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Chapter 373 – Two Person Luck

The cla.s.s leader stopped in the kitchen and baths section for a while. She was mainly interested in looking at dish towels and garbage bags. She also stopped in front of some discounted food containers, but in the end she didn’t take any.

Then, her attention was taken away by the half-off oven mitts. She held two pairs in her hand and meticulously inspected the differences.

“I’ll be done soon, don’t worry.”

The cla.s.s leader said as she inadvertently treated me as her younger brother.

Her face turned red instantly. It wasn’t that bad she mistook me as Xiao Zhe, but the tone she used was like a kindergartner trying to amuse a child.

Shu Zhe, do you usually always make your sister worry and always pace back and forth behind her when she’s shopping?

But it’s true girls take a long time when they are shopping. The only reason I’m so patient today is because I want to increase my popularity with the cla.s.s leader and because she’s wearing a skirt.

I’m definitely not trying to say that every time she bends down, I would always try to sneak a glance to see if I could see underneath.

But the cla.s.s leader is like a seasoned veteran who’s experienced hundreds of wars. She would even inadvertently cover her skirt, so I couldn’t see anything.

But it was still pretty exciting looking at her legs while trying not to be caught.

After finally selecting an oven mitt, the cla.s.s leader put it into the cart. No, after placing it into the basket, she told me she was done shopping and we could checkout after I was done.

I quickly took two boxes of toothpicks of the shelves then pushed the cart towards the checkout counters.

“Is that all?”

Since I waited quite a while for her. The cla.s.s leader felt bad since she didn’t have to wait for me.

“No problem.” I said, “Men usually move faster than women. Tens of thousands of years ago, men would be hunting while the women are in charge of gathering. Fruits won’t run away if you move slowly, but prey will.”

“Oh, is that so, looks like you have a pretty chauvinistic att.i.tude.” The cla.s.s leader’s tone was indifferent, “Let’s compete at who’s better at hunting if we ever get the chance.”

Sh… s.h.i.t. I forgot the cla.s.s leader’s family has a hunting background. Once she picks up a rifle, all prey would fall, even me as her compet.i.tior may run into some mishaps.

Why did your forest ranger uncle even teach you how to shoot? Does she want you to be huntress with a sniper when facing your boyfriend who betrays you, instead of an innocent mushroom picking girl?

There were a lot of people at the checkout counters. I swept through aisle 1 to aisle 9 and they were all the same, so I lined up at the end of a random isle.

I got thirsty after shopping, so I took one of the sports drinks from the cart and took a sip, then I pa.s.sed it towards the cla.s.s leader and asked:

“Do you want a sip?”

The cla.s.s leader looked back at me silently as if she was awaiting for me to realize my mistake.

Not… good. Asking the cla.s.s leader to drink something I already drank is an indirect kiss. Since I always spend too much time with Xiao Qin, I forgot other girls may mind these things.

But the cla.s.s leader didn’t care about the indirect kiss.

“How can you drink it without paying first?”

“Huh, but that’s what everyone does. Doesn’t everyone eat at a restaurant first before paying? It’s not like I’m going to put the bottle back after drinking it…”

“Anyway, the order is incorrect.”

Then what would be the correct order? Do you have to get so fussy over a drink?

I pointed at the other bottle of sport drink in the cart.

“If you don’t want to have an indirect kiss, then you can drink that new bottle…”

“The problem isn’t about the indirect kiss or if it’s a new bottle.” The cla.s.s leader continued to lecture me, “The drink belongs to someone else before you pay for it, so you can’t infringe on someone else’s property.”

Stop please, is there a need to make it a serious matter? The aunties behind us in line are all laughing at us.

Also, do you not care about the indirect kiss or if it’s a new bottle because we’ve already kissed? Now that I think about it, your lips were sweeter than this drink.

When it was finally our turn to check out, the cla.s.s leader rushed first to put her basket onto the counter and said:

“Separate bills, we’re not together.”

Who said we were together? Why are you being so sensitive? The cashier looked between me and her and thought we were a couple who was in a fight.

After scanning the cla.s.s leader’s goods, the cashier said slowly:

“We have a promotion right now where you can enter the lottery if you buy at least ¥100 of goods, but you’re currently short ¥9…”

As the cla.s.s leader was hesitating, I put my stuff onto the counter, “We’ll pay for it together, then we can enter the draw.”

The cashier took my money before the cla.s.s leader could stop him and printed the receipt. The cashier was pretty happy since he didn’t have to create a separate order.

As I was waiting in the customer service line with the cla.s.s leader to enter the draw, the cla.s.s leader paid me her half of the bill.

