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Chapter 343

Yangongluo put his hand into his arms, took out a folded thick paper, stepped back two steps and spread it on the ground. This is a rough map without too many labels. Yan Gongluo squatted down, pointed to the map and said, “this is the distribution of the lost land.”

Ye Wuchen stared at the map and nodded slightly. He hasn’t been to the lost place. He already knew that the place where Jiyan Tianlong sent him to look for dragon and fox was the center of the lost place.

“This is the center of the lost place. It has been said that this center is the most terrible place and no one can enter. A few months ago, Grandpa and I bypa.s.sed countless beasts and arrived here to find out, but there was nothing different. On the contrary, there is a damaged and almost collapsed wide tower. I don’t know who built it. It also has the name of a ‘Lost Temple’. ” Yan Gongluo pointed to the center and explained casually.

Yan Gongluo’s hand pointed to the north of the lost place: “this can be said to be the safest area of the lost place. Of course, this security is only relative to people with high strength. The lost place is worthy of being called the place where Tianchen continent has the most fierce animals. All kinds of powerful Warcraft are rampant among them, but the spirit beasts that can hardly be seen elsewhere can be seen everywhere, and sometimes appear in groups, which is very terrible. If it weren’t for Grandpa, I would never dare to step in. There are few people in Tianchen who can go in and out of this area alone. “

Yan Gongluo pointed to the south of the lost land, and his face suddenly became heavy: “the south of the lost land, that is, the southernmost part of the whole Tianchen continent, is called the forbidden place in the lost land. As for what is inside, no one knows, because no one can come out alive. When my father, my grandfather and I got there, when I first wanted to step into this area, my father and my grandfather stopped me at the same time. My grandfather said that there was a strong breath that they couldn’t resist covering this area and claimed that it was its territory with the breath. Its strength should be on the same level as the extremely inflammatory Tianlong mentioned by its master. “

Yan Tianwei nodded. Ye Wuchen looked to the south of the lost land, which was completely painted black.

Jiyan Tianlong was born from the fire dragon ball. If this beast lurking in the south of the lost place is really at the same level as Jiyan Tianlong, and regardless of its strength, will its generation be similar to Jiyan Tianlong in Tianchen continent with weak aura?

“And here, master, you already know, is where the North emperor Zong is.” Yan Gongluo pointed his finger at the western position of the lost place and said seriously, “is it true that no one has been in the location of the North emperor for so many years? Their location does have the most perfect concealment and protection. Rampant beasts have become their natural barrier, and few people in this area have the ability to enter safely. At the same time, a large area of burning soul sand has been sprinkled around the North emperor Zong. Obviously, these burning soul sand have been laid by many generations at the same time. It is extremely powerful, not to mention ordinary people. Even a sky level master will feel the pain of burning his heart when stepping on it. If he doesn’t get away quickly, he will only die. At the same time, there are many mechanisms that can only be opened by the Yan soul formula in the Yan soul sand. It is almost impossible for people or Warcraft outside the northern emperor to enter it. “

“Since the beasts are rampant, how can the people of beidizong go in safely? Not everyone of them is strong enough to be terrible. ” Ye Wuchen stares at the map and frowns.

“From here.” Yan Gongluo pointed to the edge of the lost place and said, “here is paved with a large area of Yan soul sand, which has spread to the outside of the lost place. If you enter from here, you won’t encounter any Warcraft.”

“If the master wants to enter beidizong, the most convenient and safest way is here.” Yan Gongluo’s finger swiped and fell to the southwest. It was a gray area, not too large, but definitely not small. In terms of the scale of the map, it was nearly ten miles long: “it was close to the rear of the North emperor, a terrible swamp that could not escape once it fell into, and it was also one of the natural barriers of the North emperor. With the existence of this large area of provocation, there is no defense such as burning soul sand in the rear of beidizong. With the master’s flying ability, it can fly directly from above. The master consumes very little when flying. It’s easy to cross the swamp. Speaking of it, this terrible natural barrier of the northern emperor Zong is like a door specially opened for the master. “

Ye Wuchen stared at the place pointed by Yan Gongluo, observed carefully, and remembered the layout of the whole lost place. In those years, if he didn’t cut off the soul contract between him and Yanzhi dream with the power of soul while falling into the soul breaking abyss, he could easily know where Yanzhi dream is now. But he didn’t regret it at all, because if he didn’t do that, he would have killed her and their daughter if he hadn’t narrowly saved his life.

“Master, brother, look, I’ve finished painting.” Yanzixin, that is, xiaodunzi threw away the pen in his hand, ran to ye Wuchen and showed the newly drawn drawing to ye Wuchen. Ye Wuchen stretched out to take over, looked at it carefully, and remembered it in his heart. He folded up the drawing, received the sword G.o.d ring, smiled and said, “thank you, xiaodunzi. You helped me a lot.”

