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247 – There’s only one person

Ye Congyun followed Ye Qingyu instructions, relaxing his entire body and closing both of his eyes. He could not see what was happening, but he was able to feel, a stream of warmth that entered between his brows, like a bubbling spring that flowed to his head slowly then continued on spreading to other places within his body…….

This feeling was similar to the sensation of slowly being submerged into hot water, his entire body gradually being enveloped.

Under the sunlight s.h.i.+ning from the window outside, Ye Qingyu examined Ye Congyun’s state in detail.

When he had returned last night, he had already began to refine this drop of blood.

After the arduous effort the last few weeks, the power of the flame of darkness held within that drop of blood was already basically under his control. Therefore, during this evening he had managed to completely erase the power of the flames of darkness from that drop of blood after a short period of time.

The power of the flames of darkness was extremely tyrannical, containing the terrifying scorching and burning power of the fires of darkness. Ye Qingyu originally wanted to treat it the same as that white drop of blood contained the power of the Curse, to directly refine it and incorporate it within his body to strengthen his cultivation.

But as he remembered another matter, Ye Qingu suddenly felt that perhaps by saving the yuan essence of darkness from this drop of blood, would prove to be much more useful in the future.

Ultimately, Ye Qingyu decided to utilise the [Sole Will of the Heaven Earth Copper Cauldron] technique and seal it away, preserving it within the [Heaven and Earth Cauldron].

As for the pure droplet of blood that was left behind, after long consideration, Ye Qingyu paid a visit to the Hundred herb hall overnight. He awoke the sleeping Shopkeeper Sui, and discussed in detail whether there were any other methods to cure the weak blood const.i.tution. He finally decided to use the power of this droplet of blood, to fundamentally change the foundation of Ye Congyun.

This droplet of blood belonged to the incredible body of Lu Zhaoge. What was contained within was a vast yuan power that normal experts could barely begin to imagine. If it was incorporated into his own body, Ye Qingyu did not doubt in the least, that it would at least explosively increase his own cultivation by around five Spirit springs, similar to the strange white drop of blood….

The effect of this droplet of blood, could be called a rare Spirit Pill.

But Ye Qingyu did not hesitate in the slightest, deciding to use it to cure Ye Congyun’s condition.

The debt that Ye Qingyu owed to the sentries was so great, that even if Ye Qingyu destroyed his body in repaying them, it was hard to repay even the slightest of fractions.

That day, if not for the sentries sacrificing their bodies to delay his pursuers, Ye Qingyu would not even have been able to meet Chen Moyun but be played to the death by Liu Yuancheng. It was further impossible without them to have such a fortuitous encounter. It was a pity that Ye Qingyu had live on, while those heroic sentries had been sacrificed.

This had always been the greatest pain within Ye Qingyu’s heart.

It could be said that he tried to repay the debt he owed to the sentries by giving what he could to Ye Congyun.

This was especially so after he understood the personality and attributes of the little brother of that sentry, causing him to appreciate him even more. Furthermore, they both had the name of Ye. In Ye Qingyu’s heart, he had already regarded Ye Congyun as someone like family.

That night, Ye Qingyu had even paid hundred herb hall a visit over night, and woken up the dreary Shopkeeper Sui. After detailed discussion, and confirming there were no other methods to cure the Weak Blood const.i.tution, he made his decision.

That night he returned to the White Horse tower, ordering people to invite Ye Congyun over.

Before the sky had even brightended. Liu Zongyuan had personally brought the minor office Ye Congyun to White Horse tower.

After the incident of the new recruit training camp, everyone could see, that Ye Qingyu treated this junior office differently. Therefore Liu Zongyuan did not dare tarry. Considering the injuries this minor officer held, and the fact he had always been physically weak, Liu Zongyuan personally escorted him over.

After he arrived, Ye Qingyu did not delay, arranging for Ye Congyun to be brought in the isolation room and recounting everything for him from start to finish.

After all this minor officer only had the martial cultivation of the ordinary martial level, and belonged to the lowest rung of the yuan qi cultivation martial path. For him to withstand a drop of blood essence from a peak level extreme effort was far too dangerous; there was even the possibility of him rupturing with blood and dying. There was only a slight chance of surviving, it could be said to be utterly dangerous.

Ye Congyun did not hesitate at all, deciding to risk it.

Therefore, at this moment, the drop had already been absorbed into Ye Congyun’s body.

According to the method recording on the ancient text, everything from now on relied on junior office himself. If he had enough determination and will, and was able to withstand the power from this drop of blood essence, then he could be reborn. If his will was not enough, then…..

Ye Qingyu looked the the junior office with a relaxed face, his own face utterly anxious.

Half an hour later after the blood essence entered into his body,there was a faint and comfortable smile emitting from the face of the minor office.

But another half an hour later.

A layer of cold sweat, suddenly and acutely dripped from Ye Congyun’s forehead.一

All the muscles in his body, could not help but tremor uncotnrollably, as if he was having a fit, his whole body convulsing. Sweat instantly covered his entire clothes, as if his body was just pulled out from water.

“There’s change.”

Ye Qingyu’s heart tremored, becoming even more tense.

Very quickly, one could see many beads of blood drops like the eye of a needle, seeping out from the outside layer of Ye Congyun’s skin. His arteries bulged, and his veins were like worms, as if they were about to explode from his skin.

A faint smell of blood swept over the whole room.

In less than half an hour, the entire body of the minor officer were already completely drenched in blood. There were lines after lines of broken skin and fractures on his skin, appearing like a dried up river bed. There were ruptures of wounds breaking open like the pattern of a turtle’s sh.e.l.l, blood dripping out from his muscles. His entire body was smothered by blood, and one was not even able to see the features of his facial expression anymore.

