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Chapter 31: First Entry To The Dense Forest

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Ou Yangming zoomed in a flash with his hands in the air and widened his eyes.

His body twisted mid-air in an extremely awkward way before he fell hard to the ground.

When he groaned while getting up, he realized that he was more than a meter away from his original spot.

Countless thoughts crossed his mind as he looked behind him dumbfoundedly.

Through the martial arts cultivation that Ou Yangming underwent, he had a certain understanding of his body quality. His external power and speed became much more valiant ever since he achieved Force Grade Cla.s.s Two, and especially when he condensed essential Qi, his power increased to more than twice of what it was.

Besides, his physical power was much better than before, which was extremely obvious when he used the Military Fire. Without the a.s.sistance of his essential Qi, he could not have smithed many pieces of equipment at once.

Nevertheless, his performance today exceeded his own expectations as well.

The 2 points of Power on his arm guards allowed him to carry the heavy bag easily, and it seemed like the points increased his power by a few times.

However, the change was inferior to the change from Agility.

Ou Yangming’s body became as light as a sparrow’s due to the 2 points of Agility, such that his usual acceleration made him feel like he was flying this time.

The change was more obvious than the effect of the increased power, so much so that it was unbearable for him. Hence, he could not control his body when he flew forward, and ended up falling and rolling like a gourd.

After clapping his hands to get rid of dirt, Ou Yangming stood up to pick up the bag that was thrown aside when he flew, then put on the helmet and armor.

He finally knew the importance of equipment, and that Attribute Equipment and normal equipment were completely different when worn.

Whether it was the increased power or agility, it would make a new martial artist like him feel like he was born again. Although he did not acquire those abilities through cultivation, the power that he possessed was real.

Nonetheless, Ou Yangming needed an adaptation process to familiarize himself with the power.

Fortunately, n.o.body was around him at that moment. If he had experienced this in the dense forest where ferocious beasts lurked, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Therefore, Ou Yangming got rid of his concerns once he noticed the hidden trouble and put on the other equipment.

He put on the helmet, the armor, and held the military saber.

When his essential Qi circulated in his body and entered the pieces of equipment, his face could not help but redden.

It was then when he finally understood how it felt to have every piece of equipment stimulated.

The equipment set was smithed using steel, and each of them was a piece of top-notch High Grade equipment. They were considerably heavy, where Ou Yangming could not have carried them without the additional power gained.

With the overlapped Power attribute that amounted to 11 points, he felt that the pieces of equipment were weightless.

Yes. Whether it was the military saber of the armor, they were as light as rice straw.

When Ou Yangming swung his hand, if not for the military saber that came into view, he would have doubted if the object was carved from wood.

He decided that he would forge a heavier saber once he returned because the weight of his current one did not make him feel secure.

Subsequently, he kept the empty bag and took a step forward.

As expected, there was a tremendous change in Ou Yangming’s speed due to the increased power and agility.

He could leap far with a slight move, all while wearing heavy armor. Although he could not really feel the weight, the actual weight was not a joke at all.

Having 4 points of Agility might not seem much, but it did more than just doubling Ou Yangming’s speed.

The main objective of smithing the equipment set was to allow him to hunt in the dense forest, but before he could do that, he had to adapt to the sudden power and speed improvement.

Ou Yangming took a deep breath after slowing down, and the purple light in his head shone.

He then strode and moved forward according to the steps taught by Sui Hezhi.

In the military, one must pay attention to taking concise steps to move forward and backward quickly, and the steps were done perpendicularly without any flashy moves. They were perfect for Ou Yangming at the moment.

When his consciousness split into two again, he suddenly realized that he became better at controlling his body.

With sufficient mental preparation, he did not have to end up not knowing where he would land after taking a step. Moreover, he began experiencing the extra power and agility in a new way with each step taken.


