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Heroes of Marvel Chapter 247-250


Tony’s laser attack instantly broke through the huge claw that turned into a black mist. Perhaps the form of possession of the devil is also polymerized by energy, so after the laser penetrated, the huge claw began to dissipate from the middle and seemed to be scattered.

“Since it is effective, then, JARVIS, let’s teach these guys some manners! Increase the sonic attack intensity by 50% and maintain the previous intensity of the laser. Be careful not to hit the two people in the middle.” After noticing the effect of the laser strike, Tony’s eyes flashed and he ordered JARVIS.

As long as technology can handle it, Tony can use the Iron Man to do it. What about alien creatures? What about the demon outside this reality? There are always somethings that can deal with them. Of course, Tony didn’t know what that thing was on Harry yet.

“Yes, sir.” J.A.R.V.I.S. already controlled the other Iron Man to fly quickly around the battlefield, and also opened up sonic attacks and laser weapons.



In this way, under the targeted attacks from Tony’s Iron Man, the Venom changing itself to a giant form has been twisted under the influence of sound waves, constantly splitting tentacles to attack the flying Iron Man, but it is obviously doing nothing. Peter, wrapped in Venom, emerged, but he is in a coma and he can’t escape on his own.

The demon that possessed Harry wasn’t doing much better than Venom. Under the continuous laser strike, the black mist that forms the complete image of a devil has been dispersed by more than half and the armor is gone. Although more and more black fog continued to emerge from the black hole behind Harry, it could no longer condense into a completed image and create that armor on Harry’s body.

Under the attack of Tony’s high-tech Iron Man, these two things that are not native to the earth are actually suppressed. However, Tony’s Iron Man also happens to have a weapon that can be used against them. If other Superheros were here, they would have been beaten black and blue.

However, just when Tony thought the big picture was settled, the situation on the battlefield changed again. Venom, who could not control its own body under sonic attacks, has gradually adapted to the sonic attacks. J.A.R.V.I.S can only continuously increase the power of the sonic attacks.

And the demon who was attached to Harry seemed to know that its current situation would not work. The black hole, which was originally the size of a tire, suddenly expanded to a diameter the size of a human, just enough to swallow Harry. Suddenly, more black fog poured out of the swollen black hole and suddenly condensed into a tall image of the demon again under the impact of the lasers.

Then, when Tony couldn’t react, the huge demon suddenly roared at the several Iron Men flying in the air.

“Roar !!!!!! ~~”

Hum! !!

The seemingly unreal demon sent out a huge roar, and with the roar, it also sent out a weird wave, the instant impact on the flying Iron Man body.

“Not good!” Tony suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart when he saw the devil’s change. He quickly retreated.


“Unknown attack hit, the system is damaged by 80%. By calculation, this attack is similar to the type 5 attack.” Just after Tony’s frantic effort to control Iron Man’s rapid retreat, he hears the JARVIS report.

Then Tony saw all four Iron Man Armor flying above the battlefield falling to the ground with sparks. The interior of these four Iron Man Armors was severely damaged by just a single roar.

“Sure enough, this guy can use magic!” Tony murmured wistfully, watching the dark red eyes staring at him.

Tony felt a sense of deja vu after the attack, and the JARVIS test confirmed that Tony was right. It was a magical attack. The fifth attack type is Tony’s definition of magic attack, which is a category that Tony does not understand at all.

Since seeing Destroyer in New Mexico and almost being killed by it, Tony has been paying attention to this unknown type of magic attack. Later, he also learned from Mirage Knight that this is a kind of magic possessed by the Asgardians, which seems to not belong to any branch of science. So, in order not to encounter similar things in the future, Tony wanted to find a way to defend against this kind of magic attack. But because it’s really not a subject of study and Tony can’t find magic people around him to help him experiment, so he hasn’t made progress.

This time, Tony had a bad feeling when he saw this demon. Sure enough, that magic destroyed his four of his Iron Man Armors again. Now he’s the only one left on the battlefield. Driving the Iron Man to hide on the edge, he’s afraid to go any further. Of course, Tony didn’t plan to let the Iron Man who was standing by the Mirage Knight come to support him.

