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GDK 951: Accidents Happen

“Just leave the rest to the two of us. I will settle Andrina’s matter!” Han Jin confidently said. It seemed that he was quite excited after conversing mentally with her.

“That’s right, we’ll do it properly, rest a.s.sured!” Andrina said with a smile. She took frequent glances at Han Jin as she spoke.

Han Jin was more familiar with Pandemonium’s layout. Back when Han Shuo created the various formations within it, Han Jin and the rest had been helping out, so apart from Han Shuo, Han Jin and the other four knew Pandemonium best.

With him helping Andrina out, Han Shuo believed she would be able to realize her greatest potential. Seeing the two of them so confident, he let them do as they pleased. “Alright, I also have some stuff to tend to.”

He told Han Jin some final bits he had to pay attention to about certain special formations before leaving the alteration and enhancement of the various energy towers to the couple.

When Zovic came about, he reported to Han Shuo that the G.o.dhunter Alliance’s forces had entered Pandemonium. Tyre, Logue, Wasir, and Ossora could launch a joint attack at any time.

The Hegemons of the G.o.dhunter Alliance seemed powerful and united like never before, which didn’t bode well for the Sovereigns of the Fringe. It will be an uphill battle for the Sovereigns, to say the least.

However, Han Shuo knew they had their own trump cards. They had fortified the Fringe for years, so as long as they could properly take advantage of the terrain by setting up powerful formations at strategic locations, they could deal the invaders a catastrophic blow and still stand a chance at winning the war.

For instance, Logue’s Osteoburg contained intense elements of death, thanks to the centuries of work he had put in. Logue would definitely be far more powerful within Osteoburg and could possibly defeat Tyre there, as he had long become one with the death energy there.

If the G.o.dhunters invaded Osteoburg, Logue could use the Osteoburg to boost the strengths of his highG.o.d subordinates to the point where a group of them could repel an overG.o.d on his level. And if Logue and his highG.o.ds worked together, they could possibly even annihilate an overG.o.d outright.

The same would apply to Tyre, Wasir and Ossora. As long as they make good use of the advantages they have and create some opportunities, they would definitely fare much better in battle and stand a chance at winning.

Upon reaching the bottom of Pandemonium, Han Shuo located Han Hao’s surrogate and asked, “How long will it take for your main body to return?”

“I’m already in the Fringe. I should arrive in three more days,” Little Skeleton replied after some thought.

Nodding, Han Shuo said, “I’m spying on Dagmar and the others using a demon general that has a stand of my consciousness attached. Currently, they are still recovering. I believe they won’t enter Pandemonium in at least ten days to half a month. With you, your brothers, Andrina, Sanguis and the rest here, Dagmar and his pals won’t be able to breach our defenses easily.”

“Will you be leaving for something?” Han Hao stared blankly for a moment before he realized something from Han Shuo’s words and asked.

“Yeah. I’ll be going out for a bit. Don’t worry, I’ll return immediately once the matter is settled. Given your abilities and the defensive power of the Pandemonium, Dhaka and the rest won’t be able to breach Pandemonium easily. It’ll be fine!”

“Go ahead. I’ll take good care of this place.”

After informing Little Skeleton about the uses of various formations in Pandemonium and how to operate them, Han Shuo felt a.s.sured enough to leave on his errand.


At Frostcavern on Glacial Peak, Wasir was sitting cross-legged like an ice sculpture, allowing the bone-chilling cold to envelop him.

A figure entered Frostcavern and respectfully reported, “Lord, we received word that the Hegemons from the s.p.a.ce and Destiny Dominions are on their way!”

The ice that shrouded him suddenly cracked apart and shattered into countless pieces as Wasir emerged from it. Powerful glacial energy leaked from him as he was reanimated. His energy seemed to have become one with Frostcavern itself.

“Angelo, are you certain of this news?” he finally asked after he finished some warm up.

Angelo, who also cultivated the water energy, took a few steps back. The cold that was radiating from Wasir was too terrifying to the point that even he couldn’t take it. “I am certain. They are heading for Glacial Peak. The two Hegemons on the way are also said to be the most mysterious ones. n.o.body knows their true power. What should we do?”

