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Chapter 21: Is Raymond a Secret? Robinson’s Shock!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

While everyone was still drunk, a group of soldiers came in. The leader came in and asked about Robinson.

Seeing this situation, everyone who attended the banquet was stunned.

Good heavens! What happened now?

The military had all moved out. What happened?

Everyone was staring at the armed soldiers, not daring to move.

Just as the silence was about to continue, the officer in the lead spoke.

“I am the adjutant of General Thomas of Base x.x.x. The purpose of my visit today is to find a gentleman named Robinson. He is the person in charge of this examination paper review! Today’s operation is top-secret. If you don’t tell me where he is today, I will bring all of you back for a slow review to prevent you from leaking the secret…”

Hearing such an explicit threat, everyone at the banquet looked at each other in dismay. Finally, they turned their eyes to the center of the banquet — Robinson.

Seeing that he had already received the answer, the adjutant gestured. Two soldiers with guns quickly stepped forward and were about to take Robinson away from the center of the banquet.

Seeing such a situation, Robinson didn’t dare to follow them. He hurriedly asked, “What right do you have to arrest people? Even if I committed a crime, the police should be the ones to arrest me. The military doesn’t have the right to arrest people. My brother is the police chief of Little Rock City…”

But the two soldiers didn’t seem to hear him at all. Without saying anything, they just grabbed him.

Seeing Robinson howl like a pig being caught and slaughtered on a farm, everyone was scared stiff by this kind of situation.

Just as Robinson was about to be taken away…

“Wait!” A fierce shout sounded.

A senior police captain in a police uniform with a rank on his shoulder made everyone who was worried about Robinson feel relieved.

The adjutant saw that the person and did not have any intention of stopping. Instead, he urged him to quickly take him away.

Seeing that his brother was about to be taken away, Cole immediately stopped him.

“Robinson is a member of the examination committee. If he committed a crime, he should be dealt with by the local police. However, I did not receive a report or notice from the higher-ups.”

Cole was a deputy director of Little Rock City, a local boss. However, this officer came and wanted to arrest him without saying anything. He even wanted to arrest his own brother. Wasn’t that too excessive?

The adjutant looked at the police officer in front of him and revealed a playful smile. He said, “You are his brother, right? I’m telling you now that your brother is suspected of leaking state secrets. I’m going to take him away now. You still want to stop us now?”

Hearing this, Cole’s expression changed, and his hands could not help but tremble.

Leaking state secrets? Spies? How was that possible?

How could he not know about his own brother? How could he dare to do such a thing?

He had never even watched p.o.r.n by himself, let alone being a spy, such a big crime.

But the military had already sent people, and it was a high-ranking officer like the base commander’s adjutant. Could there be any mistakes?

Robinson was even more confused. He had never thought that he would be arrested by the military, and it was a crime of leaking state secrets?

He was short of money, but he would not dare to do such a thing when it came to leaking state secrets.

Cole was shocked by such a reason. He let go of his hand and stepped back to make way. He was shocked. “You… you guys carry out the mission.”

He was just a small police chief. How could he have the ability to get involved in such a big matter?

Seeing that his brother had given up on him, Robinson quickly struggled to defend himself. “Are you guys mistaken? I won’t do things like being a spy. I don’t… I won’t… I absolutely won’t… you guys have to believe me…”

Seeing Robinson like this, Cole couldn’t bear it and prepared to step forward to defend him.

The adjutant wasn’t impatient either. He turned around, he looked at Robinson, and slowly said, “You leaked the contents of an examinee’s test paper to a reporter during the SAT exam, causing the test paper to be spread all over the internet. The contents of that test paper have already been confirmed and have been cla.s.sified as a state secret!”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

Cole was so shocked that his mouth was about to fall off. He looked at Robinson in disbelief.

Robinson brought the zero-point exam paper that he had leaked to his memory. This person was like a balloon that had deflated. He sat on the ground, his eyes unfocused.

He would never have thought that Raymond’s zero-point exam paper would become a state secret. He had originally only sold this matter to his memory as an amusing anecdote.

Who would have thought that the things written on the test paper were so important?

Every year, there would be a leak of the SAT test paper. Every year, it would be forgotten and nothing would happen. But when it came to himself, how did it become a state secret?

In an instant, Robinson felt that he would spend the rest of his life in prison. Even his family would be implicated because of this matter and his future would be ruined.

At this moment, the adjutant waved his hand, and the soldier stepped forward and grabbed Robinson, dragging him along.

Immediately after, the adjutant did not have any intention of staying. He said, “Today’s matter is top-secret. Otherwise, Robinson will not be lonely by himself.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Everyone at the banquet watched as Robinson was dragged away like an animal.

Such a situation really scared everyone. After such a thing happened, the party could not be held.


Time flew by and it was soon the start of the day.

These days, for Raymond, everything was so plain.

Except when the notice came. It was delivered by the adjutant himself.

The first thing Raymond did when he got the notice was to show it to his parents.

Doug was completely relieved when he saw the letter. When the dust had not settled, he always felt that everything was not true.

These days, Raymond reviewed the knowledge that the Top Student System had given him. After all, this was the reason why the military had given him such a generous offer.

West Point Military Academy was the first military academy in the United States. It was located on the west bank of the Hudson River in New York State. It was the oldest military academy in the United States. It was on par with the Virginia Military Academy.

There are more than 3,700 generals, including two presidents and four five-star generals. It is part of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff. It was a comprehensive military academy. Half of the princ.i.p.als are lieutenant generals or civil servants appointed by the Department of Defense.


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