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Chapter 512 – Fight For Love

Speaking of Fan Chuan, wasn’t he the one who in love at first sight when he saw Shu Zhe and said it didn’t matter that he was a trap? He even said he would break up with his girlfriend.

So he was the leader of the LOL faction in Dong Shan city. It looks like he didn’t break up with his girlfriend and even flaunted his girlfriend in front of the dota faction.

I can’t really remember what Fan Chuan’s girlfriend looks like, but I remember she was wearing high heels and looked like a pretty serious type of girl. It must have been hard for her to attend a video game meeting full of otakus with her boyfriend.

It was supposed to be 6 couples meeting at the cafe, but in the end, only 2 pairs of couples came from each side. It seems like there were braggarts in both sides.

As for Shu Zhe, he still attracted everyone’s attention as expected. Everyone in the cafe used going to the washroom as an excuse to deliberately walk past him and sneak a few more glances.

Xiao Ding was naturally pleased that his “girlfriend” was far more beautiful than the others. He crossed his legs and and began to yak about the superiority of dota, as if it was all thanks to dota that he was able to get a girlfriend.

But Shu Zhe was more nervous.

It’s not that he lost confidence in cross dressing abilities, but it’s because he recognized Fan Chuan and was afraid of being exposed.

But Fan Chuan didn’t do that, instead he stared devotedly at Shu Zhe and even wasn’t focused on the conversation on which side was superior, which made his companion very dissatisfied.

The offline meetup ended early with a weird atmosphere and Shu Zhe took a long breath in relief. As he was about to put on a pretense and walk out a bit with Xiao Ding, he realized Fan Chuan was following him.

“Xiao Hong, are you really Xiao Hong?”

Fan Chuan called out to the two from behind in an eager tone.

“Go out with me. It’s fate that I was able to meet you a second time!”

Shu Zhe was scared to the bone and Xiao Ding was even more astonished. Then a wave of anger surged through his body and shot straight to his head.

He blocked himself in front of Shu Zhe and said to Fan Chuan: “What the h.e.l.l are you talking about, don’t you have a girlfriend? Why are you hitting on my girlfriend, do you want a real life PK?”

Fan Chuan adjusted his collar and sneered: “In order to find my true love, I just officially broke up with my girlfriend. She wants to study for graduate exams and I want to play LOL, so we don’t have the same goals in life anyway.”

She broke up with you that easily? It looks like she can’t tolerate you anymore, I sincerely hope she can find a more reliable person.

Xiao Ding said angrily: “It doesn’t mean you can hit on Xiao Hong just because you broke up with your girlfriend, just leave.”

“Xiao Hong, tell me the truth, you’re not actually this fatty’s girlfriend, right?” Fan Chuan ignored Xiao Ding and shouted directly at Shu Zhe, “The relationship between the two of you doesn’t look right. Come with me and I promise you won’t regret it.”

Shu Zhe couldn’t speak because he felt guilty and Xiao Ding and Fan Chuan argued some more. Fan Chuan finally couldn’t help but reveal the truth.

“d.a.m.n fatty, Xiao Hong is cross dresser, not a real girl. Are you still going to fight me?”

Xiao Ding retorted, “I’m not fat, I’m just big-boned… huh, how did you know Xiao Hong was a cross dresser?”

Fan Chuan acted smug, “I just know. I already knew I liked cross dressers the first time I met him. Do you also feel the same way? If you don’t, then let go and let the cross dresser run to a happier future.”

Xiao Ding looked at Shu Zhe, who looked more awkward than usual, and a sudden heroic spirit rose from within and he shouted:

“Don’t look down on other people, so what if he’s a cross dresser, I feel the same way as you. I will never hand Xiao Hong over to you.”

Xiao Ding seems to have completely forgotten that Shu Zhe was only a temporary girlfriend for that night.

Fan Chuan provoked, “If you’re not willing to let go, then then let’s have a duel between men. Whoever wins gets Xiao Hong, okay?”

“Then let’s duel. We might have to 1v5 towards the end game for dota, but you would only 1v3 in LOL, so you’re not my opponent.”

Xiao Ding didn’t forget to state the superiority of his game even when he was about to fight, he really is qualified to be a member of the dota faction.

It was a large street fight between Xiao Ding and Fan Chuan, and it attracted the a large group of spectators. The two otakus had limited fighting power and there was a low chance of them giving each other serious injuries. Xiao Ding’s black eye was the most serious injury obtained in the fight.

“What are these two people who look like university students doing?” The spectators began to discuss among themselves.

“What do you think? There’s a beautiful girl standing near them, so they must be fighting over a girl.”

“Say, their girlfriend looks a bit young, is she a middle school student? She really doesn’t know how to cherish herself, she’s so young but already seducing all kinds of men…”

“Strange, why does that girl look familiar.”

I’m not sure if that person has seen Shu Sha somewhere before, or has seen my the rope model photos from the online store, but the fact people began to question his ident.i.ty gave Shu Zhe quite the scare.

