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Chapter 622, True face

He grinned and looked at Ye Qingyu with an expression that seemed to be saying’I have already seen through your heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys’, and said proudly, “Haha, I know what you want to ask, hahaha… No matter, I will enlighten you. Don’t worry, the Demon Spider Race will not come to Flowing Light City anymore. Not only Flowing Light City, but most likely that more than half of the other human territories taken have been returned. The Greater One Sect had found a thick thigh in the domain alliance and is coming back, we must prepare some countermeasures… So, the war in Clear River Domain should be over.”  When Ye Qingyu heard this, he was both surprised and delighted. 

What was surprising was that the Greater One Sect was indeed a centipede that goes on wriggling when already dead. 

What he was rejoicing was that, in a way, Clear River Domain had returned to a temporary state of peace and the Human Race will not have to worry about the fire and chaos of war for a period of time. Many of the people forced from their homes from war can finally relax and recuperate for a while.

He hoped that this kind of peaceful times could be maintained for a little longer.  

“Ah, today I really have unconsciously said too much. I shouldn’t say anymore, or I will get in trouble.” As the round-face Prince looked at Ye Qingyu, his eyes suddenly flashed a strange expression. It seemed to be envy, but also seemed to be somewhat an unwillingness. In the end he finally shook his head. “Actually, you can now walk around Clear River Domain without any disguise. You have performed exceptionally meritorious service to Clear River Domain, your fame has spread, and in the domain alliance, there is someone protecting you. Now Greater One Sect does not dare to do anything to you. The major forces of Clear River Domain will also most likely gradually receive the news. The most important thing is that Heaven Wasteland Domain has entered the field of vision of the domain alliance. Although it is said that this alliance is no different to a pack of wolves, but they still need to pay attention to some rules. Now you’re the number one person of Heaven Wasteland Domain, you need to come out openly and socialize with the domain alliance. If you want Heaven Wasteland dDomain to be kept hidden, it is impossible. After all, the Central Domain Gate had already appeared, and sooner or later there will be people of other domains entering Heaven Wasteland Domain. It is inevitable… Finally, haha, your face now is too ugly, you should change back, ahhahaha…” 

When he finished, without waiting for Ye Qingyu to say anything, he waved his hand, covered his mouth, and laughed loudly as always, before turning away.

This was obviously because he was afraid that he would blurt something else out. 

Ye Qingyu couldn’t help laughing. 

The chubby man was somewhat interesting. 

However, he most likely was deliberately waiting for him outside the stone tower, and said so many things to him and revealed so much information. It was not because he was as ‘curious’ as he had said. 

A gust of wind blew. 

Mojin’s figure transformed into thousands of ink-coloured petals that drifted in the wind before disappearing from where he stood.

The stone tower courtyard again restored the calm condition that Ye Qingyu saw before.

The instant the Demon Spider Prince disappeared, the world was no longer silent. Ye Qingyu could feel the life and spirit of the plants and rocks in the courtyard, as well as the surging yuan qi outside of the boundaries of the stone tower. 

Ye Qingyu stood there quietly for a long while.

It was only after a full hour that his face suddenly revealed a trace of a smile.

“Nevermind, don’t think about it anymore… I’ve been training in seclusion for so long, it’s about time to see how the outside is.” 

Ye Qingyu lifted his feet, and walked toward the outside of the stone tower courtyard.

In one step, his muscles and bones gradually underwent a strange change visible to the naked eye. The originally chubby figure instantly stood upright, and when he finished on the third step his whole person had completely changed, including his face.

Beyond the stone tower courtyard. 

Hu Bugui, Ling Xiaoran, Chen Zhengliang and many people had been waiting quietly.  Because of the gradual disappearance of the spectacles and movements in the sky and earth, they knew that Ye Qingyu was about to come out from training, so they had been eagerly awaiting him half an hour ago. 


The red door of the stone tower courtyard opened gently. 

Ye Qingyu’s figure appeared before the crowd. 

Looking at the figure at the door, everyone was stunned.  

All eyes were fixed on a handsome and confident figure standing tall in the wind. His slender body was not at all weak. His black waist-length hair was tied with a blue hair band at the back of his head, gently swaying with the breeze. His pure white robe glistened under the sunlight, and the breeze fluttered his sleeves, like an immortal. His face was beautiful like jade, and his facial features were defined and sharp like blades. He had long arched brows, bright star-like eyes, a tall nose, and thin lips that were curved with a light smile.

His every movement gave out a graceful and ethereal aura. 

The sun lit up his body, as if his body was draped in thousands of gold light. He did not seem like a mortal, giving off an indescribable, formidable, and heroic aura that made people afraid to look at him directly. 

Chen Zhengliang and the others looked at the figure that just came out of the courtyard with a dumbfounded expression.

Who was this man who just came out of the stone tower? 

Where is Senior Tianhang? 

When Hu Bugui saw that Ye Qingyu had shown his true face, he was also taken aback for a moment. 

But he was the great thief after all. He immediately understood Ye Qingyu’s intention——It seemed that from now on Ye Qingyu will no longer have to hide his true ident.i.ty. During this training Ye Qingyu had broken through into the Immortal Step boundary, and his strength had certainly increased drastically. He naturally did not need to be afraid of others anymore. 