Then, to my surprise, she took the unopened bottle of sport drink from my bag and took a sip.

“What are you looking at?” she said confidently, “Count the money again, I already paid you for this bottle, so now it’s mine. Why can’t I take a sip of my own drink?”

Of course it’s fine. I’ll let you drink it even if you didn’t pay me. If you were thirsty, then you could have taken a drink before we paid for it.

The win rate for this Walmart lottery is pretty high. Usually, you would win a plastic cup or a bottle of green tea. As it was our time to enter the raffle, the uncle in front of us won a handcart. I said to the cla.s.s leader:

“My luck’s not that good, so you can draw it…”

The cla.s.s leader felt a bit awkward, “My luck’s not good either…”

But we’re not really expecting a big prize, so she stuck her hands in the raffle box and randomly pulled out a ticket.

We never expected the worker to excitedly call his colleagues after revealing the ticket:

“Ahh, it’s the first prize! Our store also won the first prize. We should call Xiao Sun to show off.”

When the worker gave the ¥500 gift card to the cla.s.s leader, she stood still on the spot and wasn’t used to the gazes of envy from the surrounding customers.

“I’ve never even won a balloon before…”

The cla.s.s leader mumbled in a quiet voice.

I was also a bit shocked, but it was ¥500 not ¥5,000,000, so there’s nothing odd about winning once in a while. Once when my second aunt went to a pharmacy, she won a ¥4000 flat screen TV.

“Wow, your luck’s pretty good.” I applauded to celebrate and she felt a bit embarra.s.sed in front of all the people.

“If I was drawing, I definitely wouldn’t win anything. I’m well known for being unlucky. Every time I would draw BOSS for Xiao Ding, I would always pull trash cards.”

“Xiao Ding, the university graduate who never talks to me?” The cla.s.s leader frowned, “Do the two of you always play online games together?”

“No, I just occa.s.sionally play for him. Anyway, you have pretty good luck to pull the first prize, you should take the gift card.”

“No way.” After we left the customer service desk, she said seriously, “We won it together so I shouldn’t take it all for myself. And my luck is bad, if I was by myself, I wouldn’t even win a bottle of green tea…”

“That’s odd.” I pushed the shopping cart towards the exit and said, “Does our luck improve when we’re together?”

The possibility of my statement caused the cla.s.s leader to think for a bit before she said:

“We would have to wait until after the basketball and volleyball tournament to see if our luck improves when we’re together.”

What does those two have to do with each other? We’ve always been in the third cla.s.s together. If we could have won by being together, then we wouldn’t have lost so miserably in last year’s basketball tournament. or are you saying we weren’t ‘together’ since we weren’t both working hard?

“Plus, if you’re not against it….” the cla.s.s leader waved the gift card, “If the basketball team and volleyball team reach their goal, I’ll use the gift card to buy snacks for everyone as a celebration. But if we don’t hit our goals, then I’ll return the entire card to you.”

Huh, so if we win, you take our money to treat everyone, but if we lose, you will give all the money to me? Isn’t the reward and punishment a bit strange?

After leaving the superstore, I volunteered to help carry her stuff to her bike. She laughed but didn’t refuse.

I suddenly had a question I’ve been thinking about for a while and couldn’t help but ask:

“Cla.s.s leader, let me ask you something but don’t get mad. Do you not worry about getting exposed when riding a bike with a skirt?”

The cla.s.s leader pulled out four small clips from her skirt pocket and placed it on her palm to show me.

“What’s this for?” I scratched my head.

“As long as you use these clips in the right places, the skirt will turn into shorts. That way you wouldn’t expose yourself and perverts like you can’t sneek peeks.”

Who’s a pervert? How am I a pervert for reminding you out of the goodness of my heart?

I looked towards the cla.s.s leader’s familar sky blue bike and noticed a suspicious fatty about to do something to her bike.

Is he a thief? Where are the security guards? But the cla.s.s leader’s bike is already old and there’s a brand new mountain bike right next to hers, so why is he stealking the cla.s.s leader’s bike?

Wait, this fatty seems familar. I think he’s also from 28 Middle, a third year in the student council called Zuo Xiong or something… Apparently he did wrote the cla.s.s leader an anonymous confession before, but he foolishly dropped his student ID in the letter. Then the cla.s.s leader had to return his ID while simultaneously rejecting his confession…

After I took a closer look, his hands weren’t even near the locks. It seems he wanted to take off the bike seat. He was even getting closer and sniffing it while removing the seat. Does he want to take the seat home and use it as a pillow?

I got angry, so I rushed towards him and shouted:

“Let go of that bike seat!”


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