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“Thank you for your concern. My body is still fine, but what about yours?” Qin Lang’s smile was also as warm as the sunlight outside.

“Little Chen, wait outside with this student, I need to talk to Little Qin for a bit.”

After Wuwen dispatched Chen Jinyong and Zhaokan away, he put away the smile on his face, and said to Qin Lang quietly, “Qin Lang, I heard that you have proof that I went to the Three River Island?”

Wuwen was obviously very careful, as he didn’t mention the 3 words “Pure Beauty Bay”.

Qin Lang nodded his head.

“You know that threatening an official like me is a very dangerous thing to do?” Wuwen’s tone was very calm, but his threatening intention was completely revealed, “Especially when you are in your current situation——It’s worrying!”

“Deputy Mayor Wu, I think that you should think about your own situation first.” Qin Lang lightly smiled, “If I’m not mistaken, then the so-called specialists were not able to do anything about your injury right? After 5 o’clock today, if you don’t receive the appropriate treatment, then I’m afraid there is only one ending.”

“What ending?” Wuwen asked under his breath.

“I think you should understand, but if you want to ask even though you know——Your production organ would only have the single function of urinating. Also, while urinating, you also need to be careful not to wet your shoes.”

“Hehe~” Wuwen suddenly laughed, but the laugher was a bit cold, “You are threatening me?”

“I want to save you.” Qin Lang was not afraid of any intimidation from Wuwen, “You can become a normal male person, and I don’t want you to be ruined under the hands of some fraud doctors. Carefully consider it.”

Wuwen paused for a moment. He knew that everything that Qin Lang said was the truth, and those specialists were helpless. Qin Lang was his only hope and savior.

After a while, Wuwen asked, “What request do you have?”

“I want you to release me on bail.”

“You are a murder suspect, so it’s not too possible.” It was clear that Wuwen inquired about Qin Lang’s current situation.

“After getting out, I will have my ways to cleanse my charges because I did not kill anyone.” Qin Lang said, “Last night at the Little Zangou detention house I was attacked, and those people did that to kill me. You should know this. Of course, that’s not important. The important thing is whether or not I have my freedom before 5 o’clock.”

“Okay.” Wuwen nodded. Currently, he was most concerned about his own body. As long as his body was fine, even if Qin Lang really was a murderer, he could just be caught again.

When Wuwen gets determined, then doing things became quick. He said to the Zhou Siming outside the door, “Handle the procedures for Qin Lang’s release for medical treatment!”

“Deputy Mayor Wu…This isn’t too good right, he’s a murder suspect…”

But Wuwen didn’t even care about Zhou Siming’s explanation. He coldly snorted, and called someone with his phone, “Zhiwei? This is Wuwen. I have something that I need you to take care of. I’ll wait for you in the People’s hospital.”

The colour of Zhou Siming’s face was ashen. Zhao Zhiwei was the bureau chief of the Summer Sun City’s security department, so Wuwen didn’t even put the little director of the detention house in his eyes. He even skipped the security sub-bureau of the southern part of Summer Sun City.

After 10 minutes or so, Zhao Zhiwei arrived at the People’s Hospital. Wuwen was quite a character in Summer Sun City, and he was going to be even a higher ranked one soon. Zhao Zhiwei was loyal to Wuwen, so if his boss had a request, Zhao Zhiwei would not decline.

When Zhao Zhiwei appeared, Zhou Siming immediately went up to him to report. But, Zhao Zhiwei didn’t even bother listening to his explanation. He went directly up to Wuwen, “Deputy Mayor Wu, what made you so angry? Aren’t you supposed to be hospitalized?”

“Zhiwei, your subordinates seem a bit unreasonable.”

Wuwen said with grief, “This Qin Lang student is my nephew, and he is a good student in Seven Mid. Yesterday, he was drawn into a murder case for no reason, became a suspect, and got sent to the Little Zangou detention house. Since I am the Deputy Mayor, usually I wouldn’t be swayed by personal issues, so I didn’t give him any special treatment. Who would have thought that last night, after my nephew went to the detention house, he was mistreated by other criminals! He was attacked by weapons, and he was even poisoned by snake poison! If it wasn’t for the emergency treatment I’m afraid that he would have been dead by now. Zhuwei, the management in this Little Zangou detention house has problems!”

