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Chapter 1178: Immortal World’s Number One Sect

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

Zhu Qu stared at Mo Wuji blankly. In his mind, the one that should have turned to dust should be Mo Wuji, and not his Zhu Clan ancestor Zhu Yin.

When Mo Wuji’s gaze landed on him, a deep sense of fear rushed into his heart.

Even though he had been hunted by Mo Wuji in Zhen Xing, he had never desired Mo Wuji. This was because he knew that Mo Wuji couldn’t kill him.

Today, when he was truly staring death in its face, he finally realized that death was something that he couldn’t accept.

“Brother Mo, as long as you let me go this once, I’m willing to offer my soul imprint…” Zhu Qu quickly knew that he needed to make a decision in the shortest time possible. At this point, how could he still care that Mo Wuji had previously destroyed his Broken Sect? Or even that Mo Wuji had killed his Broken Dao’s Zhu Clan ancestor?

Mo Wuji said indifferently, “Your soul imprint. I really don’t find it amazing…”

He threw out a ball of flames; Zhu Qu was burned into ashes. Mo Wuji was too lazy to accept the soul imprint of a Quasi-Sage, what more a mere early-stage Immortal Emperor?

“Sect Head Mo…” Gai Ao’s throat was dry. Back when he first saw Mo Wuji, the distance between Mo Wuji and him was 108,000 li [1]. Although he viewed Mo Wuji with favour and although his daughter looked up to Mo Wuji, he didn’t really care much about Mo Wuji after being rejected.

Today, he finally realised his daughter’s eye for people. At this point, he couldn’t even imagine how high Mo Wuji’s cultivation had gotten.

However, he was all too clear about Zhu Yin’s strength. His power was already considered outstanding in the Immortal World. But in front of Zhu Yin, he couldn’t even last more than an exchange.

In front of Mo Wuji, there wasn’t even a need to talk about an exchange; an expert like Zhu Yin didn’t even have an opportunity to lift his hand.

Mo Wuji waved his hand, dispelling the seal within Gai Ao’s body. Gai Ao immediately felt his body loosening and his heart started to beat rapidly. Even Zhu Yin, the person who sealed him, probably couldn’t dispel the seal with a simple wave of his hand.

“Heavenly Emperor Gai, I wonder if your daughter is doing well?” Mo Wuji casually asked.

After saying that sentence, Mo Wuji realised that he had been too casual. Why would he ask about the other party’s daughter for no reason? However, who asked him to only know Gai Ao through Gai Ao’s daughter, Gai Feiyan? Moreover, he got the inspiration to save Cen Shuyin from the Soul Condensing Immortal Pond through Gai Ao’s act of saving Gai Feiyan.

Hearing that Mo Wuji was asking about his daughter, Gai Ao was instantly enlivened, “Before I was captured by this old bast*rd Zhu Yin, I was still with my daughter. Because Zhu Yin was too strong, I had to send my daughter away. Now, I don’t even know where she is. Before she left, she even mentioned you.”

If Mo Wuji had feelings towards his daughter, then he would definitely raise both hands in agreement.

Mo Wuji smiled awkwardly, “It’s good that she’s fine. Oh right, this must be Heavenly Emperor Ou Gu?”

Ou Gu, who was waiting by the side, immediately bowed upon hearing Mo Wuji’s question. “Greetings Sect Head Mo. I truly don’t deserve to be called a Heavenly Emperor. It’s enough to call me by Ou Gu.”

At this moment, the remaining people all came forward and bowed to Mo Wuji. They had all clearly seen Mo Wuji’s power.

“Is there anyone else from the Broken Sect?” Mo Wuji’s gaze swept across the crowd.

Including Gai Ao and Ou Gu, everyone’s eyes landed on two green-robed cultivators. Pill Dao Immortal Alliance’s Alliance Head Xiao Lis.h.i.+, on the other hand, lowered his head till it could not be lowered any further, fearing that Mo Wuji might find trouble for him. Today’s Mo Wuji had already gone beyond what he could even imagine.

Fear appeared within the eyes of these two cultivators. Before they could even beg Mo Wuji for mercy, Gai Ao shot out two grey beams of light. Two mists of blood exploded. These two green-robed cultivators didn’t even have a chance to beg for their lives.

Gai Ao might not be able to last more than a blow from Zhu Yin but he was still a peak expert of the Immortal World.

After killing these two green-robed cultivators, Gai Ao bowed to Mo Wuji and said, “Sect Head Mo, these two men have done vicious deeds for the Broken Sect. I have killed them.”

Mo Wuji nodded, not minding this act. After which, he waved his hand multiple times. All the seals of the remaining people were turned into nothingness. The only person that Mo Wuji did not remove the seal from was Xiao Lis.h.i.+. Xiao Lis.h.i.+ should already count his blessings that Mo Wuji didn’t kill him.

After everyone thanked him, Mo Wuji asked doubtfully, “Heavenly Emperor Gai and Heavenly Emperor Ou are at the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage. However, you are still unable to feel the beckonings of ascension?”

