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The pretty and charming lady was in a sorrier state than Yan s.h.i.+san, who appeared much more relaxed. He had not even drawn the Heavenly Ice Sword in his hand.

The lady stabilized herself and anxiously looked around for Mu Qingyun. When she found him heavily injured and collapsed in the seawater, she heaved a sigh of relief and quickly flew towards him.

However, it was not over yet. The palm strike had just finished, but an azure-colored saber Qi, stretching from the sky to the sea, split the sea as a dragon roar resounded everywhere, quickly slicing towards Mu Qingyun.

When the pretty lady saw this shocking saber Qi, she could not help but reveal despair in her eyes. She simply could not match the speed of this saber Qi.

By the time she reached Mu Qingyun, all she would see would be his bisected corpse.

At the critical moment, the grave and stern Yan s.h.i.+san instantly drew his sword.

A sword intent of ma.s.sacre spread in the air, contesting with the Dragon Might and not giving way.


The sword struck that saber Qi in the time it took for a spark to fly. The saber Qi carried eighteen waves of force, each stronger than the one before. Then, they layered together and entered Yan s.h.i.+san’s body through the sword.

Blood leaked out of Yan s.h.i.+san’s lips as he spun around in the air ten times, kicking up countless towering waves before he managed to firmly stop himself in the air.

Yan s.h.i.+san looked into the distance and thought to himself, I was still too careless.

After not meeting for so long, this old friend’s strength already far surpa.s.sed my expectations. Even separated by fifty kilometers, his saber strike still contained so much power.

The pretty lady descended beside the heavily injured youth and asked anxiously, “Second Brother, are you alright?!”

Mu Qingyun smiled and said, “I won’t die. It’s nothing much. We should wait for First Brother to come out of closed-door cultivation and go to Despair City. This time, I really completely embarra.s.sed myself on my home ground.”

When the pretty lady saw that Mu Qingyun could still joke, she relaxed. She smiled and said, “It’s fine, all’s fine. Young Master s.h.i.+san already said it: you can be proud of yourself.”

Mu Qingyun looked at Yan s.h.i.+san, who broke that vast saber Qi, and could not help feeling bitter. Not only could he not defeat the Azure Dragon King, but it also looked like this Yan s.h.i.+san was hiding his strength. He would likely not be an opponent for Yan s.h.i.+san, either.

Originally, Mu Qingyun harbored lofty aspirations, prepared to leave the Myriad Fiend Sea to show off his fighting skills. Now, he knew that there were many heroes in the world.

Someone blocked the Subduing Dragon Profound Slash. Xiao Chen extended his Spiritual Sense and found that the person who had done so was familiar.

It was the Profound Domain’s top swordsman who wandered the Heavenly Starry Ocean—Yan s.h.i.+san. Unexpectedly, he appeared in the sea domain ruled by the Myriad Fiend Island.

Since Yan s.h.i.+san was there, he should be able to recognize Xiao Chen from the moment Xiao Chen attacked based on his Martial Techniques.

Xiao Chen continued to probe his surroundings. Several strong, startled auras were approaching from the sea domain behind.

The great Fiends of Myriad Fiend Island were coming. Xiao Chen had no interest in remaining, so he just turned and left.

It was not like he had to kill the archer at all costs. He just wanted to teach that person a lesson.

“Are you alright, Xiao Chen?!” Ao Jiao asked worriedly after seeing Xiao Chen’s pale complexion.

Xiao Chen shook his head. When he thought of that final arrow, he still felt some lingering fear. If not for his peak Rank 4 Sage Body, that arrow would have severely injured him.

It looked like there were many hidden talents in the Heavenly Starry Ocean.

Xiao Chen’s cultivation was quite contradictory at times. A strong physical body allowed him to be unparalleled within the same generation, not fearing any experts.

Just like earlier, his physical body saved his life. Without it, he might have died many times over already.

Yet, it was the same physical body that presented the greatest danger on his path of cultivation.

