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Chapter 262 – Qin Zhuofeng

Huo Qing and Cui Hao exchanged glances.

If they were still somewhat uncertain before, they firmly believed it without any doubts now that they’d seen the stone tablet and compared it to Gu Zuo’s words.

Immediately following which, Cui Hao’s gaze fell upon that name in first place. The pupils of his eyes silently contracted: “Junior Sect Brother Huo, take a look. The position of that Gongyi Tianheng is actually 29.99 meters!”

Huo Qing’s expression also turned into a concentrated stare: “His potential is higher than ours.”

29.99 meters.

Perhaps, other people would see this number and only think it was the lower ranking’s first place, and they would sigh with deep emotion. However, as secluded disciples, Cui Hao and Huo Qing knew that there were only three people throughout Qingyun Sect’s generations who were able to carve their names in this first place position.

According to rumors, the first one was Qingyun Sect’s first-generation Sect Master — The son of the great ancestor who truly founded Qingyun Sect. His apt.i.tudes were unrivaled. But later on, there suddenly came a day when he pa.s.sed on the Sect to his descendants. Then, he floated into the air, and disappeared. In the end, it wasn’t known where he went nor from whence he fell.

The second one was the Sect’s taboo. Dozens of generations ago, the Sect had a proud genius who harshly suppressed everyone at the time to the point that they couldn’t show the least bit of might! However, it was said that this person betrayed the Sect for some reason, and just before he left, he killed more than half of the Grand Elders within the Sect. Countless disciples were ma.s.sacred, and this reduced Qingyun Sect to a second-rate existence for no less than three generations. It was due to the Sect’s deep foundations that life was slowly breathed back into it. Supposedly, it was also because of him that many of the Sect’s rules were changed, and the Qingyun Sect with such a long history came to be… If it was the past, perhaps the Sect wouldn’t be what it was today.

Consequently, although the people who to came here for secluded cultivation could hear about some of these sect secrets, any information that concerned this person was still deeply concealed.

As for the third one, it was the present Gongyi Tianheng!

Whether righteous or evil, it could be seen from the life experiences of the first two people that anyone in the Xiantian Realm who could carve their names at 29.99 meters were all extremely extraordinary.

Never once was it foreseen that after countless years, in this day and age, there would be an individual who could reach such a realm — Even among the astonishing talents nowadays, the present Sect Master represented the strongest ever since. Back when he was at the Xiantian Realm, the height he could carve his name on the stone tablet was only 29.1 meters.

This stone tablet was nurtured through heaven and earth. It wasn’t a mundane object, and it mysteriously had its own calculation process. If it wasn’t within that calculation process, even if there was a peak Xiantian stage nine who believed their battle prowess was extremely formidable and who tyrannically ruled the lower rankings, it was impossible to climb above that place.

Huo Qing said: “Senior Sect Brother Qin must be informed of this matter.”

Cui Hao also said: “You go and notify him. I’ll keep watch over here.”

Huo Qing didn’t object.

Although one’s own cultivation was incredibly important, the matter of Tianheng also couldn’t be underestimated.

— They didn’t lack the time for these notifications.

Soon after, the two went their separate ways. Huo Qing’s foot tapped the ground and he flew out. In a flash, he was already hundreds of meters away. The direction he dashed towards was a cavern on a certain mountaintop.

Meanwhile, Cui Hao turned around and went back to the Fire Cloud Pit.

At this moment, the teenaged pharmacist he previously questioned was still keeping watch over that place. He was sitting cross-legged in meditation.

Gu Zuo didn’t pay any special attention on operating his cultivation method. After all, those two seniors had gone to confirm his words just now. Once the truth was verified, they would certainly return. As a result, he was waiting just like this.

However, while he had indeed been waiting for their return, only one person came back.

Gu Zuo was surprised: “Senior Sect Brother Cui, what about Senior Sect Brother Huo?”

Since Cui Hao had determined that Gu Zuo wasn’t a person of unknown origin, and saw that he was someone who followed beside Tianheng, Cui Hao’s att.i.tude towards him wasn’t bad: “Senior Sect Brother Huo had something to take care of and went on a trip. You and I will wait here for Junior Sect Brother Gongyi.”

Gu Zuo: Eh?

Hadn’t their ident.i.ties been confirmed? Didn’t they come here for cultivation? What did the guy mean by waiting here with him for his big brother? He really didn’t understand.

However, at this time, Gu Zuo couldn’t just say words to chase him away like, “I don’t want you to wait over here. Get lost!” As a result, he could only nod his head and murmur a soft, “Oh.”

