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Chapter 1285: Preoccupation

“Greetings, Second Young Master!” the guards all said respectfully as they knelt in unison.

Xiao Chen smiled and quickly got everyone to get back on their feet. “There is no need to be this polite.”

“Quickly, go report to the Clan Head and First Young Master that Second Young Master has returned. Quickly, faster!” Xiao He said urgently, his speech somewhat unclear in his excitement. Someone immediately flew through the gates.

Turning to Xiao Chen, Xiao He said respectfully, “Second Young Master, come, let’s go in. The Old Master and First Young Master missed you.”

However, Xiao Chen stopped halfway and looked at the gate, hesitating again.

“Second Young Master, what’s wrong?” Xiao He asked, feeling it was strange.

Feeling fear now that I am home?

Xiao Chen had antic.i.p.ated coming home for a long time already. However, when the moment had truly arrived and he stood in front of the gates, he felt somewhat hesitant.

He smiled self-derogatorily. He examined himself and hesitated for only a moment to confirm his choice.

“Nothing’s wrong. I just thought about some past matters,” Xiao Chen replied softly as he proceeded forward. Xiao He walked behind, pointing out the way.

One step, two steps, three steps…Xiao Chen finally stepped over the threshold of the gate. After so many years, he finally stepped into the Xiao Clan.

[TL Note: Ancient Chinese doors and gates have a raised threshold that requires one to raise their feet about fifteen to thirty centimeters. This is to prevent water from leaking in. Also, there was a superst.i.tion that ghosts could not bend their knees, so they would not be able to cross the threshold.]

When Xiao Chen stepped over the threshold, he felt a certain knot in his heart unraveling. He now felt incomparably at ease.

His heart felt much lighter. Actually, after so many years and the various events in the Kunlun Realm, he had long since understood his father’s difficulties back then.

The Xiao Clan had been forced into exile, no longer possessing any capital. They simply no longer dared to let a descendant with the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit remain in the Xiao Clan—for the sake of the many hundreds of lives in the Xiao Clan.

Back then, Xiao Xiong needed to chase away his own son.

Actually, Xiao Chen never hated this father of his. Even back then, when Xiao Xiong chased him away, Xiao Chen did not begrudge him and even kowtowed three times in grat.i.tude. With each kowtow, the skin on his forehead broke and bled.

Not far away, the sound of many footsteps rang out from the front. Xiao Chen did not need to use his Spiritual Sense to know who arrived.

Xiao Chen stopped walking. However, in mere moments, a group of people met him.

Xiao Jian led the group with Xiao Ling`er and Ye Lan at his sides. At the very center of the group was a familiar yet strange face—Xiao Chen’s father, Xiao Xiong.

When Xiao Chen met the gazes of the four, the indelible connection that came from his blood gave him a sense of intimacy. He could not restrain his emotions as he said, “Lord Father, I’ve returned.”

The words “Lord Father” caused a man of iron to tear up somewhat. After such a long absence, aside from the great change in aura, that delicate appearance of Xiao Chen, which looked like when he was seventeen or eighteen, had not changed much.

“Hahahaha! Second Young Master, you finally returned!”

“Quickly come over. Your younger sister Ling`er really missed you.”

Before Xiao Xiong could move, Xiao Ling`er and Ye Lan rushed over and flanked Xiao Chen, bombarding him with questions in turn.

The people at home did not treat him as the Azure Dragon King, only the Second Young Master of their Xiao Clan, a relative that had not returned for a long time.

Xiao Chen was surrounded with familial love, letting him feel unconstrained and forget some of the worries from the Kunlun Realm.

“Are you sure you are Elder Brother Xiao Chen? Why is it that you look even younger than Ling`er? Quickly prove it. Otherwise, I’ll not let you enter.” Xiao Ling`er was overjoyed but was still as mischievous as before.

Xiao Jian lectured, “Stop messing around. Father still has not said anything.”

Xiao Xiong revealed a rare smile. “It is good that you returned. Come and eat. I already got the servants to make preparations.”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “I’ll listen to Lord Father.”

The meeting of father and son was unexpectedly harmonious. Due to familial love, the awkwardness that Xiao Chen expected did not occur.

This meal was the happiest meal that Xiao Chen had in many years. While in the Kunlun Realm, he had stayed at many top-quality restaurants and eaten all sorts of Spirit Beast delicacies. However, none of them could compare to this.

At the table, Xiao Chen gave a simple answer to his cousins’ questions. Of course, he did not mention anything about his arduous journey and the dangers he encountered in the Kunlun Realm.

The entire Xiao Clan’s residence was filled with joy. Xiao Chen’s return made everyone extremely happy.

After the meal, Xiao Jian came to Xiao Chen’s room alone and led him to their father’s study.

“First Brother, have you ever thought of going to the Kunlun Realm?” Xiao Chen asked casually along the way.

Xiao Chen had an ambitious plan in returning to the Xiao Clan. He wanted to bring the Xiao Clan disciples to the Kunlun Realm. Although he did not have the luxury of bringing the thousands of people in the Xiao Clan up, he should not have any problem bringing a few of his closest relatives. He could still afford the resources required.

However, there was one very important question: were the Xiao Clan disciples willing or not?

Xiao Jian shook his head and said, “If a chance to go to the Kunlun Realm came ten years ago, I would have definitely gambled on it. However, I am now over thirty years old and have missed the golden age for cultivating. If I go, it will be very difficult for me to have any accomplishments.”

Xiao Chen’s eldest brother appeared very wise and did not treat the Kunlun Realm as heaven.

Actually, this was something that Xiao Chen worried about. Now that he heard Xiao Jian’s opinion, he did not pursue the matter.

“Go in yourself. Father has some things he wishes to speak to you about alone,” Xiao Jian said when they arrived at the study.