Everything that Wuwen said seemed righteous and correct, and even Qin Lang couldn’t help but say that it was well said. It was obvious that he prepared to be swayed by his personal issue, but all of those words were logical. As for Zhou Siming who was on the side, he even had thoughts of dying because he was not even qualified to explain in front of Wuwen and Zhao Zhiwei!

“Don’t worry, I will completely investigate all the problems in the Little Zangou detention house!” Zhao Zhiwei immediately guaranteed. And not even waiting for Wuwen’s instructions, he said, “Qin Lang suffered from such an heavy injury, and he was even poisoned. In my eyes, I think that he should be released for medical treatment and he should carefully get an inspection as well!”

After saying that, Zhao Zhiwei held to Qin Lang’s gently, “Qin Lang, I’m sorry that you’ve been wronged! But don’t worry, I will investigative this problem and return a fair treatment to you and completely clear all the trouble-makers in our system!”

“Handling the release?” Wuwen pretended to hesitate, “Zhiwei, is this really fine? I’ve never been influenced by my personal problems.”

“Don’t worry Deputy Mayor Wu, everything goes according to the law. But, within the release, Qin lang cannot leave Summer Sun City without permission.” Zhao Zhiwei said that, then fiercely glared at Zhou Siming, “Zhou Siming, I hope you remember the ‘test’ from the organization!”

Zhou Siming knew that he was screwed for real at that time. The “test” from the organization was not easily pa.s.sed by enduring. When the higher-ups no longer called you a “comrade”, it meant that you were already thrown to the side by the organization. The “test” that was following up would probably be a real trial.

“Zhiwei, I’ve troubled you this time.” Wuwen said to Zhao Zhiwei.

“It’s nothing it’s nothing. I’ve only let those insects and sc.u.ms into the public security system because of my failure in supervising.” Zhao Zhiwei said with lament, “Leader, do you have any more instructions?”

“Mm…Keep a low tone about this.”

“Don’t worry.”Zhao Zhiwei understood what he meant with the simple hint. He knew that Wuwen didn’t want to create any bad effects.

Very soon, Qin Lang temporary regained his freedom. His private materials were also given back by the jailer.

Wuwen quickly asked Qin Lang, “Little Qin, you’ve already been released. Isn’t it time to consider treating me?”

“No problem.” Qin Lang nodded, “The congested blood in the afflicted area has already been slowly dispersing, but the remaining poison has not been cleared yet, causing your current problem. ”

“Remaining poison?”

“When you used the large amount of stimulants, you did not “leak” the power of the drugs, and instead when you got injured, it started to acc.u.mulate at that area, and converted into a poisonous material…” Qin Lang said that apparent logic, but in reality it was because the needle that Qin Lang p.r.i.c.ked Wuwen with had poison on it. That poison could temporarily paralyze the nerves and muscles in the affected area, so that was why Wuwen’s pain quickly disappeared and the injured area did not congest anymore. But, the bad thing was that area completely lost all feeling. If Qin Lang did not detoxify him, then that area could only turn into a wasted state.

But Wuwen still had a huge value of exploitation, and Qin Lang didn’t want to easily return all his might back, so he didn’t give Wuwen the detoxification pill. Rather, he gave a prescription to him, “Follow this prescription and take the medicine. Tonight you should start to have some feelings again. But if you want to completely restore it, then I would need to give you another prescription 3 days later.”

Wuwen didn’t even know if Qin Lang spoke the truth or not, but because his “thing” was already determined to be “dead” by other specialists, Qin Lang became his only hope, so his dead “worm” could only be treated as a “alive worm”.

“Then the evidence that I went to the Three River Island?” Wuwen tried to ask that.

“Don’t worry, it’s extremely safe.” Qin Lang lightly smiled, “I will return it all at the appropriate time.”

Wuwen didn’t continue asking what counted as the appropriate time, because he understood that the little student in front of him was no simple character. It was clear that Qin Lang did that to continue receiving benefits from him, and Qin Lang had the ability to do that since Wuwen coud not refuse.

After they finished chatting, Wuwen got someone to pick up the prescription and to prepare the medicinal herbs so he could take the medicine.

Qin Lang and Zhaokan on the other hand walked out of the hospital at the same time.


Just as the two of them left the hospital, a van stopped in front of them.


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