“s.p.a.ce… Destiny…” Wasir furrowed his brow, as if he was thinking about something very important. “Hegemons that cultivate in these arcane edicts will no doubt be something to look forward to. It’s said that the edict of destiny is the most mysterious among the Twelve Fundamental Forces. There are only a few destiny edict cultivators who have managed to reach the highG.o.d stage in the world, so those that do must be really secretive and impressive. I wonder what kind of strength these Hegemons will have!”

“Lord, people who cultivate the s.p.a.ce energy are also really powerful! If they reach the overG.o.d stage, they will be able to intrude the Glacial Peak without anyone noticing. Should we make some preparations?” Angelo was quite anxious. Though Wasir was powerful, he was but one man, yet two allegedly powerful Hegemons were on the way. He didn’t know whether Wasir alone could deal with them.

“Any preparation that I can possibly make has been dealt with,” Wasir said, knowing what Angelo implied with his question. “Those like us that cultivate the energy of water should remain as cool as ice even in the face of overwhelming threat. If you want to advance to the next stage, you must remember to not have any fear or panic even if you’re about to die!”

“Thank you for your teachings, Lord!” Angelo was truly grateful as he looked at Wasir with adoration.

Among the five Sovereigns of the Fringe, the hardest to get along with was Wasir, yet he was famous for one particular trait of his. Any cultivator of the water energy would be able to make huge progress after receiving crucial tips from him.

He would generously give cultivation advice unreservedly even to someone like Angelo at the late-stage highG.o.d realm who has the potential to improve to Wasir’s level with his teachings. It was as if he didn’t fear his subordinates growing more powerful than him.

It was also thanks to this that most of the water-energy users from the twelve Divine Dominions would join him when they come to the Fringe.

“You may leave now. Tell them they no longer have to stand guard outside Glacial Peak and get them to enter Frostcavern. Activate all the energy towers to gather all the glacial aura around the peak. As for those that don’t cultivate in water energy, have them retreat into the mountains for now,” Wasir ordered.

Angelo nodded and left to spread the word. But before Wasir’s men could carry out the order, a large s.p.a.cetime fissure suddenly appeared above Glacial Peak. Countless figures emerged from the spatial tear and landed on Glacial Peak before they started searching for their target.

“Wasir, I can foretell your every move. There is no way that you can win this. Though your fate is sealed, your subordinates’ are not. Leave your Glacial Peak and have a chat with us if you don’t want them to perish with you,” said an old crone with a pentagram mark on her chest. She held a brilliant-green crystal ball. Her voice rang with a mysterious cadence that lingered in the air of Glacial Peak.

As she spoke, more and more figures came out of the spatial fissure, before an old man with long eyebrows came out and pulled it close like one would close some curtains.

“Wasir, with Mascy predicting your actions and me sealing up the surrounding s.p.a.ce, you won’t stand a chance, not even at escaping,” said the old man smilingly. He walked up to Frostcavern and raised his arms, causing s.p.a.cetime itself to twist and waves to undulate through it.

Though Angelo and the others wanted to seek refuge in the cavern, they suddenly noticed that the nature of the s.p.a.ce there had changed. They weren’t able to move at all and couldn’t do what Wasir had instructed them to.

“One to predict my actions and the other to lock down s.p.a.ce itself. You two might just have the strongest combination I’ve ever seen! I must be quite lucky!” Wasir said from within the cavern. He was standing at the entrance and coldly staring at the two leaders.

“Wasir, not only is your destiny sealed, the Fringe’s destiny has been sealed too!” said the old crone called Mascy solemnly and loftily with her fingers laid on her crystal ball. It was as if she held the fates of all.

“You’re not an overG.o.d!” Wasir suddenly said after staring intently at Mascy.

“Those who cultivate in the edict of destiny…” Mascy said as she pointed towards the direction of the Destiny Dominion, “…have never become an OverG.o.d, nor demi-overG.o.ds for that matter, apart from that person! No exceptions! We are not like you; you can reach the overG.o.d realm without a Quintessence, but we’ll forever remain at highG.o.d!”

After a pause, Mascy chuckled. “But this is more than enough…” She furrowed her brow as her crystal ball shone all of a sudden. “Dennis! Act now! He seems to be waiting for someone… someone my precognition isn’t able to predict!”


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