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Chapter 2026 Raw 2122 : Final Tes

Chapter 2026 (Raw 2122): Final Test

After exiting the hall, Xiao Chen advanced at full speed, unaware that certain events on the light steps spread across the sky nearly caused him to be pulled out.

If First Palace Master Yi Yun had made Xiao Chen give up, Xiao Chen would feel extremely sad even with his strong mental state.

Xiao Chen had not given up yet, but others thought of giving up for him. This sorrow would make one feel extremely helpless.

Soon, city walls appeared in front of Xiao Chen.

The city gates were tightly shut, and dark clouds hung in the sky.

Xiao Chen stopped and pondered. This world was rather strange. The sky was probably an illusion.

Everything pointed to this being a small world.

“Stop hiding and come out,” Xiao Chen said as he faced the magnificent city walls. There were two people hidden there. While their auras were exquisitely concealed, he could sense them. However, he did not know how strong they were or anything else.

“Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+”

Two men wearing golden battle armor leaped down from the walls. One held a spear and had a sharp face. His eyes looked like resplendent stars or gems, bright and clear. He was handsome, exuding an aura of n.o.bility.

Regarding grace, this person was no inferior to Qin Mu, one of the Qin Clan’s twin stars.

The other person was stocky and well-built. He was two meters tall and bulged with muscles. His armor looked like it would break from the strain.

This person wore black gloves that flickered with a dim light. Based on the faint Dao Might coming off them, they were an inherited Dao Tool.

The second person was an exceptionally rare Vital Qi cultivator.

When Xiao Chen saw them, his expression did not change. However, he was inwardly startled.

These two were rather high-ranking Golden Dragon Palace heaven-cla.s.s core disciples. He had an impression of them while they were outside. These two seemed very close to the Golden Dragon Palace’s Third Palace Master.

Shouldn’t the strongest disciples of the various outer palaces be the only ones partic.i.p.ating in the first stage?

How did other heaven-cla.s.s core disciples come in?

“After waiting for so long, only a mixed-blood dragon showed up. I can tell that you are confused. I’ll explain. Every palace can send two people to attack the strongest disciples of the other outer palaces. The matchup is decided by luck. Unfortunately, you ran into the two of us.

“Golden Dragon Palace, Zhao Long!”

The handsome youth twirled his spear, the speartip producing a few gusts of wind as he reported his name.

“Golden Dragon Palace, Tie Zongming!”

Giving Xiao Chen a cruel smile, the Vital Qi cultivator reported his name, as well.

These two were experts inferior only to Qin Mu in the Golden Dragon Palace. They were equally matched.

When the two of them worked together, even Qin Mu found them a challenge.

Xiao Chen raised his head to look at the wall behind the two. Then, he pondered for a moment. “I can leave as long as I can push the city gates open?”

When Tie Zongming heard that, he burst into laughter. “Why do you think you have a chance of that with the two of us here? This is not the second stage yet. I advise you to save your strength. Honestly speaking, even if Qin Mu were here, he would struggle to defeat the two of us when we work together. In the Golden Dragon Palace, the two of us are the strongest, Qin Mu aside!”

Seeing that Xiao Chen still harbored hope, the two could not help laughing.

In reality, the two had hoped to meet with the Silver Dragon Palace’s Yuan Xi, the Red Dragon Palace’s Ding Jun, or the Blue Dragon Palace’s Feng Wuheng.

They wanted to do their best to create the best chance for their Senior Brother Qin Mu to obtain the first rank.

The two were somewhat disappointed at facing Xiao Chen. They felt that they could not bring out their full strength and that they wasted a chance to deal a blow to their opponents.

“Make your move. Let me see the source of your confidence.”

Xiao Chen’s expression remained calm as he gestured in invitation.

These words enraged Zhao Long. He said, “It looks like you won’t give up until you face the grim reality. You deserve to be beaten!”

While Zhao Long’s words were arrogant, he took great caution when he attacked, not getting careless.

These two had heard of Xiao Chen’s stories and could not let their guard down.


Zhao Long attacked first, but Tie Zongming’s attack arrived earlier.

Tie Zongming let out cold laughter before punching the ground.

The ground trembled, and a horrifying crack shot out towards Xiao Chen’s feet amid loud reports.

A horrifying force seemed like it would tear Xiao Chen in half, like the ground.

This was how Vital Qi cultivators were; their usage and circulation of Vital Qi were much faster than those of Veritable Essence Energy.

Vital Qi was not like Veritable Essence Energy, which needed to be circulated through the meridians and combined with aura and Dao Might.

Vital Qi cultivators moved with a thought. A casual punch could explode with a horrifying force.

Xiao Chen did not retreat. He snorted coldly and stomped on the ground. The growing crack stopped.

The two bursts of Vital Qi clashed underground. In the next moment, the ground split and exploded. Rocks flew out, and the ground shook. s.p.a.ce turned chaotic.


A flas.h.i.+ng, icy star moved among the rocks tumbling in the air. Zhao Long held up his spear, looking like a celestial being.

Many Golden Dragon images surrounded Zhao Long’s body as his wrist shook.

The Golden Dragon images merged into the spear. The resplendent golden light at the tip of the spear looked as piercing as the sun.

“Lone Dragon Illuminating the Sky!” Zhao Long shouted as he poured in most of his Veritable Essence Energy into his spear. He also brought out his Holy Venerate Will and Great Dao Energy, raising his aura to the peak.

Zhao Long held strong confidence in this spear attack, certain it would injure Xiao Chen. He believed that even if Xiao Chen did not die, Xiao Chen would be severely injured. Then, when Tie Zongming followed up with an attack, Xiao Chen would be defeated.