With this thought Hu Bugui burst into a hearty laughter, “Haha, little brother, you finally came out!” 

He went up to clapped his hand upon Ye Qingyu’s shoulder and stood beside him.

Ye Qingyu smiled and nodded, “En, I’ve finished training.” 

Ling Xiaoran, Chen Zhengliang and others immediately realized that this Senior ‘Tianhang’s’ previous appearance was just a disguise. 

Hu Bugui revealed a strange smile, thinking that he should take the opportunity to explain everything, so he turned around, looked at Chen Zhengliang and others, and said grinning: “You guys guess his true ident.i.ty. Whoever guesses it right, I will treat you to a drink!”

Ling Xiaoran’s eyes flickered with puzzlement. He gave it a deep thought then said in a serious tone, “So this is senior’s true face, graceful and handsome like an immortal… Hmmm, could senior be the most mysterious genius of Clear River Domain, the jade-faced immortal, Sima Yue?” 

Hu Bugui curled his lips when he heard this, “What Sima Yue, I have not heard of him.”

The others also began to throw out guesses. 

Without allowing the others to continue to guess, Hu Bugui waved his hands and exclaimed, “Okay okay, you guys won’t be able to guess, let me tell you, he is in fact Ye Qingyu… hahahaha, what, unexpected right!”

Everyone was shocked at the remark.

“Ye Qingyu?” Ling Xiaoran uttered, looking strange. 

Right away he thought the name sounded familiar but did not react. 

“Is it the rumoured perverted demon Ye Qingyu,” Heng Yugue suddenly realized something. She suddenly looked up and fixed her eyes on the jade-faced Ye Qingyu with a look of disbelief. 

At this moment, the other people also finally reacted. 

In this period of time, Ye Qingyu’s name indeed had appeared too frequently. In Clear River Domain, almost everyone knew him, so they did not think in this direction.

On the aged face of Elder Zheng, there was shock flickering.

He looked at Ye Qingyu, his mouth opening to say something, but in the end he kept quiet, and restored his calm right away. His eyes had the same trust and respect as he did before.

At his side, Chen Zhengliang’s face was twisted with complex emotions. Besides shock, there was also a hint of inexplicable fear.

He had indeed heard about the matters to do with Ye Qingyu, who could be said to be the fuse of the current mess of Clear River Domain. Moreover, there were also many rumours about Ye Qingyu that were basically defaming him. He was said to be a maniac killer, a perverted demon, and a devil that commit any imaginable crimes…

He had never thought that the true ident.i.ty of senior Tianhang would be him.

And at his side, Ling Xiaoran, Heng Yugue and Scar-faced Jin also fell strangely quiet at this moment. 

An indescribable undercurrent flowed amongst the crowd. 

The atmosphere was suddenly tense and weird. 

Upon seeing the atmosphere, the smile on Hu Bugui’s face gradually faded. 

“I say, what do you mean by those expressions? Do you still not know what kind of person brother Ye is? The rumors about brother Ye were all deliberately spread out by the Greater One Sect. Their purpose was to ruin his reputation, demonize Heaven Wasteland Domain, and gather all forces to kill him. What you heard about him being a pervert is all nonsense. Do you think that a person so handsome like my little brother will lay eyes on the ugly people of Greater One Sect? If he really were going to commit harmful acts to Clear River Domain, then why did he risk his life to save the city from danger?” 

The great thief explained irritably.

Chen Zhengliang and others trembled when they heard these words.

That’s right.

What was the matter with them? 

How could they react like this? 

Were they suspicious of the saviour of Flowing Light City? 

They suddenly remembered how the person before them faced the enemy alone, stood against hundreds of Demon Race experts, suffered countless wounds, and almost died to save Flowing Light City from calamity, especially the last battle, which was tragic and moving. But because of some rumors, they had forgotten all the things that they have been through together. Because of some rumours they were skeptical of their saviour.

Chen Zhengliang, Ling Xiaoran and others immediately took on a look of shame.

Ye Qingyu noticed the changes in the people’s eyes. Such a change was within his expectations, and he also did not mind. He faintly smiled, “That day, I had no choice but to hide my real face, please forgive me.” 

Chen Zhengliang, with a face of guilt, hastily responded with a cupped fist salute, “Senior Ye don’t say that! It is us who are wrong, we were skeptical of senior… It is my good fortune to be acquainted with senior Ye!” 

Ling Xiaoran and the others also bowed. “That’s right, we were misled by the Greater One Sect and misunderstood senior Ye. We feel really guilty, but you can rest a.s.sured that no matter what the price, we will wash away those rumors for you, so you will no longer be troubled by those rumours!” 

Hu Bugui laughed, “Haha, brother Ye, with the Immortal G.o.d Emperor Sect lending a hand, it seems your bad reputation will be washed away soon.”

Ye Qingyu helplessly shook his head and laughed. “Then thank you, everyone.”

Before his voice faded.


In the direction of the Southward building, the sky was suddenly lit with bright fireworks streaking across the horizon.

Ye Qingyu and the other people’s attentions were instantly drawn to this.

Ling Xiaoran complexion changed, “That is the urgent signal of the Immortal G.o.d Emperor Sect… There must be important information coming!” 

As he spoke, he cast a glance over at Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui.

“Then what are you waiting for? Hurry, hurry go to the city to see what the news is.”


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