WebNovel I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 128: Isn't It Obvious Since You Are So Clingy To Each Other? 1

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Chapter 128: Isn’t It Obvious since You Are so Clingy to Each Other? (1)Translator: Guy Gone BadIt marked the first time that Yu Qinghuan had ever been so explicit about his affection with Huo Qu. Huo Qu stunned for a minute, then he was overwhelmed and in a loss by the exhilaration of getting hit by the jackpot of love.

“Qinghuan, do you really fall for me? Do you like me as well?” he confirmed with Yu Qinghuan once and again.

“Of course.” Yu Qinghuan held his hands, with his heart deluged with regret.

He always thought that he should profess his feeling towards Huo Qu when everything was settled, but he never thought about how upset Huo Qu may feel. Huo Qu split his heart to show him how he felt, but had never received any replies from him.

Huo Qu was different from the ordinary people. Yu Qinghuan should have more tolerance to him, instead of losing temper whenever he felt under pressure.

“I’m so sorry, Huo Qu, I shouldn’t have taken your tenderness for granted.” Staring at his handsome face brimmed with satisfactory, Yu Qinghuan felt his heart ache. “You don’t need to try to ignore these sorts of things, neither to swallow your distress alone. You can get angry at me whenever I treat you the wrong way.”

“Actually I…I am not that perfect as you thought. I am stubborn, lacking in sense of security, and sometimes self-centered. I’m sorry, I’ve upset you so many times.”

He did know that Huo Qu was never a grumpy person, and he couldn’t be more sincere before Huo Qu, but he still split hairs sometimes.

Yu Qinghuan’s eyes turned red. He had been thinking that Huo Qu should be considerate enough to skip this incident since he just returned home from work with exhaustion and fatigue.

But he forgot how deep Huo Qu had been in love with him, how much he relied on him, and how depressed he might feel as he heard about the rumor about w.a.n.g Chengcheng and him. Instead of giving him a patient explanation, he deemed his love as being capricious.

How heart-broken Huo Qu would have felt when he heard his cold words.

Yu Qinghuan felt his heart wrenching. How he wished he could have turned back the clock to stop himself from hurting his beloved one.

“Qinghuan,” Huo Qu could hardly grasp all his words, but he endeavored to respond the part he understood, “I didn’t…”

He paused for a while, raised his eyes, and saw the encouragement in Yu Qinghuan’s eyes. He finally determined to trudge through speaking out his thought, “I was angry at that time. I saw the photo, and you were close to her.”

Pursing lips, he continued with indignation and helplessness, “Qinghuan, she intends to steal you from me, I…I was really terrified.”

Although he tried his best to learn about sensing and handling emotions, Huo Qu knew that he could not understand the emotions of others as an ordinary one.

Such as the sudden anger of his mother last time, and the cold face of Qinghuan today.

The curses from his cla.s.smates and colleagues in the past kept flashing in his brain.

Fool, psychopath, freak, abnormal guy, douche…

The unfair harsh comments he had never cared about now suddenly turned into sharp knives, stubbing him deeply in the heart.

He felt so useless. Except his extraordinary IQ that had been repeatedly mentioned in front of Qinghuan, he could hardly find any other advantages on himself.

At the thought of Qinghuan may be stolen by other people or he might fall in love with another person, Huo Qu could no longer suppress those negative emotions deep in his heart.

“Qinghuan,” he spoke in a low, forceless tone, “Do you really… really like me?”

“Why not?” Leaning on Huo Qu’s chest, the clips of those memories between them flashed in Yu Qinghuan’s head, he curved his lips and answered in a tender voice, “I fell in love with every bit of you.”

As an introverted and bland person, Yu Qinghuan would never say such cheesy words if there was no previous quarrel and the perfect ambience at that moment.

The only thought in his mind now was to soothe Huo Qu’s anxiety, and the other things that concerned him previously had seemed not so important now.

“You are concentrated and serious about your work, you are good at academic, and even your poor sense of direction is so cute.”

His gentle voice was like a drizzle in spring, which nurtured the slightly draught field in Huo Qu’s heart. In a second, a sweet flower pushed its way through the solid and blossomed on his heart, with the sweet nectar inside. Huo Qu got drunk by the wine-like honey, which flushed his face to burning red.

So he was so perfect in Yu Qinghuan’s eyes.

All the timidity and the feeling of inferiority disappeared in a second. Huo Qu rubbed the hair on Yu Qinghuan’s head with his chin. He smiled, with his deep dimple revealed on his left face.

After the two silently cuddling for a while, Yu Qinghuan suddenly remembered something, he slightly pushed Huo Qu away from him and asked, “Have you had diner?”

“Not yet.” Huo Qu grumbled, “When you told me you would be back on the phone, I was too happy to have any food. And after I saw that news, I entirely lost my appet.i.te.”

He deliberately touched his stomach and said intentionally, “I am a little bit hungry now.”

Was it his delusion? Yu Qinghuan felt that Huo Qu seemed to become…childish a little bit.

But being childish before him was quite good. Yu Qinghuan got up from bed, left him a “wait a moment”, then headed to the kitchen.


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