Shu Zhe, who was already feeling uneasy because of the fight between Xiao Ding and Fan Chuan, was now in danger of having his ident.i.ty exposed. Plus, being in women’s clothing and all those psychological blows caused him to begin crying in public.

“So cute…”

Fan Chuan, who had a few sc.r.a.pes on his face, suddenly said.

“What?” Xiao Ding didn’t understand.

“I mean, the crying Xiao Hong is also cute. Cute enough that I want to raise her, I want to comfort her with my embrace, get out of the way.”

“No.” Xiao Ding defended his dignity as a man, “If you want to touch Xiao Hong, you have to step over my dead body.”

“This little vixen really knows how to seduce men…” a middle-aged woman who was jealous of Shu Zhe’s beauty said in a very loud voice.

“What did you say?” Fan Chuan immediately gave up on Xiao Ding and ran to to question the middle-aged woman, “How dare you call my girlfriend a vixen? You better apologize to my girlfriend or I won’t let you go easily.”

Xiao Ding, who had no experience with girls, also aimed his attacks at the middle-aged woman when he saw Fan Chuan change his target, “You’re not allowed to say any words that hurt Xiao Hong, apologize.”

The middle-aged woman was probably a tiger mom at home. She spat on the ground and said: “A s.l.u.tty vixen is a s.l.u.tty vixen. I’m not going to apologize, what are you going to do, hit me?”

Xiao Ding was hesitating, but Fan Chuan was eager to outperform in front of Shu Zhe and he slapped the middle-aged woman on her face. The middle-aged woman immediately cried out: “He hit me! He’s going to kill me!” Then she and Fan Chuan tore into each other.

Xiao Ding saw the situation getting more and more chaotic and it wasn’t a good place to stay or they may get taken away by the police for questioning, so he took Shu Zhe’s hand and called a cab to send him back.

Shu Zhe looked outside the car window and saw Fan Chuan fighting the middle-aged woman because of him and felt a bit bad.

As a male, he has never enjoyed such care and attention, especially in front of me, because I often hit him on the head.

I don’t know what he was thinking, in any case, Shu Zhe didn’t let Xiao Ding accompany him and left in the cab by himself.

Afterwards, Fan Chuan was locked up for a few days because for hitting the middle-aged woman, but he said he had no regrets, because “it was all for the sake of love”.

Xiao Ding, who was chatting with me, had bewildered eyes.

“Xiao Ye, do you think there’s something wrong with me? Xiao Hong is very beautiful, but he’s a cross dresser, I originally didn’t really think of him that way… but Fan Chuan knows he’s a cross dresser and broke up with his long term girlfriend to pursue him… I now feel like the times have changed and there’s nothing wrong with getting a cross dresser as a girlfriend…”

Of course there’s soothing wrong! Don’t get influenced by that pervert Fan Chuan. If you go after Shu Sha’s brother as one of my buddies, then sooner or later the truth will be exposed. If there’s a billion to one possibility that you do become a couple with Shu Zhe, then Shu Sha will rip me into parts since I was the one who introduced you to him.

“What does Xiao Hong like?”

It was like Xiao Ding was looking through rose-tinted gla.s.ses.

“He likes money.” I replied in a bad mood, “If you want to chase him, then earn 5 million first.”

“5 million? Even if I win the lottery, it’s not enough after paying tax…”

Xiao Ding said to himself in a daze.

I really want to throw myself at a wall.

I loaned him Shu Zhe out of the goodness of my heart, but didn’t expect him to fall to a cross dresser’s charm.

That means there’s now three men pursuing Shu Zhe. It includes Tang Jiang, who doesn’t know his ident.i.ty as a cross, dresser and Fan Chuan and Xiao Ding, who do know.

As a male but having three male suitors will p.i.s.s off those girls who no one wants.

But what was going on with Shu Zhe last night?

As a male, he said he had no sincere friends, but as a female, he was enthusiastically pursued by two people last night. One of them was even detained for him. Did this kind of devotion touch some inner part of Shu Zhe’s heart?

Shu Zhe, who always acts weak in front of strong people, will be the type who wants to be pampered and conquered. He took the initiative to be my little brother, so he could get benefits at school, but I refused to step up my game to protect him. I guess he realized a lot of people were willing to risk their lives to protect him when he wore female clothing?

That means it’s true being a cross dresser will turn people bad. Those people online were right, the sense of being pampered will turn a person into a complete degenerate. I feel that the Shu Zhe’s motive for cross dressing is becoming less pure. He clearly loves the female version of himself and even his thinking is turning more feminine.

After parting with Xiao Ding, I subconsciously avoided high-rise buildings because I always felt that there might be a sniper with long, flowing hair nested above.

If Shu Zhe changed his s.e.xual orientation, then I will be blamed as the initiator. The day Shu Zhe goes to the Netherlands to marry a man is the day the cla.s.s leader uses me as a blood sacrifice.


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