In actual fact, a normal Force Grade Cla.s.s Two cultivator would definitely take ten to thirty days to adapt to the newly gained power. However, due to the split consciousness that allowed Ou Yangming to observe as an outsider, his body and his consciousness were able to get used to it at an unbelievable speed.

Slowly, he spread his legs and increased his speed to the maximum.

Although he had heavy armor on him, he was as fast as a galloping horse. The essential Qi in his body circulated slowly to provide a powerful backup force for him.

While it seemed like the improved power and agility had nothing much to do with Ou Yangming’s physical power, they were in fact closely related to each other. Without sufficient power, he would have panted long ago from sprinting in the equipment set.

By the time he traveled 15 kilometers in his fastest speed, though he was tired, he did not feel as exhausted as he thought he would be.

Apart from being in Force Grade Cla.s.s Two, the equipment set was the most important key.

Upon seeing the dark and gloomy dense forest, Ou Yangming stopped subconsciously.

He knew very well that the place was full of danger, and a slight mistake could cost his life.

Despite that, he regained his confidence after looking at his thick and solid equipment set.

After gritting his teeth, Ou Yangming used his Military Fire to attach the Devouring ability on his military saber. Following that, he stomped his feet, then entered the dense forest. Needless to say, he was not going to act recklessly, so he drew up a plan before entering. He would only linger in the periphery without going deeper than that.

Once he was in the dense forest, he suddenly exclaimed.

This was because he realized that his vision underwent a wonderful change, by which he could see further and deeper. Additionally, the detection ability was not affected by the trees around him at all as though he could see past them.

[Vision +1]

Ou Yangming quickly recalled the magical Unique Attribute in his helmet.

The Vision +1 attribute could not be experienced in an open field, but when he was in a much narrower s.p.a.ce in the forest, the attribute changed his vision.

When Ou Yangming looked around him, he made a shocking discovery that not only his front vision was increased, but the angle of his line of sight increased too when he used the attribute.

Even though it did not let him have an extra pair of eyes on the back of his head, Ou Yangming was glad about the change.

He was struck with a strange idea. ‘If I increase the Vision attribute further, will it form a visibility range with no blind spots?’

Ou Yangming later shook his head to get rid of that thought and focused on observing his surroundings.

After taking more than ten steps quietly, not a single sound was made. He benefitted in many ways as he could now use the Power and Agility attributes on his equipment set very well.

At the spur of the moment, Ou Yangming noticed a gray shadow at the end of his sight.

He instantly stopped and stuck close to the side of a big tree.

The gray shadow did not notice him as it hopped past the big tree. It was a gray hare that was looking around cautiously as if it was ready to escape anytime.

Ou Yangming’s eyes flowed. The moment the gray hare hopped past the big tree, saber-light was seen as he slashed his saber at it.

Without the upgraded equipment, his slash would not be slow, but he would have to depend on his luck if he wanted to hit the gray hare.

At the moment, his attack was as fast as lightning, and he successfully hit the hare before it could react.

With no ability to resist at all, the unlucky gray hare became Ou Yangming’s first capture in the dense forest. None of its blood, flesh, or skin were wasted because its energy was completely devoured to transform into Ou Yangming’s Qi and blood.

However, Ou Yangming was not satisfied after absorbing the gray hare’s Qi and blood.

As compared to the really powerful ferocious beasts in the forest, the hare was too small and weak, and it could not compensate for the loss of Ou Yangming’s Qi and blood.

With that, Ou Yangming advanced again carefully. The dense forest was well-known for violent beasts, but they were not seen lurking at the border. Within an hour, he only noticed small animals such as hares, pheasants, and lynxes through his improved vision.

Although some of them were agile enough to escape as soon as they sensed the slightest movement, many of them were killed by Ou Yangming with his military saber.

Other than an increased speed due to the 4 points of Agility, Ou Yangming’s reaction speed was improved too.

After devouring the tenth innocent animal, Ou Yangming realized that he was abundant in Qi and blood again.


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