“d.a.m.n, I have to ask Mirage Knight to tell me more about magic after this matter is resolved. This must be added to the Iron Man Armor!” Taking the still intact Iron Man Armor, Tony looked at the battlefield ahead and saw that Venom and the Demon have begun to recover slowly.

“But, what should I do now? Should I notify SHIELD? They seem to be more experienced with these types of situations?” His Iron Man Armor is on the verge of collapse. Tony had no other methods now. All he can think of now is to turn to the SHIELD.

Since joining SHIELD, Tony also knows how many weird things the organization must have been exposed to and they may have the ability to solve the situation at hand. After all, they seem to be studying aliens. Aren’t they always monitoring Thor?

“Sir, a violent spatial fluctuation has been detected.” As Tony watched Venom fight the Demon once again, the voice of JARVIS came out again. And, this time, it seemed to have detected something strange.

“s.p.a.ce fluctuates?! Where?!” Tony asked quickly after hearing J.A.R.V.I.S. Spatial fluctuations are not normal.

Then J.A.R.V.I.S showed the position of the outgoing spatial fluctuation directly on the screen in front of Tony’s eyes. In the display of J.A.R.V.I.S, the location of that spatial fluctuation is exactly on the roof of that church.

“Scan there carefully!” As J.A.R.V.I.S’s camera zoomed in, Tony could already see some light on the church roof.

“Yes! Sir.” After agreeing, J.A.R.V.I.S had enlarged and scanned the situation and project it to Tony’s eyes.

Buzz ~

Then Tony saw another thing that surprised him today. In the scan of J.A.R.V.I.S, a circular s.p.a.ce door suddenly appeared on the roof of the church, and there was a bright golden light on the edge of the s.p.a.ce door.

Then, six people dressed in strange costumes came out of the door of the s.p.a.ce, and all fell on the church roof.

“Are they aliens? There are all kinds of weird things coming one after another!” Watching the six people who appeared in the center of the battlefield through the door of s.p.a.ce, Tony couldn’t help but speak sarcastically.

“Sir, the scan shows that those six people are from earth, they are not aliens.” However, just after Tony finished speaking, J.A.R.V.I.S corrected him.

“Hmm? From Earth? When did we possess such powerful technology?” Tony asked incredulously when he heard J.A.R.V.I.S.

“Perhaps, they are not using technology!” Tony murmured after seeing the next actions of the “uninvited guests” before J.A.R.V.I.S answered.

Back in time half a minute ago, a s.p.a.ce door appeared shortly after JARVIS detected a spatial fluctuation on the church roof. Then the six sorcerers who had disappeared from New York Sanctum appeared on the roof of the church. Their faces changed when they saw the huge virtual shadow of the Demon in front of them. As for the Giant Venom that confronted the virtual shadow of the Demon, they did not pay much attention to it.

Compared to the Demon who broke into the earth, Venom’s level is still too low. Had it not been for the magical protection around Earth, this unknown demon could not only be able to project a phantom image through the black hole behind Harry, with very limited strength, otherwise, Venom would not be an opponent of the Demon at it full strength at all.

“It cannot be allowed to expand any further. Its invasion of the earth must be interrupted!” A Sorcerer shouted loudly, looking at the growing shadow of the Demon below.

“Join hands and trap them in the Mirror Dimension!”

“Strike together!”

Then, under the cooperation of six sorcerers, a piece of mirror-like s.p.a.ce quickly surrounded the battlefield with the church as the center. It seems as if there are some optical illusions surrounding them and then everything returned to normal. However, this entire battlefield has been dragged into the Mirror Dimension, and the fierce fighting in it will not affect the outside world.

And just as this battlefield was dragged into the Mirror Dimension, the swollen Demon suddenly glanced upwards, and those big red eyes were staring at the six sorcerers above the church.


Then Harry, who was wrapped in the shadow of the Demon suddenly looked up. At the next moment, Harry had raised his hand and waved it over the church.


The great shadow also swung upward as Harry moved, and a dark purple light shot through the monster’s huge claws toward the six sorcerers above the church. After the black hole expands, the Demon finally condenses into a body large enough for it to release its other attack methods.

Faced with that ray of attack, a sorcerer reached out and stroked forward while the other jumped out of the way. At the same time as the sorcerer jumped out, the slate of the church that was stepping on his feet also moved quickly with him, constantly changing the structure and laying in front of the sorcerer and the other sorcerers that were now standing beside him were also stepping on the transformed slate or block to avoid the coming attack.