Mo Wuji was truly confused. This plane’s G.o.d Word had been restored. Logically, those that are in the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage should be able to ascend.

Gai Ao sighed and said, “Previously, there was indeed a period of time when ascension was possible. Some Great Circle Immortal Emperors of the Immortal World were indeed able to leave the Immortal World and ascend to a higher world of legend. However, for some unknown reason, a golden sword qi pillar suddenly appeared in the Great Sword Path. That sword qi pillar charged out of the Immortal World. Suddenly, all things within the Immortal World seemed to be suppressed. After which, no one could sense the breath of ascension again.”

“Great Sword Path?” Mo Wuji immediately thought of Sword Prison.

Sword Prison had the Sword River, as well as that terrifying heart tree root. If he had not rushed to the Great Sword Path in time, then Han Qingru would have already perished in Sword Prison.

Although he had destroyed the Great Sword Path, the Sword Prison still remained. Not only that, there was also a terrifying expert hidden within Sword Prison. Back then, his power was too low and he didn’t dare to cause any trouble. But now, he was already in Quasi-Sage Level 4. Even if the person hiding in Sword Prison was a Sage, he would still dare to go in and take a look.

As he thought of this, Mo Wuji said, “I will take a look at the Great Sword Path. I’m sure that you will soon feel the beckons of ascension again. The Very High Heavens is a unique place in the Immortal World. I hope that the few of you would establish a cultivation secret domain here, then allow those of talent or merit to cultivate here.”

“Yes. Sect Head Mo can rest a.s.sured. We will definitely listen to your instructions.” Ou Gu and the remaining Immortal Emperors all rushed to answer Mo Wuji respectfully.

From Mo Wuji’s previous act, as well as Mo Wuji’s words, they could tell that Mo Wuji was definitely an expert that exceeded the level of the Immortal World.

Ever since Mo Wuji exterminated the Great Sword Path and other behemoth sects of the Immortal World, there hadn’t been a new power to emerge in the Immortal World for thousands of years.

This was until a supreme Immortal Emperor, Lian Yingxian, appeared from Ping Fan Immortal School. No one personally witnessed Lian Yingxian’s might but it was rumoured that Lian Yingxian slaughtered six Immortal Emperors by herself.

If Lian Yingxian was the only expert to come out from Ping Fan Immortal School, then it still wouldn’t be much. But after Lian Yingxian, there were more Great Circle Immortal Emperors that came from Ping Fan, such as Fu Jingfeng, Su Zi’An, Zhuo Pingan, Wei Zidao…

As for the ordinary Immortal Emperors, there were more than ten of them.

Undubitably, Ping Fan Immortal School had become the number one sect of Immortal World. Moreover, Ping Fan was different from other sects. Here, mortals and immortals lived together. No one could use their might to bully the mortals. This was a rule set by the first sect head, Sect Head Mo Wuji.

In the outermost plaza of Ping Fan, Mo Wuji’s statue stood proudly. On the stone tablet below the statue, there were Mo Wuji’s nine words: One’s Dao can differ, but all Men are equal!

Dao ripples revolved around these nine words.

Many cultivators sat in this plaza with their legs crossed, closing their eyes as they sought insights from these nine words.

These nine words were now the most important treasure of Ping Fan Immortal School. All the Immortal Emperors of Ping Fan Immortal School had gained insights from these words.

Outside this plaza, there was a wide and straight path.

Spiritual herbs grew on both sides of the path. Some ordinary mortals were working hard in the fields.

In other sects, the spiritual fields belonged to the sect. Service disciples and mortals worked for the sect. What was grown on the fields was decided by the sect.

But in Ping Fan, these fields belonged to the mortals. The herbs that they would grow were decided by them and the things they grew would then be sold to Ping Fan.

On the surface, Ping Fan seemed calm. However, in the Sect Head Hall established in the air above Extreme Glade Sea, there an air of solemnity.

Sitting at the very top was an extreme beauty. This beauty was wearing pink immortal robes. She was Ping Fan Immortal School’s current sect head, Ji Yue. She was one of the lucky few to return from the Very High Heavens.

“Sect Head, Very High Heavens’s Zhu Yin definitely wouldn’t show mercy on our Ping Fan Immortal School. However, Ping Fan isn’t a soft persimmon that he could squeeze. Our sect’s defensive array is the number one array in the entire Immortal World. As long as we activate it at full-power, even Zhu Yin might not be able to destroy it.” A middle-aged man stood up and broke the silence.

Ji Yue shook her head, “No. I have never heard of a defensive array that could not be broken. Moreover, that Zhu Yin is incomparably strong. The moment he destroys the array, our entire sect would be ma.s.sacred by him…”

As she said this, Ji Yue paused, swept her eyes across the crowd, hesitated slightly and said, “I suggest that everyone breaks up into groups. It’s rumoured that Ping Fan is built on a huge immortal vein. If we can hide within the vein…”

“No!” Before Ji Yue could finish speaking, a clear voice interrupted her.

[1] This distance comes out a lot and this is the distance travelled during the Journey to the West.


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