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Outside the Ye residence.

Several hundreds of people were gathered on the streets where the acc.u.mulated snow had turned into ice. They encircled the streets all around the Ye residence.

Some people even went as far as to erect crude tents to shelter themselves from the snow. A couple even lit fires, huddling and discussing in low voices beside these fires.

The crowd grouped together in twos and threes. Snowflakes drifted floated through the black night. The air was extremely chilly.

The clothes that these people were wearing was simple and thin, ragged and shabby garments covering their body. Every one of them was as thin as a match, malnourished and sickly in appearance looking like beggars. There was a lack of life in their eyes, as if they were simply walking corpses. They had already surrounded the Ye residence for several days, so had made the decision to just to camp here instead of leaving during the night.

Between the crowd, there would occasionally be a young man who was wearing thick cotton clothing. He seemed much more vigorous from his appearance than the other people, his status not as dire as the other people. There was a smell of alcohol wafting from his body. From time to time, he would loudly order people to throw dead rats, bricks and the like over the wall.

Further from this.

A thousand metres in a Western direction.

In a seemingly normal stone house of a commoner, the candles and lamps were lit inside.

Between the seams of the wooden window of the stone house, there was the fragrance of alcohol and meat wafting out.

There were five or six people sitting within the house wearing bright clothes, their thick garments isolating them from the frigid cold. They sat on the ground, surrounding a low table covered with wine and meat. They were currently loudly playing drinking games, everyone of them with red faces. Drinking and gambling, the house was bustling with noise and excitement.

“Hahaha, now that I think back, its enough to make me laugh to death. Your father I was nearly scared to a halt by that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d in the Ye family.” The leading young man, with furrowed brows and blazing eyes, was namely the person sent flying by Ye Qingyu that day. He was called Tao Mocheng and was a famous trouble maker in the Northern district. As he said this, he gulped down a large mouthful of alcohol. “Saying he would kill someone. I peh! Like I would be afraid of him. Haha, who doesn’t know how to tell lies. To dare kill someone in the streets, he wouldn’t do so unless he is a r.e.t.a.r.d.”

“The little thing called Ye Qingyu, only did this to scare people off.” Another young man said with a cold smile. “We have surrounded his residence for so many days, the little thing doesn’t even dare to let out a fart. I don’t even know how many dead rats we have thrown over, yet he is still suffering in silence.”


The group began roaring with laughter.

“This time, we are on the side of morality and righteous. Just how many eyes of the entire city are looking into this matter? This little brat himself has an unclear background, being involved with that demonic girl of darkness. The crotch of his trousers is covered with s.h.i.+t*, just what can he do to us? Especially for those rich n.o.bility, the thing most important to them is their face. Hehe, as long as we grab at his seven inch spot**, even if Ye Qingyu is a poisonous snake, he does not dare to do anything to us. ”

Someone said with a large guffaw.

The leading young man Tao Mocheng also chucked loudly, excitement written in his face. “In reality, this really is a great business transaction for us. We are only exploiting those beggars and the poor to risk their lives for us, and we can so easily and openly obtain money from those n.o.ble families. Hehe, as long as we give those stinky beggar some buns, they will do their utmost to work for us……”

Another person said: “I wonder just how can the money of young long Sun and the other n.o.bility’s last?”

The young leader of the group Tao Mocheng replied with a grin. “What are you afraid of, we can definitely earn a large sum. Sun Yufu and the other n.o.bilities, right now hates the little brat surnamed Ye awfully much. They will not give up till they finish playing with him to his death. From this matter, I think that it is not only Sun Yufu that is involved in this plan. Otherwise why doesn’t the [Capture barracks] truly interfere? In these days, they have only pretended to act to put up an appearance, otherwise they would have long started to arrest people……Therefore we do not need to worry at all and think about other matters. If this situation continues on, what we can obtain is money. ”

“Hehe, that little brat dares to offend young lord Sun. I think that he is dead for sure.” A robust and prosperous fat person began to snicker. “There are several women in the residence, that are d.a.m.n tender and delicate. If we are able to taste such fresh delicacies…..hehe, I am willing to become a ghost if so.”

The group of people immediately began laughing heartily 。

“I think that his matter is possible. Hehe, once Sun Yufu and the old masters of the n.o.ble families play with this little brat to his death, we can do whatever we want with the women in that residence. Haha, after we are done with them, we can sell them to a low grade brothel, and we will also be able to obtain a large sum.” Tao Mocheng began chuckling loudly.

“Boss, speak a little quieter. Young lord Sun and his people is about to arrive, don’t let them hear this.” A young man reminded Tao Mocheng in a low voice.

The group nodded their agreement.

At this time, there was the sound of footsteps coming from outside. Mixed in with this, was a strange whimpering. As if someone wanted to scream loudly, but their mouth was covered.

Then three or four people was able to been seen, sneakily carrying two coa.r.s.ely woven sacks.

The strange whimpering sound, namely came from the rough burlap sacks.

“Chen Er, you guys have returned? Did you manage to get them?” Tao Mocheng eyes brightened, rus.h.i.+ng to ask .

“Boss, I’ve managed to grab a hold of them. Haha, this time it’s a bountiful harvest, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied. It’s two young girls. After we have washed them up, they’ll be fresh and vivid. Who would have thought that in this group of stinky beggars, there would be such high cla.s.s goods.” The person called Chen Er was crafty looking man. He untied the strings of the burlap bags.

Two s.h.i.+vering and quivering figures, rolled out from the coa.r.s.e sacks.

