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Chapter 396 No One Can Save You.

“Jing Shu, how long have you been working here?”

Jing Shu feels surprised. She turns nervous at once, “It will have been a month in a few days.”

Xia Ning said that her probation period would be a month. She asks the question now. Is Xia Ning going to decide whether she can stay here or not?

“In a few days…” Xia Ning thinks for a while. She feels a little upset.

Everything seems to go against Jing Shu. Xia Ning feels uncomfortable in her heart. She knows that she should not make emotional decisions. But she can’t convince herself.

“Jing Shu, you may have a vacation for the rest of the days.”

Jing Shu feels shocked to hear Xia Ning’s words!

Have a vacation?

To have a long vacation or a short one? What does Xia Ning mean?

“Sister Xia, I don’t understand what you mean.”

Xia Ning purses her lips. She says word by word, “The probation is over. You may leave.”

“!” Hearing this, Jing Shu is shocked blankly, “Sister Xia, did I do anything wrong? Please tell me. I can make corrections. Don’t I still have some days…”

“No. You may go home.” Jing Shu did very well at work. If Xia Ning disregards the scruples and suspicions about her, Jing Shu is totally a very considerate girl at work. Xia Ning can’t find any reasons to fire her. To be honest, she is unwilling to tell Jing Shu to leave. She says, “It is late. You may collect your things and go home.”

Then, Xia Ning turns around to leave.

“Sister Xia!” Jing Shu cries in a loud voice, “OK. Even if you tell me to leave, you have to tell me what I did is wrong. I don’t want to leave in confusion.”

Xia Ning hesitates. The scene in the car pops up in her brain. She clenches her hands, “You are unsuitable to stay by me. This is the reason.”

Then, she doesn’t wait for any responses from Jing Shu. She leaves the office at once.

It is dark. There is light from every house outside the window. Xia Ning gives a sigh. She feels very uncomfortable.

Twenty minutes have pa.s.sed. She thinks that the girl must have left.

She glances at the time. It is half past seven. She wonders whether Rui has got rid of the problem.

No matter how the information was disclosed, she has to bear the responsibility.

At the time, Xia Ning’s phone rings. It is Yi Yunrui. Xia Ning presses the answer b.u.t.ton, “Darling, have you found out who disclosed the information? If it is really my fault, please don’t shield me. I should bear the responsibility on my own…”

“Sweetheart, come downstairs. Let’s go home.”

She has not finished her words when Yi Yunrui interrupts tenderly.

Yi Yunrui is downstairs? Xia Ning stands up at once. She sees the black monsterous car through the window. She smiles sweetly, “Hum. I am going down.”

When Xia Ning comes out, Jing Shu has left. However, nothing seems to have changed on Jing Shu’s desk. Xia Ning feels her heart tightened. She turns to go downstairs.

She can’t give in!

She hasn’t got to the car when the door of the car is opened. Yi Yunrui looks sincerely at her and holds out his hand towards her.

Xia Ning smiles. She holds Yi Yunrui’s hand. She has just got to the car while he forcefully draws her. She turns and falls into his warm embrace at once.

“Why didn’t you go home? You worked overtime?”

The deep voice sounds like the music from an ancient zither which seems to draw her lost in it. Xia Ning quietly leans on Yi Yunrui’s chest like a kitten, “No, I felt worried. Were you punished?”

“Don’t worry. I am fine.” Yi Yunrui gently kisses her forehead, “Are you hungry? Do you like to eat outside or go home? I can make you dinner.”

“You must be tired after being so busy. Don’t make the dinner yourself. Shall we go to have sushi?”

“Hum. Yes, if you like.”

Xia Ning is in a bad mood because of what happened earlier in the evening. She is eating the food she likes, but she doesn’t eat much. Yi Yunrui feels worried to see that. He continuously picks the sushi she likes for her. They pack a lot of food with them when they go home.

“I am full. We have packed too much food. We can’t finish it. It will be a waste to throw it away.”

“I will eat up those you can’t finish.”

“…It will make you sick in your stomach.”

Yi Yunrui gently smiles. He presses Xia Ning’s head to his chest, “That will be better than making you hungry.”

Therefore, to avoid making Commander Yi sick in his stomach, Xia Ning eats some more. The rest is really eaten up by Yi Yunrui.”

Luckily, what Yi Yunrui packed to take home is sashimi only. If it is sushi, she is afraid that she will have to run to the toilet more frequently.

Xia Ning is full. She is going to take a bath. Yi Yunrui stops her, “Can we go to bed a little later?”

Xia Ning glances at the time. It is ten. She usually goes to bed at twelve. It is OK to go to sleep a little later. But she doesn’t understand what Yi Yunrui means.


“Wait for a second.” Yi Yunrui stands up to go to the kitchen. Soon, he comes out with a fruit plate in his hand.

Xia Ning feels shocked to see the fruit plate, “Again?”

“We may eat some to help digest. It is OK to eat some of it.” Yi Yunrui picks a piece of pear for Xia Ning.

Xia Ning chews the pear. She stealthily looks at Yi Yunrui, who looks strange.

“Darling, why do you want me to go to sleep a little later?”

Yi Yunrui blinks his eyes. He puts on a seeming smile, “I want to teach you something.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“I will tell you later.”

“…” Xia Ning guesses in her heart. As a matter of fact, Xia Ning wants very much to ask Yi Yunrui about how today’s case was settled. But she is the person who did something wrong. She doesn’t dare to ask him about it.

