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Chapter 13 Worth it?

While Luo Xiaolei was still looking at the direction where Yu Chen car’s disappeared to, she was startled when her phone vibrated. She quickly lifted it and when she saw that her father was the one calling, Luo Xiaolei’s expression turned extremely sour as she received the call.

“My dear daughter, you only have five minutes left.” As soon as she heard his voice, Luo Xiaolei bit her lip. This d.a.m.n father of hers really was someone worthy to be beaten to a pulp.

Trying to calm herself, Luo Xiaolei quietly breathed deeply before she replied. “Father, Mr. Yu didn’t agree yet but he said he will think about it.”

Just after those words left her mouth, Luo Junfeng’s thunderous voice made Luo Xiaolei move the phone away from her ear.

“What?! He rejected you?!! You… You d.a.m.n useless-” As Luo Junfeng started cursing like a madman, Luo Xiaolei gripped her phone hard and she bravely cut through him.

“Father, please listen! He didn’t reject me! He asked me to give him more time to think about it. This is enough good news right? He even personally dropped me here to your home! If you don’t believe me, check the CCTV.” Luo Xiaolei’s voice was loud as she explained. This father of hers had always been a ruthless tyrant n.o.body dared to defy but Luo Xiaolei was never afraid of him. In her previous life, she already knew how powerless he was in reality. He was just a man who had nothing but money. He only knew how to scare people using his ruthless methods and nothing more. His people were only following him because of fear and that was exactly the reason why he was easily overthrown by her in her previous life. Even now, Luo Xiaolei knew he was still the same. If he didn’t have the twins, there was no way Luo Xiaolei would even listen to whatever he was saying right now.

“What? Yu Chen did what? He came and dropped you off here?!” Luo Junfeng’s tone drastically changed. He was so shocked he seemed like he couldn’t believe it.

At that moment, Luo Xiaolei closed her eyes as she listened to her father ordering his men to check the CCTV. It was already late at night and she was starting to feel exhausted. She wanted to rest now but she knew she would not be able to rest knowing her beloved Little Rui and Little Ran were in grave danger.

“Father, do you believe me now?” Luo Xiaolei then asked and as expected, her father laughed like he was an actor who just switched from his villainous role to a nice man.

“I can’t believe he really did come. I don’t know if he really is inside that car but never mind, seeing his important people accompanying you home is indeed good news. Haha. Good job, my daughter.” Hearing her father laugh like he was extremely pleased, Luo Xiaolei could only heave a sigh of relief.

“Now that I gave you the good news you wanted, please give back the twins to me.” She pleaded but the man on the phone simply laughed.

“Don’t rush. Since Mr. Yu seems like he really wants you, you must do your best to secure the spot of Mrs. Yu. I will only release the kids once he signs your engagement.”

“Father, please-”

“Don’t worry, I will not harm a single strand of their hair as long as you listen to me. They’re currently staying in your room right now. You can contact them whenever you want. I will give you seven days to bring me the news of your engagement and I’ll release these boys. Xiaolei, this is the time for you to rise now. Make us proud.”

Without even letting Luo Xiaolei reply, Luo Junfeng already ended the call, leaving Luo Xiaolei clenching her fists tight. She expected that Luo Junfeng will do this. He was a man who loved blackmailing people using the most unpleasant methods while making it sound less serious. He was a man with a dark heart and even if Luo Xiaolei was already aware of this since long ago, she still couldn’t help but ask again and again why her own father was treating her like this.

“Make us proud? Tsk! What a word to say to your own child Mr. Luo.” Luo Xiaolei could only clicked her tongue.

Meanwhile, as soon as Yu Chen’s convoy reached the safe zone, all his guards finally relaxed.

“Ugh! Boss, do you want us to die? Did you know how dangerous that decision you made was?” Gu Wei was the first to speak and everyone seemed to agree with him. Yu Chen’s route was always planned precisely so that his men could secure it first. He was aware that he was not allowed to go anywhere that was unsecured and risky but tonight, he defied the security rule that he never went against before. His body guards were actually shocked because they knew that even if Yu Chen was such a daredevil, he was not a fan of risky gamble. Moreover, he was already bored with these countless dangerous attacks he had been experiencing since he was a young boy that he just found it annoying now.

“But well, it’s rare for you to do this so it’s actually quite thrilling. But boss, isn’t this move bad for you and Miss Luo? What if someone attacked us? If she witnessed an ambush, I bet she’d get scared and maybe never want to be with you again, no?” the curious man continued but Yu Chen simply rested his chin on his knuckles.

Silence enveloped the car for some moments until Yu Chen opened his mouth.

“The risk is worth it, no?” he casually said and invisible sweat drops appeared above everyone’s forehead.

Huh?! What the h.e.l.l was worth it? The fact that you dropped her home and gave her your personal number?! Boss what are you, a teenager in love?


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