The whole church had been broken up into several parts by some sets of strange rules, and the surrounding buildings had changed accordingly. Soon there was a scene of a circular arena, with the Demon at its center, and Venom had been sealed into a separate s.p.a.ce. In the Mirror Dimension, the buildings are completely under the sorcerer’s control and no longer subject to terrain constraints.

“Spread out! Attack it but be very careful not to hurt the ordinary person that it has possessed!” Shouted a sorcerer as they ran at a quick pace. At the same time, he had used an attacked the shadow of the Demon below with magic.


For a moment, several fiery red magical lights shone in this mirrored s.p.a.ce that had been transformed into a gladiatorial arena, and each attack headed towards the Demon.


“Sir, there have been drastic spatial fluctuations again.” Just as Tony hid on the edge of the battlefield and carefully observed the six emerging earth humans, J.A.R.V.I.S’s voice suddenly reminded him again.

“What?!” After hearing a reminder from J.A.R.V.I.S, Tony suddenly noticed the mirrored s.p.a.ce spreading. However, the mirrored s.p.a.ce collapsed too quickly, and Tony was shrouded in it before he could react.

“Sir, we have lost contact with the outside world. According to system judgment, we seem to be trapped in a parallel s.p.a.ce.” When everything around was recovered again, JARVIS’s screen flashed a few times before reporting such a message.

Perhaps only an Advanced artificial intelligence like JARVIS can make the most normal judgment based on what it detects, which would be an illusion to the average person. Because this mirror s.p.a.ce is exactly the same as the real world, except for the changing church in front of them!

“Parallel s.p.a.ce? How many times will my worldview be refreshed in a day!” After hearing a report from J.A.R.V.I.S, Tony couldn’t help but groan as he stood at the edge of the mirrored s.p.a.ce.

Just after Tony finished speaking, the position of the battlefield in front of him, the churches began to change violently, and the buildings on the ground and the surrounding buildings were changing rapidly. This shocked Tony once again, but this time he did not say anything. If you shock a man many times in a short period, he will become numb to it. Is there anything more shocking than what is happening in front of Tony right at this moment? Anyway, Tony can’t think of it now. Maybe he will only think of it after this situation solves.

“Sir, I have scanned the position of the 10th Iron Man and Mirage Knight is beside him.” Just as Tony stared at the changes in the battlefield ahead, J.A.R.V.I.S’s voice came again.

Although the external connection between J.A.R.V.I.S and Mirror Dimension has been broken, scanning in the Mirror Dimension can still be done. However, after scanning, J.A.R.V.I.S found an unexpected situation. The 10th Iron Man, which should have been a few hundred meters away on the battlefield, is now wrapped in Mirror Dimension, and Mirage Knight is also next to it and also entered the Mirror Dimension.

“What? How did he come in?! J.A.R.V.I.S, connect me to number ten!” After hearing the report from J.A.R.V.I.S, Tony asked worriedly. Before, he had seen Mirage Knight’s injuries and Tony didn’t think he would be able to move at all. What is he doing here?

In the opposite direction to Tony’s location in the Mirror Dimension, the tenth Iron Man and Mirage Knight were carefully hiding, with the battlefield center in front of them.

Before Tony could send Mirage Knight out, he asked the tenth Iron Man to help him take out the Elven Holy Spring Water from his pocket and feed him. Under the action of the Elven Holy Spring Water, Mirage Knight’s injuries were quickly recovered. Although it is not possible for him to recover to his peak condition in such a short time, at least hi injuries turned from serious injuries to minor injuries.

Therefore, Mirage Knight, who was recovering came to the battlefield with the 10th Iron Man. However, as soon as he arrived here, he saw the six sorcerers who appeared from the s.p.a.ce door and brought this entire s.p.a.ce in the Mirror Dimension. Mirage Knight also got dragged in.

However, compared to Tony’s shock when he saw the scene before him, Mirage Knight was much calmer. Because, after seeing the familiar s.p.a.ce Door appeared, Mirage Knight had already guessed the ident.i.ty of the six weirdly dressed people who had suddenly appeared. They are the sorcerers who have been silently protecting the earth from the attacks of other dimension threats and demons. They belong to a powerful and secretive force that protects the earth.