Cui Hao wasn’t a talkative person. As secluded disciples, they possessed their own type of pride. At this moment, he didn’t try to get to know Gu Zuo. He likewise sat cross-legged on the side, and waited for Tianheng’s body tempering to finish.

Not much time had pa.s.sed before Gu Zuo heard the rustling of robe sleeves from far away. Once again, he looked out. This time, what he saw was Huo Qing and another young man who had an elegant, clear, and bright appearance. The clothing of the two fluttered in the breeze. Looking at them from a distance, they looked like taoist immortals.

As the distance shortened, Gu Zuo originally felt that he ought to first look towards the acquaintance Huo Qing. But for whatever reason, his line of sight instead fell upon the other person, and he couldn’t look away.

Speaking of which, as they approached, Gu Zuo discovered that that elegant young man wasn’t truly handsome and compelling. If one’s appearance was discussed, Gu Zuo felt that his dear big brother could toss this guy out three streets over and smack him a few times around the block. But if one’s presence was mentioned, Gu Zuo felt that his big brother would only be able to toss the guy out by half a street.

That’s right. Whenever the present Gu Zuo looked at any elegant and graceful young masters or martial artists, he always made a comparison between them and Tianheng. As for how gallant or cla.s.sy the other party was, his big brother would be used as a basic, marked scale. For example, so-and-so’s temperament was only half or a third of his big brother’s temperament. Just like this Immortal Realm senior who arrived with this Huo Qing, under Gu Zuo’s comparison, he was considered very outstanding and admirable.

To put it simply, this young man’s personality traits were quite top-notch, but his face was very ordinary.

If this person’s temperament was excluded, then anyone who attached great importance to looks certainly wouldn’t enjoy looking at him. However, when the personality traits and body were added together, then everyone would ignore his face, and immediately praise him as a “male G.o.d”.

Gu Zuo: En. Compared to big brother, he’s a few points short of a male G.o.d.

After this poised male G.o.d drew near, his face wore a smiling expression. He appeared warm and kindly, natural and magnanimous. With one look, a person couldn’t help forming an intensely good impression. His voice was also mellow, rich, and euphonious. As if he was chanting softly into one’s ear, it was slightly deep and magnetic: “This is presumably Junior Sect Brother Gu. This one is Qin Zhuofeng.”

Gu Zuo hastily spoke: “It’s an honor, Senior Sect Brother Qin.”

But, why the heck did this Senior Sect Brother Qin come here? It didn’t look like he was harboring evil intentions.

After that, Gu Zuo looked to Huo Qing.

Senior Sect Brother Huo had brought this person along… Could it be that it had something to do with his dear big brother?

His mind was filled with many notions, but Gu Zuo’s expression still didn’t have any peculiarities. He had spent so much time with Tianheng, and he hadn’t duped others just once or twice. At certain times, he was very capable of keeping a straight face.

Qin Zhuofeng didn’t seem to have any intention of beating around the bush. He only amicably said: “The appearance of Junior Sect Brother Gongyi really is a big event. After these two juniors found out, they couldn’t hide it. Therefore, they went to inform me. I ask that Junior Sect Brother Gu doesn’t take offense.”

— Ah, who could reproach this warm wind and fine rain?!

If it weren’t for Gu Zuo being bathed in the glory of his dear big brother’s male G.o.dhood at all times, he would’ve long been dazedly led astray.

Fortunately, he still firmly held on.

Gu Zuo spoke without delay: “You’re too kind… But Senior Sect Brother Qin, has my family’s young master done something? Is it urgent? Is it serious? Please don’t hold back your words!”

Qin Zhuofeng felt a flash of appreciation for this kind of natural bearing, and he replied in a warm voice: “Junior Sect Brother Gu, please rest a.s.sured. It’s nothing bad.”

Gu Zuo: “…”

They weren’t familiar with each other. No matter how genial and good-natured his expression, Gu Zuo wouldn’t feel relieved just like that…

Luckily, Gu Zuo wasn’t conflicted for too long.

On that fire cloud down below, the speed of Tianheng’s body tempering was quite fast. Qin Zhuofeng and Huo Qing waited on the side for a little more than an hour when an intense change occurred at that fire cloud.

One would only see layers upon layers of flames within that fire cloud. The ball of fire suddenly exploded, and a person’s figure shot out from those flames. In the blink of an eye, the figure vaulted up, and had already landed behind Gu Zuo.

