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Chapter 1073: Shock

On the other side.

2 figures were rushing through the yellow sand. Every step they took was neat and consistent. They seemed to have a tacit understanding.

They were Feng Yi and Feng Ai.

Amidst the yellow sand, Feng Yi gently stroked the hair by his ear. He flipped his wrist and took out a bamboo stick from somewhere. He held it in her mouth and asked softly, “Feng Ai, after we obtain the Imperial Bloodline, will you return to the Phoenixes?” There was a hint of hidden temptation in his voice.

The corner of Feng Ai’s mouth curled up slightly. He immediately understood the meaning behind it. He looked at Feng Yi meaningfully and responded, “I’ll follow you.”

“Then don’t go back for the time being. Let’s go back after we fuse the Imperial Bloodline.”

“Alright,” Feng Ai said.

Imitating Feng Yi, Feng Ai also held a bamboo stick in his mouth and asked, “If we don’t go back to our ancestral land, where will we go?”

“We’ll travel around the myriad worlds. It’s better to experience the world than to read plenty of books. We can compare ourselves to each other. Perhaps we’ll have a chance to comprehend the laws. When that time comes, we’ll truly be powerhouses in the Great Wide World. If we don’t understand the laws, our lives will be in vain,” Feng Yi replied. Ever since they were young, the relationship between them had been great, and they talked about everything to each other.

Of course, there was one more thing Feng Yi did not say. Since they would fuse the Imperial Bloodline, how could they return to the Phoenixes if they did not understand the laws? Would their backbones not be broken by others? Moreover, Feng Xinxiao was eyeing them like a tiger watching its prey. How did he break through to become a Ruler? He probably used piles of resources to do it. This could not be hidden from the 2 brothers.

If Feng Xinxiao knew that they had absorbed the Imperial Bloodline, would he not go crazy?

Therefore, it would be best to return to the Phoenixes after comprehending the laws.

With Ou Yangming’s combat power at the moment, he managed to escape from the encirclement of 4 Rulers as a top-grade Venerable One. Feng Yi believed that as long as they fused the Imperial Bloodline, with their strengths, even if they met a Ruler who had comprehended the laws, they would still have the strength to fight. If they were to advance a step further and comprehend the laws, how strong would they be? They would be able to kill a Ruler in an instant or even…

The thought of this caused Feng Yi’s breathing to quicken.

Right at this moment, a loud sound that sounded like the collapse of the heavens was heard coming from the horizon.

Even with Feng Yi and Feng Ai’s cultivation bases, the blood and Qi in their bodies were surging. One could imagine how terrifying it would be if they were at where the explosion happened.

The ground began to shake violently as if the end of the world had arrived.

Huge gullies tore the desolate land apart.

1, 2, countless…

The entire land was torn apart. It was as if many invisible hands were pulling the ground apart, creating countless cracks on both sides.

Feng Ai sucked in a breath of cold air. He looked into Feng Yi’s eyes and asked, “This… Brother, what’s going on?”

Feng Yi carefully sensed for a moment before his eyes suddenly focused. He answered, “This is… The self-explosion of a Ruler’s Dantian Lake.” As soon as he finished, he felt his mouth dry up, so he licked it with his tongue. One could imagine how shocked he was at the moment.

“That’s impossible, right?” Feng Ai’s face looked dubious. This was the first time he had refuted Feng Yi.

Generally speaking, it was very rare for a Ruler to self-explode one’s Dantian Lake. This was because a Ruler’s mental power had been condensed into substance. Hence, even if a Ruler’s physical body was destroyed, one could still possess a body and be reborn. On the other hand, once a Ruler self-exploded, one’s mental power and spiritual power would be fused, creating a force that could destroy all living things. One’s soul would scatter such that entering reincarnation would become an extravagant hope. Moreover, all Rulers had life-saving or escape methods. It would be difficult for them to be forced into a desperate situation. As such, in the history of the Great Wide World, such a situation had only appeared very few times.

Especially in this desperate land, the possibility of this happening would be even smaller.

When Feng Yi and Feng Ai first came here, they had explored this place. There was not a single bit of life force here.

In other words, there were only 4 Rulers here, so none of them would actually self-explode.

Feng Yi was also a little scared by Feng Ai’s gaze, and he became a little unsure. He suggested, “Why don’t we go over and take a look? Maybe we’ll have a chance to take advantage of the situation.”

“Okay.” Feng Ai nodded.

At this time, their thoughts were very similar to that of Long Ting.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” With that, piercing sounds were heard as they turned into red light streaks and disappeared into the distance in an instant.

How fast was a Ruler? How could it be described? Ah, they arrived at the scene in an instant.

Feng Yi and Feng Ai stood side by side, looking at the large pit below. After sensing it for a moment, Feng Yi sighed and asked, “Mm, judging from this power, it really was a Ruler who self-exploded his Dantian Lake. I wonder who it was.” As he said this, his body turned cold as if a pair of vicious eyes were staring at him from within the black fog. The other party had even forced a Ruler to self-explode. What about him? He was also a Ruler, so how was he any stronger than the dead Ruler?

Just as he was pondering…

“Crack!” A mountain in the distance shook violently and rose from the ground. It grew larger as it pressed down on Feng Yi.

“Mountain-moving!” The voice was cold and resounded throughout the world.

This attack had reached a perfect stage in terms of timing and the control of Qi momentum. It was both unexpected and reasonable, and it was done with ease. Long Ting was confident that it would surely inflict more injuries on the 2 phoenix powerhouses. Although he did not understand why their Qi was smooth and did not seem to be seriously injured, it did not prevent him from fighting back. Since he believed that they were injured, he was confident that he could escape even if they joined forces.