It was two kidnapped girls in the prime of their youth. Their hands and feet were tied and their mouth gagged.

Under the muddled yellow light of the fire, the two young girls with ragged clothing panicked and struggled. The cheeks because of their alarm had practically morphed into a different shape. Under the light of the blaze, there was a certain lovely pitifulness about their appearance. They looked to be around fifteen or sixteen years of age. Their physique was already extremely exquisite, and the places where the ragged clothing did not cover, glowed with a white jade like brilliance under the light, the skin being considerably white.

Tao Mocheng and the others had a good look, their eyes going wide.

“Hahaha, who would have thought that within a group of beggars, there would be such goods. Chen Er, you have done well. ” Tao Mocheng broke out into loud laughter.

Chen Er had a face filled with pride, and said with a flattering smile. “Not to hide it from boss you, I have already observed them for several days. These two girls are people from outside the city, and hid within the crowd so they could not escape easily. They are really pretty. They thought that by covering their faces with ashes, they would be able to fool me. This is far too innocent. During the day, I’ve already scouted out the place, and during the night I found two of my brothers to kidnap them. Haha, boss, what about it. This two little girls are not bad. After you have tasted them, you should let us brothers enjoy them too.”

Tao Mocheng began laughing loudly, walking forward and directly lifting one of the girls. “Good, good, your father I have not touched a woman for three or four days now. These two girls is just perfect to allow everyone invigorate themselves. Old rules goes, after we’ve finished with them, we are going to sell them to a low cla.s.s brothel. They can fetch a good price too. You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, dont be too crazy and be light. Don’t completely ruin these two young girls.”

Everyone in the room began to hoot with laughter.

The men surrounded them, everyone one of their eyes glinting with a depraved and l.u.s.tful light.


The two young girls struggled for their lives, despair written in the bright and large eyes glinting under the light of the fire.

“Hehe, your father I will be the first one to savour them……” Tao Mocheng grabbed the young girl in his hands. Accompanied by a ripping sound, he tore apart the clothing. There originally was not much on the body of the young girl in the first place. Snowy white skin was exposed.

The entire room was filled with an extra layer of gorgeous moonlight.

The people in the stone house felt their eyes widening.

Just when had they seen such a woman with jade like bones and icy skin?

There was practically no difference from the young ladies of the n.o.ble families.。

Chen Er and the others’ throats shook, swallowing their saliva. They could already not wait to rush forward. After waiting half a moment, they unexpectedly saw the Tao Mocheng that was consumed with desire did not have any further actions. He stood dumbly, transfixed where he was, not even moving in the slightest. As if he was trapped within a formation. His gaze was fixed in the direction of the door, shock and fear written clearly in his eyes.

What had happened?

Everyone turned their gaze towards the door.

Who knew when, but a silhouette wearing the bronze mask of the Asura had appeared at the doors.

The main killing Asura.

The bronze mask of the Asura in the colour of the night illuminated by the burning firelight in the house seemed to be a Death G.o.d here to reap life away at first glance. The black tight fitting clothes in the pitch black night made him seem like a ghost walking through the night. The dancing snowflakes in the air brought with it a icy chill that seeped into their bones, directly attacking them.

No one knew, exactly when this black shadow appeared.

He was like a spirit that came from the depths of h.e.l.l.

The people with little bravery in this crowd, after seeing this Asura ghost shadow immediately began sharply screeching.

And such a scream, after just sounding, halted in a moment.

A ray of sword light floated, piercing through his throat.

The taste of blood, began spreading in this narrow and cramped stone house.

“You…..are you a man or a ghost?” Another person asked trembling, nearly scared out of his wits.。

What answered him, was still the ray of sword light.

Blood blossomed through the air.

The figure of the man fell.

“Motherf.u.c.ker, what wild ghost is this that they would act against me and my brothers. There is no need to afraid everyone. Rush forward all at once, and slaughter him.” Tao Mocheng had finally recovered, his eyes flickering about. Biting his teeth, he kicked the wooden table in front of him. 。


The wooden table flew, the liquid on it splattering everywhere.

The other three people woke from their nightmare, Taking out the sharp blades at their waists, cold lights flickered within the stone house. Everyone of them had ferocious expressions on their faces , charging forward.

And at this time, the leading Tao Mocheng had already left. Turning around to run, he ducked and charged out from the windows. He absolutely did not dare to fight with this monster directly. He wanted his comrades to attract the attention of the bronze Asura ghost shadow so that he could escape. From his perspective, even if everyone fought together, they would not be the opponent of that person.


Another ray of sword light brightened in the house.

The wooden table was sliced apart without any sounds.

The figures of the five or six people that had rushed over had also frozen.

The bronze Asura shadow waved his hand.。

Tao Mocheng felt that he had lost control of his body, a invisible force dragging him back. He heavily landed on the ground, cras.h.i.+ng onto the broken bowls on the floor. With a bang, his waist nearly snapped apart. The pain was so great that he could not even scream. He had a sensation that his body did not belong to him.

Tao Mocheng watched with wide eyes as the bronze Asura ghost shadow walked closer and closer, step by step. It sat down on the chairs of the stone house, not saying a word.

This action made it seem as if it this really was a ghost that came from h.e.l.l.

Putong. Putong.

The Chen Er and others who had their bodies frozen suddenly trembled. Blood spurted from them, everyone of them falling down.

So they had long been struck by the sword, completely dead.

Tao Mocheng felt a fear that he had never experienced before. Like a tide, it completely drowned him.


*in trouble himself

**mythical weak point of a snake





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