Hence, there was no need to regret tempering the physical body like crazy for the past few years or using the tenfold combat prowess and inflicting hidden injuries on the physical body.

For every loss, there was a gain.

After Xiao Chen reached a safe distance, he descended to the sea and casually tossed out a piece of wood from his Universe Ring. He sat on it, bobbing on the water.

He took out the little fellow in his embrace. The palm-sized Golden Crow was in a deep sleep.

Its pale-yellow feathers looked sleek, soft, and glossy. It was very small and looked very cute.

Xiao Chen could not feel any of the domineering air from when the Golden Crow competed with the sun. There was none of a Holy Beast’s might.

He felt slightly dubious. This long-awaited Golden Crow, which chased the sun, is not a fake, right?

After looking around, Xiao Chen stroked the Golden Crow’s head with his right hand, trying to figure out what kind of existence it was.


Xiao Chen’s touch on the Golden Crow’s forehead, while the Golden Crow was sleeping, startled it awake. It opened its mouth and spat out a stream of golden flames.

This was an extremely dense Solar True Flame that seemed to surpa.s.s the limit of fire. It was more like a beam of light, a resplendent beam of light.

This flame gushed towards Xiao Chen’s face. If it struck, he would be disfigured.

Mildly startled, Xiao Chen tilted his head to the side. The golden flames brushed past his face.

After shooting out a kilometer, the flames burst and ignited the air. Xiao Chen felt greatly startled when he turned his head to look.

The area where the flames burned was pitch-black as if the flames had burned through s.p.a.ce.

The flames that the newly-hatched Golden Crow spat out already possessed such might, enough to burn up even a regular Martial Sage.

This flame would also be a threat to grandmaster-level Martial Sages.

Nonetheless, it would have some difficulty injuring a quasi-Emperor. However, this Golden Crow just hatched and still had a lot of room for growth.

Xiao Chen felt joyful. After the little fellow on his palm spat out the flames, it gazed at Xiao Chen with intelligent eyes, looking very proud.

That drop of essence blood should have completely merged with the little Golden Crow’s body already. Xiao Chen should now appear to be its closest family member.

Otherwise, the Golden Crow would have flown away immediately after it woke up.

However, based on the expression of this little fellow, it seemed to be looking down on Xiao Chen, making him feel depressed.

“Little Golden Crow, spit out some flames and let me see.”

Xiao Chen wanted to see how great the potential of the Golden Crow was. However, it turned its head away, ignoring him completely.

It looks like this will not work if I don’t flex my muscles.

“Hehe! What a cute little bird. Is this really a Holy Beast?”

Just at this moment, Ao Jiao came out of the Immortal Spirit Ring and s.n.a.t.c.hed the little Golden Crow to play with it gently with her fingers.

Xiao Chen was just about to warn Ao Jiao of the danger. However, who would have imagined that the Golden Crow would not launch any fire while in her hands? Instead, it turned extremely tame.

The Golden Crow closed its eyes and appeared to be enjoying the attention, delighting Ao Jiao.

This response was clearly different from when Xiao Chen tried to play with it.

“Little fellow, show elder sister how capable you are,” Ao Jiao said while giggling.

The Golden Crow cried out and spread its wings to take flight. Then, it circled in the air, and suddenly, all its feathers gave off a dazzling light as bright as the sun.


The Golden Crow opened its beak and spat out flames. This flame was evidently much stronger than the one before.

The surface of the flames flowed with a golden spiritual light. When the flames touched the seawater, a pitch-black hole of a hundred meters in diameter appeared silently.

The temperature of this flame was simply too high; the hole did not even give off any steam. The seawater completely vaporized and burned to nothing.

The little Golden Crow flew around and withdrew the light on its body before landing back on Ao Jiao’s hand.

“Awesome!” Ao Jiao praised sincerely. This quality of Solar True Flame was truly horrifying.

“Chirp! Chirp!”

