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Chapter 379 The First Journey in Monster Island

Lin Luoran looks kind of disheveled when she returns to the beach with a huge head in her hand.

She cleans the gra.s.s dregs in her hair with her left hand. Pterosaur’s blood spread all over the ground. She drags the head to the beach and she can finally have a rest.

The pterosaur has very thick skin and it definitely has a capability beyond the middle Laying Foundation period when it comes to single combat. Lin Luoran never fight with people of the late Laying Foundation, but she believes it is almost the same case. What’s worse, she couldn’t see through its personal ability before it died. Lin Luoran underestimates her enemy this time.

When it was killed, Lin Luoran found an energy center in its head so she cut off its head. It is very dangerous just being in the edge of the jungle. Lin Luoran decides to stay on the beach temporarily before she can figure out the weird things about this place.

The Black Sea is still rolling. Lin Luoran uses the Bright Sword to split the head weighing dozens of kilograms and then she fumbles in the blood. It turns out that the energy center she felt is a round, green and blue sacred pearl.

Is it a monster bolus?

It looks totally different from the energy crystals given by Master Mu. Lin Luoran feels she can absorb energy from that monster bolus.

“The energy in monster bolus is special. You’d better not absorb it directly.”

Is it fire phoenix? Lin Luoran ignores the drifting eyes of demons in the Sea of Sin. She takes the monster bolus to s.p.a.ce directly.

“The three of you are always bragging about how powerful you are. But there were no sign of you at that critical moment!”

Fire phoenix sighs, “We were negligent about this weird place. You encountered a Rank Four monster at the edge zone whose ability is comparable to cultivators of the Laying Foundation period. Moreover, there is a big guy in the center zone. You alone won’t attract its attention. However, you probably couldn’t have left that place if we had done something today. ”

Lin Luoran touches the monster bolus silently for a moment, “I have heard of monsters and beast cultivators. How to define their ranks?”

Fire phoenix is too old to explain the whole thing clearly while silver fish has a bad memory. Wood wolf knows this thing best.

“Those who can humanize are called beast cultivators and those who cannot humanize are called monsters. Some remarkable monsters can humanize at Rank Four or Rank Five. However, some beast cultivators don’t practice arts of nature, like some wild foxes or weasels. They are nothing but ordinary monsters. There are also some talented monsters who are slow in humanizing but become senior beast cultivators as soon as they humanize. Monsters can be divided into nine ranks. Rank Nine is the best and a Rank Nine monster is said to be comparable to a cultivator of Divinization! Those who haven’t humanized but are beyond Nine Rank can only be called as divine monsters or immortal monsters. They are not actually monsters anymore. Related to the realm of human cultivators, Rank One and Rank Two are equivalent to the Training Qi period, Rank Three and Rank Four the Laying Foundation period, Rank Five and Rank Six the Bearing Essence period, Rank Seven and Rank Eight the Gathering Vitality period, and the Rank Nine is the Divinization period. ”

This is the first time that Lin Luoran knows about the whole division of monsters. She feels so surprised, “So the big guy Reddie you just mentioned in the center of the island may be a Nine Rank monster?”

Fire phoenix scoffs, “At my days, we don’t divide any ranks for those little beasts. It’s little wolf that says so.”

This island is so weird that Lin Luoran’s cleared eyes also can’t see through the personal ability of monsters here. She can know their personal ability only after kill them, as what she did to the pterosaur. Fire phoenix can sense there is a Rank Nine monster in the middle of the island. In that case, the giant monster will also sense them if they show up on the island.

Figuring it out, Lin Luoran no longer thinks about why fire phoenix and others did not warn her on the island at that time.

Lin Luoran is just in the early Bearing Essence period. She must be like a Rank Five little monster in the eyes of the Rank Nine monster. Therefore, it didn’t give her a hard time when she intruded in this island—Their strength gap is so large that it doesn’t really regard her as its enemy.

However, if she wants to move on, she has to cross the island. Does she have to face the Rank Nine monster?

This idea is so frustrating and Lin Luoran has to come up with a good plan. She has a question. Doesn’t she waste the great Wakan inside the monster bolus if she can’t directly absorb it?

Wood wolf smiles but says nothing.

Lin Luoran doesn’t want to talk with this arrogant wolf. Silver fish is actually the kind one that tells her the truth: you need to add monster boluses in elixirs of more than Grade Five.

“So there is a reason why you human cultivators have always failed in getting along well with the monster race since ancient times.” Wood wolf shakes its head and makes this conclusion.