Furthermore, if he found out after probing them that they were just holding on and pretending, he could possibly kill them. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it was worth the risk.

“Hmph, you’re courting death!” Feng Yi’s face turned cold.

He spread out his fingers and pressed hard against the mountain. He roared softly, “Interspatial Flames…” As soon as he said that, the yellow sand, the fog, and even s.p.a.ce burned. This was the innate skill of the Phoenixes. It was similar to the Dark Breath but with a different emphasis.

The mountain that had been moved by Long Ting using the Mountain-moving Art suddenly burned. The flames were a strange white color, giving people a gloomy and fearsome feeling.

Long Ting’s pupils shrank after he saw this, and he asked in a sharp voice, “You… You’re not injured?” Feng Yi gave off the feeling that his Qi momentum was surging, and there was no sign of injury at all.

At this moment, a storm raged in Long Ting’s mind as if the whole world was beginning to collapse.

There was only one thought left in his mind. ‘How’s this possible?’

Long Ting knew very well how powerful the self-explosion of a Dantian Lake was. This was a power that even he was afraid of. Nevertheless, the phoenix powerhouses in front of him were not injured. It was not because they were much stronger than him, but because they were not involved in the fight, which was why this happened.

With that, there was only one possibility left. Long Xiao had died at the hands of Ou Yangming.

In the end, the dragon powerhouse was no match for the young fellow and chose to self-explode his Dantian Lake to perish together with the fellow.

Especially when Long Ting thought about how Long Xiao could not even alert him, he felt a faint sense of fear in his heart. Fortunately, the human powerhouse had died.

When Feng Yi heard the question, he was somewhat baffled, but he still snorted coldly. “B*stard, how could I be injured?” He exchanged a glance with Feng Ai and saw the killing intent in each of their eyes. With a sliding step, he flashed and pounced forward to kill.

The Dragons and the Phoenixes had been fighting for tens of thousands of years, and each of them had lost countless experts. This kind of hatred was higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea. If all things were not destroyed, the hatred between them would not go away. Therefore, now that Long Ting was all alone, how could the phoenix powerhouses let go of such a rare opportunity?

A white light flashed in Feng Yi’s interspatial bag. Afterward, 2 arc sabers appeared in his hands.

The blades were like cattail leaf fans, emitting cold lights in all directions. They were also as thin as cicada wings.

Feng Ai also flipped his wrist, and a huge red ax appeared in his hand as he rushed over.

The two of them, one at the front and one at the back, one attacking and one defending, coordinated well with each other.

Feng Ai gathered his Qi and exhaled, and the spiritual Qi in his Dantian Lake was circulated to the extreme. Red mists spread out from his pores, and the huge ax in his hand shone with a red light. A shocking arc was drawn on his back, creating a momentum that could split Heaven and Earth. With a swing of the ax, the red light pierced through the air, giving off an awe-inspiring murderous aura.

Instead of probing his opponent with the first move, he used all his strength from the very beginning. One could imagine how deep the hatred in his heart was.

As for Feng Yi, the power from his body was even stronger. The arc sabers in his hands flew up and down, and he suddenly shook them. Like 2 constantly changing white phoenixes, they were either fast or slow, illusory or real, and they charged straight at Long Ting.

The red ax was in front of them, the arc sabers were behind.

Their advantages and disadvantages complemented each other, creating an unusual change of 1 plus 1 equal to 3.

Long Ting looked solemn. He exhaled heavily, pressed his fingers in the air, and a silver-white long saber condensed out of thin air.

He slid to the side and retreated 10 meters at an incredible angle, barely avoiding the joint attack from Feng Yi and Feng Ai.

Where the red ax landed, the air exploded. Even the s.p.a.ce was cracked like a spiderweb. It was thin and dense, interweaving into a web that revealed a dark color. To describe it, it seemed like a piece of gla.s.s was. .h.i.t by a bullet. This extreme scene was enough to make one’s breathing quicken. This was a power that was condensed to the extreme. Every attack could destroy a city.

It was also at this moment that the arc sabers in Feng Yi’s hands shone with cold lights and attacked again.

The lights from the sabers connected like many horned dragons roaring at the same time!

Long Ting’s eyes flickered, and his center of gravity was lowered. He communicated with the spiritual Qi in his Dantian Lake, and his Qi surged like the ocean. He raised his right arm, and the silver-white long saber in his hand was slashed out. He took the initiative to block the arc-shaped twin sabers.

“Boom…” A world-shaking explosion spread out in all directions.

The collision of vast Qi dynamics stirred up hurricanes and turbulent currents, and the yellow sand on the ground was swept up into the sky one after another.

From afar, the yellow sand seemed to be fluttering about, but it did not appear chaotic at all. Instead, it carried a different charm.

Around the collision between the 2 weapons, bizarre bubbles appeared. Some were big and some were small, some were far and some were near, some were round and some were square… In short, they were unpredictable. The attack seemed to have infinite profoundness and could evolve into heavens and reverse chaos.

This was the mightiness of a Ruler. Every attack contained an unparalleled power.

The arc sabers and the silver-white long saber were in a stalemate. An undercurrent surged, and the power contained within grew heavier. Even the s.p.a.ce shook as well.

“I’ll help you!” Feng Ai roared angrily. His fingers gripped the red ax tightly, and the demonic and ominous patterns on the ax instantly lit up. The red light on the ax condensed into a substance as if blood would drip at any time. With a flash of his body, he arrived on the left of Long Ting in a flash. He hacked down with the ax, which was so decisive that he seemed to be able to split the sky open. Spiritual Qi scattered in all directions, forming an indescribable color.

‘d.a.m.n it!’ Long Ting cursed internally.


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