Gu Zuo stood up, and opened his mouth.

In the wake of his position’s promotion, he actually wasn’t as cautious and solemn as he was before. In front of outsiders, sometimes he remembered to say “young master”, and sometimes he would blurt out “big brother”. He reacted in time, this time around, but which one was the better address in the end?

Tianheng patted his head, and his line of sight swept over the three people in front: “Are these three sirs the secluded seniors of this place? This one is Gongyi Tianheng. Greetings, Senior Sect Brothers.”

His tone was clear and bright, his att.i.tude was unhurried, and his bearing was graceful and sumptuous. He gave people a type of extraordinary feeling.

After Qin Zhuofeng and the others introduced themselves, Qin Zhuofeng said: “Seldom do new people come here. Junior Sect Brother Gongyi, if you don’t mind, why don’t you come to my cave dwelling with this Junior Sect Brother Gu, and allow me to entertain you two as guests?”

Tianheng listened to this invitation, and slightly nodded his head: “I wouldn’t dare to decline this request.”

Naturally, Gu Zuo complied and followed behind.

The location of Qin Zhuofeng’s dwelling was at a relatively tall mountain peak, and his cavern was rather close to the top. While there was certainly a Profound Qi Eye inside the cavern, the cavern itself was very simple and crude. Meanwhile, there were several upright and strong pine trees right outside the entrance. It was simple and unadorned, yet profound and dignified. There was a very thought-provoking feeling about it.

After the group arrived, they sat beneath a pine tree.

Qin Zhuofeng took out some wine, and poured some for each of them. Then, he started talking with Tianheng and Gu Zuo.

Tianheng had always been adept at interacting with people. Without waiting for them to inquire, he took out the pa.s.sage token first, and let those three people take a look.

Huo Qing and Cui Hao both thought it was strange.

Their pa.s.sage tokens could only shelter a single person, but there were actually the names of two people written onto this pa.s.sage token. Moreover, it had the Sect Master’s official seal. It was quite shocking.

Qin Zhuofeng took the token to get a closer look, and said to Huo Qing and Cui Hao: “This official seal of the Sect Master is real.”

Huo Qing and Cui Hao spoke without the slightest of doubts: “The Sect Master is really paying a lot of attention to Junior Sect Brother Gongyi and Junior Sect Brother Gu.”

However, they thought things over. After all, Gu Zuo was a pharmacist, and there weren’t any precedents of pharmacists coming here to cultivate. With regards to this matter of the two using a single token, they were able to get over it.

On the contrary, Gu Zuo was somewhat curious. Why did Huo Qing and Cui Hao believe in Qin Zhuofeng’s words so firmly? Could it be that it was related to his position in this place?

Off to the side, Huo Qing quickly gave Gu Zuo an explanation for this puzzlement: “Senior Sect Brother Qin’s strength is extremely high. His real power is not any lower than the top three on the Qingyun Leaderboard. It’s just that, because he has a busy schedule and has the duty of supervising our Qingyun Mountain Range’s numerous disciples, his reputation isn’t well-known to newcomers. But so long as one stays here long enough, they won’t not know of Senior Sect Brother Qin’s distinguished name.”

Qin Zhuofeng faintly shook his head: “There’s no need to flaunt it…”

Cui Hao supplemented Huo Qing’s words: “Regarding ident.i.ties, Senior Sect Brother Qin is actually the Sect Master’s third son, and he has the resources of the Sect Master.”

To be honest, he was just like his father, Sect Master Qin Bailang. Regardless of appearance, disposition, or apt.i.tude, they were all very alike. In everyone’s eyes, if Qin Zhuofeng didn’t perish in the future, he was most likely going to rise above his two elder brothers to become the Sect Master’s successor. He would inherit the Sect Master’s bloodline, and take over the post of the Sect Master!

— Of course, that day was still very far away.

Gu Zuo understood.

It turned out to be like this. It was only natural that the son could recognize his father’s official seal at a glance. Any words he spoke about that concerned the Sect Master also wouldn’t cause people to doubt.

Immediately following this, Qin Zhuofeng mentioned the reasons why he invited Tianheng here. Among which, the very first was to tell them about two legends.

Both stories were briefly recounted without any elaborations. The details were hidden, but they were still legends that caused one’s heart to stir upon hearing them.

Tianheng quietly listened till he finished talking. There was a glimmer in his eyes, and the edge of his smile curved. The expression on his face didn’t change in the slightest. In the beginning, he smiled just like this, and even after he was done listening, the smile didn’t waver in the least.

