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The waltz* was called “waltz”* in English. Transliterally, that is waltz*.

*This uses the Chinese word Waltz, then the English word Waltz, and finally, the Chinese pinyin for the English word Waltz.

As dance music, waltz tunes were melodious and brisk. Since its development in the 18th century, it had taken on a variety of forms. Among them was Vienna’s——the origin of the most traditional waltz.

Initially, Mozart wrote the fifty short but intricate 《Three German Dances》, then Schubert built upon them and wrote over 200 famous waltzes. Strauss and Son made further improvements and the Vienna waltz walked onto the world’s stage, bringing this warm, jubilant dance style all over the world.

The Viennese loved the waltz. How much did they love it? Most likely, if any concert by Vienna’s local orchestras didn’t include at least two waltzes, the concert was a failure.

《The Blue Danube》 was the most true to the Vienna heart.

《The Blue Danube》 was originally 《On the Beautiful Blue Danube》 and was known as Austria’s second national anthem. Its tone was beautifully coordinated, and the notes were rich and varied. Every musical note seemed to be a shining wave on the Danube, brilliant as diamonds.

Such a well-loved song had to be played beautifully. But, because even a junior high performance could be considered extraordinary, it was even more difficult to shine!

The more popular the piece, the harder it was for the audience to feel the music’s highlights. The entire Palisade Theatre rehea.r.s.ed 《The Blue Danube》 every afternoon so their sound was dignified, but unchanged, for the older audience.

Now, the subtle sound of the violin filled the splendid music hall. Everyone drew their bows quickly, and a spring breeze blew over the Danube river waiting for dawn to awaken the city.

Most of the audience’s attention was focused on the young man at the front of the orchestra.

This young man who stood beside the conductor’s podium now sat with eyes slightly lowered and focused on his left hand. His left hand, slender and thin as it was, danced rapidly along the violin strings, but his right drew his violin bow with careful precision, filled with nervous expectation.

Over the past month, the Palisade Theatre had featured a full stadium. Many of the repeat audience knew there were many among them that had contributed to the ticket sales. And now, their ears listened to the beautiful music while their eyes focused on the youth on stage.

Oh, this kind of audio-visual feast for the senses was phenomenal!

No wonder the tickets were sold out, ah!

While blonds flooded most of Europe, this young, Chinese man with dark hair and eyes was like a clear stream, giving off the subtle, elegant, oriental beauty. The young man was handsome with delicate features, had a calm temperament, and wore a n.o.ble expression. People couldn’t help but like it!

Not to mention, he played such wonderful music!

In 《The Blue Danube》, the second waltz should have been an ensemble in B-flat; it was the beautiful, gentle tones of girls laughing and playing under the Alps.

But in Wallace’s adaptation, just after the theme in A, the entire orchestra fell silent and only the flute played softly as accompaniment.

To the surprise of the audience, a light, cheerful violin sounded out!

The young man and his dancing violin bow gave a very different 《The Blue Danube》 with dazzling skill!

The original 《The Blue Danube》 wasn’t a very difficult waltz, almost anyone that had studied the violin for more than three years could play it. This song wasn’t meant to suppress musicians with extreme difficulty, but to gift the beautiful melody to everyone.

But right now, the difficulty of the violin bow’s leaping display had the audience in an uproar!

They stared at the young man playing so intently and conscientiously. His fingers seemed to have a life of their own, dancing like b.u.t.terflies. Although his left hand remained simple, the difficulty of his bow hand was amazing!.Without giving the audience time to adjust, the next moment…

The young man’s left hand plucked at the violin strings!

This left-hand pizzicato could already be regarded as performance level.

They had never seen such dazzling skills! No… they had never seen anyone play 《The Blue Danube》 in such a dazzling way!

The lightness that should have been provided by the trumpet was this time played by Little Seven and didn’t seem abrupt at all. Instead, it was softer and more moving. It matched the softness of the girls. The enthusiasm that should have been performed by the trumpet was replaced by the violin’s dancing bow which also brought out the girls’ coyness!

Such a brilliant change was impossible to deny. Everyone could only listen, dumbfounded, and watch!