“Hey, hey, I remember that map very clearly. I can’t draw it wrong. The master brother must find the dream mother early. ” Xiao Dunzi said with sparkling eyes.

Ye Wuchen smiled and nodded. When he raised his head, his face had become calm: “go now, sir, please.”

Before Yan Tianwei answered, he heard a loud voice outside the door: “where to go… Brother ye, don’t go yet!”

The door was pushed open, and it was Chu Jingtian and lengya who hurried over after receiving the news of Ye Wuchen’s arrival. As soon as he got to the door, he heard ye Wuchen say where he was going.

I haven’t seen them for a period of time, and neither of them has changed significantly. Chu Jingtian’s foolishness is less. Ye Wuchen didn’t hide it and said directly, “go to beidizong.”

“Beidizong?!” Chu Jingtian stared. He is not Chu Jingtian who has just left home and doesn’t understand anything. During this time, ye Wuchen let him and lengya stay here, hoping that they can understand something in the shortest time. He said in a hurry, “brother ye, aren’t you serious? But that place is too dangerous. Or… If you have to go, take me with you, one more person and one more strength. “

Ye Wuchen shook his head and smiled, “no, just find someone. I’m enough alone. And if I’m alone, it’s convenient to escape. “

“… that’s true. Brother ye, are you going to find him? ” Chu Jingtian asked curiously.

“Find someone important.” Ye Wuchen answered, and then nodded at yantianwei: “Grandpa, let’s go.”

He has been delayed for three years and doesn’t want to delay any more. Before entering beidizong, he needs to go to the swamp behind beidizong. He needs to be guided by yantianwei and rely on him to disperse the powerful Warcraft along the way. The power of Warcraft in the lost land is well known. Too weak Warcraft can’t survive in it. If it’s not too exaggerated, any one of them can be the Lord of a Warcraft in other places.

“Xiangxiang, come out.” Ye Wuchen closed his eyes and called softly. Then, a pocket girl with white body appeared on his shoulder, and a hazy aroma spread quickly.

“It’s so urgent… Brother ye, I have a lot to ask you.” Chu Jingtian said eagerly.

“Oh, I should be back soon.” Ye Wuchen nodded slightly at him. When his eyes moved to the silent lengya, something gently moved in his mind. Ye Wuchen’s eyes suddenly stopped and didn’t move away from lengya for a long time.

“Lengya, come with me.” Ye Wuchen suddenly said a decision that puzzled yantianwei and yangongluo without any hesitation.

Lengya nodded and walked to ye Wuchen without asking why and what he wanted to do.

“Wait, brother ye, you even have an ice face. Just take me with you. I also want to see what the northern emperor Zong looks like. ” Chu Jingtian hurriedly followed him.

“Brother Chu, you stay here.”

“But… Why can ice face go?” Chu Jingtian said wrongfully. What he asked was also the question of yantianwei and yangongluo.

“Lengya doesn’t practice any skills. Her cultivation is entirely based on the cultivation of Qi and, so she can easily hide her breath perfectly. Therefore, in terms of strength, lengya is not as good as you, but if you find someone, lengya is much better than you in terms of hiding ability and escape ability. ” Ye Wuchen said.

Chu Jingtian’s head suddenly drooped down. He had no way not to accept this explanation. He is one of the people who know cold cliff best in the world. But this explanation is far fetched for yantianwei and yangongluo. With the strength of Yan Tianwei’s G.o.d level peak, ye Wuchen completely pa.s.sed the cold cliff in all aspects, but he didn’t mean to take him. But they didn’t ask much, knowing that ye Wuchen’s decision must have its purpose.

“Let’s go, Xiangxiang. It can be regarded as your home.” Ye Wuchen read silently in his heart. In his mind, he reflected the shadow of the mysterious “Lost Temple”.

“Yiya.” Xiangxiang gave a soft call, released a soft white light, covered ye Wuchen, lengya and yantianwei, and disappeared in situ with them.

The white light only flickered for a moment, and the scene in front of us has changed greatly. Too fast scene switching makes the vision appear a short-term blur. Yan Tianwei looked around and remembered here: “the center of the lost land, the lost temple. Master, you’ve been here before. “

He already knows that the s.p.a.ce fixed-point switching ability of Longhu is limited to switching to herself or where ye Wuchen has been. Otherwise, there is no target fixed-point random transmission, I do not know where it will reach.

“Yes, I came here three years ago and found Xiangxiang here.” Ye Wuchen replied briefly. He looked around and didn’t say any more: “let’s go.”

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