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Chapter 103 Old notebook

Yu Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly upon hearing what Zaki had said.

“He…” Yu Chen started, pointing his forefinger towards Chen Seiji with a disbelieving gaze. “You mean, bro Sei was…”

Zaki removed his arm off Chen Seiji and leapt towards Yu Chen. He leaned in on him, still grinning widely, as he whispered in Yu Chen’s ear. “Haha, nope… actually, it’s the other way around.” Zaki chuckled as he glanced sideways at Chen Seiji. “It was his wife who did the courting.”

Yu Chen’s eyes widened for a moment but he quickly realized that what Zaki had said was absolutely sensible. If it was six years ago, Yu Chen knew exactly what this man, Chen Seiji, was like back then. He was a man who seemed to be void of any emotion and he knew that he himself was pretty much like Chen Seiji’s old self. Yu Chen even thought that the old Chen Seiji was worse than him, so knowing that he was the one being courted was actually not that surprising at all.

“You know just how much like a block of wood Sei was back then, right? But his wife managed to melt him down hopelessly until he became putty in her hands in no time at all. You know the secret?” Zaki continued whispering, even though the man he was talking about could hear every single word loud and clear.

Yu Chen’s eyes turned intent and curious as he waited for the rest of Zaki’s words.

However, the man suddenly leaned away from him and looked at Chen Seiji as if he was trying to prolong the antic.i.p.ation. “Sei, how about you tell him your story? As the oldest one here, you should give him tips.”

Chen Seiji’s stern expression swiftly turned soft. “My wife…” he finally started and then he stared outside the window, gazing at the bright moon.

Yu Chen waited. But then, the man didn’t speak again. He seemed to have lost in his trip down memory lane and completely forgot about Yu Chen and Zaki’s existence.

“Sigh… never mind. I knew it’d be useless to ask him. I’d be glad to be the story teller but… Ah!” Zaki seemed to have remembered something important. “You better ask his wife directly on what she did to make him fall for her!”

Meanwhile, Luo Xiaolei was busy chatting with the little prince when her attention s.h.i.+fted to a lady in an elegant sapphire dress, walking down the staircase. She was willowy, graceful, young and absolutely beautiful.

Of course, Luo Xiaolei knew her. This lady was one of the most remarkable women she had ever known. She wasn’t a part of the business world but she was considered a national treasure because of her genius inventions. Although she didn’t have a chance to meet this woman in person back in her previous life, she could tell she was one amazing woman; after all, she was the wife of Chen Seiji.

“Oh, mommy is here. Come, auntie Xiaolei, I’ll introduce you to her.” Little s.h.i.+n immediately led Luo Xiaolei towards her.

“Mommy,” little s.h.i.+n called out and the lady in the sapphire colored dress quickly bent down and lightly pinched little s.h.i.+n’s adorable cheek.

“Son, where did you find this gorgeous lady, huh?” She playfully asked as she smiled at Luo Xiaolei.

“Mommy, this beautiful lady is uncle Chen’s fiancée.” Little s.h.i.+n said and Luo Xiaolei immediately reached out her hand to greet her.

“I’m Luo Xiaolei, very pleased to meet you.” As Luo Xiaolei introduced herself, Little s.h.i.+n’s mother didn’t waste a second and warmly accepted her hand.

“Nice to meet you, too. I’m little s.h.i.+n’s mother. Just call me Davi.” She smiled. “Wow, so you are Luo Xiaolei. I have wanted to meet you ever since I heard that Yu Chen had a fiancée now. Since, you know, even though he is like my husband’s younger brother, he is very distant and cold so I’m a little worried about him.”

Luo Xiaolei was surprised with her friendly demeanor and she didn’t know why but she kind of felt excited to speak with someone who was a girl and knew Yu Chen. She had been surrounded by males all this time so she felt somehow glad.

“I understand what you’re saying. When I first met him, he was really distant and yeah, he looked super cold.” Luo Xiaolei agreed and they both chuckled.

“You know what, my husband was actually almost the same as him when I first met him too.”


“And actually…” Davi sidled towards Luo Xiaolei as she whispered. “apart from being distant, he was also very innocent when it came to, you know, romance.”

Luo Xiaolei gasped as soon as she heard him. “Oh gosh, really? Yu Chen is… Yu Chen is like that too…” Luo Xiaolei clamped her lips when she realized what she just said but it was too late.

“Haha, I know.” Davi chuckled again, causing Luo Xiaolei to look at her curiously.

“You know?”

“Actually, he’s my patient, so I kind of deduced it since he behaves very much like my husband did when I first met him. Yu Chen wouldn’t even speak with me openly. He didn’t like making eye contact with girls so I’m really glad that he had found someone he can finally open up to.”

“He’s your… patient?” Lou Xiaolei’s brows creased as she spoke, causing Davi’s smile to fade. It seemed like she noticed the sudden change in Luo Xiaolei’s voice.

“Yu Chen didn’t tell you about this yet? Sigh… that guy…”

“Actually, Yu Chen is not really opening up to me at all.”

Seeing Luo Xiaolei’s reaction, Davi was silent for a moment. But afterwards, she gently patted her back as she smiled at her. “I see… but don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll tell you about his condition soon. Do you know why I’m confident he will? Because your name is the only girl’s name that he’s ever mentioned… and now, he has even brought you here to meet his brothers and us. He’s slowly opening up to you. Maybe not with words yet but certainly with his actions.”

Somehow, Davi’s statement strangely warmed Luo Xiaolei’s heart. She wasn’t sure what it was but there was something about her that made her feel just so d.a.m.n comfortable.

“Thank you.” Luo Xiaolei could only utter when Davi held her hands.

“You want Yu Chen to open up to you, right? Dear, I have a list of steps to show you,” She said excitedly before she whispered at her again. “I followed those steps to seduce my husband and make him fall for me and it worked!”

“Er… uhm… seduce?” Luo Xiaolei looked so surprised as Davi just nodded at her with a wide smile. “Actually, I’m not trying to…”

“Don’t be shy, okay? This big sister will help you conquer that poker-faced Yu Chen! Wait here, I’ll go ask someone to fetch that old notebook of mine.” She winked at her and then before Luo Xiaolei could say anything, she already left.

Luo Xiaolei: “. . .”


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