“Whew! It seems that the thing on Harry is really a Demon! But with these sorcerers, the situation should be under control.” Seeing the six sorcerers waving their hands in the Mirror Dimension to turn this battlefield into a gladiator arena, Mirage Knight murmured while hiding.

Although he made many guesses about the power of these sorcerers, Mirage Knight is impressed by their ability to alter objects at will, regardless of rules. However, Mirage Knight does not have any magic talent, otherwise, he would really want to switch to magic.

Just as Mirage Knight was hiding and staring at the battle in the middle of the battlefield, the number ten Iron Man standing beside him suddenly made a sound.

“Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to hide outside and take a good rest?!” Tony’s voice came from the tenth Iron Man’s mechanical helmet as it looked at Mirage Knight beside him and Tony’s voice was a little worried.

“Mr. Stark, I’m much better now. By the way, are you in the Mirror Dimension?” Mirage Knight is a little surprised to hear Tony’s voice coming from the Iron Man Armor and immediately replied.

When Mirage Knight sneaked in, he didn’t see Iron Man flying in the sky. He thought that Tony was hiding someplace but he didn’t expect him to be enveloped by the Mirror Dimension. Mirage Knight hadn’t seen the previous image of the demon destroying four Iron Man armors, otherwise, he would definitely feel the same as Tony.

“Much better? I just saw that injury and I can see that it is a serious injury even if JARVIS couldn’t scan your body. How could you be much better?” Hearing Mirage Knight’s words, Tony’s voice came from the Iron Man, he didn’t believe Mirage Knight’s words.

“Also, you talked about Mirror Dimension just now, do you know something about the situation now?” Tony also expressed some concern about the two words spoken by Mirage Knight. Mirror Dimension, this really seems to be in line with the situation they are experiencing now. Does Mirage Knight know those weird people?

“Uh … well, I’ll let JARVIS scan my body first, and then explain to you the current situation.” After hearing Tony’s words, Mirage Knight knew Tony did not believe him and it would be much better if he could show that he is all right. So he let Phantom Suit unblock the shield first and then explain the situation to Tony.

“Okay, now J.A.R.V.I.S should be able to scan my body.” With only one thought, the Phantom Suit removed the shield from outside detection, Mirage Knight looked at the Iron Man as he spoke.

“J.A.R.V.I.S. Scan him carefully. If Mirage Knight is still seriously injured, restrict his movements. Don’t let him leave your sight.” Mirage Knight’s voice had just fallen, and Tony already ordered J.A.R.V.I.S.

“Yes, sir.” A calm promise was made and the 10th Iron Man approached Mirage Knight, and then two translucent rays of light from his mechanical helmet swept towards Mirage Knight.

Buzz ~

The two rays quickly swept over Mirage Knight and then retracted.

“After the inspection, Mirage Knight has only minor injuries on his body and does not need special attention.” Soon, J.A.R.V.I.S’s inspection report came out.

“Okay, I believe you. Tell me about the situation now. I’m heading towards you now, but I won’t go too fast so as not to attract the attention of those people.” After hearing JARVIS’s report, Tony felt relieved, then went on.

“Well, I have explained about Venom before, and the thing that is attached to Harry, I now suspect that it is some kind of Demon from other dimensions or reality. As for the six people who appear later, they are humans native to the earth, you can think of them as magicians. Although there are a lot of differences between them and the magicians you have read in novels or saw on televisions, they are real sorcerers. And the current situation … ” Hearing Tony’s orders, Mirage Knight stayed still while he explained the current situation to Tony as the fight between the Demon and the Earth Sorcerer went on.

And just as Tony and Mirage Knight, who were accidentally covered in Mirror Dimension, approached slowly and carefully, six sorcerers from the three Sanctum and the extraterrestrial Demon were fighting in the center of the Mirror Dimension’s arena. In fact, they have long noticed Tony and Mirage Knight hiding on the edge of the Mirror Dimension, but at this time, they need to deal with the Demon and they did not pay any attention to these ordinary people and as long as they remain hidden, they wouldn’t pay any attention to them until the fight is over.

With the cooperation of six sorcerers, the Demon possessing Harry has been suppressed, and each magical attack will make his illusion a little more illusory. However, the black mist constantly emerging from the black hole supplemented the consumption of this Demon’s power.

