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Chapter 162 Unnecessary Existence

“Director, these are the files my brother gives to you. He tells you to finish it as soon as possible!” Gu Ruoruo puts a pile of files on Xia Ning’s desk. She says coldly and wants to go away.

“Wait for a minute.” Xia Ning glances at the files and stops Gu Ruoruo.

Gu Ruoruo turns impatiently, “Director, anything else?”

Xia Ning is going to speak when there is someone knocking at the door.

“Come in.”

The door is opened and Li Baoer comes in with some files in her hand, “Director Xia, my supervisor asks you to sign these files.”

Xia Ning smiles, “You call me Director? Just call me Xia Ning.”

“Ha, aren’t you happy to be called Director?” Gu Ruoruo says in a sneering voice.

Li Baoer looks at Gu Ruoruo in surprise, “Director, is this your new a.s.sistant?” Gu Luan held a meeting in the morning and Wan Liqing was promoted to be the Director of the News Department, while Gu Ruoruo officially became Xia Ning’s a.s.sistant.

In the meeting, it seemed that Gu Ruoruo despised Xia Ning. Now, based on what Gu Ruoruo says, Li Baoer’s suspicion is confirmed.

Gu Ruoruo does dislike Xia Ning.

Xia Ning surely understands what Li Baoer means. However, she smiles indifferently, “It is nothing. She is still a frank kid.”

Xia Ning says when her phone rings at the same time. It is from Yi Yunrui.

Xia Ning is glad and she at once presses the answer b.u.t.ton. But she hasn’t said anything, while Dai Zhongheng’s voice is heard, “Is that Mrs. Yi?”

“Hum.” Xia Ning responds. The sound of the wind is very loud at the other end and she can’t hear clearly, “What are you saying? Who had a car accident?”

“Commander Yi had a car accident!” Dai Zhongheng keeps his voice low, “Mrs. Yi, don’t worry. I have arranged the helicopter in C City to pick you up. You may go downstairs now and someone will pick you up there. Commander Yi’s helicopter has taken off. You may get prepared first.”

“OK. I am going downstairs now.” Xia Ning responds and hangs up. She says to Gu Ruoruo, “Ruoruo, help to prepare a request for my absence for one week.”

“Well. You are really playing the role. Will absence be granted as you wish?” Gu Ruoruo says coldly.

Seeing that Xia Ning is anxious, Li Baoer realizes that something happened. She draws Xia Ning, “Ning, what happened?”

“Yi Yunrui had a car accident on the way back to C City.” Xia Ning responds in a low voice. She tries her best to restrain her emotion and pa.s.ses several pieces of paper to Gu Ruoruo, “Ruoruo, this is the interview tasks for this week. You may arrange them. Call me if you have any questions.”

Gu Ruoruo takes them over and smiles coldly, “Quite a good excuse to get away from the responsibilities…Ah.”

Not waiting for Gu Ruoruo to finish her words, a slap is heard and she is given a real slap by Xia Ning on her face.

“I don’t care what’s your relation with Director Gu. If you don’t want to work here, get out!” Xia Ning shouts.

Xia Ning’s violent reaction surprises Gu Ruoruo. She covers her face and stares at Xia Ning with her big eyes for a while. Then, she cries and runs away.

Li Baoer looks at them and shakes her head. However, she understands Xia Ning’s anxiety. If this happened to her, she would be more furious than Xia Ning.

“Ning, don’t be angry. Who was calling just now?”

“It is Colonel Dai.” Xia Ning takes several deep breaths, “Do you want to go with me?”

Li Baoer thinks for a while. She wants to meet Dai Zhongheng very much, but now, something happened to Yi Yunrui and she is not expected to bother them at the time, “I may stay in the company to keep an eye on that girl to prevent her from causing some troubles. I will inform you of anything at once. You may go now.”

Xia Ning nods and quickly gets her things and then rushes downstairs.

A Dongfeng Warrior has been waiting for her there. Xia Ning gets in the car, which attracts the surprising attention of many people.

Sitting in the car, Xia Ning suddenly feels sad. She remembers that several years ago when she heard about the sudden death of her grandmother and her parents, she was also not prepared for that at all…

Don’t die. Yi Yunrui, you really don’t die!

In the military hospital in W City…

It is a coincidence that when Xia Ning gets off the helicopter, Yi Xian and Zheng Yao arrive too. Zheng Yao’s eyes are red. It seems that she cried all the way here. Yi Xian holds his wife’s shoulder tightly. He sees Xia Ning and nods at her, “Ning, it is told by the hospital that Rui is not seriously injured. Don’t worry.”

Xia Ning nods. She curls her lips and doesn’t know what to say at the moment.

As a matter of fact, Yi Yunrui is not injured as seriously as imagined. When the car turned over, one of his ribs was broken. Before Xia Ning arrived, he had had an operation to set the bone. However, the condition of Driver Li and Feng Le were not so optimistic. They couldn’t keep balance and was thrown out directly from the window to the ground outside. They are still in ICU now.

Because the medicine takes effect, Yi Yunrui is a little dizzy. However, he can see clearly the person who is giving him the infusion.

It is Mei Ruo.

“Why are you here?” Yi Yunrui slightly frowns.

