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Chapter 77: Senior

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Lin Qi couldn’t help but feel excited upon looking at the ancient book in front of him.

Was that the cultivation technique that even Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao couldn’t learn?

How powerful was the cultivation technique that even Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao couldn’t learn in two hundred years?

Even Lin Qi couldn’t help but feel excited.

However, the system notification made his heart sink when he gently picked up the ancient book.

[ Ding, detected that the host is learning the ‘Longevity Mantra’. Do you wish to use 1000,000 points to cultivate it to the maximum level with one click? ]

[ Ding, detected that the host’s points are insufficient. Do you wish to use 5,000 years to cultivate it to the maximum level with one click? ]


Lin Qi could not help but gasp.

1,000,000 points, 5,000 years of lifespan!

The cultivation technique required such a great price to cultivate to the maximum level with one click!

Was that a freaking cultivation technique for humans to learn?

Wouldn’t an ordinary being ascend to immortality on the spot if he were to learn that?

Lin Qi was slightly stunned upon thinking of that.

‘Wait, ascend to immortality?’

He recalled what You Yilin had said just now.

That cultivation technique seemed to have been left behind by the senior of the Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao.

Then, where did that so-called senior get this cultivation technique?

Did that senior succeed in cultivating it?

Wouldn’t the senior have already attained Dao and ascended if he had mastered the Longevity Mantra?

A series of questions arose in his heart, making Lin Qi think of many possibilities.

The cultivation level of the previous world was not as high as this world.

However, even that world could ascend to immortality.

Wouldn’t the probability of becoming an immortal be higher in this world?

In other words, this world might have immortals!

Not only did Lin Qi not get excited when he thought of that, but his frown became deeper and deeper.

It was not good news. It was bad news to Lin Qi if there were immortals in this world.

It became more difficult for Lin Qi to become the most powerful person in this world.

Not only did he have to become the most powerful person in this world, but he also had to become the strongest immortal.

Only by becoming the strongest immortal could he obtain the highest reward.

On the other hand, there was another possibility.

The immortals in heaven might obstruct Lin Qi’s path of cultivation.

After all, there was another thing that one could not escape from when it came to ascending to become an immortal.

That was transcending tribulation!

When a person was so powerful that Heaven and Earth couldn’t control him, the heavens would think that this person had become a deviant and shouldn’t live in the world.

At that time, there would be a heavenly punishment.

That was transcending tribulation.

Transcending tribulation wasn’t something that one could accomplish easily.

Otherwise, there would be a lot of immortals.

Lin Qi’s frown deepened upon thinking of that.

He had to hide better from now on.

He could learn a heaven-defying technique, but he should not use it after learning it unless it was necessary.

The wrath of heaven might fall ahead of time if the immortals in heaven were alarmed.

Then he would be at a great disadvantage.

Lin Qi asked as he thought, “System, is there any way to obtain points in this world?”

[ Replying to the host’s question, no. ]

Lin Qi felt that he was poured with a basin of cold water.

There was no way to obtain points. It seemed that he was temporarily unable to learn the Longevity Mantra.

He could only think of ways to increase his lifespan.

Increasing one’s lifespan wasn’t difficult in the cultivation world.

However, increasing it to 5,000 years was even harder than ascending to the heavens!

The 5,000 years of lifespan was almost no different from that of an immortal.

By that time, he would have already successfully transcended the tribulation. There was no need for him to learn the Longevity Mantra.

Lin Qi sighed and placed the Longevity Mantra back into the jade box when he thought about that. Then, he slowly closed the jade box.

However, Lin Qi would not be dispirited because of a small matter like that.

After all, he was there to find a trash cultivation technique to learn.

He would be putting the cart before the horse if he was obsessed with the Longevity Mantra.

Lin Qi began to choose other cultivation techniques.

Lin Qi became excited again as he chose through the books.

‘Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique’ 10,000 points.

‘Crepe-Myrtle Spiritual Cultivation Technique’ 8,000 points.

‘Raging Flame Saber Technique’, 4,000 points.

‘Spiritual Source Sutra’, 5,000 points.

A dazzling array of cultivation techniques were on the bookshelf, and Lin Qi could not take his eyes off them.

There were so many cultivation techniques there. Wouldn’t it be great if he could learn all of them?

However, although the cultivation techniques were good, the price was expensive.

Lin Qi only had 60,000 points left at that time. He could not spend them carelessly.

The most important thing now was to find a cheap cultivation technique to learn first just in case he needed it.

It would be best if it were around 1,000 points.

Lin Qi began to search patiently after making up his mind.

Soon, a cultivation technique caught Lin Qi’s attention.

‘Cloud Clearing Palm Technique’ 2,000 points.

A cultivation technique with 2,000 points would not be powerful.

But what Lin Qi wanted was for a weak one.

Anyway, a trash cultivation technique would display a lot of power if he could cultivate to the maximum level with one click.

It would not be a loss after learning it.

However, it was easy for Lin Qi to display powerful energy.

It was not something that a powerful cultivation technique could do if he wanted to display a weaker power.

Therefore, Lin Qi had to learn this Cloud Clearing Palm Technique.

[ Ding! Detected that the host is currently learning the Cloud Clearing Palm Technique. Do you wish to consume 2,000 points to cultivate it to the maximum level? ]


Lin Qi placed the Cloud Clearing Palm Technique back on the bookshelf after a while.

At the same time, he had also mastered the technique.

He still had 580,000 points remaining after that consumption.

“Why don’t I learn another powerful technique since I’m already here?”

Lin Qi hesitated just as he was about to leave.

After all, he would come to learn a powerful technique in the future.

Wouldn’t it be better to learn the technique this time since he was already in the study?

It would save him from having to make another trip.

One would probably be so angry that they would vomit blood on the spot if they knew what Lin Qi was thinking.

Others wanted to learn more martial arts to increase their strength as soon as possible.

However, Lin Qi chose to learn more techniques at one time because he was too lazy to make too many trips.

Comparisons were odious!

He stopped and returned to the bookshelf to choose just as he was about to leave.

Lin Qi came out of the study and returned to the Shanhe Hall after about thirty minutes.

You Yilin heard the footsteps and raised his head to look at Lin Qi. He said with a smile, “Junior Lin, which cultivation technique did you borrow? I’ll just take a record.”

Lin Qi had to bring a cultivation technique back to cultivate it from You Yilin’s point of view.

He couldn’t have learned it after reading it for a while in the study, no matter how talented he was, right?

However, Lin Qi did learn it.

“Senior You, there’s no need to record it. I didn’t take any books with me.”

Lin Qi walked out of the Shanhe Hall and returned to Yanhui Peak after saying that.

As for You Yilin, he shook his head with a bitter smile.

It seemed that this Lin Qi had memorized the essentials of the cultivation technique in his heart. He didn’t need to look at the cultivation technique to cultivate anymore.

“Lin Qi, what a genius.”

You Yilin sighed and continued to deal with the matters in his hands.


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