A ten-year-old girl with round eyes looked at the most outstanding big brother on stage and tugged her mother’s sleeve, whispering, “Mommy, this doesn’t seem like 《The Blue Danube》…”


The young mother immediately covered her daughter’s small mouth and continued to listen.

After the song ended, she sighed and went to release her hand, but felt something cool drip onto the back of her hand. She looked down, “Oh G.o.d! My darling, don’t cry, don’t cry, mommy still loves you!”

“Waaaa, Mommy wants to listen to 《The Blue Danube》 more than she wants me…”

This was just a small episode in the audience. When the young mother handed the theater’s little bunny doll to her daughter, she abruptly stopped crying with a hiccup.

The mother couldn’t help but think: the Palisade Theatre has such foresight!!!

Under the stage, everyone stood and applauded together. On stage, Qi Mu and Wallace exchanged a hug and smiles, bowing to the audience.

When Wallace stepped down from the conductor’s podium, a light, crisp “Encore” sounded from the audience. Under that leadership, the cry for an encore rolled like the tide and swept over the entire concert hall, up to the ceiling!

Wallace turned his head and looked at Qi Mu. The young man raised the corners of his mouth in a gentle, confident smile, then they walked back to their places.

Qi Mu returned to the concertmaster’s seat. Wallace turned and bowed to the auditorium, then… raised his baton!

The cry for encore gradually subsided, the entire crowd was unable to restrain their joy, and waited for this orchestra to bring forth another surprise.

And obviously, Strauss’s 《Tales from the Vienna Woods》 did not disappoint. Its pa.s.sionate melody and bright tune brought the concert to a perfect end, gaining endless applause.

Many music critics, who had originally thought of it as a necessary task, now went back to write a music review, having forgotten their initial intentions. The old, repeat audience were even more excited about the orchestra’s progress. They were delighted.

There were even some older gentlemen like Delante who had visited this theater for decades and had red eyes. For such a special Christmas Eve concert, they got to see the theater’s future and how it would continue to grow better and better, still!

——Even if they couldn’t witness its glory when they were long buried underground, they still stood on this earth!

In the s.p.a.cious concert hall, the audience spoke as they left, all smiling happily. When they exited the theater, they didn’t care about the cold outside.

This was the most wonderful Christmas Eve concert they had ever heard. For the first time, they truly felt that they loved the theater. It was the happiest thing in the world.

Backstage, the musicians returned with their scores and only the staff remained to tidy the chairs, violin racks, and the conductor’s stand.

When Qi Mu and Wallace returned together, a red sea encircled them. Cries of joy rejoiced, “Mr. Wallace, Little Seven! Happy Christmas Eve!!!”

Wallace smiled and pulled out his own mascot——rabbit Little Seven, from his pocket. He squeezed its long red ears and smiled, “Lovely children, I also wish you——Happy Christmas Eve!”

After a pause, the gentleman added, “I want to thank you for your hard work this time. It was your diligence that paid off this success tonight, you’re all heroes!”

The orchestra laughed.

Wallace waved the rabbit Little Seven in his hand. “I want to say with our lovely Little Seven, thank you for your hard work this time!” Wallace tugged on (rabbit) Little Seven’s arms and gave a shy expression.

Qi Mu: “……”

Wallace brought on a boom of “playing games with Little Seven.” After the concert, though everyone had been playing tirelessly, they were interested.

Only Qi Mu’s mouth twitched a little as he took a few steps away, not wanting to a.s.sociate with this group of people.

But he hadn’t quite managed to sneak away when the orchestra agent walked in from the outside lounge and shouted, “Hey guys! Just now I saw an important, important, guest outside! Do you know who?”

Qi Mu was surprised. Only Wallace laughed, “Liet, don’t tease everyone. Is it our old critic friend, Julian?”

Liet shook his head mysteriously and laughed, “No no no, not Julian. Julian just hurried back to write a music review. He has ten thousand words to write about the concert tonight! Now, standing outside this door… well, Nelly, it’s someone you like very much! Hint… it’s a conductor…”

Nelly screamed, “Oh my G.o.d!!!”


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