“I am your nurse. Why can’t I be here? Don’t forget that I am a military doctor.” Mei Ruo responds indifferently.

Yi Yunrui doesn’t reply. At the time, someone knocks at the door and Yi Xian comes in with others.

Seeing Yi Yunrui lying in the snow-white patient bed, Zheng Yao loses control of her emotion at once. She cries and rushes to Yi Yunrui. But Yi Xian stops her. He whispers by her ear and Zheng Yao calms herself down.

Zheng Yao calms down, but she is still sobbing. After quite a while, Yi Xian frowns and makes an excuse to draw his wife out of the room.

If he doesn’t draw his wife away, it is believable that they are going to have another patient very soon.

After Zheng Yao and Yi Xian leaves, Xia Ning, Yi Yunrui and Mei Ruo are left in the patient room.

Compared with Zheng Yao’s sobbing, Xia Ning just sits aside quietly. She doesn’t speak a word. At the beginning, she looks at Yi Yunrui. But later, she lowers her eyes, thinking something unknown. She only wears a military coat and her hairs are in a mess. Her face and hands are red because of the cold. She looks so poor and melancholy.

Zheng Yao and Yi Xian have left. Xia Ning mildly lifts her head. When her eyes get contact with Yi Yunrui’s, she slightly trembles and can’t help bursting into tears.

“Sweetheart…” Yi Yunrui feels his heart aching. He holds out his hand towards her, “Come here.”

Xia Ning curls her lips. She looks at Mei Ruo, who is standing by Yi Yunrui. For an instant, she doesn’t know what she can do here…Yi Yunrui is the precious third son of Yi Family. Whenever he is sick, everyone in the family will be around him. He is the Army Commander. Many people are worried about him. The helicopter goes and comes again and again. Her coming can hardly make adding to that and her absent can’t make reducing to that, either.

She feels that she is not needed here, especially when she sees Mei Ruo.

Something happened to Yi Yunrui. The first person showing by his side is another woman, while Xia Ning…is only to be here watching!

She still remembers that after her parents pa.s.sed away, she held the box with their ashes inside. She stood right at the spot and couldn’t move her feet. She felt her whole body frozen in the cold. She will never forget that all her life,

She had the feeling again, when she came in and saw Mei Ruo staying with Yi Yunrui in the room just now.

Seeing that Xia Ning stands there quietly and stares at him blankly, in an instant, Yi Yunrui suddenly feels that something in his heart flowing away slowly, while fear is all that left!

“Sweetheart, come here.” Yi Yunrui says in a deep voice. And he says as if he is giving an order, “Mei Ruo, would you please leave for a while?”

Mei Ruo lifts her eyebrows and turns to leave. When she pa.s.ses Xia Ning, she says, “As to Rui, your existence is but a burden.”

The words are spoken in a low voice, but it is like a switch and Xia Ning hears an explosion in her brain.

Mechanically, Xia Ning holds out her hand and grabs Mei Ruo, “Commissar Mei, what did you say just now?”

Not expecting that Xia Ning will react like this, Mei Ruo is shocked, “Why? Am I wrong? And, I am not a commissar now. Please don’t call me Commissar Mei. Well, I have other things to handle. Please let me go.”

But Xia Ning grasps Mei Ruo’s clothes more tightly. She says coldly, “It is right. I know that my existence is not good for Rui. Well, I am leaving now. After Rui recovers, I will sign to divorce him. Rui…will be in your care in the future.

Saying this, Xia Ning turns and leaves the patient room in the surprising staring of Mei Ruo and Yi Yunrui.

Xia Ning goes out of the patient room and runs towards hidden places with tears in her eyes. After quite a while, not knowing where she is, Xia Ning sits on a stone chair and her tears are out of control just like the flood going out of the dam.

It is simply a mistake for her to marry him.

She has no parents, no relatives and no one to rely on. What on earth does Yi Yunrui like her for?

She can’t even make a nice meal. What does Yi Yunrui marry her for?

Even if Yi Yunrui really loves her, if he finds the photos, everything will end.

Which man can stand that kind of thing?

She really doesn’t want to…ruin Yi Yunrui’s reputation.

She doesn’t want to make Yi Yunrui a big joke for everyone.

Her heart is very painful and it will be very painful in the future. It will be so painful that she would rather die…But there is something she has to do!

She is going to be a bad woman. She may be a completely bad woman.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning takes a deep breath. She wipes her tears. Her phone rings.

“The most romantic thing I can imagine is to be getting old slowly with you…”

Hearing the beautiful female voice, Xia Ning is stunned. After quite a while, she presses the answer b.u.t.ton.

“Sweetheart…where are you?”

Yi Yunrui’s voice sounds weak at the other end of the phone as if he is restraining something.

“You don’t need to know where I am. It is not far from C City. You may have a good rest to get recovered. I believe that Nurse Mei will take good care of you.”

“Sweetheart, don’t play the joke on me. Sorry. It is my fault. Well, tell me. Where are you…Hum!”

Yi Yunrui has not finished his words when he suddenly groans. Hearing this, Xia Ning’s heart tightens. She gets worried immediately, “Rui, how are you? Why does your voice change? Do you feel pain in the wounds?”


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