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The Dawn Vessel was made out of actual dragon bones, and even though the Fire Dragon was still young and flawed…

The poor Fire Dragon had successfully offered itself as a sacrifice. This meant that the potential of the Dawn Vessel was endless. It could be considered as one of the top warships among the epic warships.

However, while it could be considered as epic in other aspects, its attacking potential was not up to the standard.

Not unless they equipped some magical cannons. Even ordinary cannons would make an improvement…

As for whether the Dawn Vessel had the opportunity to become a legendary warship, William was looking forward to seeing the results.

But Andrew could only helplessly say that it was impossible. The requirements of a legendary warship were too high, and the current City of Dawn couldn’t support it.

Luckily, William did not insist on having a legendary warship. Having an epic warship was enough for him.

“As long as we can advance to that small island in the south, it is enough.” William avoided the rain and narrowed his eyes. He looked at the vast ocean in the south. There was a sea breeze, and the waves surged.

The seas covered a large part of the surface area in the G.o.ds’ continent. The surface area of all the land combined was not even 10% of the surface area occupied by water.

There were hundreds and thousands of small islands.

Sea creatures.

Magical sea beasts.

Underwater palaces.

Mermaids, sirens, sea dragons, and upgraded versions of mermen were present in the seas. Simply put, the sea was vast and endless. It was also abundant in resources. This was the reason that prompted William’s desire to develop the maritime industry.

“True men should explore the sea.” William sat cross-legged and trained his battle energy. He patiently waited as the Giant Dragon was being skinned, and its muscles removed. After all, he had to bring the rest back with him.

He had to return the s.p.a.ce ring to Moses as well…

“If one returns what one borrowed on time, one can borrow it again next time. Most importantly, if the lender is a BOSS or an enchanter, I would not dare to be the debt dodger…” William silently muttered. He closed his eyes and fell asleep while sitting down.

It was rather difficult for one person to skin and remove muscles from a 17 meter Fire Dragon.

Andrew was not foolish. He used his magic transmission scroll to find a few seasoned hunters for help.

But even then, William idly sat at the ship-building factory for two whole days.

Finally, the dragon bones had been completely taken out, William brought the rest, the almost-complete body of the dragon, back to the City of Dawn. He froze it in the magic formation and stepped on the path to the fortune-telling hut.

Knock knock knock.

“Come in. The door isn’t locked.”

Moses, as usual, was too lazy to open the door. William pushed open the door, but the room was so dim, that it took him a while to adjust to it. He raised his eyebrows. Moses was still petting his cat, and his indoor-loving self was in full view.

“Oh, if it isn’t our Lord. Please, take a seat. Tsk tsk. Congratulations on becoming a Brave Dragon Slayer. It is not easy, not easy.”

Moses cheerily praised him. Then he turned to look at William’s finger.

“This s.p.a.ce ring is pretty good…” William took off the ring. He touched it, and his look was one of reluctance, reluctance to part with the ring.

After all, it was a s.p.a.ce ring with 10 thousand cubic meters of s.p.a.ce. In his previous life, this would be considered a top s.p.a.ce ring.

“Do you like it?” Moses asked.

“Yes, yes, yes.” William looked at his expression. He quickly nodded his head like a small squirrel.

“Oh, but this is mine…” Moses stretched out his arm with an innocent expression on his face.

William rolled his eyes. He had no choice but to place the ring in Moses’ hand.

However, to his shock, he felt as if his palm was being scratched…



The handsome and charming Royal Highness, who could conquer all the girls in the city, felt that something was strange.

But after Moses withdrew his hand, he scratched his own palm too, as if it had not been done on purpose.

Moses still had that uncaring look, as he said, “If you want to use it, I can lend it to you again. But Lord, there would be a rent this time.”

“What do you want? Just tell me!” William waved. He was now full of heroic spirit.

“Dragon crystal.”

William immediately widened his eyes. He could not help but point at Moses. “Dragon Crystal! That is too much. If you ask half of the dragon scales, I can give them to you. But you want the dragon crystals? Are you kidding with me?”

The legendary Fire Dragon crystal. How could William bear to give it away?

Moses did not care much about William’s complaints. He shrugged his shoulders. “What do you need the dragon crystal for anyway?

“Food for your three bears to eat? Aren’t you afraid that the attributes are not suitable? Aren’t you afraid it would cause an explosion?”

“You can use it to feed dragons, but do you have any?”

“Are you going to use it to make equipment? With whom? The two trolls under your control?

“Or are you planning to make it your family treasure? Or eat it yourself?”

“…” William was speechless as Moses bombarded him with these questions. He was right. William did not have any use for the dragon crystal right now.

But he still did not want to give it away due to its value. There would be buyers for it on the G.o.ds’ continent, even if it was only a dragon crystal from a middle-level Fire Dragon.

If it was fed to a fire attribute magical beasts, it could increase their bloodline potential and cause them to level up. All its attributes would level up as well. There were many benefits.

It could be used to create equipment and magical weapons.

In short, it had many uses…

But currently, William had no way of tapping its potential.

As William thought about this, he became resolute. He no longer hesitated. He took the deep red dragon crystal out from the s.p.a.ce ring. The room temperature started to increase. The magic in their surroundings grew stronger as well, concentrated at the dragon crystal in his hands.

The dragon crystal was covered in a layer of battle energy. This was to prevent him from being burned by the crystal.

The dim fortune-telling hut had turned red from the dragon crystal. The dazzling light caught the attention of many people.

Needless to say, a treasure like the dragon crystal was very attractive.

William took a deep breath and decisively threw the dragon crystal at Moses, who had an utterly shocked look…

After all,

Moses never expected William to do something like this…

This was a dragon crystal…

Even he had never possessed a dragon crystal before. It was a treasure that could cause brothers to turn against each other and form grudges on the legendary continent!

Moses smiled and kept it in a small box. Then, he placed the box into the s.p.a.ce ring. “Thank you. In the future, if you want to use the s.p.a.ce ring, just tell me.”

William sighed and sat on a chair. He said, “Then help me!”

“Do you want to bathe in dragon blood?” Moses asked.

“Yes. Furthermore, it needs to be on a large scale. I will need your magic formation too.” William narrowed his eyes and nodded. No matter how eccentric he was, Moses was the best choice, not just in the City of Dawn, but the entire southeast area.

“Easy… I will ensure that the people you choose will all become Dragon Followers or even Dragon Speakers.” Moses nodded with confidence.

But when William saw how Moses boasted, he did not trust him. “I remember that this depends on one’s physique and willpower. The magic formation of a mage is important, but it is not that important, right? Furthermore, only Giant Dragons can produce Dragon Speakers, right?”

Moses glanced at him in disdain. “That will be the case without a dragon crystal. With the dragon crystal as a relic, do you think that the probability of a Dragon Follower dying is very high? Furthermore, who am I…”

“Fine. Give me ten one-year magic scrolls and 300 ten-day magic scrolls.” William narrowed his eyes.

Moses picked his eyebrows. Why did he feel like William did not have good intentions? However, considering the dragon crystal, he nodded and chased William out. He wanted to shut off from the world, he wanted to pet his cat… he wanted to train…

William walked out. He closed the door on his way out.

He was not a Dragon Follower in his previous life. He did not know that something like that was possible after obtaining the dragon crystal.

“Is this possible? If I had not decisively given him the dragon crystal, even if he agreed to help me, he would not tell me how much the success rate of becoming a Dragon Follower will be with the dragon crystal.” William clenched his fist. He had to deal with Moses well.

“As for the magic scroll, it is a G.o.d-tier move to determine winners and losers in the future…”


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