The six sorcerers were in a stalemate for a moment because they are worried that they will hurt Harry, who is infested by the power of the Demon. However, Harry, who is possessed by the Demon will be the first to lose his life if this continues. Even though Harry is now far more physically fit than the rest of the ordinary humans, he won’t be able to withstand the power of the Demon for long.

But even if the six sorcerers knew this, they didn’t have any other good idea. They could only hope that Ancient One gets there soon. With the strength of Ancient One, dealing with such a Demon would not be a problem at all and this Demon would not be able to hurt Harry again.

However, before the six sorcerers could wait for the Ancient One to appear here, the Shadow of the Demon below, which they had been suppressing, suddenly erupted. The shadow or mist, which had already expanded to the diameter of a person, expanded again, and instantly expanded to the size that could swallow a car.

As the black hole grows again, more black fog emerges from the inside and the Demon image suddenly swells a lot and a lot of solidification can be seen and the real muscles of the horrible Demon could almost be seen. At the same time, Harry, who had been under control, appeared to be struggling, his closed eyes were seemingly trying to open. Under the pressure of the Demon’s carelessness, Harry finally couldn’t hold it, it was his instinct to resist.

“Roar! Go to h.e.l.l!” The large, blood-red eyes of the Demon swept past the sorcerers, which surrounded him in six directions and it let out a roar.


Along with the roar of the Demon, countless lines of arrows condensed by black fog shot out in a 360-degree range. Tony had seen the black fog before with Norman, and it only took a small cloud to destroy his Iron Man Armor. Now, these condensed arrows are far more powerful than the previous dark fog, and it also contains the magic of this demon, which is also very difficult for the sorcerers to resist.

“Not good! Get out of the way!” A sorcerer, who was already nervous when the black hole suddenly expanded, shouted to other sorcerers after seeing the Demon’s next move.


While reminding others, the right hand of the sorcerer quickly drew in front of him and a shield composed of golden rune light appeared in front of the sorcerer. As for the other five sorcerers, they also made corresponding defenses. Six sorcerers were forced to the point of overall defense at one time.

Pū Pū Pū!



After a period of black arrow rain, a sorcerer was obviously weaker did not completely block the rain of black arrow. Two black arrows broke through his defense and hit him, and screams were heard on the battlefield.

“Roar! Burn-In h.e.l.l! Guardians of the Earth!” After launching the arrow rain, the Demon yelled again and then jumped directly from the ground of the gladiator arena and slammed into a sorcerer in the air.


The sorcerer who was targeted by the Demon waved his hands in a hurry to change the s.p.a.ce structure around him and quickly left the attack position of the Demon. Although he avoided the attack, the sorcerer was obviously incapable of dealing with the sudden and powerful Demon.

“Not good! It really intends to come to earth completely!” Seeing that the Demon Image is getting more and more solid and now the Demon would be able to attack with more methods, a sorcerer shouted in worry.

They would have been able to solve the problem more easily if it was just a demon casting an imaginary shadow of itself and causing damage through the loopholes in the laws protecting the earth, but if the demon actually bring himself here, the Mirror Dimension alone would not be able to trap it and it would cause unpredictable damage to the earth.

In fact, there is no need for that sorcerer to give out this warning as the other sorcerers also understand that the current situation has reached an extremely serious situation. Moreover, two of their companions were injured in Arrow Rain’s attack just now. Facing an increasingly powerful Demon, the six sorcerers with limited strength are no longer its opponent.



Under the attacks of the crazy Demon, several sorcerers can only continuously avoid the attacks relying on their control of the Mirror Dimension. For a while, the entire Mirror Dimension was spinning like a giant kaleidoscope, and the Demon trapped in the center of the kaleidoscope was trying to destroy the various rotating buildings around him.

However, looking at the solid body of the Demon, this Mirror Dimension can’t hold him for long. In such a situation, Harry possessed by the Demon had already shed blood all over his body. The whole person already looked like a blood man, and no one knows how long he will last.

If the real Demon really comes to this dimension, it wouldn’t need to be attached to earth creatures, so now the Demon doesn’t care about Harry’s life and death, squeezing his lifeforce as much as possible.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just when the Demon in the gladiatorial arena in the center of Mirror Dimension came out, Tony at the edge of the Mirror Dimension finally flew towards Mirage Knight.

