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Chapter 1053: I Have Been Narrow Minded

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

Another month pa.s.sed and Mo Wuji broke through to G.o.d Monarch Level 4 without any commotion. Compared to G.o.d Monarch Level 4, his strength had another leap in quality once more.

At the same time, Kun Yun also finally broke open the Unity G.o.d’s world of laws. As Mo Wuji saw pile after pile of treasures in the world of laws, he felt very jealous.

However, Mo Wuji didn’t care about all this and he simply continued to absorb primal G.o.d spiritual energy and Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills at a crazy pace for cultivation.

This primal spiritual eye was indeed an origin spiritual eye. Following Mo Wuji’s increase in cultivation level, the amount of primal G.o.d spiritual energy increased many folds but the primal spiritual eye seemed to provide an endless supply. No matter how much G.o.d spiritual energy Mo Wuji absorbed, there was still more flowing out of the primal spiritual eye in a continuous stream.

In the ninth month since he entered the primal spiritual eye, Mo Wuji advanced to G.o.d Monarch Level 5.

As long as the primal spiritual eye didn’t dry up, Mo Wuji’s cultivation would never stop.

In the 12th month, G.o.d Monarch Level 6!

In the 16th month, G.o.d Monarch Level 7!

Now the G.o.d spiritual energy of the primal spiritual started to feel a little weaker than before, which disappointed Mo Wuji. If the primal G.o.d spiritual energy remained at the previous density all the way, he was confident in advancing to G.o.d Monarch Level 10 within two years.

Thanks to the large volume of primal G.o.d spiritual energy, Mo Wuji still had a few Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills left.

Pausing his cultivation temporarily, Mo Wuji’s spiritual will swept outwards. The area that Kun Yun cultivated at was still a large G.o.d spiritual energy whirlpool, so obviously Kun Yun didn’t give up on continuing to cultivate.

As he thought that the amount of G.o.d spiritual energy he required was much greater than what Kun Yun needed, Mo Wuji took out a damaged primal G.o.d spiritual vein from the Undying World and planted it in the ground.

At the same time, he also took out Green Dew Rice and began cooking. Something like Green Dew Rice was still extremely essential for G.o.d Kings.

Mo Wuji had eaten peak grade Green Dew Rice before, which helped his cultivation greatly. This was a good item that could increase one’s ability to gain insights and break through to the next cultivation level while cultivating, and it did not have any side effects. Originally, he planned to slowly consume peak grade Green Dew Rice when he went into long term closed door cultivation. But now, he had to urgently improve his cultivation level, so he decided to take out everything that could be of use.

Only when a cultivation resource could be converted to his strength would it be considered of value. Keeping and not using it would only give him a little more comfort.

With the a.s.sistance of Green Dew Rice, Mo Wuji sat directly on top of the primal G.o.d spiritual vein and wildly burnt through the remaining Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills for cultivation. On top of that, he also used his world channel to draw out the pill energy from the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth inside his Undying World into his meridians to boost his cultivation. As long as it could help him increase his cultivation level, Mo Wuji didn’t hold back.

A wild and fiery stream of heaven and earth elemental energy rushed into Mo Wuji’s meridians, and it was quickly converted into cultivated elemental energy under the reverse circulation route. His sea of consciousness kept expanding, and meridians continued to grow stronger…

In what seemed to be a few days time, Mo Wuji’s cultivation level broke through from G.o.d Monarch Level 7 to Level 8.

At this point he could really feel how heaven-defying the peak grade Green Dew Rice was. That sort of clarity in gaining insights and the guidance for absorption of G.o.d spiritual energy and laws gave him a sense that his cultivation level was increasing with every full round of reverse circulation. It also allowed him to understand how he should continue with the next round of circulation for cultivation.

This wasn’t the first or second time that Mo Wuji obtained extremely good cultivation resources, but it was a first in terms of clarity of senses while cultivating.

The current experience made him decide that once he had the free time, he would continue planting peak grade Green Dew Rice.

Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills were being expended at a visible rate, and all of the dao traces from the pills that were used up and the dense primal G.o.d spiritual energy were soaked up Mo Wuji.

Following his increase in cultivation level, his understanding of dao laws commensurately deepened as well and his Undying world rapidly expanded.

The Laws of Heaven and Earth of the Undying World became clearer with Mo Wuji’s progress in cultivation level, and the formation of a day and night system became more obvious too.

G.o.d Monarch Level 9, Level 10…

“Crack!” When the last Heavenly Laws Elemental Pill was used up, Mo Wuji’s cultivation level seemed to change from that of a rocket to a plane.

As the primal G.o.d spiritual energy from the primal spiritual eye weakened, his rate of cultivating dropped a second time.

Many days pa.s.sed, and Mo Wuji finally stopped cultivating. He sent the primal G.o.d spiritual vein back into his Undying World.

After close to 18 months of cultivation, Mo Wuji expended all his Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills and a good part of the pill energy in the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. A small portion of his peak grade Green Dew Rice was consumed, while surprisingly it was the damaged primal G.o.d spiritual vein that hadn’t been used up by much. As for the primal spiritual eye, it had already dried up.

The outcome made Mo Wuji feel that everything was worth it. His cultivation level was currently at the peak of G.o.d Monarch Level 10, only a step away from becoming a Level 11 G.o.d Monarch.

Although there wasn’t any G.o.d spiritual energy from the primal spiritual eye anymore, he was confident that he could enter the Great Circle of G.o.d Monarch very soon.

There was still a primal G.o.d spiritual vein and a large amount of peak grade Green Dew Rice on him. The pill energy left in the Furnace of Heaven and Earth was still rather significant as well. More importantly, he had another skill that no one else had – Pill Cleansing.