After organizing his thoughts, Xiao Chen pushed the door open and entered the study, which had simple but elegant decorations.

Xiao Xiong, Xiao Chen’s father, was currently reading a book. When he saw Xiao Chen, he set the book down and noticed Xiao Chen looking somewhat dazed.

After a long time, Xiao Xiong said softly, “Aside from missing home, you probably still have some other matter in mind for coming back. Tell me.”

Xiao Chen answered honestly, “I have reestablished the Dragon’s Gate and wish to bring the talented children of the Xiao Clan up.”

“What?!” Xiao Xiong exclaimed somewhat incredulously. Then he stood up and walked to Xiao Chen’s side, appearing extremely shocked.

“Are you alright? How did you manage it? Why did you reestablish the Dragon’s Gate?”

A string of questions came out of Xiao Xiong’s mouth. The first thing he asked was actually whether Xiao Chen was injured or not and not how strong he was. This concern warmed Xiao Chen’s heart.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Your child is fine. Now, even if a Minor Heavenly Martial Emperor wants to kill me, your child has the means to deal with them.”

Strength equal to a Martial Emperor’s?

This shocked Xiao Xiong again. After a while, his eyes turned moist as he whispered, “It looks like I made a misjudgment back then. I should not have chased you away. I was wrong. Also, I was not strong enough, causing you to suffer so much.”

Xiao Chen said seriously, “No, Lord Father, there is no need for you to reproach yourself. After all my bitter experiences in the Kunlun Realm, I now understand Father’s difficulties. Your child is too unfilial. Previously, I pa.s.sed by home but did not enter. I should have come back long ago and not s.h.i.+rked my duty.”

Upon seeing the tears in his father’s eyes, Xiao Chen felt a sourness in his heart. He knelt down and said the things that he repressed in his heart for so long. “It is this child’s fault. No matter the excuse, there is no reason for going past home without entering. I believe Father must have worried for me, both day and night, over the many years I was gone. I should have come back much sooner.”

Xiao Xiong finally could no longer hold back the tears in his eyes, letting them flow down. Xiao Chen’s words undid the knot in his heart that had been there all this time.

It turned out that his son stopped blaming him long ago. After being away for so long, his son had become someone equal to a Martial Emperor.

“Get up, quickly get up. I do not blame you. I, Xiao Xiong, never blamed you. I only hated myself for being powerless. I am not surprised that you have your accomplishments of today. However, back then, I was too weak, simply unable to protect you.”

Xiao Xiong quickly helped Xiao Chen to his feet, not letting him continue to kneel on the floor. He did not feel worthy of it.

Xiao Chen got up and said, “There is no need. Let this child protect Father and the Xiao Clan. I, Xiao Chen, swear that as long as I’m around, no one will be able to harm the Xiao Clan.”

Under the light of the lamp flame, the father-and-son pair chatted for a long time. Before they realized it, dawn arrived.

“The Xiao Clan has been in exile and decline for so long. There is no longer any inheritance except this ring, which has pa.s.sed down through every generation. It is also the mark of the Clan Head. Today, I pa.s.s it on to you.”

Xiao Xiong removed an ancient azure-colored ring and handed it to Xiao Chen, not letting him reject it.

Xiao Chen felt it and immediately detected an ancient aura from the ring. This ring was indeed something from the Distant Ancient Era.

However, he did not feel any energy on the ring as if the ring was sealed by something, preventing it from revealing its true self.

“Chen`er, today, I pa.s.s on this ring to you. Now, you are the Clan Head of my Xiao Clan. You already know about the Xiao Clan’s rules, so I will not bother mentioning them. However, I will leave you with a warning.”

Xiao Chen nodded. “Father, please speak. This child will listen.”

Xiao Xiong said gravely, “Regardless whether you walk the righteous path or one of evil, I will not begrudge you. However, remember not to become a second Azure Emperor. The Azure Emperor Xiao Teng is a sinner of our Xiao Clan. This is something pa.s.sed down from generation to generation.”

Xiao Chen’s heart turned cold. How could there be such a warning being pa.s.sed down? The Azure Emperor helped the Dragon’s Gate conquer vast amounts of land, establis.h.i.+ng a supreme prestige.

Even though the Dragon’s Gate’s destruction had happened during the reign of the Azure Emperor, his contributions balanced it. He should not be a sinner. After all, no matter what, the Azure Emperor was a member of the Xiao Clan.

Why did the ancestors pa.s.s down this warning from generation to generation, giving a grave message to their descendants?

“Lord Father, why is this? While the Azure Emperor had a part to play in the destruction of the Dragon’s Gate, it was not something that he wished for, either. Why did the ancestors give such a warning?”

Xiao Chen carefully put away the ring and voiced his doubts over what Xiao Xiong said. The word “sinner” was simply too heavy. Furthermore, that was not all. It was even conveyed as a warning through the generations. Did the Azure Emperor really do something wicked beyond redemption?

Xiao Xiong explained seriously, “There are some things that only the Clan Head can know about. Now that you possess this Azure Dragon Ring, you are qualified to know as well. This is a secret of our Xiao Clan. Remember not to spread it anywhere. After Xiao Teng became a Martial Emperor, he had already entered a state of Berserking Qi Deviation and entered the Demonic Dao; his character changed considerably.

“For the sake of breaking through the limits of Martial Emperor, he made use of all means possible. Countless numbers of people died at his hands. Aside from the experts of the other races, even his good friends of the past, the person he loved, even the master who groomed him, they all died at his saber.”

This revelation greatly startled Xiao Chen when he heard it. “That is impossible. I once met the Dragon’s Gate’s War Venerates. When they mentioned the Azure Emperor, they were all filled with respect. They were extremely loyal to the Dragon’s Gate, even to the point of not resting after their deaths.”


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