Qin Zhuofeng resolutely said: “Although this amounts to taking matters into my own hands, as a bloodline member of Qingyun Sect’s Sect Master, I shoulder the responsibility of the Sect’s balance as well. Junior Sect Brother Gongyi, this Qin will only ask you one question — What are your opinions of the Sect?”

Tianheng pondered.

Gu Zuo looked on, and his heart was a little chaotic.

How was he going to respond to this?

Since the other party could ask this question, there’d definitely be lots of affairs and information that could be ascertained by them. At the present time, there was nothing that they had done which wasn’t fit for others to see.

After getting rid of the private worries in his heart, Gu Zuo looked at the side of Tianheng’s face.

He wanted to know how his dear big brother would respond.

Tianheng didn’t think things over for too long. He spoke forthrightly: “In the final a.n.a.lysis, although there are some deep-seated problems, the ten bloodlines maintain an equilibrium. One also doesn’t see much bloodshed amid the compet.i.tion within the Sect… In comparison, it’s also considered rather good. Being able to practice martial arts at Qingyun Sect is many times better than in the outside world.”

Qin Zhuofeng listened to these remarks, and his concerns, which were placed quite high in his mind, were slightly lowered.

No matter how one looked at it, Tianheng didn’t show the least bit of malice towards the Sect. There was even a bit of a good impression. Since it was like this, so long as that…that kind of matter didn’t happen, no matter how quickly Tianheng’s strength improved nor how formidable his potential was, he shouldn’t betray the Sect’s teachers like the second disciple who reached 29.99 meters.

Huo Qing and Cui Hao likewise sighed in relief.

Now that they looked at Tianheng again, they first seemed to see a brutal wild beast that was incomparably terrifying and hard to withstand. Soon after, it was like they were looking at a deity with dazzling radiance. What they finally saw…wasn’t a demon king who would slaughter countless people.

In the blink of an eye, the atmosphere became even more relaxed.

Gu Zuo finally realized that Qin Zhuofeng and the others were worried that his dear big brother was like that second martial artist who possessed extraordinary apt.i.tudes. That guy left an irrevocable wound after betraying the Sect. This ruined the Sect’s vitality. Even if the Sect recovered afterwards, it had also become a part of the Sect’s dark history. Later generations bore this in mind, and they didn’t dare to touch upon this matter again…

Tianheng originally didn’t harbor any evil intentions towards the Sect, and it was even more impossible for him to conduct himself like that person. When he spoke about this matter at this time, it was only natural that he didn’t conceal anything.

Meanwhile, Gu Zuo was thinking. What did that person encounter to make him sever all relations to the Sect like that — In his opinion, one palm couldn’t clap by itself. If the Sect back then really was pure and innocent, then that person was a true demon king. There wouldn’t have been any need for avoiding this subject so vehemently. Thus, whatever happened back then definitely had hidden motives. Otherwise, only if that person was born with antisocial behavior and had a renegade mindset would he do this kind of thing after eating his fill. And if he truly was born with rebellious tendencies, how could the Sect be so foolish as to give him that many benefits and trust in advance?


It had been a long time since the incident, and who knew what the actual facts were in the end? However, Gu Zuo felt that the upper limit of their conflicts in Qingyun Sect was clashing with the He Clan and Lu Jiusi’s accomplices. To the immense Sect, the latter was only a small fry, and although the former was powerful, it couldn’t compare to the positions of the Sect’s ten bloodlines. Even if everything came to a head, the Sect wouldn’t come to either side’s aid. They absolutely couldn’t become irreconcilable enemies of the Sect!

Since it was like this, what else was there to worry about?

In the short moment that Gu Zuo was lost in thought, Tianheng, Qin Zhuofeng, and the others were pouring wine and exchanging cups as if there already was a good relationship between the fellow disciples. Qin Zhuofeng and the others intended to make friends with Tianheng and showed their goodwill. Tianheng repaid this kindness in turn. Between one another, there was some tacit understanding.

After they finished drinking, the pastime of any martial artists was mostly to spar with each other. Previously, Cui Hao and Huo Qing were filled with fire against Chongyun Sect. They were very interested in Tianheng’s strength, and they each fought a round with Tianheng.

It was only to be expected that they both suffered defeats.

However, losing wasn’t without its advantages. Huo Qing and Cui Hao were people with high levels of comprehension, and they quickly obtained insights. They advanced a step, and sparred again.