Yi Yunrui is aware of his wife’s hesitation. He can guess what she is thinking about. He says, “Long Shaojie was rescued. The kidnapper was sent to the police office. Yagi will be sent back to j.a.pan later. The case will be dealt accordingly. While Fang Youqi…”

At the time, Yi Yunrui’s phone rings. It is Fang Youqi.

Yi Yunrui lifts his eyebrows. What a coincidence.

“Commander Yi, please help me in this case.” Not waiting for Yi Yunrui to speak, Fang Youqi says to beg Yi Yunrui, “I know I am wrong. But I really didn’t know that the condition would turn out to be like this. Commander Yi, I know you are powerful. As to the punishment for me, could you please…have some mercy on me?”

Since the media interfered, the case turned serious in influence. Nie Zhiyuan has clearly said that he would not interfere in the case. Fang Youqi has lost his only backing. Who can he rely on?”

Commander Xie has reported the case to the central government and is waiting for the conclusion. Now, the one who is suspended from his duty is Fang Youqi.

If he has got no one to speak for him, he is truly done for his future career.

This time, he truly understands that he is too impulsive. He has caused disastrous troubles this time! He has offended someone not supposed to be enraged.

Yi Yunrui freezes his eyes. He predicted in advance that Fang Youqi would call him.

Seemingly, Fang Youqi has asked for help from his brother-in-law Nie Zhiyuan and the result is obvious. Yagi is j.a.panese. Fang Youqi arrested him in private. He may cause conflicts between the two countries. Based on this, he can be forced to end his military career, let alone that Long Zhengren has been involved in the case.

When the news about Long Shaojie’s kidnap spreads, it must bring great impact to C City’s economy. If Fang Youqi is to be punished for these crimes, even Nie Zhiyuan doesn’t dare to cover for him. Now Nie Zhiyuan must be worrying that he himself may be influenced. He may try to disa.s.sociate himself from the case at once.

If Commander Xie had been willing to help Fang Youqi, he wouldn’t have taken such direct actions. Seemingly, Fang Youqi understands now. This is the last call he makes. He can’t but ask for help from Yi Yunrui.

“The nation has its laws just as a family has its rules. Colonel Fang, this is the second time for you to cause troubles. I can do nothing to help you.” Last time, he let Fang Youqi off the hook. He knew that the boy would try to pull him down. Well, it hasn’t been a week later, while he has caused such a serious problem.

Yi Yunrui’s words almost sentence Fang Youqi to death. Fang Youqi mentally collapses at once. He starts crying on the phone, “Commander Yi, it was my fault in the past. I was awful. I am sorry. I apologize to you, to Mrs. Yi, to the Party, to the nation and the people. I am a sinner! Would you please give me another chance? I will make corrections. I will surely turn to be someone useful to the nation…”

“Colonel Fang.” Yi Yunrui slightly frowns. Fang Youqi is an army man, but he is crying bitterly! Yi Yunrui feels disgusted. He says, “You may tell the leadership these words. It is no use telling me. That’s all I can say. I may hang up.”

Yi Yunrui finishes his words. Not waiting for Fang Youqi to respond, he hangs up the phone at once.

Yi Yunrui finds that Xia Ning looks at him confusedly. He smiles, “Sweetheart, wait for another minute. I need to make a call.”

He dials Zhang Hai’s number. Yi Yunrui says, “Zhang Hai, take some people to keep an eye on Fang Youqi. Call me if anything happens.”

As to Fang Youqi, he has been kind enough to him. However, the boy is just like a dog, who may jump over the wall when it gets anxious. Yi Yunrui doesn’t help Fang Youqi. Based on Fang Youqi’s personality, he must turn hostile to Yi Yunrui. Before the leadership announces their decisions and he is taken away from C City, Fang Youqi may take his last revenge.

The person Fang Youqi will revenge on will be Yi Yunrui, or someone related to him.

“Yes, Sir.”

Yi Yunrui hangs up the phone and puts it aside. He turns to hold Xia Ning’s hand and kisses it gently.

Xia Ning blinks her eyes, “Was that Colonel Fang?”

“He is without any t.i.tles now.”

“Oh…” Xia Ning goes to sit closer to Yi Yunrui, “Darling, why do you still tell me the result of the case? No conclusions have been drawn for the media issue yet.”

“There are so many people with Long Zhengren. Darling, it can’t be sure that it is you who disclosed the information. There will be investigations on this issue. Before the result is announced, no one is guilty.”

“If the investigation finds out that I am the one who disclosed the information, what the punishment will be? Will I be sent to jail?”

Yi Yunrui feels his heart ache. He can’t help holding Xia Ning’s hand tightly, “You little fool, don’t worry. That will never happen.”

Even if the information is found to be disclosed by his wife, he will try everything he can to shield her.


“Don’t say anything else.” Yi Yunrui touches her little nose with his big hand, “Come on. Stand up.”

Xia Ning doesn’t know what Yi Yunrui wants to do. She stands up confusedly. Then Yi Yunrui draws her to the center of the living room.

Yi Yunrui lets go of her hands. He stares at her. Then, he puts his hands on the b.u.t.tons of his shirt and slowly unties his clothes.

Xia Ning widens her eyes. Yi Yunrui is taking off his clothes in the living room! What does he want to do?


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