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Chapter 210 Information about the Pending Case

After handing over the Yunge Sect to Su Li, Dongfang Rui seemed to feel relieved. More smile was seen on his face.

The Yunge Sect was actually a sect of martial arts circle owning hundreds of people rather than a collection of only 10 people including Yun Yi. One tenth of them were present here this time. They were the elites of Yunge Sect. They were the backbone force of the Yunge Sect.

The Affiliated School was too small for Yun Yi and others. After meeting with Su Li, they settled in the nearest house and secretly guarded Su Li.

After buying the house, Su Yi instructed Su Er and others to clean up the house. He came to the back door of the courtyard by himself. The terrain here was quite high. Looking from the back door, one could see the whole picture of the Affiliated School of the National Academy. If anyone tried to sneak into the house, they would know.

“The Head is still young. She has only learned medical skills from the miracle-working doctor, and her cultivation is not sophisticated enough. It will be improper for her to take over the affairs of the martial arts circle. However, there is finally a head of the Yunge Sect…”

Yun Yi sighed deeply, and his eyes s.h.i.+ned brightly.

Just as a nation could not stand without an emperor for a day, the sect of the martial arts circle could not stand for a long time without a leader. The Yunge Sect was different. The only reason for its existence was the support of the Lord Rui’s Mansion.

Yun Yi was originally an orphan who had been homeless in the early years of war. After he was recruited by the Yunge Sect, the life of competing with wild dogs for food was gone. Although the practicing and training were exhausting, he would feel very happy as long as he could be offered enough food and a place to sleep.

As he slowly grew up, his excellence differentiated him from others. He became increasingly confused. He was leading a life he had hoped for and acquired martial arts skills. But the future suddenly became dull.

Until one day the Lord Rui came and conferred the name Yun Yi on him. What Lord Rui had said still rang clearly in his head.

“The owner of the Yunge Sect is not me but my daughter who has been separated from me for many years. The Yunge Sect will continue to look for her until she is found. Your mission is to protect her from any harm. Even if she orders you to kill me, you must obey it absolutely.”

Brainwashed by Lord Rui, these young boys and girls who lacked faith were given the belief that they could fight for a lifetime.

Yun Yi was twelve years old when he was recruited by the Yunge Sect, and now he turned twenty-six years old. After fourteen years of education, he became a stalwart.

Today, when Yun Yi saw Su Li who was exactly ten years younger than him, he developed a strong desire to protect her. Su Li looked so cute and delicate to him.

“Head, I will keep you safe in this life.”

Yun Yi looked at the Affiliated School of the National Academy and made the vow.

At this moment, the head whom Yun Yi was eager to protect was not in the school, but showed up in the Linli Building as “Mr. Li”.

That’s because a guest visited the Linli Building.

Su Li offered a wine cup on the table by waving her hand in the air. This time, Ling Qinglan didn’t panic, but smiled and nodded.

“Why does a busy man like Lord Ling have time to drink here?”

Su Li spoke mildly as usual. Ling Qinglan smiled bitterly, “You are kidding me, Mr. Li. I come for the Hierarch not for myself. I’m here to send the invitation.”

“Childe Li…” Su Li smiled lightly. “What’s the point of the invitation?”

Ling Qinglan’s eyes flashed, and he held his fists and said, “Mr. Li, you are my life saver. I should be frank with you. You helped us in secret on the rainy night of the Wu Family, right?”

Su Li frowned and slowly revolved the wine cup. “Why do you think it’s me?”

Ling Qinglan shook his head and smiled, “The Hierarch believed that only you could weaken eighty percent of outside forces in Yunjing without attacking us.”

The Yinmo Cult also showed up that day, but everything was over just before they played a role. Su Li could always take the upper hand in every step, making the Yinmo Cult completely useless.

Su Li was contemplating that Ling Li prepared the banquet to thank her?

She felt something else was behind the matter. Ling Li could not be that simple. However, she now had Wen Tingshan by her side, and she was not afraid to be identified when showing up as “Mr. Li”. This banquet was a must for her.

Su Li smiled and said, “Thanks for the kindness of the Hierarch. I will take the invitation.”

Ling Qinglan smiled, took out the invitation and placed it on the table. “We are expecting your presence then.”

Ling Qinglan was leaving. He came here only to send the invitation. The reason why he came here in person was to express his regard for Su Li. If he had sent someone to send the invitation, it might have annoyed Mr. Li.

“Please wait, Lord Ling.”

Su Li took the invitation. Suddenly, she remembered something and stopped Ling Qinglan.

Ling Qinglan turned his head in doubt, and saw Su Li squinting her eyes. The latter asked gently, “I’ve heard that you have been investigating the outstanding case of the Yi Family, haven’t you?”

Ling Qinglan felt a shock in his heart and nodded gently after hesitating for a while, “I am indeed related to the Yi Family.”

Although the name “Yi Mo” was not mentioned, he knew that Mr. Li could surely guess anything.

Mr. Li had already known many of his secrets. It would make no difference if one more was known. Moreover, the investigation was not a secret. Although he still had many unsettled cases in order to cover up the true purpose of the pending case of the Yi Family. For people like Su Li, it was simple to tell the difference.

Ling Qinglan told her candidly. Su Li smiled slightly and said, “I was going to tell you about it a few days ago, but I was bothered by something else. Since you’ve come here today, I will let you know.”

Su Li hooked her fingers. A volume of files on the bookshelf behind her flew out and fell into Ling Qinglan’s hands.

Ling Qinglan lowered his head and touched the scented dossier with his fingers. His heart jumped wildly. Mr. Li had found out the real murderer of the Yi Family case?

It was impossible. He had investigated so many years without results. In spite of the marvelous abilities, Mr. Li was only a new born child fourteen years ago. How could Mr. Li know so much?

He tried hard to focus his attention, opened the file and looked at it. His face instantly became extremely cold. What was in the dossier was nothing else. It was exactly what Chen Gong told to Xuan Jingzhou. He knew nothing about it at all. Apparently, the information was blocked.

A chill flashed in Ling Qinglan’s eyes. He was not close to Chen Gong. They were actually at odd with each other because of the trouble caused by the vicious compet.i.tion between the Supreme Judiciary and the Ministry of Penalty. Even if Chen Gong didn’t want to see him, he would visit Chen Gong.

“Ling Qinglan, there is indeed something strange about that case. Someone deliberately prevented you from uniting with Chen Gong. If you want to act, you must be careful and remain calm.”

Su Li calmly advised. Ling Qinglan came to his sense. He stood up and saluted Su Li respectfully, “Duly noted, Mr. Li. I have nothing to repay your kindness. But I will drink with you one day if I kill my enemy by myself.”



Ling Qinglan turned around and was about to leave. At this moment, Wen Tingshan walked into the room from the outside.

A stranger…

Ling Qinglan was puzzled. He and Ling Li still knew nothing about the forces of the Linli Building. The Yinmo Cult tried hard but had only found another Linli Building in the Qinghe Town. No one knew exactly where the seniors of the Linli Building came from and where they camped right now.

It seemed that everyone appeared out of thin air, and did not exist in this world. But each of them was worthy of the t.i.tle of the genius. They were young, but their cultivation grew incredibly fast.

Today Ling Qinglan suddenly found an aged person in the Linli Building. Naturally he became curious and watched a little longer…

Wen Tingshan frowned slightly and turned to look at Ling Qinglan’s face.

Was this… Ling Qinglan from the Supreme Judiciary?

The lackey of the Dongfang Family!

Wen Tingshan generated a rush to kill which swept over instantly. Ling Qinglan was displeased all of a sudden, and he snorted deeply while backing off.


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