“According to what you just said, this guy is from another world and it should not be the opponent of these sorcerers. However, why does the situation looks a little bad now.” The Iron Man fell beside Mirage Knight and Tony opened the helmet and looked at Mirage Knight.

Tony could see that the situation was bad and Mirage Knight could also see it. Moreover, Mirage Knight could see more clearly than Tony. Because of his physical strengthening, Mirage Knight could see Harry’s situation as he was wrapped in the Demon’s shadow at this moment. So, Mirage Knight is more worried now.

“Although I know that there are such a group of mysterious people on the earth but I have never contacted them, and I did not expect that they will not be able to deal with this guy. However, there should be a powerful person coming soon!” Staring worriedly at the battlefield situation, Mirage Knight said seriously.

The more powerful person Mirage Knight is talking about is obviously the Ancient One. As the leader of the Earth’s Sorcerers, the strength of the Ancient One is much better than these ordinary sorcerers.

“I hope you are right. If these magical sorcerers can’t deal with that guy, we wouldn’t be able to escape it either.” Tony could only comfort himself when he heard Mirage Knight’s words.

Although Tony still has two Iron Man around him, he also knows that it is not easy to deal with things that are not from earth. Maybe Arc Reactor’s self-destruct can do some harm to it, but it will still be useless if it can’t destroy that black hole.

“No! This can’t go on! Even if they can trap this guy, Harry can’t hold out!” Mirage Knight finally breaks down when he sees Harry looking miserable. With a cry, Mirage Knight rushes out.


However, Mirage Knight was only able to take a step out before he gets stopped by Tony who is watching the situation. Two Iron Men Armors stand in front of him, left and right. Tony will not let Mirage Knight go there to die now.

“Mirage Knight, don’t be impulsive. It won’t help if you go up there. Their rules are not in accordance with the rules of physics. You can’t even intervene.” Stopping Mirage Knight, Tony says in a serious voice.

Although the Mirror Dimension is a projection of the real world, the rules are entirely subject to the sorcerer’s changes. Even if Iron Man flew into the battlefield, he could only fly along with the constantly changing ground and sky. Science could not work well without the basic rules of physics.

“But I can’t watch Harry dying like that! That’s not happening!” Mirage Knight said with some anger in his voice but he finally stopped.

“Okay, let’s do it together, but we can’t get close to the most central area!” Knowing that even if he stopped Mirage Knight, he would run over, Tony finally compromised.

“Yes! Let’s attack that black hole together! I think that’s the energy source of that big guy. If we destroy it, we should be able to get out of this crisis.” After agreeing with Tony’s suggestion, Mirage Knight said seriously.

“Well, I think so too. But, do you have a long-range attack?” Tony nodded and asked again.

Although he knew that Mirage Knight could attack with his blade through strange energy but he could not attack a target that is too far. But they want to remain unaffected by the weird rules that are happening in the center, they must hide a hundred meters away.

“Yes! But I need some help from the Iron Man Armor!” Mirage Knight answered when he heard Tony’s words.

“What help?”

“Energize me!” Mirage Knight had already pulled out his Thunder Blade as he replied.

One minute later, Mirage Knight had taken the Thunder Blade that absorbed the entire Arc Reactor energy and Tony slowly approached the central battlefield and finally stopped at a position of 100 meters away from it. This is the closest place they can get without getting affected by those magics. If they move forward, they will fall into the kaleidoscope that is constantly rotating.

“Are you ready?” Looking at Mirage Knight beside him, Tony asked earnestly. Tony was surprised when the Thunder Blade fully absorbed the entire energy in Arc Reactor just now as he did not expect that such a seemingly ordinary Blade had such ability. However, the size of the attack depends on the strength of the user.

“Ready!” Using all the internal energy in his body, Mirage Knight slowly raised the sword to the top of his head with both hands and then replied.

“So, let’s get started! Three ~ two ~ one ~ J.A.R.V.I.S, Fire the cannon with 100% power!”

“Let’s go! Thunder Strike!”



As Tony and Mirage Knight shouted, two lights, one purple and one white flashed from the side of the battlefield at the same time. Then, a white laser beam and a purple Thunder power rushed into the center of the battlefield in an instant!


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