life Realm. He threw a fist at her direction, freezing everything in her path!

“Ice Smas.h.!.+”

As his fist was thrown, her claws dropped down and heaven and earth froze!

The female corpse’s attack was stopped. However, her eyes glowed with a faint light and slashed using her claws in response, crus.h.i.+ng the power that froze heaven and earth!

Their fist and palm met. On top of Ning Fan’s fist was the female corpse’s icy cold palm. It was not soft at all, instead, it was as hard as iron.

That strike almost crushed the bones in his fist. The shock from receiving her attack head-on spread throughout his body, sending him a thousand zhang away while spurting a mouthful blood!

If it was not for the heaven-defying fortification on his physical defense from the Profound Earth Devil Marks, he could not have successfully blocked the attack with his Half-Step Jade Life Body Refining Realm!

He was considered extremely fortunate that his bones did not crack. Even Stone Warrior might not be able to directly withstand this strike…

The female corpse was as indifferent as usual. She vanished in a black light and dashed towards Ning Fan, exposing all her killing intent!

“This is the power of a Mid Spirit Severing Realm corpse devil… I’ve done experiencing it. Please forgive me for offending you…”

After wiping the blood stains from the corners of his mouth, he spread his spirit sense and activated the ‘Primordial Light Devil Suppressing Formation’!

Strands of primordial power from the formation turned into chants to suppress devils, lightly reverberating in the air.

As the voices travelled into her ears, her face was plastered with fear. Her body stiffened, no longer acting to her own will. Her limbs became immobilized. Suddenly, a high-pitched cry echoed in her head, making her cover her ears in pain…

Whenever a ghost or corpse devil unfortunately entered into this formation, they would end up like the female corpse… However, this formation was only effective to the corpses which had yet to master their corpse spirituality. The devil suppressing chants would shatter their corpse spirituality, causing them to lose the ability to control themselves.

The female corpse held her messy sideburns and rolled on the ground while releasing peculiar growls. The pain was evidently unbearable.

Ning Fan was reluctant to see her in that state. But he had no choice as he needed to find out the ident.i.ty of the female corpse.

Gradually, the female corpse lost control over the muscles of her body. When she saw Ning Fan was approaching her step by step, her expression was filled with fear and anxiety. She was like a mouse that encountered a snake which blocked its path of escape in its hole. There was no way to run!


She wanted to struggle. She wanted to tear him to shreds. But she couldn’t control herself.

“Ao wu… ao wu…” The female corpse was talking in an inexplicable language.

Ning Fan faintly sighed and squatted down to hold the female corpse in his arms. He placed her on his knees and touched her forehead with his finger.

“Don’t be afraid. You won’t feel pain very soon… Corpse Searching Technique!”

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

This translation originated from Liberspark.

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Certain name of skills will not be capitalized but italicized.

Some terms are subject to change when better suggestions are selected.


^ 1. According to Baidu, Shougongsha (守宫砂) is a medicine that was used for testing the chast.i.ty of the woman in the past. Once it was applied on the woman, it would not disappear even if the woman dies. However, once the woman had s.e.xual intercourse with a man, it would vanish immediately.


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