Ye Qingyu became even more and more tense.
But according to the description of the ancient text, such a reaction was within normal expectations.

Ye Qingyu fiercely suppressed the worry in his heart, silently waiting.

“Armoured sentry, if you can hear my words, then please wors.h.i.+p along with the other sentries, for the safety of your little brother. As long as he can step over this hump, then he will turn from a fish into a dragon, ascending to the heavens in one step.”

Ye Qingyu muttered in his heart.

Another half an hour pa.s.sed.

The blood on the outside of the minor officers body had already comltely dried. The blood had congealed, appearing like a blood sh.e.l.l that protected his outer body. The colour from the original bright red, gradually began to dim and the appearance was starting to become somewhat frightening.

If not for the face that he could sense the minor officiers’ heart beating slowly but surely, Ye Qingyu could not have resisted the urge to break apart the blood sh.e.l.l to discover what was occurring on the inside.

However, this was also a stage descripted by that nameless ancient text.

Forming a coc.o.o.n.

Forming a blood coc.o.o.n.

Using your blood essence for congeal and form a blood coc.o.o.n, only then can you be reborn and undergo metamorphosis like a b.u.t.terfly.

That day, Ye Qngyu patiently waited for an entire four hours.

Only until the afternoon—–


There was a fissure on the layer of the blood coc.o.o.n.

Ye Qingyu’s heart trembled.

The next instant, there were constantly sounds of cracking emitting.

With a ‘peng’ noise a jade white like hand emerged from witin the blood cac.o.o.n, faintly trembling. The blood cac.o.o.n was like dehydrated mud, shattering into pieces and was shaken off. The junior officer with his face filled with confusion slowly rose up.

The skin all around his body was like white jade. The previous scars and injuries he had received from being tortured while imprisoned had all disappeared miraculously, without leaving any hint behind. There was not any imperfections on his body ,as if he was a newly born baby.

An ocean like blood qi was roiling within his body.

If one were to close to one’s eyes, one would really imagine this minor officer to be like a ancient primitive beast. This vast and terrifying blood qi, absolutely should not exist on a cultivator at the stage of the ordinary martial level.

Ye Congyun looked down at his pure white hands in confusion.

The weakness and fragility that had shackled him like a disease within his body, had really disappeared without trace. He could even feel, that within his body, there was an unending powerful energy boiling and surging. It was as if he only needed to lift a hand, to rip apart any wild beasts.

This was……the feeling of being reborn.


The minor officer opened his mouth, tears dripping down from his face.


Both his knees fell to the ground.

“The debt of Marquis giving me a new chance can never even be repaid even if my body is destroyed. From now on, Congyun is willing to become your soldier. Even if there is a blade of swords or an ocean of fire in front of me, I will not waver.”

The voice of the minor officer was like a metallic ring.

This young man who would not lsoe his compusure even if Mt Tai collapsed, at this moment, finally could not remain calm and collected anymore. The feeling of being reborn, for those who had never experienced this nightmare like torture, would never be understood by other people.

There was a faint smile on Ye Qingyu’s face.

“Stand up. It was only through your strong determination and will, that you could recover.” Ye Qingyu could finally have said to lay one of his worries at reset.”

When they were speaking —-

Knock knock knock.

There was the sounds of door being knocked coming from the outside.

Ye Qingyu furrowed his brows.

Previously he had already ordered that no matter who asked to see him, they were not allowed to disturb him. Why would there be someone knocking, was it not Bai Yuanxing who was currently guarding the door? Normally this White Horse sword slave knew how to do things, why was it today…?

Could it be there that there was an accident?

Ye Qingyu opened the door.

“Master…..” Bai Yuanxing had a red face as he was trying to explain something.

But Ye Qingyu’s gaze was already not on him.

There were many people standing outside, and they were all great and powerful figures. Liu Siufeng, Peng Yizhen, Liu Yuqing…..these huge figures of the Pa.s.s Lord’s Residence had a fiery gaze as they stared at him. And there was also…..

Ye Qingy’s gaze finally fell on a figure with a good covering his face, concealing his facial features. Liu Yuqing and Liu Siufeng both carefully supported this person’s figure. The instant he saw this figure, his pupils constricted, his heart fiercely beating.

In the entire Youyan Pa.s.s, there was only one person that the [Butcher of Youyan] and the [Painting Saint] would so respectfully support and hold.

Ye Qingyu knew who had arrived.

Hundred Herb hall.
In the early morning, Shopkeeper Sui let out a large yawn.

Ever since beign distubed by Ye Qingyu during the middle of the night, he could not go back to rest and jsut rose early so his mental state was not good. After all he was not any expert, and had a weak cultivation therefore as one got older, he would feel to have less and less energy.

“Manager, the people from headquarters are here.” A worker ran over frantically.

Shopkeeper Sui was also shocked. “So quickly?”

As the spoke, four figures, entered into the main hall from outside. Another worker respectfully lead them, not daring to show any signs of disrespect.

Shopkeeper Sui hurriedly wiped his face, greeting them with a smile.

“Supervisor Lin, to think you would arrive so far. I failed to greet you properly, I apologise, I apogolise.” Shopkeeper Sui hurriedly made his apologies. The young person wearing green in front of him, in truth was one of the figures with power in the Treasure Herb hall. Although he was young, but he could absolutely be counted as one of the top cla.s.s Pill masters.

“This matter is grave, I did not dare delay. Shopkeeper Sui, previousl you sent a message regarding the matter of the [Mysterious Heaven pellet]. Is it for real?” The young man in green directly went straight into the heart of the matter.

He had really came because of the business of the [Mysterious Heaven pellet].

Shopkeeper Sui’s heart fiercely began beating.


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