Unfortunately, Xiao Chen was no longer the Xiao Chen from one month ago. He could block this spear attack.

At the last moment, Zhao Long saw the white figure in front holding his scabbarded saber upraised and pointing it at the sky.

“He did not draw his saber?”


There was no time to think. The tip of the scabbard met Zhao Long’s nearly full-power strike.

A huge force surged out. The ground around Xiao Chen shattered and shot out.

This made the strong might of this attack clear.

However, Zhao Long was horrified to see that Xiao Chen did not take a single step back. Even after receiving this spear attack with the scabbard, Xiao Chen did not budge at all.

“This… How can this be?”

A trace of consternation flashed in Zhao Long’s eyes. Then, he was somewhat aghast to discover that two kinds of Dao Might had appeared at some point in time, layering over each other and suppressing him, from behind Xiao Chen.

“Go back.”

Xiao Chen ferociously shoved back with the scabbard, a considerable force surging out. Zhao Long felt his internal organs rupture. Blood leaked out of his mouth as he went flying.


The movements seemed very fluid. In the next instant, Xiao Chen drew the Tyrant Saber, and a cold light flashed in the air.

“Ka ca!”

The saber’s blade chopped down on Tie Zongming’s pauldron and cut into his shoulder bone. He paled and fell to one knee, clamping the saber blade between two hands to halt its advance.

Tie Zongming seemed to drown in fear. Earlier, he had accurately calculated the timing. The other party should not have had any way to dodge his sneak attack.

However, Xiao Chen seemed to have predicted it. By the time Tie Zongming made his move, the saber light had already locked on to him.

In that instant, only this saber existed in the world. The fear of death filled his mind.

At the critical moment, the advantages of a Vital Qi cultivator appeared: Tie Zongming managed to avoid fatal damage. However, he could not retreat safely; the saber light still struck him.

“You are seeking death!”

The situation incensed Zhao Long. While still in the air, he turned around and hurled his spear.

The spear became like a dragon, shaking up the surroundings as it bared claws and fangs, roaring as it flew towards Xiao Chen.

Dragon roars rang out, and the Golden Dragon’s Dragon Might pressed over to force Xiao Chen back and give Tie Zongming a chance to retreat.

“Shatter!” Xiao Chen shouted coldly and punched with his left hand. One hundred Cauldron Force surged from his body and burst out from his fist light.

Zhao Long had not stored up power for this strike. Blasted by one hundred Cauldron Force, the Golden Dragon image instantly scattered.

The spear returned to its original form. Its body quivered endlessly in the air.

Seizing the opportunity, Tie Zongming, who was kneeling on one knee, grabbed the entire blade with his left hand and roared, “Die!”

His eyes turned bloodshot as his Vital Qi surged like lightning. His body gave off thunderous sounds.

Tie Zongming’s aura instantly soared. His left hand, which gripped the saber’s blade, bled.

However, Tie Zongming did not care. He forcefully stood up while holding the blade.

Then, he clenched his right hand and punched at Xiao Chen’s head ruthlessly.

Tie Zongming’s entire right arm turned into a berserk dragon as his Vital Qi surged out endlessly. This sudden burst would catch another person off guard, and this punch would smash their brains.

Vital Qi cultivators should never be underestimated. They could erupt with a miracle when in danger.

Unfortunately…Xiao Chen was also a Vital Qi cultivator.

Divine Dragon War Body! Xiao Chen snorted coldly, and his body swelled up. His figure became as st.u.r.dy and tall as Tie Zongming’s.

When Tie Zongming went berserk, he managed to suppress Xiao Chen’s aura temporarily. However, his momentum disappeared at this moment.

Xiao Chen clenched his right fist and threw a punch as well. After he brought out the Divine Dragon War Body, he did not fear clas.h.i.+ng head-on.


The two fists met in an explosion. Tie Zongming flew back, vomiting blood.

Xiao Chen’s figure flickered, moving up and down as he dissipated the force.

A white figure flitted about the rocks in the air as a strong wind blew endlessly. He appeared calm and indifferent in the chaotic s.p.a.ce with dragon roars ringing out.

“It looks like Qin Mu held back a lot when he fought with you. Goodbye!”

Xiao Chen did not want to waste his time with these two. He sheathed his saber in its scabbard and turned into a lightning bolt flying to the city gates in front.

Zhao Long and Tie Zongming exchanged glances. Their eyes filled with bitterness. They lost quite miserably.

The two still could fight. If they really wanted to drag this out, they could waste a lot of Xiao Chen’s time.

However, it was already pointless. Their confidence was shattered. Continuing to fight would only aggravate the adverse effect.

In the second stage, the two might end up running into problems. There was no need to make such a big sacrifice for Qin Mu.

Xiao Chen understood what was going on in their hearts, so he went on without any fear of them.

He knew that these two would not dare to continue blocking him.

“Creak!” Xiao Chen pushed the city gates open, and the world before him suddenly changed. He had entered another suppressive hall.

He looked around and explored for a while. However, he did not discover any hidden danger in the hall.

The place was tightly shut, forming a sealed cage.

Xiao Chen found this strange. What was this trial testing? He could not help entering deep thought.

“It’s the final trial?”

Xiao Chen felt that he was already at the end. Through this hall, he could sense the boundaries of the world within the formation.

Just as he stood bewildered, a breeze stirred in the hall.

A figure appeared together with the breeze.

“Feng Wuheng!”

“Xiao Chen!”

The two called out each other’s names when they saw each other’s faces clearly.

“Boom!” A loud sound rang out as a huge, ancient, bronze door suddenly materialized at the end of the hall.

The two felt startled. A brilliant light flashed in their eyes at the same time as they understood that this was the final trial, and only one of them could exit through this door.


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