Lin Luoran now finally understands the truth of killing monsters.

Some bad monsters have done all kinds of evil in some places. Besides, the materials of monster boluses may also be an important reason.

The claws of the pterosaur can be used to refine weapons. Lin Luoran puts the monster bolus of Rank Four pterosaur in s.p.a.ce and she appears on the beach.

She always disappears and appears so suddenly and the demons in the Sea of Sin still can’t get used to it. The mermaid is circling around the sh.o.r.e and she is shocked by Lin.

Lin Luoran is still thinking about how to cross the island so she has no time to care about the mermaid. If they choose to believe her, it is fine to have a fair deal with them. If they don’t believe her, she doesn’t have to be a very nice person—a lot of power of faith can be gathered as she wants. She can choose to “show her presence” outside more.

In this place of another dimension, the sun still rises and falls as the outside world.

Lin Luoran meditates on the beach to promote her personal ability at night. When she completes her work, the moon has been in the middle of the sky. The moon here is so different from the outside world. It is red like blood, looking very scary.

Lin Luoran feels hungry so she takes out the huge coconut she got earlier. She splits it in half and takes the coconut sh.e.l.l as pot to casually cook something. Ignoring the fierce eyes of that mermaid, she sneaks into the jungle of the island again.

There are only a few pheasant feathers left in the place where she fought.

The golden pheasant and lizard in the standoff ran away because of Lin Luoran’s previous battle with the pterosaur. Only messy footprints and golden pheasant feathers here could show the thrilling battle in the afternoon. This jungle is awkwardly silent at night.

Lin Luoran can see things clearly even at night. She walks in the jungle silently and thinks herself is hiding well. However, she is still locked by a leopard when she only walks less than ten miles.

A monster having the ability to survive here is certainly not an ordinary leopard.

Lin Luoran is frustrated. Breath-holding Spell and Mini World both can’t hide her existence. She seems to be a splendid light source in the eyes of monsters on this island. There is no way to conceal herself.

The worst thing is the monster can see her but she can’t see through its personal ability. When encountering these monsters, she doesn’t even know whether to fight or escape.

Wait! The Rank Four pterosaur is just equivalent to the personal ability of the Laying Foundation period. Why did it have the courage to think her as a prey? Doesn’t it mean that monsters here also can’t see through her personal ability?

Lin Luoran soon kind of understand this weird island. Creatures here have no idea about others’ personal ability so they don’t care about the oppression from ranks. In this case, there must be many low-rank monsters challenging high-rank monsters as preys? The compet.i.tion on this island is so fierce. No wonder some monsters she encountered were extremely belligerent!

Lin Luoran thinks quickly and the leopard has already been close to her.

Pterosaur’s strengths are flexibility and speed. Lin Luoran didn’t prepare for it so she suffered a little loss. She can’t see through the personal ability of the leopard so she has to be careful. Lin Luoran takes an extremely powerful move first with her sword.

The claws of the leopard bring about wind with ice and snow. After Lin Luoran dodges it, she finds a large tree is frozen and then cracks.

Great ice claws!

However, she also realizes it immediately that they are at a similar level of the Water. Therefore, she chooses the Fire Spell against this enemy and gains the upper hand in a few rounds. Lin Luoran knows it in three or four moves that the Leopard of the Water may be at the fourth rank which is no more than the personal ability of the Laying Foundation.

She feels released. Monsters of low ranks are not very clever. She distracts it by a false move and shots it to death with the fire arrow eventually. Arrow of Light can deal with enemies of all levels and it can easily defeat a Rank Four monster.

Lin Luoran has killed it so there is no need to show useless mercy. She just digs out its monster bolus and moves on.

When the day is bright, Lin Luoran returns to the beach. She hasn’t been exhausted like now for a long time. Her hair is messy and her clothes are covered with blood.

Most of it is monster blood, and some of it is hers.

She only moved forward for less than a hundred miles this night. There were nine monsters attacking her on the road. The weakest one is a Rank One rabbit of Fire and Lin Luoran thinks the two-winged tiger she met last is at least a Rank Six monster.

Lin Luoran only got eight monster boluses in this exhausting night. She could hardly escape from the double-winged tiger.

The endless mountains are still deep in the island. She looks far away but only sees the faint outline of mountains under the sky which may be no less than a few hundred miles.

It’s her first journey in this monster island. Lin Luoran has harvested some monster boluses and materials. However, she can’t feel at ease.


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