The little fellow seemed to understand Ao Jiao’s praise and cried out happily. Then, it flapped its small wings against her palm, leaping around. It appeared extremely pleased.

Xiao Chen smiled helplessly. Whose pet was the Golden Crow exactly? He was the one who put in a lot of effort and hatched it with his flames. Furthermore, he even infused in his essence blood. Why was it so close to Ao Jiao now?

Ao Jiao stroked the Golden Crow as she said happily, “Hehe! Don’t be jealous. Little Yellow Feather is a boy. It is normal for it to be closer to me.”

“How do you know it is a boy?” Xiao Chen asked in shock. Then, he reacted, “What, what did you just call it?”

“Little Yellow Feather. Don’t you think that this name is very fitting?” Ao Jiao smiled. “Little Yellow Feather. Little Yellow Feather. See, it likes this name.”

The Golden Crow, a bona fide Holy Beast like the Azure Dragon, an existence that was like a legend in the Immortal Epoch, was called by such a name.

Xiao Chen was simply speechless. However, when he thought of how Ao Jiao gave Xiao Bai her name, he somewhat understood.

[TL Note: Small reminder to readers, Xiao Bai means Little White, in reference to her white fur if I remember correctly.]

Nevertheless, no matter how Xiao Chen tried to hear the name Little Yellow Feather, it sounded like a name given to a dog or a cat.

“Why, you don’t like the name I gave?” Ao Jiao asked with a stiff expression.

When the Golden Crow in Ao Jiao’s palm saw her stiff expression, it glared at Xiao Chen with seething eyes.

Xiao Chen smiled helplessly in bitterness. Despite how he felt, he said, “It does not matter. Little Yellow Feather, we will call it Little Yellow Feather.”

Ao Jiao said, “Oh right, it says that it is hungry already. Give it something to eat, then.”

“What does it eat?” Xiao Chen asked.

“Astral Cores. Regular Spirit Cores can only be used to feed Spirit Beasts. Holy Beasts definitely will need the Astral Cores from Astral Beasts.” Ao Jiao seemed to know a lot about this.

Xiao Chen had many Astral Cores on him, so he did not hesitate to toss out an Inferior Grade Astral Core.


Little Yellow Feather swallowed the Inferior Grade Astral Core. It looked like it did not even need to chew to digest the Astral Core.

Xiao Chen tossed out ten Inferior Grade Astral Cores one after another. When he saw that Little Yellow Feather did not seem satisfied at all, he tossed out more than one hundred.

Only after that did Little Yellow Feather fly to Ao Jiao’s shoulder in satisfaction. Then, it closed its eyes and yawned like a human, falling asleep.

Xiao Chen’s face twitched slightly. One Inferior Grade Astral Core was worth one thousand Black Astral Coins, so one hundred Inferior Grade Astral Cores were one hundred thousand Black Astral Coins.

Furthermore, this was just the cost of one meal for Little Yellow Feather.

With such an appet.i.te, how could Xiao Chen afford to raise Little Yellow Feather? He would go bankrupt.

Ao Jiao could tell what Xiao Chen worried about. She smiled and said, “It’s fine. As long as it does not fight, it normally will not eat so much. Place it in the Holy Beast Medallion.

“That Holy Beast Medallion is a precious Secret Treasure made especially for Holy Beasts during the Ancient Era. The s.p.a.ce inside will allow the Holy Beast to mature faster.”

When Xiao Chen heard that, he relaxed slightly. If he needed to spend one hundred thousand Black Astral Coins for each meal with three meals every day, he might as well die.

The beast images that Xiao Chen originally placed in the Holy Beast Medallion were no longer there. After all, the Ten Thousand Beast Cauldron was only an imitation of an Emperor Grade Secret Treasure. At his current level, he already no longer cared for it. Furthermore, he did not have the Jiang Clan’s secret techniques, so he already released the beast images long ago.

Now, he could dedicate the Holy Beast Medallion to raising Little Yellow Feather. This was a bona fide Holy Beast, something with much more potential than those images.


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