Because Qin Zhuofeng was already a peak Immortal Realm personage, joining the spars would be no good. But because of his ability to make discerning judgments and that his acc.u.mulations were strong and solid, between the sparring matches of a few juniors, he could carry out some pointers that focused on their mistakes. After giving advice to them, they immediately had sudden realizations.

Even Tianheng obtained many benefits within all this.

Over these past few years, he had created his own body cultivation method. Although he never encountered any bottlenecks due to his heaven-defying intelligence and constant studying, this didn’t mean that all of his deductions had been perfectly achieved. Normally, he only watched how others fought, and made his own modifications under the circ.u.mstances. Now with the son of the Sect Master pointing out mistakes for correction on the side, he felt joy in his heart. Like a dried-up sponge, he frantically absorbed every piece of advice. Moreover, the simplification of his own body techniques and martial skills allowed his movements to become even more agile and ruthless.

This kind of improvement speed left Qin Zhuofeng and the others at a loss for words.

As for Gu Zuo, he felt dazzled just from watching, so he simply cultivated by himself on the side. While they practiced with abandon, he simply refined pills in the lee of the wind — No matter what kind of medicinal pills he refined, those three people were proud and composed. They wouldn’t come over to check on him. Gu Zuo restrained himself just a little bit, and prevented any pill fragrances from spreading excessively. Without any mishaps, he would save up lots of medicinal qi during this period of time.

Soon, a day pa.s.sed.

Gu Zuo stretched his body contentedly, and Tianheng seemed to have gained some insights.

Following which, they bade farewell to the three others in advance. The pair returned to their own True Qi Pond, and they wantonly absorbed the true qi to improve their own strengths. As for Huo Qing and Cui Hao, they went to the Fire Cloud Pit once more to temper their physical bodies.

The next day, if Tianheng had any ideas, he would go to the Wondrous Wind Cave or the Fire Cloud Pit to hone himself. After that, if he still felt it was insufficient, he would go to find Qin Zhuofeng. Or, he would look for Huo Qing and Cui Hao, and ask them to spar with him two against one.

As before, Tianheng improved at astonishing speeds. While other people were unclear about this, Qin Zhuofeng and the others who frequently saw him were incredibly shocked by his frightening progress.

In a flash, seven or eight days pa.s.sed by.

Tianheng and Gu Zuo still came to Qin Zhuofeng’s place. It was especially so for Tianheng, who had already started sparring with the other party under the condition that Qin Zhuofeng suppressed a certain amount of strength.

Qin Zhuofeng wasn’t stingy with his own time and energy. He only wore a smiling expression, and watched as Tianheng turned what he had learned into a part of Tianheng’s own knowledge.

To tell the truth, he was very pleased with this Junior Sect Brother.

Gu Zuo saw this, and also felt that this Senior Sect Brother Qin truly had a broad mind. In the future, if the Sect Master stepped down and he became the successor, Qingyun Sect certainly wouldn’t fall to ruin — Maybe, it would grow even stronger?

Such a great personage who kept his eyes upon the world and tolerated the mult.i.tudes would truly be a good Sect Master! Sure enough, Senior Sect Brother Qin Zhuofeng had this apt.i.tude!

Just when Gu Zuo was thinking that these days would continue for a long time, there came a day when several people arrived in front of Qin Zhuofeng’s cavern!

Gu Zuo…didn’t recognize a single one of these people.

However, he could tell that the qi emissions of these people were all very rich and powerful. It seemed that there were some incredibly powerful Immortal Realm disciples in the Qingyun Mountain Range.

There were men and women. The men’s faces wore wrathful expressions, and women’s brows were etched with fury. Their tempers were all bursting out.

What setbacks had they received?

Qin Zhuofeng saw these people, and his expression underwent some changes.

Before he could ask why these people had come, another person suddenly came rushing over from far away and hurriedly spoke some things into his ear. This person’s strange and rapid-fire speech made it so that no one present could clearly hear what was said.

After Qin Zhuofeng finished listening, he was instantly furious.

He slapped a palm onto a stone table on the side. In a split second, the stone table shook, and immediately turned to powder.

“f.u.c.king Chongyun Sect! Have they no shame?!”

Gu Zuo’s heart jumped.

Qin Zhuofeng’s temperament was normally very good. At this time, his anger moved like a clap of thunder.

Just what had that d.a.m.nable Chongyun Sect done now?

Off to the side, Tianheng suddenly opened his mouth: “Senior Sect Brother Qin, if there’s anything that’s troubling you, why not talk about it? Although we might not be of any use, we can toss around ideas.”

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