He could use pills to improve, and the Pill Cleansing sacred art would reduce the pill poison and pill impurities to the minimum.

“Ha ha, Brother Wuji, it seems like you have benefitted quite a bit.” Kun Yun’s happy voice rang out, almost like the incident of Mo Wuji starting to cultivate before him had not happened.

To Mo Wuji’s surprise, the surrounding deathtrap array was removed by Kun Yun.

In his heart, Mo Wuji was stunned. This Kun Yun actually didn’t do anything to him? And he actually studied the Grade 8 deathtrap array for a few months to prepare.

Very soon Mo Wuji understood what was going on. It wasn’t that Kun Yun didn’t want to attack him, but the Grade 8 deathtrap array used the primal spiritual eye as its source of energy. Now that the primal spiritual eye had been sucked dry by them, if Kun Yun still wanted to use the Grade 8 deathtrap array, he would have to use G.o.d crystals or G.o.d spiritual veins as fuel.

Once he did something like that, it would be as good as burning bridges with Mo Wuji. Hence, Kun Yun wouldn’t do that since he had something to request from Mo Wuji.

“Eh, Brother Wuji’s cultivation technique is indeed impressive. I can’t even discern what cultivation level you’re at.” After Kun Yun saw Mo Wuji, his eyes lit up and at the same time, he began to fear Mo Wuji a little more. Mo Wuji’s cultivation level was really beyond his level of detection and he could only roughly sense that Mo Wuji’s cultivation level wasn’t any lower than his own, even possible in advanced G.o.d Monarch Stage.

It seemed like that old fogey back then had not only made the correct prediction but the strength of the true Mortal Dao even greatly surpa.s.sed what he expected.

Mo Wuji chuckled as he replied, “Brother Kun Yun, your cultivation level should be at advanced G.o.d Monarch Stage right? Compared to you, I’m so much more inferior. Back when I first advanced to G.o.d Monarch, I was wrecked by the lightning tribulation. But brother you were able to enter advanced G.o.d Monarch Stage without much of a commotion at all. How impressive.”

Similarly, Mo Wuji couldn’t discern what Kun Yun’s cultivation level was, and he could roughly sense that Kun Yun was at advanced G.o.d Monarch Stage. This fella was indeed impressive, even avoiding lightning tribulations when advancing to G.o.d Monarch.

Kun Yun chuckled too, “Back then my laws were greater than that of this place, so this world isn’t qualified to give me lightning tribulations. We reaped rather great benefits this time. Finding the origin of a primal spiritual energy source really helped us save a lot of time. We can go to do that thing early.”

Waving his hand, Mo Wuji replied, “Doing that thing isn’t that urgent, I still have other matters to attend to.”

“Brother Wuji, your dao companion, Cen Shuyin, has already been here for over 10,000 years. You can’t find out much in a short period of time, and if you offend some G.o.d King expert, you won’t be able to stomach the consequences. What I mean is that…”

This time Mo Wuji directly interrupted Kun Yun, “Brother Kun Yun, I don’t want to work with you for now.”

Upon hearing this, Kun Yun’s turned gloomy, “Brother Wuji, a man has to stick to his words. We already agreed on this, and you’re going to change your mind just like that? Could this still be considered the dao heart of a cultivator?”

Mo Wuji laughed coldly, “Brother Kun Yun, you still have some way to go before you can shake my dao heart. I’m only worried that once I work together with you, I won’t be able to even get the smallest of benefits and will just end up being your lackey.”

Kun Yun didn’t really understand what ‘being your lackey’ meant, but he could guess that this wasn’t something very good. Hence he replied, “Brother Wuji, I, Kun Yun, was an expert that stood at the peak of the universe once before after all. Why would I cheat a small G.o.d Monarch like yourself? This would go against my dao heart as well. If Brother Wuji still doesn’t trust me, then let’s swear on this.”

The response from Mo Wuji was still the same – he waved it off. “Brother Kun Yun, there’s not need for any swearing. I don’t have many techniques at my disposal, so I don’t have any way to dispel a sworn oath to the heaven and earth unlike you.”

“If that is the case, why do you still doubt me?” Kun Yun gave a wronged expression.

Mo Wuji casually remarked, “Previously when we dealt with the Unity G.o.d expert, I did everything I could, got injured, at took half a year to recuperate. After that, I didn’t even see anything that belonged to the Unity G.o.d. Never mind, I’m just a lackey, so I should expect to be shortchanged. After all, my insights are still not very in depth. Sigh, those who go through hards.h.i.+ps still don’t get rewarded at all, how tough.”

Ku Yun’s expression changed as he laughed a couple of times, “He he, Brother Wuji, even if you didn’t bring this up, I planned to speak to you about it. The world of that Unity G.o.d expert was broken open by me, and there were indeed some good things inside. I planned to split them evenly with you.”

Mo Wuji patted his head with a look of happiness on his face, “Oh really. Brother Kun Yun, so it was me that had been narrow minded all this while. Please don’t take it to heart. You know that I’m an old fas.h.i.+oned man with no street smarts, so I can’t help but nag when I see good things.

Previously, I saw that there were hundreds of all kinds of G.o.d spiritual veins in the Unity G.o.d’s ring with my spiritual will, and it also seemed like there was a alchemy king G.o.d spiritual vein. The alchemy king vein is very useful for me. That’s right, I don’t need too many G.o.d crystals, so you can just give me half. I also like those G.o.d spiritual herbs and smithing materials more too, especially that piece of… Oh yes, it’s the piece of Darkwood. I have something to use it for…”

The originally calm face of Kun Yun changed to that of one that had experienced great internal injuries after hearing Mo Wuji’s statement.


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